Help needed

A St. Germaine parishioner is helping someone to get a fresh start; get a job and she is asking for men’s pants (50 ” waist), shirts (2XL), and shoes (13E), suitable for a job interview and hopefully employment.
Please contact me if you have a donation.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler

Thank you letters

Council received two “Thank Yous” today:
– One from Rachel’s Vineyard
– The other from Life Connections .
Makes me proud!
Have a wonderful Knight’s day!
God bless you all!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler

John Ravetto’s status

Status GK John Ravetto

No cancer, clear colonoscopy. Knee is doing great. Back on track for the council. Hope to have the District Deputy Jon Martinez at the regular meeting Monday. He would be there @ 6:30PM. Do a quick installation. Also don’t forget the planning meeting Saturday 9AM.

Wes Berry’s wife Ermie, update

 she was discharged from YRMC West Campus and is now home.  The 8 day hospital stay is behind us and now we concentrate on her recovery.  Dr. anticipates several weeks before she gets back to normal.
To all Knights and families, Ermie & I express our sincere gratitude for all your prayers and concerns.  Vivat Jesus, Brother Wes Berry

Fred Cabebe had a heart attack yesterday, 8/16

Brother Fred Cabebe had a heart attack yesterday. He is at YRMC West ICU.
His physician did not find any blockages; however, Fred continues to suffer from Cardio Myopathy. And he has a “touch” of pneumonia.
He will probably be moved to a regular room today and be released tomorrow to go home.
Brother Fred indicated that (now) he doesn’t need Council’s help with anything.
Please pray that he recovers from yesterday’s heart attack and the touch of pneumonia.
Have a wonderful Knight’s day!
God bless!

Sister Freda Jeffries needs prayers


Sister Freda Jefferies, Brother Jim Jeffries wife, has suffered from pain (knee replacement) for a while.
Yesterday, she experienced intolerable pain and was rushed to the ER. Her examination revealed that she has a broken leg.
She is scheduled for surgery this coming Friday, but due to infection, Freda’s surgery has been postponed until Tuesday
Please pray that both her surgery and recovery goes well.
Have a wonderful Knight’s day!

Catholics in the Public Square

Please read “Catholics in the Public Square”, written by the Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted (our Bishop). This book is in its 4th Edition. It is also in Spanish “Catolicos y Vida Publica”. To us Catholics, this is a very, very important book!
God bless!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler

Brother Jim Cloughessy Update


A comment from Marlene, Bro Jim’s lovely wife:  “He [Jim] is still on Hospice, but will be on Palliative care soon. He is doing well presently. He wanted to go to the meeting last night but we got “tied up” buying a new “used” car. He will be at the Sept. meeting. Glad Ermie’s surgery went well.  We will keep her in our prayers.  All the prayers offered for Jim really made a difference.”
Brothers, please note above that Marlene said “All the prayers offered for Jim really made a difference.”