Memorial Day

This Monday May 28th, 2018, the nation will pay tribute to a breed of men and women set aside to honor their contribution and sacrifices to this great country both themselves and we lovingly, call home. This said, we each have within our families these very people the nation will recognize and we are grateful to that of course, but for many of us we live it every day.

Please accept my respects this Memorial Day to you and your’s as we all salute those now gone. Amen?

In Gratitude and Love,

Grand Knight and Council Officers


are attempting to wake ALL of us up.  Our Freedom to Worship is under attack, and has been under attack for decades. There exists coordinated efforts to abolish Christianity in our Country. They’ve picked low hanging fruit: removing Christian symbols on public property, removing prayer from our schools, converting our educational institution to an ultra-liberal, liberal whack-a-conservative environment, implementing the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Political Correctness, attaching “phobia” or “racist” to any disagreeable Christian,  etc.
Catholic Christians have been through this many times before. During the last century, in numerous countries, Catholic Christians were publicly executed unless they denied Our Lord: Our Bishops, then our Priests, then us. We have members in our Council that can remember their Grand-Parents dodging armed Fascist, anti-Catholics who were looking to execute them. Look on the walls at Sacred Heart, Prescott if you need examples. Look on FACEBOOK. Look on YOUTUBE. Watch the daily NEWS. Read your COLUMBIA.
We Christians are being oppressed GLOBALLY. And there is a tipping point in our USA, where being Christian will be life-threatening.
Register with our USCCB, so you can be made aware of the subjects they believe are important!
God bless!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler

 Ron Jahraus, new member welcome

Please welcome this brother many of you know as a parishioner, 1st Degree Brother Knight     Ron Jahraus. He’s allowed me to pass along his email address, and please ensure to add this one to yours as well.


My thanks to our Worthy Warden Robert Hughes, for sponsoring him and for being present this morning, March 19, 2018 during this ceremony as well.

Afterwards, I spent time with Ron, and we went over basic council procedure, i.e., dates and times of council meetings, etc.  He expressed his intentions to me and has studied this council from afar and why he’s decided to become a Knights of Columbus member.

With the approval of this new brother, I will present him to the Council on April 9th General Assembly Meeting, where upon I will further present him with the traditional Rosary and KofC pin as well. Thank you Ron in allowing others to welcome you on board and we stand in unity with you as expressed.  Thank you

Vivat Jesus

Lexy Larez

Brother Jim Cloughessy is going to hospice

Brother Jim Cloughessy
Lexy, We saw Dr H. at Az.  Oncology this a.m. He is going to refer Jim to Hospice. His cancer is out of control and is all over his body and in his bones. He is tired, but accepting his fate. Thank GOD we have HIM in our life!!!!!!!!. We are going to make the “best” of the time we have left. Love you and the St Germaine family. Marlene

Brother Jim Cloughessy is back in Phoenix VA Hospital

2/23/18, Bro Jim Cloughessy, update

Brother Jim Cloughessy is currently back at the VA Health Center in Phoenix. It appears blockage reoccurred causing him to return locally, where he was in turn transferred back down the hill. I did speak with Marlene this morning where she explained as best she could given the fact that he was to have been released today, but all that’s changed until they can secure issues from his previous surgery.  Our prayers for them both I ask…. Thank you, GK

Mike O’Marah update


Mike O’Marah had another heart attack on Monday. Tues he had 2 stents put in and a lesion in the heart removed. He is feeling much better and is going home today.

Thank you everyone for the prayers, St Germaines has the best prayer warriors. God bless you all. Martha O’Marah

2/6/18  After 2nd heart attack,

 Mike O’Marah. was given 6 or 8 grams of Morphine, yesterday. He also has an IV in each arm. Nitro Glycerin dripping in one arm and fluids in the other. He’s in good spirits. Tomorrow mornings Angiogram will tell how good a shape he’s in physically (the three veins that deliver blood to the lower portion of his heart are suspect–hoping stents)

Mike is in Cath Lab. Should know something definite later today.

Brother Jim Cloughessy back in Hosp

2/18/18, Update
Jim Cloughessy was admitted to the Prescott VA Hospital early this a.m. from the emergency room. He has another blockage. I talked to him this a.m and he is in less pain now. They may keep him for a few days. Marlene
2/15/18 Update, Jim Cloughessy

 Brother in Christ Jim and a proud Knight, is back home  here and resting in his “Lazy Boy Chair”, is what he told me. He sounds good but given what he has endured that at the hospital, well, you can surmise I’m sure. In addition, I mentioned to him that many of us wish to visit and chat, and with that said, he states that he and Marlene have family flying in from back East and will be arriving soon. I’m quoting him in saying, that perhaps after everyone has left, and after a good rest, he too wishes to have visitors over, to no end. But for now, it’s important that he rest’s and enjoy those coming as I mentioned.

In closing, he sounds good and at this point welcomes phone calls and again stresses to everyone, that he thanks everyone’s prayers, and ended, Lexy, its’ good to be home, and I may even surprise everyone in perhaps making Mass this coming Saturday..!!! He too sends his love and hello….

Thank you everyone

2/7 Update
 He is still at the VA but is looking at going home on Hospice care.
2/5 Update
Could you please add Jim Cloughessy to the prayer list. He was seen in ER
and he has a inflamed gallbladder and a small blockage of the small bowel.
He will be having surgery very soon@ Phoenix VA. Marlene asks us to pray.

Time now, 11:30 am, I just got off the phone speaking with Marlene, when suddenly she said, “Here, let me have you talk to Jimbo” and he comes on the phone..!!!  This said, I briefly spoke with him as I didn’t want to over tax him or myself quite frankly. Anyway, he hasn’t had the surgery we keep hearing about, but they intend to drain areas of build up and inject med’s that have the qualities Jim needs upper most. And again, Jim, sends a warm thank you for all of your prayers, both to himself and to Marlene. She’s there with him in Phoenix and appears all is being done to arrest what they can, and with our continued prayers, is all he ask’s…. and the call ended there on a positive note.

Big sigh on my part just now, I love this guy. Thank you one and all.

Grand Knight

2/2 update
Dear Council Family,
Good Afternoon, I placed a phone call late into the evening on Thursday after we conducted the officers monthly meeting. In doing so, I did reach Marlene at home and she shared that Jimmy had been transferred from the VA Hospital here in Prescott to Yavapai West Regional. Due to complications, it turns out that basically nothing was done as originally expected, and he spent the night.
Not having heard from Marlene all day today, Friday, I thought it best to call her at home if she was to be reached?  After not reaching her, I thought perhaps she might have Jim’s cell phone?  The phone rang two or three times, and guess who picks up? You guessed right, and he sounded good I told him. He’s optimistic now that he’s since been transferred to Phoenix, and I simply told him that he has our prayer’s, and to rest as best he can. Surgery is on his agenda, and the when and why wasn’t shared other than, it’s needed.
I have to share this with everyone here as, I shared with him how strong and uppity he sounded, and then he tell’s me, “when is our meeting this month?”  I told him don’t even think about it, to rest, let’s get this behind us and then we’ll talk about council meeting’s…  He sends his hello to everyone, and appreciates the prayers coming his way. and our phone call ended in telling him, we send our love. Thank you Lord
Please continue to pray for Marlene as well, and she had just arrived during this phone call with Jim, and she too sends her thank you.
Time now, 3:00 pm, 2/1/18,  I just received a phone call from Marlene informing me that brother Jim has entered the VA Hospital here in Prescott. I can’t go into detail at this time, but she ask’s that prayers for Jim be placed. I did ask her if it would be advisable for me to go be with him but he’s in an area that visit’s at this point are not possible. So, let us all PRAY for Brother Jim Cloughessy.


Please pray for our brother, Jim Cloughessy, his wife Marlene, and their family. He has been admitted to YRMC West. Prognosis: his cancer flared up and he is terminal.


In Case You Missed It
From the January Knightline
The fraternal year is half way done. Things to

tackle in 2018:
 Aim younger—recruit younger men

 Be more Family centered—focus on fam-
ily programs

 Generate increased awareness of what
the Council does
 Develop a strong relationship with the

Emily Bowen fundraiser, update

From: “Emily Bowen” <>
Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2018 1:40:15 PM
Subject: Emily’s Fundraising

Hello Earl!

This is Emily Bowen! So sorry for the link to my fundraising not working. Try this one:
There is an underscore between my first and last name.
Thank you so very much!
God bless you!
I am in a season in discernment, as you guessed when we talked at St. Germaine’s a few weeks ago. Your kind words touched my heart. Thank you!