Awards/ Recognition


Earl Boggler
made a special
presentation to
Mike Kincaid
The Idiot book of
Cooking Basics

d Knight
Richard Mefford
Deacon Dale Avery
with a special award
For his work as the
Knights of Columbus


Ivan Maldonado = Knight of The Month

St. Germaine Media Family = Family of The Month
The following people make up this family:
Kat Martinez, Linda Ables, Ivan Maldonado , Ayanna Martinez,
David Van Steyn, Susan Baker, and Kristy Gutierrez.


Family of Month = Dcn. Dennis Egan & wife Carolyn

Dcn. Egan has been a frequent assistant in the celebration of the Eucharist for
Fr. Dan, filling in for other Dcns. not able to assist at Masses due to the

He has also dedicated his skills as a master craftsman and arduously worked
at helping to design the new altar for our church, and building the
accompanying chairs and podium which he and his wife donated to our parish.
The love and dedication displayed in this task is beyond description, and his
commitment to his new church and its parishioners is more than noteworthy!
Dcn. Dennis and his wife have been dedicated members of SVDP and have
actively helped that organization continue to serve those in need, in spite of
the stresses and pressures brought on members of our parish and our
community through the Covid Pandemic.
e.) Knight of Month = Dcn. Avery
While working full time as a professor at Embry Riddle College, and dealing with
the stress and changes brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dcn. Avery has
continued to provide Religious Education through our parish RE Program,
enhancing the spiritual formation of individuals involved in the program’s faith
formation. He has also been instrumental in assisting in marital preparation
classes, reaching out especially to our Hispanic Parishioners and assisting them in
having their civil marriages blessed by the church through the Sacrament of

He has also been a vital participant in assisting Fr. Dan with services to the
Hispanic Community, assisting in the celebration of The Eucharist at Our
Parish’s Hispanic Masses and providing periodic homilies.

He has also filled in for our Chaplain, Fr. Dan, as his representative at our
council meetings, providing spiritual guidance and direction to our members
during the turmoil of the pandemic.

Family of the Month—July 2020
Gonzalo and Tina Garcia

Brother Gonzalo and his wife Tina exemplify the characteristics and temperament every Catholic Couple should posses. He attends daily Mass and she does also when she is not working. In their residence, along the dining room wall, is an area dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. There, they pray the rosary daily. They may pray 4 – 5 rosaries daily for the welfare of others! She encourages and enables Gonzalo to contribute much to our Catholic community. As a result, he is always available to help where most needed. Recently he was observed repairing wind turbines on the roof-tops of the RE classroom and the old church. Additionally, he had to grind smooth an uneven place in the new concrete floor, repair the new Cry Room door, and clean the outside of the new church windows. Weekly,
he sweeps and mops our new church facility. Gonzalo is a Lead Usher, Sacristan, and Eucharistic Minister. Furthermore, he helps Fr. Vollmer to provide our Latino Com-
munity the Sacraments, specifically Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage, He also provides RCIA and RE for Parents (as many as 60 parents per class). Lastly, Gonzalo is a member of the Parish Council. Exhausted at workday’s end, especially Wednesdays, Gonzalo will arrive home and continue preparing lesson plan(s) until bedtime. Whenever a fellow parishioner or relative dies, their family may call upon Gonzalo and Tina to lead family and friends in a “9-Day Novena for the Soul”, which they always happily lead! Right now, he and Tina, both being very,very unselfish, have undertaken an important project. They have assembled a surprise package for a priest in South-Western Mexico who has many needs. Padre Carlos Beltran-Reyes’ package consists of six vestments, four stoles, three blessed-oil containers, a chalice and paten and ciborium and cover set, an alter frontal, and lastly, a 16-piece linen set. When Our Lord made Gonzalo and Tina, he broke the molds!
They are an immense blessing to Fr. Vollmer, Administration, the entire Catholic
Community, and Council #8386.

Knight of the Month—August 2020 David Barko

Worthy Knight David was instrumental in providing Council meetings online; answering questions as we navigated through the test run with the Officer’s meeting to hosting the actual meeting. We are grateful to David, and to his father Paul, for keeping the Council connected through technology!


March 2020

Knight of the Month
February 2020
Fredy Rodriguez

Family of the Month
February 2020
Tom and Sherry Warner

Feb./ 2020

Knight of the Month
January 2020
Larry Thompson

Family of the Month
January 2020
Henry and Esther Moreta

Dec. 2019

Knight of the Month
December 2019
Rich Mefford

Family of the Month
December 2019
Ben and Callie Taylor

Knight of the Year
Earl Boggler

Family of the Year

Mike and Joanne Kincaid

Nov., 2019

Knight of the Month—October 2019 Sam Manning Family of the Month—October 2019 Mike and Joann Kincaid


Awards were given to: 

o David Hertko – Knight of the Month o Bill Price & Wife, Nadine – Family of the Month o Bob Foster & wife, Karla – Resurfacing the chairs in Fr. Dan’s confessional. 

Brother Michael Roby received his Honorary Life Membership Certificate, Pin, and Card. Mike is pictured with his antique truck and his hobbies include building black powder rifles.

Doris, wife of Brother Fred Caffrey, pinned a 25 year pin on Fred, when he also received his Honorary Life Membership Certificate. Fred is home bound, but has a positive attitude and is a joy to visit.


Grand Knight Richard Mefford pre-
sents Deacon Dale Avery
with the

Knight of the Month Certificate for
his dedication and efforts with the
Divine Mercy Sunday celebration in
April. Thank you Deacon Dale!

Family of the Month—July 2019
Bill and Nadine Pierce

Knight of the Month—July 2019

Dave Hertko


Knight of the Month—June 2019 Larry Tweet

Family of the Month—June 2019 Mike and Joann Kincaid

Grand Knight Rich Mefford
presents Paul Barko with
his Honorary Life Certificate.
Congratulations Paul!

Financial Secretary Earl Boggler and Grand Knight Rich Mefford recognized
John Ravetto with a Past Grand Knight certificate and an embroidered Council
jacket as a token of appreciation for all his years of contributions to Council 8386. We
wish him and Lady Teresa happiness and success in their new adventure.


G.K. Mefford presented Paul Barko with his Honorary Life
Membership certificate. G.K. Mefford presented a Past Grand Knight certificate to John Ravetto.
F.S. Boggler shared many of John’s time and talent volunteer activities over the past 27 years as
a member of Council #8386. John received a standing ovation from members present and best
wishes towards his upcoming relocation to Washington State.


Farewell to Breakfast Boy John Ravetto

Fellow Council Breakfast Boys paid tribute to Brother John and Lady Teresa Ravetto before they make their final departure from Prescott Valley. John has been the Council’s committed chef for many years and has been a big part of the breakfast and dinner events’ success. The Council bids a fond farewell with prayers and blessings that they will enjoy their new adventure in Washington State.

April 2019
Deacon Dale Avery

April 2019

Deacon Wayland Lady Jackie Moncrief


May 2019
Don Rowley

May 2019
Jack and Mildred Munro

Grand Knight Richard Mefford presented John Fomenko his
certificate of Life Memberhip. Congratulations and thank
you for your service!




Brother Robert Hughes was recognized by the Breakfast Team on Sunday, April 29th for his dedication to the monthly breakfast. Grand Knight Mefford presented Robert with a Knights of Columbus Council shirt in appreciation for all his efforts.

Grand Knight Mefford also presented certificates of Honorary Life Membership to Gene Mouret and Tito F. Baca. Thank you, gentlemen for your service!


March 2019 — Wes Berry

March 2019 — Skeeter and Patti Hughes

Awards and Recognition

Last month’s meeting included a number of presentations to recognize Council members.
Grand Knight Richard Mefford presented Ron Jahraus his certificate of initiation into the
Knights of Columbus and Council 8386; Sir Knight Mike O’Marah with his Honorary Life status

cards for the 3rd and 4th Degrees, and Worthy Knights Gonzalo Garcia and Mike (and Joanne) Kin-
caid were awarded the Knight of the Month and Family of the Month respectively. Congratula-
tions to all and thank you for your service!

Brother Skeeter Hughes leads the
Celebration of All Life Rosary, the Council’s
annual Sanctity of Life Prayer Service on
March 25th. Thanks to all who attended.

Ladies Joann Kincaid and Callie Taylor
surprised Brother Mike O’Marah and his Lady
Martha on the occasion of their 50th wedding
anniversary at the parish soup supper on
March 22nd. In Martha’s words, “We wanted
to celebrate with the friends we know.”



Feb Knight of tthe month Gonzalo Garcia

Family of the month Mike and Joanne Kincaid

rother Earl Boggler was recognized at the February
meeting with an Outstanding Recruiter Award for
each time a new member is initiated into the Council.
Earl was presented with a Star Recruiter lapel pin and
Knights of Columbus t-shirt.

Congratulations Earl!


You Can Run But You Can’t Hide!

A big thanks to Brother Keith Bricker, staunch supporter of the Muddy Boots
Crew, who worked at last month’s Road Clean-Up, but managed to slip away
before photos were taken. For those of you who don’t know Keith, be sure to
shake his hand next time you see him.

Serving the Parish

The Council also participated in the Annual Ministry Fair on February 23rd and 24th. Thanks to
our Grand Knight and Financial Secretary for braving the winter snow storm to set up our display
and to all who welcomed and spoke with potential members.



. D.D. Martinez presented Earl Boggler with a Knights Shirt and Star Recruiter Pen for all his excellent work.



January— Tom and Sherry Warner


Knight, John Ravetto

The Council recognizes John Ravetto as January Knight of the Month. In addition to his tire- less efforts as Grand Knight and cook for the monthly breakfast, John was instrumental in collaborating with the St Germaine Catholic Daughters of America in hosting an after Christmas fund raiser dinner for the parish. Serving up a fabulous lasagna casserole dish and traditional beans and ham, funds raised were donated to the building fund. Thank you and Congratula- tions Brother John!

After Christmas Party An enthusiastic and happy group attended the joint fund raising dinner between the Council and our Catholic Daughters on January 12th. All proceeds were donated to the parish building fund. Well done! (photos courtesy of Carla Foster)

Congratulations to Brother Lee Denning and John Brunell who achieved Honorary Life Status.

Keep Christ in Christmas Chairman Bob Foster and Grand Knight John Ravetto pre- sent Wes Berry and Don Colozze with a cer- tificate of appreciation for their support of the Keep Christ in Christmas program. (Don Colozze was unavailable.

Lee was presented his pin by Financial Secretary Earl Boggler and was surrounded by his Lady, Gail, and brother Knights Mike O’Marah, Jim Jeffries, and Bob Foster. (Photos courtesy of Carla Foster)



Would like to honor Don Rowley as Knight of the month for his unending work on the council’s website.

December — Don Rowley

FAMILY OF THE MONTH December — St Vincent DePaul

November — George Pohlman IV

October — Wes Berry

October —Mike & Joanne Kincaid


At the August meeting Grand Knight
John Ravetto presented Immediate

Past Grand Knight Lexy Larez a Cer-
tificate of Appreciation in grateful rec-
ognition of his leadership during the

Fraternal year 2017-2018.

Lexy Larez gives his thanks to the

Council for their support to him dur-
ing his term as Immediate Past Grand



36th Anniversary Dinner

Mary, Queen of the Knights, Council 8386 is celebrating its 36th anniversary!

On behalf of the Knights of Columbus, you and a guest are cordially invited to the anniversary dinner:

                                      Saturday, April 27, 20  6:00 PM

~   Rescheduled Date and Time,  Sunday, April 28, 3 pm

                   $11.00 per person, paid at banquet room entrance

                                          Encanto Italian Grill

                                   8400 East Long Mesa Driver

                                     Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

                                              (928) 775-5500

Attire should be informal but no flip flops please. The owners who themselves are parishioners, have assured us that the menu will be plentiful as before and are grateful towards our patronage again this year. Should you have any questions, please contact, Bro Lexy Larez at, (928) 499-1423 or

God Bless,

Brother Richard Mefford

Grand Knight

35th Anniversary Dinner

Council Officers, members and guests cele-
brated the Council’s 35th Anniversary on

Saturday, April 28th, 2018 at the Encanto Italian
Grill. The evening was festive and we were
honored to have our District Deputy, his wife
and Assistant as well as Fr. Dan, Council
Chaplain attend. Charter Grand Knight
Mike O’Marah and Charter Deputy Grand
Knight, Jim Jeffries reflected on the early beginnings of
the Council.

Please be sure to view All the photos below:



Dear Brother Knights, Ladies, and Friends of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386,

By now you should have received your invitation to our council’s 5th Annual Anniversary / Recognition Dinner on Saturday, April 29th, in Reiser Hall after the 4:30pm Mass.
Please take time to review the invitation and return it to the Committee Chairman, Ben Taylor ASAP!!!! This annual event is a great time to socialize as well as to recognize the efforts of our council officers for the time and energy that they have expended on behalf of our council and the Order.
If you cannot attend …. please take some time to say a prayer of gratitude for all our council officers and for the work of Christ that they and all of our members display in service to our church, our community, our families and our youth …. and that they may continue for many years to come!!!!
Yours in Christ …. With prayers for all of you for a Spiritually Uplifting Easter Season!!!
Paul Barko, Trustee


Fr. Dan Vollmer, Brother Knights and Parish-
ioners bid a fond farewell to Dan Farkas and

his wife on August 19th. After 12 years at St
Germaine, Dan and Kathy are moving to “the

Valley” to be with their children and grand-
children. In his comments Fr. Dan recognized

the sacrifice that musicians make when they
are serving the church in the capacity of their
music ministry. They spend many hours
away from their families, especially during
major holidays. Fr. Dan thanked Dan and
Kathy on behalf of the parish for their
“servant hearts.” Good luck and God speed.


Congratulations to Mike O’Marah,

First and Past Grand Knight of Council 8386, was awarded an Honorary Membership Status Certificate on February 12th. To achieve honorary membership status, a member must reach the actual age of 65 and be a member of the Order for 25 consecutive years. Congratulations to our Worthy Past Grand Knight and thank you for your faithful service!


In December’s issue, a new feature for

the newsletter was proposed. This fea-
ture was approved at the last Officer

meeting and it will focus on you as
Knights — some aspect of your being a

Knight or of our faith. To help you for-
mulate what you’d like the Council to

know about yourself, please provide
some information about:
 When you first joined the Knights
and what was it that influenced you
to become a Knight.
 Your life as a Knight or an event that
was a great moment in your life as a
 Include a photograph of yourself.
 Any personal items you would like
to share, such as where you came

from and what brought you to Pres-
cott Valley.

Anyway, I would like to have one Coun-
cil member give me a call at either 928-

515-2854) or email me at if you
would be our first Knight to be featured.
I would be very pleased if your profile
could make it to me by February 19,
This is a personal invitation from your
Editor and an opportunity to voice your
thoughts. Bob Foster, Editor

Columbian Award
Displaying Scan_20171213.1.jpg

District Deputy Gary Johnson (above left) pre-
sents Deputy Grand Knight Tom Mellinger the

Council’s Columbian Award for the fraternal
year 2016-2017. The following requirements
must be met in order to achieve the Columbian

 Submit the Service Program Personnel Re-
port (#365)

 Submit the Annual Survey of Fraternal Ac-
tivity (#1728).

 Annually conduct and report at least four
(4) programs in each of the six categories of
the Surge with Service Program AND at
least four (4) of those programs need to be

designated as “Domestic Church” pro-

Thanks to the Council for participating in all
the programs, and to IPGK Dave Hertko and
Financial Secretary Earl Boggler for meeting all
the reporting requirements.


Special Recognition

Immediate Past Grand Knight Dave Hertko and Brother Montano Eragon,
Jr. were awarded with certificates signed by Supreme Knight Carl Ander-
son for their outstanding service as Knights.


Congratulations to Worthy Financial Secretary Earl Boggler

for his chairmanship of the annual Arizona State Charity


Under his leadership the Council exceeded its goal for 2017 and

the Council received an additional bonus. Earl was

recognized at the June Council Meeting with the

plaque. Thank you for your continued service Earl!


Brother Doug Becker presented Brother Fred Cabebe, Sr. his Honorary Life Membership Certifi-
cate, Lapel Pin, and ID Card on Sunday, June 18, 2017. The photos show Doug’s presenta-
tion to Fred with Teresa (spouse) standing behind, Teresa is pinning Fred, and Fred wears his

lapel pin while holding his certificate and card. In Fred’s words: “I received first degree

08/24/1989, second degree 02/25/1990, and third degree 09/23/1990. In those years, I was active in fund

raisers for our Parish, worked Membership Drives, worked with the Squires, provided meals for Parish

functions, and volunteered in our yearly People With Intellectual Disabilities Tootsie Roll Drives. In

1990, I received an award for my work in the Crusade for Life. I have never been nominated for a leader-
ship roll, but I’ve been active in numerous support roles.” Thank you Fred for your service!


A Fond Farwell to  Deacon John

Deacon John Mickel and his wife, Margaret re-
ceived a blessing from Fr. Dan at morning

Mass on Friday, June 30, 2017. Deacon John

and Margaret are relocating to Glendale, AZ.

Deacon John has served St. Germaine Parish

since May 2012. He organized the Homebound

Ministry, served at weekend Masses, and com-
muted to Phoenix to work in the Office of the

Diaconate for the Diocese. In his “spare” time,

he assisted the Ladies Guild by leading a decade

of the Patriotic Rosary once a month.

Thank you Deacon John for your servant heart

and for all you’ve done for the Parish and the

Council. May God bless you always.


A Successful Blood Drive

Thanks to our coordinators, Brothers Doug Becker and Robert Hughes, for a great

turnout for the blood drive on Sunday, June 25th. Thanks to Brother Knights and

their lady heroes for their gifts of lifesaving blood! Be sure to sign up for the next



Patriotic Rosary—June 17, 2017

Thank you! from the Ladies Guild to council members and their spouses who joined in the monthly community prayer of the Patriotic Rosary on June 17th. They welcome all to join them on July 4th at 9:00am in the Prayer Garden. Pictured L to R: Deacon John Mickel, Sherry Warner, Tom Warner, Skeeter Hughes (back), Lexy Larez (back), Marlene Cloughessy, Don Rowley (back), Jim Cloughessy, Earl Boggler (back), Sue Boggler, Bob Foster, John Burnett and Pat Burnett. Others also attended who are not listed. We hopethat you will join us next month.


Dear Brother Knights, Ladies, and Friends of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386,

By now you should have received your invitation to our council’s 5th Annual Anniversary / Recognition Dinner on Saturday, April 29th, in Reiser Hall after the 4:30pm Mass.
Please take time to review the invitation and return it to the Committee Chairman, Ben Taylor ASAP!!!! This annual event is a great time to socialize as well as to recognize the efforts of our council officers for the time and energy that they have expended on behalf of our council and the Order.
If you cannot attend …. please take some time to say a prayer of gratitude for all our council officers and for the work of Christ that they and all of our members display in service to our church, our community, our families and our youth …. and that they may continue for many years to come!!!!
Yours in Christ …. With prayers for all of you for a Spiritually Uplifting Easter Season!!!
Bro. Paul Barko
Deacon Dale R. Avery anniversaries
Sir Knight Deacon Dale R. Avery was ordained on 01-15-2011.
Congratulations on your 6th Anniversary!
St. Germaine and Council 8386 both are very fortunate to have you as a member!
Vivat Jesus,
Earl Boggler
Deacon Avery also became a 4th Degree Sir Knight on 01-09-2016…
 DOUBLE congrats!!

My Brother Knights, Lovely Ladies and Friends,

We are now well within the Advent Season … and approaching Christmas Day in a mere two weeks!
As Helen and I look back on the year, 2015, we have much to be grateful for, the most notable being:
  • Helen’s  recovery from her severe heart attack back in February  …. (Exactly 10 months ago today!) 
  • The relocation of our son, David, and his family, Cristal and little Elijah to P.V. from Ohio.
  • Having our Daughter, Stephanie and Son-in-law, Cher here with us in P.V. all year.
  • Your prayers of support and love for Helen and her recovery
We are feeling very blessed and want to extend to each and every one of you our sincerest prayers and blessings for a:
“Wonderful and Spiritually Uplifting Christmas!
“The Spirit of Christmas does not come from the presents we receive, but from
HIS Presence 
which we have already received.
We thank God for our many blessings … which include your love and friendship!
Paul & Helen
3/25/15….. Street cleaning duties on Glassford Hill Road
This morning I was at the PV Municipal Building and was stopped by the Director of Streets and Public Safety who asked me to express hiscommendation to our council for the handling of our street cleaning duties on Glassford Hill Road. He stated that it was a stretch of road that drew many complaints to his office prior to our council accepting responsibility for its care.
He further stated that our council appeared to take it’s responsibilities seriously and was doing an “outstanding job making sure that it is being cleaned on a regular basis“. He also sited several positive comments by associates and members of the PV Community regarding the “major change in the condition of Glassford Hill Road since your council took over its care.”
Since Bro. Cher Vang is the member who took responsibility for securing our road cleaning responsibilities with the Town of Prescott Valley, and since he has taken the leadership to regularly organize cleaning efforts to maintain its cleanliness:
I believe that Bro. Cher needs to be commended for his “outstanding effort on behalf of the council” with this program!
“Kudos” / “Kudos” / “Kudos”
Brother Cher Vang!

GREAT NEWS! 11/10/14
The Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut announced recently that Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386 based at St. Germaine Parish in Prescott Valley, Arizona is being recognized with two distinguished service awards for the 2013-2014 Fraternal Year. 
Our council is one of only 4,031 councils in the world (out of over 40,000 council) to receive the Columbian Award for services to their parish, community and youth. They have also been identified as one of only 3,040 councils in the entire Order to receive the Father McGivney Award for promoting the spirit of their Founder, Fr. Michael J. McGivney and promoting the growth of the Order.
With over 1.8 million members and over 40,000 Councils Internationally, (USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Philippines, and South America) these awards recognize St. Germaine’s Council as an active, dynamic and beneficial organization for any Catholic man to be a part of. 
Consider joining the Knights of Columbus and dynamically living your faith as part of a Parish-Based Men’s Group supporting St. Germaine Parish and the Prescott Valley Community. To put your “FAITH IN ACTION”contact Don Rowley (Membership Chairman) at: or Paul Barko, PGK at:
Our council had an “AWESOME” P.W.I.D. Campaign (A/K/A “Tootsie Roll Campaign) in 2014!
Our total collection in support of People With Intellectual Disabilities was:  $1,682.00
I want to recognize and “THANK” all the members and ladies of our council who volunteered to help with this valuable council project at one or more of our three collection dates : (Listed alphabetically.)
Dcn. Dale Avery
Helen Barko
Howard Basore
Earl Boggler
James Claughessy
David Hertko
Angela Killian
Scott Killian
Jerry Koenig
Lexy Larez
William Monroe
Carl Paladino
GK. John Ravetto
Cher Vang
Stephanie Vang
Thomas Warner
The 2014 P.W.I.D. Chairman
Our council conducted the 1st. of 3 “PWID / Tootsie Roll Collections” this past weekend. I chose this weekend for our first collection (Safeway Grocery Store) in hopes of getting Labor Day shoppers as they were getting last minute purchases.
I want to recognize & “Thank” the following members and Ladies of our council for their help in the collection. (Alphabetically)
Helen Barko
Donna Basore
Howard Basore
Earl Boggler
James Cloughessy
David Hertko
Bill Monroe
Carl Paladino
Thomas Warner
We collected a grand total of $433.00 which I have turned over to our Worthy FS, Earl Boggle on Sunday (8/31/14) after the 10am mass.
The amount is less than I had hoped for, but places us at 18% of our $2,400 goal for this year’s program.
Our two remaining collection dates are:
Saturday, September 20th / Fry’s Grocery Store (9am-5pm.)
Saturday, October 4th / Walmart Department Store (9am-5pm)
Most of the collection times have been filled, but I’m still in need of volunteers and plan to recruit more help at the September Council Meeting and via this email request. (Please read the attached list of volunteers and call me at: 928-237-5663 to volunteer or simply Email me at:


Our 2013 – 2014 Award Recipients are:

 Fr. Dan – Chaplain Appreciation Award                   Dcn. Bob Palmer – Deacon Chaplain Service Award

John Ravetto – Knight of the Year                              Helen Barko – Lady of the Year

Tom Warner – Senior Knight of the Year                   Jerry Koenig – Co-Senior Knight of the Year

Cher Vang – Youth Knight of the Year                       Ben Taylor Sr. – Co- Youth Knight of the Year

Bill & Nadine Pierce – Family of the Year                 Larry & Jeri Tweet – Co- Family of the Year

Gonzalo Garcia – Volunteer of the Year                    Linda Ables – Council Supporter of the Year

Earl Boggler & Doug Becker – Co- “Financial Stewarts” of the Year

Michael Kincaid  & John Negron – Co-“New Transfer” Knights of the Year

Fr. Dan / John Ravetto (2014 Knight of the Year) / Earl Boggler GK Barko & Wrangler JacketFr. Dan / Dcn. Bob Palmer / Earl Boggler




The Feb KNIGHT OF THE MONTH is Cher Vang.

The FAMILY OF THE MONTH is Bob Palmer and his lovely wife Chris.



Columbian Award: 

     Supreme Council has recently announced the recipients of their “2012-2013 Columbian Award” for the completion of service programs in support of our              Church, our Families, our Community and Pro-Life.  Mary, Queen of the Knights Council is one of only 30 councils within Arizona to earn this recognition! 
     CONGRATULATIONS to the officers, trustees and members of our council whose volunteer hours to our activity programs made this happen!


On Saturday, June 15th. the Officers, Trustees and members of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386 gathered in Reiser Hall to celebrate our “30th Anniversary” as a council and to  recognize our members and supporters for their contributions to our council over the past year.

47 people were in attendance for this catered affair including: Fr. Dan, Deacon John & his wife Margaret Ann, Deacon Bob and his wife, Christine, our DD Steve Byers and his wife, Betty, and my lovely wife, Helen. We were honored to have 3 Charter Members in attendance: Jim Jeffries, Larry Battin and Bernie Dufresne, who traveled back from Phoenix to attend.

Among those receiving recognition were:

Fr. Dan Vollmer – Chaplain of the Year                      Earl Boggler – Knight of the Year

Helen & Paul Barko – Family of the Year                   Steve Byers – DD Achievement Award

Thomas Liuzzo – Past Grand Knight Award              Jerry Koenig – Patriot Award

Thomas Warner – 50 Year Member Award              Deacon John – 3rd Degree Certificate

Rose Martinez – Special Recognition Award           Linda Ables – Special Service Award

“17 “members were honored with the prestigious “Spirit of Fr. McGivney Award” for extraordinary service to our council and parish: Douglas Becker, Earl Boggler, Keith Bricker, Gonzalo Garcia, Robert Hughes, Jerry Koenig, William Monroe, Tomas Munoz, William O’Brien, Carl Paladino, William Pierce, John Ravetto, Donald Rowley, Ben Taylor, Larry Tweet, Cher Vang, and Thomas Warner.

KNIGHT OF THE MONTH is Earl Boggler, a dedicated and long term knight member who transferred to St Germaine’s Parish council in 2011. He has played a “key role” in the success of our council this past fraternal year., serving as our Financial Secretary, our State Raffle Chairman and being a regular volunteer at most of our council functions.

Our FAMILY OF THE MONTH are Helen & Paul Barko, two well-known members of our Parish and community. Helen is the Director of the Parish Youth Choir, Co-Director of the Parish Adult Choir and a regular volunteer at “Life Connections”. Paul is the current Grand Knight of our Parish Council 8386 at St Germaine’s and has been a supporter of numerous parish committees and projects. Both are great examples of “living your Catholic Faith” on a daily basis. We wish to recognize them for their outstanding, selfless service to our parish, council and community.

The evening was marked by the special appearance of “SUPERMAN”, (a good friend of Fr. Dan’s) who came out of retirement to share in the “FUN” and help in the presentation of many of the awards! All had a great time sharing dinner, laughing and enjoying the guest appearance of Superman, as well as appreciating the awesome, hand-carved wooden door prizes given to the ladies. (Thanks to the skills/hard work of our craftsman, Doug Becker.).

All award recipients not in attendance will be presented their awards at the council’s upcoming: “Installation of New Council Officers” / Pot Luck Dinner on Monday, July 8th. at 6:30pm in Reiser Hall.

** A special “Thank You” to the Anniversary Planning Committee for arranging this very successful and fun celebration: Ben Taylor (Chairman), John Ravetto, Tom Warner, Jerry Koenig, Earl Boggler and Doug Becker.

June 15, 2013 = Council’s “30th. Anniversary / Awards Dinner Celebration (In Reiser Hall after the 4:30pm mass.) —- “If” you haven’t made your reservations for this event, please do so ASAP to our planning committee chairman, Ben Taylor, at:  928-499-4491  or 
This catered event is planned to be a memorable one with: A delicious steak or chicken dinner, award recognitions, door prizes for the ladies, and lots of fun surprises!  This celebration dinner is open to guests as well as to members and their families! Maybe you know someone who is “THINKING ABOUT” becoming a member, well invite them to come learn more about who we are and what we do as a part of St. Germaine Parish. ALL ARE WELCOME!!!


The Officers and Trustees of Mary Queen of the Knights Council # 8386 are proud to announce the “Knight of the Month” of March, 2013 is Brother Donald Rowley for his “numerous behind-the-scenes” contributions of service and support to our Parish and council over the years, especially for his work in developing and maintenance on our  council website.

In spite of being rather new members of our parish and council, the Officers and Trustees chose to recognize the numerous “behind-the-scenes” contributions, services and support of our parish and council by a couple who have played a major factor in the successful operation of our parish funeral ministry and are always willing to lend a helping hand wherever they see a need  or are asked to help and we have therefor selected Brother Larry Tweet and his Lady Jeri as “Family of the Month” recipients.

On behalf of the officers, trustees, members and our council and parish, I want to extend my appreciation and gratitude to these 3 people for choosing to live there Faith in service to our Parish and Council.

God Bless, Paul Barko, Grand Knight.


My Dear Brother Knights and Ladies of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386,

At a time when we as Catholics are being ridiculed for our beliefs and being labeled as archaic in our thinking because we dare to say that we believe in ethics, morality and decency, it is heart-warming to have attended a function like the Rosary Service for the Unborn held in the “Healing Garden” adjacent to the church last evening.
“67”, yes “67 Catholics showed up in the garden to pray the rosary for the unborn and to declare their belief in the sanctity of life “from conception till natural death“! 
I was truly proud to be among this group of Catholic men, women and youth who came together to witness their faith, as well as to have our council host this prayer service. One of many more to come!
I would like to share some of the pictures taken at last night’s service and to invite you to consider sharing in the future prayer services that are currently being discussed by the council officers and trustees.
to the following people who helped make this a truly “special and meaningful service”:
Deacon Bob Palmer
Diane Duncan (Dir. of Life Connections)
Helen Barko 
Linda Ables
Rose Martinez
June Nash
Cher Vang
Stephanie Vang
Tom Warner
Jerry Koenig
Earl Boggler
Ben Taylor
Doug Becker
An Pfister
God Bless,
Paul Barko, GK
Mary, Queen of the Knight Council #8386


Congratulations to Brother Gonzalo Garcia for all of his hard work in planning and coordinating the “Our Lady of Guadalupe” activities in the tri- city area.

For those of you unaware, Brother Gonzalo was a primary force behind the successful celebration of this important Feast Day at Sacred Heart Parish (Prescott), St. Catherine’s Parish (Chino Valley) and at St. Germaine’s Parish. I had the honor of attending the dancing, the mass and the dinner he coordinated at St. Germaine’s Parish and was quite impressed by the celebration! God bless you, Gonzalo, for your dedicated effort to honor Mary through this celebration!


Our council’s “Family of the Month” recipients for September,
Tomas and Lola Munoz, have been selected by The Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus as one of their “NATIONAL FAMILY OF THE MONTH“recipients, following our council’s nomination of them for their contributions to the council and St. Germaine Parish!
Please join me in congratulating Tomas and Lola the next time you see them, and by spreading the word to all of the people you know so that “everyone” in the parish can offer their congratulations as well!
Tomas and Lola have been two of the countless “unsung heroes” contributing much to our council and
parish without much recognition and thanks. It is time for them to “shine” and be recognized by their Brother Knights & Ladies, as well as their fellow parishioners!!!
My sincerest CONGRATULATIONS to you, Tomas and Lola Munoz, for all you do, and have done, for our council and our parish!!!!!
God Bless,
Paul Barko, GK
Also, a “Big THanks” to Brothers Robert Hughes (chairman), Tomas Munoz, Cher Vang, Tom Warner, Jim Randall, Ben Taylor, and Robert Pfister for their efforts supporting our recent Tootsie Roll Drive Campaign!!!!!


  • Our District Deputy, Steve Byers, presented us with “The
  • Father McGivney Award” for 2011-2012, earned under
  •  PGK Thomas Liuzzo, for our council’s efforts with recruit-
  • ing new members. (Congratulations to PGK Thomas Liuzzo
  •  and the 2011-12 Membership Director, Brother Jerry
  •  Koenig!)


  • November “Knight of the Month” —– Brother William
  • Pierce
  • November “Family of the Month” —- Brother Keith &
  • Lady Geri Bricker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • ****************************************************
    Also, a “Big THanks” to Brothers Robert Hughes (chairman), Tomas Munoz, Cher Vang, Tom Warner, Jim Randall, Ben Taylor, and Robert Pfister for their efforts supporting our recent Tootsie Roll Drive Campaign!!!!!!


  • Also, I want to thank the following Brother Knights and wives who came to the Parish’s “All Saints Day” Trunk & Treat Celebration for the children at St. Germaine’s Religious Education program. The turn-out by the kids was awesome and the oparents appeared to really appreciate the parish’s efforts.
    My “THANKS” to:
    Rev. Fr. & Brother Dan Vollmer
    Bro. Carl Paladino
    Bro. Earl Boggler
    Bro. Ben & Lady Calle Taylor
    Bro. Robert Hughes
    Lady Helen Barko
    Our members constituted “6” of the 13 vehicles participating in this parish event…… something to be very proud of!!!!
    See you tonight & God Bless,
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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