July 2021

New members of Council 8683.
Larry Plano
Doug Nelisom


Two New, Brothers
Please welcome Sir Knight David L. Van Steyn. He transferred to us from Council 3154, Cottage Grove, OR.
And please also welcome Brother Francis J. Mercier. He transferred to us from Council 1375, Arroyo Grande, CA.

Brothers David & Francis:
 – Anytime, anywhere COVID mitigation masks and 6-foot distance is mandatory!
 – GK Mefford is at 928-533-4553 and DGK Vogt is at 623-302-2564.
 – Meals Team Chairman is Brother “Big Mike” Kincaid at 928-710-2766. COVID mitigation mandates meals-to-go, so he can always use help.
 – Road Clean-up Team Chairman is Brother “Wes” at 928-660-0939. He can always use help.
 – Monthly Officer Meeting is 1st Monday at 6:30 PM in “Old Church” building–unless notified otherwise. Officers should attend.  All Knights are also welcome.    – The Officer Meeting is the first place to air out complaints/grievances,    – Initiate motion(s),    – Offer suggestions,     – Recommend non-budgeted expense(s) (which normally will require Trustees approval),    – Present a subject/activity that would benefit from referral to committee (normally would take time and be “tabled” at a Business Meeting), etc.
 – Monthly Council Business Meeting is 2nd Monday at 6:30 PM in Old Church Building–unless notified otherwise. All Knights should attend.    – Remember to provide written copy of motion(s) to Council’s Recorder (which, unless an emergency, was approved at prior Officer Meeting).
 – Remember to register at St. Germaine Catholic Church and subscribe to both FLOCKNOTE & FORMED, per attachments.
 – To order Council Shirt ($25.00) and/or Jacket ($35.00), please contact Brother Tom Warner at 619-884-8471. Advance payment is a must!
 – To order Name Badge contact Treasurer Becker at 928-925-4712. Your first badge is free. Subsequent badges are normally at least $7.00.
Recorder Brother Barko, please forward this email to the remainder of our Council. Thanks.
Brothers, God bless you!

Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386,Financial Secretary,
Earl V. Boggler

Sept 12, 2020

Please welcome our newest member Brother Michael McGill.
Ph: 928-566-3491
Michael, on behalf of our Grand Knight Richard Mefford, welcome to Council #8386!
God bless you!

July 2020

Past Fraternal Year Brothers’ Actions:

Entered Eternal Rest
Robert Bustos, 08/23/19
Dennis Hider, 01/24/20
James Cloughessy, 06/24/20
Transferred Out:
Paul Dube
Daniel Farkas
Edmund Corrigan
John Santoyo
Vincent LaGrua
Chris Lockwood
Allen Perez
John Burns
Sherman Cushman
Transferred In:
Gary Cabato
Pablo Quiza
James Kuriger
Jeffrey White
Fr. Robert Cayetano
Robert Huskey
Robert Walker

James Messing
Gary Chrencik
Gerald Thompson
William Cebula
Keith Smith
James Thomas
Tommaso Grimaldi
Achieved 3rd Degree:
Robert Walker
Sherman Cushman
Henry Moreta
James Messing
Chris Lockwood
John Burns
Allen Perez
Thomas Krucek
Edmund Corrigan
Vincent LaGrua
James Evers

As of 07/01/20

Council Membership is as follows:

84 Associate
46 Insurance
2 Inactive
132 Total

Meet Our New Members

Tommas, Tom, Grimaldiǯ

ȃ ¢ Ȅ
Dewey. ǰ Ĵ ¢ǯ
I taught within the Apache Junction Unified School District teaching at the upper elementary level

for three years and Florence Unified School District teaching Departmentalized Science to 5th grad-
ers (we moved here mid-school year). On March 14, 2020, “Pi Day”, we moved into our home here

in Dewey.
I became a Knight when we were part of Our Mother of Confidence in San Diego back in
As a Knight, I participated and served as a catechist while at St. Andrew By The Bay when
we lived in Maryland. I have lived and am living a life of service in that I am a U.S. Marine Corps

veteran (Training N.C.O.), a public school teacher, and a Knight of Columbus. While I do keep con-
nected with a few of my Marine Corps brothers, the closest organization I have found to a meaning-
ful fraternity are the Knights of Columbus, and here I have been trying to make a difference just

like all of you.

I will bring an abundance of experience to my new Council. Other than teaching and train-
ing adults, as stated, I teach elementary and middle grades and can be a catechist if I am need-
ed. Maybe, just as importantly, I can create some *yummean multi-berry pancakes. My family

flips out over them!”
William (Bill) Cebula. I am originally from NW Kansas. I worked at Ball Aerospace in Boulder,
CO for 31 years and after retiring moved to Chadron, NE, a “one stop light town”. I worked there
at Chadron HQ for Nebraska National Forest. I have children in California. I lived in Payson for
ś ¢ Ĵ ¢ Řŝǰ ǯ
photography and hope to share some of my photos with you. I look forward to meeting you all.


  • Council has 117 members:
    • 74 Associate Members
    • 41 Insurance  Members
    • 2 Inactive Members
    • 23 Honorary Life Members
    • 2 Honorary Members
    • 4 Exempt Members

 we had two candidates complete their 1st Degrees:

Chris Lockwood,,  916-865-7676 and

Allen Perez,,  520-668-7870.

They’ll be awarded their 1st Degree certificates at our Jan meeting, so come and welcome them to our Council.


Council now has 115 members: 

o 70 Associate Members o 43 Insurance Members o 2 Inactive Members o 24 Honorary Life Members o 2 Honorary Members o 4 Exempt Members

New Member
Council 8386 welcomes Gary Gabato who transferred into the
Council from Hawaii.

Welcome New Members to Council 8386

Joseph Gass at the April meeting. He is a 4th Degree
Knight and transfers in from Philadelphia, PA.
Jimmy Cardenas, recruited by Gonzalo Garcia
Sherman Cushman, recruited by Earl Boggler
Ivan Maldanado, recruited by Earl Boggler
Jose Alberto Morales, recruited by Gonzalo Garcia
Hector Saldana, recruited by Gonzalo Garcia
Gary Wilson, recruited by Earl Boggler

Congratulations to not only to the new members, but also to the two Knights who recruited these members. The sponsoring Knights have these following responsibilities:

The Sponsor is generally, but not always, the Knight responsible for recruiting the Candidate for admission and 1st Degree Exemplification. In the event the recruiting Knight is not able or interested in providing sponsorship, Membership assigns a Knight who has previously expressed interest in providing sponsorship to new members of the Council.

The Sponsor is responsible for providing one on one guidance and direction to the new Knight as the Knight continues the journey through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees within the Council. Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to the following:

The Sponsor is responsible for attending the Admissions Meeting with the Candidate whenever possible for providing support and reinforcement of the Committee’s overview of the Knights of Columbus and Council Programs, Committees and Activities.
Introduction to Council Officers for understanding role and responsibilities of elected positions within the Council.
 Introduction to Degree Team for understanding expectations involving the journey from 1st to
2nd to 3rd degrees.
 Utilizing the Shining Armor Award Card for reinforcement of expectations the first year and for tracking progress.
 Providing an overview of Council Programs with introductions to Program Directors for which the Knight has an interest in participation.

Frequent contact to ensure the new Knight is attending meetings, especially the first three meetings, is involved in Programs of special interest, and is pleased with their personal experience.

Attend exemplifications whenever possible for supporting the Knight’s journey through knighthood.

Earl Boggler reported that Dennis Hider has completed a
Form 100, transfer request into Council #8386. Earl introduced Gary Wilson as having received his
Knights On-Line membership. Gary shared a few words about himself to members and his intention to
become a member of Council #8386. G.K. Ravetto recognized Henry Moreta as a new member of
Council #8386 and presented him with his Admission Degree Certificate. Henry shared a few words
about himself to the membership. Both Gary and Henry were welcomed with applause from members
present. Earl also shared that the new on-line Knights membership application process is very successful
and there are several more individuals who have indicated a desire to join the Knights. He mentioned
there is one who just celebrated his 18th birthday and is anxious to join.


Council 8386 initiated and welcomed Fredy Rodriguez as a new member. Fredy has al- ready distinguished him- self by helping to set up at the monthly breakfast!

Welcome Fredy!

New member:  Ron Jahraus, Email:
1/17/18   MEMBERSHIP ROSTER .Council: AZ – 8386, Prescott Valley
Current Contact List was attached to email to each member:  All information is sensitive and should be viewed only by members








Worthy GK, At our upcoming Meeting on the 9th I will present two Knights for transfer into our Council:
1. Russell Knell, Cell: 928-848-7318, Email:
2. Michael Russell, Email:
Corrections/additions/deletions/questions, please email to me at or call 928-830-6183.
Vivat Jesus,
Earl Boggler
Bro Montano Dragon Jr. is processed in to Council 8386.

– Robert Hauz application read, motion and approved by council- New member transfer: Rodgers introduces himself

– Robert Foster introduces himself

We wish to extend a warm welcome to the following new Brother Knights who joined our council on Sunday 3/9/14: James Cloughessy, Don Colozze, Jerry Porciello, and Thomas Allen.

2012-2013 Council MEMBERSArlis Knobel; Ben Taylor; Bill Pierce; Billy Easley; Bill Chavez, Brian Clark; BruceHertzog; Fred Cabebe; CARL PALADINO; Charlie Baldic; Cher Vang; Dan Delvillar; Dan Farkas; Thomas Liuzzo; Dcn. Wayland Moncrief; Don Smith; Don Rowley; Doug Becker; Earl Boggler; Fr. Dan; Fred Caffrey; GEORGE POHLMAN; Gina Beckmeyer; Gonzalo Garcia; James Saeugling; Jerry & Carolyn Koenig; JIM JEFFERIES; Jim McGarry; JIM RANDALL; Jack Munro; John Nemanich; JOHN RAVETTO; Jorge Marin; KEITH BRICKER; Ken O’Daniel; Larry Tweet; Lee Denning; Leroy Humes; Mike and Martha; Michael Kinkaid, Nate Duncan; Barko Paul; Paul Elks; PETE TREVILLION; Raymond Buettner; Richard Rump; Robert Hughes; RUSS LORTON; Sean Halpain; Stephen Poe; Steve Byers; STEVE JORDAN; THOM GUGLIOTTA; Thomas Warner; Tito Baca; Timothy (TJ)  Bronowski, Wayne Theobald; William Sawyer

Year-to-date we have gained “6” new members:
Deacon John Mickel (New member)
Jayme Salazar (New member)
David Hertko (New Member)
Emanuel Acosta (Re-activated)
Larry Battin (Re-activated)
Timothy Kelahan (Transfer in)

Officers 2012- 2013

PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ November 01, 2012 —-

Officer Positions, Name, Address, Telephone #’s, Email

Grand Knight- Paul A Barko 4601 N Kirkwood Ave
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-9224
928-379-5862 (R)
419-388-4734 (C)

Financial Secretary – Earl V Boggler 7836 E Prickly Pear Path
Prescott Valley, AZ 86315-7800
928-277-8056 (R)
928-830-6183 (C)

Deputy Grand Knight- Maurice J Randall Po Box 27943
Prescott Valley, AZ 86312-7943
Chancellor Robert J Hughes Po Box 1528
Dewey, AZ 86327-1528
928-273-2301 (R)
928-273-2301 (C)

Recorder- Benjamin M Taylor 3721 N Etheridge Dr
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-8528
928-227-3960 (R)
928-499-4491 (C)

Treasurer- Douglas C Becker 3749 N Meadowlark Dr
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-2478
928-775-0660 (R)
928-925-4712 (C)

Advocate- Jerome J Koenig 10435 E Old Black Canyon Hwy
Dewey, AZ 86327-5000

Warden- Tomas G Munoz 4061 N Papago Ln
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-7449
928-772-1836 (R)

Inside Guard- Larry J Tweet 7152 E Barefoot Ln
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-1435
928-772-7853 (R)
602-938-1498 (C)

Outside Guard- Michael J Long 3990 E Walker Rd
Prescott, AZ 86303-8628

One Year Trustee- John M Ravetto Po Box 27256
Prescott Valley, AZ 86312-7256
928-899-2705 (C)

Two Year Trustee- Keith J Bricker 14670 E Cielo Vista Ln
Dewey, AZ 86327-6605
928-632-8369 (R)
928-713-1963 (C)

Three Year Trustee- Gonzalo C Garcia 7863 E Las Palmas Dr
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-5547
928-775-3425 (R)
In the Councils, officer titles are prefixed with “Worthy”.



Feb 8 (5 days ago)

to Arthur, Benjamen, Billy, Brian, Bruce, Carl, Charles, Cher, Damion, Daniel, Danny, Donald, me, Douglas, Fred, Frederick, George, Howard, James, James, James, Jerome, John, John, John

33 paid dues ( collected $1,114, paid Supreme – 279.73, paid State –
237.96, paid Postage – 60.70 = $535.59 remaining)
03 inactive
01 honorary
18 honory life
02 disability
01 died, Bro Leroy Humes, 12/31/2012
01 transferred, Bro Mike Long moved to Paulden and xferred to St
Catherine Council
01 very ill and w/n renew, Bro Lasaro Villa, who resides in Chandler
(I will try to work disability paperwork for him)
37 prior members who have not paid dues (next week, will mail each a
“KNIGHT ALERT’. . . dues are 30 days or more in arrears notice)
97 potential overall

State Raffle:
15 members have sold/purchased tickets and have turned in $720.00
(pass through money)
04 members have returned all tickets
75 have not responded

In your service,
Financial Secretary


Membership Dues
All of you have been contacted by our Worthy Financial Secretary, Earl Boggler, regarding membership dues and the need for “ALL MEMBERS” to pay their dues promptly at the start of the calendar year. I want to stress the importance of paying your dues ASAP so that Brother Earl and our Treasurer, Doug Becker can pay our bills in a timely fashion.
Why do we have to pay dues, and where does our dues money go?
  • It pays for our “State Per Capita” charges for being a council in the State of Arizona.
  • It pays for our “Supreme Per Capita” charges for being a council under the Supreme Umbrella (501-C8) for fraternal organizations.
  • It pays for our council expenses (general supplies, mailing expenses, banking fees, P.O. Box, required liability insurance, our Web-site fee, etc.)
  • It pays for supplies and materials ordered through Supreme. (membership cards, recruitment material, membership forms, shipping costs for materials ordered, etc.)
  • It pays literally for all the costs of operating our council so that the money we raise for charity all goes to charity!!!!!
    • Please pay your dues, if you haven’t already paid them.
    • You can pay quarterly  ($9.00) if the annual amount ($36.00) is outside your budget. 
    • If you are dealing with any disability, contact Brother Earl about a possible waiver of your dues.


When Fr. McGivney founded the Knight of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut in1882 he had two primary goals. The first goal was to establish a council in every parish in the country. The second goal was to make sure that every Catholic man was invited to join the Knights of Columbus.

Why? Fr. McGivney believed very strongly that witnessing our faith in action was an integral part of being a Catholic Man. He founded the Knights of Columbus to call “every Catholic man” to witness their faith in service to: their church, their community, their family, the youth in their community, and their council!

He also wanted to provide for the welfare of our member’s widows and children. Only by being a member, can a Catholic man take advantage of Our Order’s “excellent” Insurance Program!

It is the responsibility of each of us knights to follow the direction of Fr. McGivney and personally invite every Catholic man that we know to consider joining the Knights of Columbus!

All it takes is: (1.) identifying appropriate candidates, (2.) explaining to them what the Knights are all about, (3.) encouraging them to join Our Order, and (4.) being a mentor who walks them through the application process, takes them to their degrees and encourages their active involvement in our council.

The requirements of a potential candidate are: (1.) must be a male, (2.) must be 18 years old or older, and (3.) must be a “practical” Catholic. In any given parish only about 12% of the eligible men are Knights. That means that there are many men who could be asked to join.

Please consider asking your son, grandson, nephew, cousin, father, grandfather, uncle, etc. to join you in being an active Knight of Columbus!!

Membership Co-Chairmen:  Jerry Koenig and Thomas Warner

“Congratulations” to Bro. Wayne Theobald and Bro. Deacon John MIckel for completing their 2nd & 3rd Degrees in the Order on October 28th in Flagstaff. Also “THANKS” to Bro. Tom Warner and Bro. Earl Boggle for taking them to the degree on behalf of the council!

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