Charity Raffle


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, MARY, QUEEN OF THE KNIGHTS, COUNIL 8386, working with numerous St. Germaine Parishioners, has successfully completed the Arizona State Council Annual Charity Raffle, which will draw 10 prize winners on May 18th. GOOD LUCK! Combining all contributions, Knights and Parishioners, we raised $2,661.00. First, as always, St Germaine Building Fund will receive half, or $1,330.50. Our Council 8386 receives $133.05 from States share to cover postage, etc. If we have leftover, our Treasurer Deposits it into our Treasury. It will help us to implement future parish-oriented programs—might help us purchase another 4,000 eggs to hide next Easter. Next, our Arizona State Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc. receives $1,197.45. After they’ve paid the 10 winners, they’ll use every penny to provide programs throughout Arizona, especially at locations who unfortunately may not have their own Knights of Columbus Council. THANK YOU all for your donations. THANK YOU Knights for your hard work in addition to your monitory donations. Lastly, we hope you all enjoyed a meaningful, spirit-filled Easter. And a wonderful, loving Mother’s Day. THANK YOU, Brothers and Sisters in Christ!!
State Charity Raffle bulletin submission is attached in English, Spanish, and Phillipino.
One more when we need to publish the winners!
God bless you!

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Sent by Earl Boggler
The first time we will be selling Raffle tickets will be after Masses on 01/12/2019 & 01/13/2019. The second time will be 02/09/2019 & 02/10/2019. The third time will be 03/09/2019 & 03/10/2019. The final sales are scheduled for 04/13/2019 & 04/14/2019. The drawing will be 05/18/2019. For your many sacrifices may God bless you and good luck!



To everyone who participated in the Arizona Knights of Columbus State Council Charity Raffle, thank you very much! St. Germaine’s Mary, Queen of the Knights, Council 8386, through your generosity, raised $2,545.00. One-half or $1,272.50 goes to St. Germaine’s Building Fund. Then, the Arizona State Council gives Council 8386 a minimum of $95.44 and the remainder goes to Arizona Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc., which will use the money for charitable needs throughout Arizona.



Dear Council Brethren,
On the heels of an outstanding supportive day yesterday both by our members and parishioners combined, this action can not go unspoken as we’ve come a long ways for it not to. 
I first want to thank once again, our in-house chefs, both John Ravetto and Michael Kincaid for their outstanding leadership in this one area alone. After both Masses, Reiser Hall was buzzing with conversation, laughter and fellowship as lines quickly formed making for yet another successful effort. My personal shout-out of thanks also goes to brothers, John Munro and his lovely wife, Tom Kincaid, Larry Tweet, Wes Berry and Michael Vercellino for their assistance as well. And lastly, our current Worthy Advocate, Robert Foster had a constant line at his “Pancake Table” which is reaching a high volume of success as well.  My sincere thank you to Carla and Bob Foster for your numerous acts of support, be it the new Marquee sign placed out front of the church, to your table of this Council’s history to date, have all contributed to our success I feel.  A joyous “Happy Birthday” was also sung at both meals for Bob as well….
Please Note:  Our monthly breakfast season is now over switching over to Coffee and Donuts only for June-July-August, better known to our parishioners as “Knights of Columbus sponsored Hospitality.” 
Thank you guys and gals for a productive and focused effort we set our sights in accomplishing. I sense many will be in wait till we resume in September. “Thumbs Up, Great Team Effort..!”
May God always be the Glory,



Spiritual Development Series: Contemplation

The bridge into mystical prayer.
The four stages of the ascent of the soul.

  1. What are the Types of Contemplation?
  2. How do we practice it?
  3. What are the benefits?
  4. What are the problems?
  5. Getting Started.

By Brother Dow Rowley

At Knights Council Meeting

Monday April 9th, 6:30 PM


Deacon Wayland Moncrief

Email Distribution at ParishDeacon



Tom Warner health report

Friends and family,
Saw my primary Cardiologist today. He is happy that there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the ticker.
 He did change some of my meds and wants another blood test in 10 days.
Then I will see his PA to review that in in 4 weeks. Then see him again in eight weeks.
He does not want to release me for surgery that is needed until after I see the PA. So that puts off any surgery until sometime in April.
I will call my surgeon tomorrow and see if we can set up a date after that date realizing that we can always cancel but can’t necessarily get an appointment.
Love you all. I will let you k now if anything else comes up. Tom


Annual Renewal of Wedding Vows

Fr. Dan blessed the marriages of over 40 couples who participated in a renewal of wedding vows in observance of National Marriage Week. Be sure to visit St Germaine

of Prescott Valley’s Facebook page for photos.


Serving It Up! Our Ladies Callie Taylor and
Joanne Kincaid, along with Youth Minister,
Kat Martinez, serve it up Lenten style at the parish
Soup Supper. Soup Suppers are served from 6:00-
7:00pm on Friday evenings during Lent. Stations
of the Cross are prayed at 6:00pm in Spanish and
7:00pm in English.

Serving Those Who Served. On February 24, 2018 Brother
Knights Tom Warner, Paul Barko, Bob Foster, Dave Hertko,

Damion Grill, Grand Knight Lexy Larez and Council Chap-
lain Rev. Dan Vollmer visited William Fritz Ockenfels at

Glassford Place on the occasion of his 102nd birthday. Mr.

Ockenfels was born on February 24, 1916 in Murray, Min-
nesota and is the oldest living member of St. Germaine Par-
ish. A veteran of World War II, he served with the 147th Ar-
tillery Regiment, South Dakota

National Guard. The 147th was stationed in the Northern Terri-
tory, Australia and New Guinea. Brother Tom also presented him with Honorary Submariner certificate on behalf of the Officers and Members of the GudgeonBase of the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. for his service.

Serving the Parish

The Council also participated in the Annual Ministry
Fair on February 24th and 25th. Thanks to all who
welcomed and spoke with potential members.


Displaying image002.1.png

  1. by Formation Development Leader: Brother Tom Mellinger
  1. “InTo The Breach” is really a call to Battle. For the past three years Bishop Thomas Olmstead has presented his “letter” to those attending the Catholic Men’s Conference held annually in Phoenix. The Bishop is issuing a call to all of his sons and brothers in Christ urging them to engage in the battle that is raging around them (us). This battle is wounding our children and families and distorting the dignity of both men and women.

This brief description of the Bishop’s exhortation which has gone out, not only to the men of the Phoenix Diocese but across the U.S., will be a challenge to us to keep us from falling away from the Church as, unfortunately, so many have already.   Council Meeting, February 12th, 6:30 PM

    Brother Tom Mellinger will expond on “Into The Breach, An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men, My Spiritual Son in the Diocese of Phoenix,” Thomas J Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix.  Prepare for Tom’s presentation by going to your computer & typing “Into The Breach Thomas Olmsted” in your search engine and
                             download or just read the 23 pages, dated 09/29/2015. Read and comprehend the Exhortation. It’s very good!



Council members, their families, and guests gathered for a post holiday celebration.

Grand Knight Lexy Larez presented Chefs John Ravetto and Mike Kincaid with Cer-
tificates of Appreciation for their many sacrifices preparing scrumptious meals and

refreshments to the Council and the Parish mornings, noon, afternoons, evenings and
nights — at breakfasts, lunches, dinners, barbeques and fiestas.
A great layout of various foods for dinner and dessert were prepared, Thanks to

Larry Tweet who made sure the hall was set up, and to Fr. Dan for leading the open-
ing prayer for the gathering.



Dear Brother Knights, Sisters in Christ,

I’m compiling this message to you in support to each of you in the hope you too will participate in our annual, Marriage Vow Renewal now set for Saturday, February 10, 2018.

This event unfortunately has with it, limited seating that can be secured upon early sign up by members of our council as this is quote, open to parishioners who wish to attend. I’ve prepared as “Sign-Up List”, which was made available to those in attendance at our recent belated Christmas Potluck Dinner, held January 13th.

This listing I speak of, has a Forty-Five couples sign-up cut-off, so in short, having the possible attendance of “Ninety-Five” total in attendance, sets the right tone for a memorable and great fellowship gathering for such an event. Please, either email me, call me on the home or cell phone and I will add your names to this listing.

I will be present after the 4:30 Mass this Saturday, 20 January, where this same sign-up will be made available to our parishioners as well. In addition and due to my physical support to our Council/Parish Monthly Breakfast, after each Mass on Sunday, I need someone to assist me after each Mass (8 or 10 O’clock), ensuring this is made available as well. Thank you

Vivat Jesus,

Lexy A. Larez, GK



Hello Brother Earl,
It’s a great joy to hear from you. I have just returned to the seminary and am already back in the midst of studies. I had a good time back home and it was both busy and restful. I got to work in a lot of great parishes and was able to spend a lot of time with my family. I start my finals next week and things are starting to get quite busy again.
God bless and I hope to hear from you again soon,
Dcn. Vinhson Nguyen


~~~~~~~~~~December meeting

Brother Don Rowley continued the series of
Reinvesting in Fr. McGivney’s Mission
prior to our December meeting, when he spoke on
Meditation, Contemplation and Personal Prayer.

A copy of his presentation can be read at “Presentation Talks”                                         (see above menu)

The presentation can be found and read in its en-
tirety on the Council website (www.8386.kofc- Don will continue this topic in a future

meeting as well.

Deacon Wayland Moncrief
presented an overview of the Reinvesting in
Fr. McGivney’s Mission to the Council members that were present.



I must submit to Supreme the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity Report Form 1728 NLT 01/31/2018, which will be a compilation of all of your Individual Member Worksheet Forms 1728A.
Attachment 20171111 will give you some ideas for compiling your time. Please let me know if you’ve activities I’ve not listed.
Attachment 20171111 (3) is two Forms 1728A. Keep one for 2018. Mail/give to me the other one exhibiting your 2017 time ASAP, but NLT 01/08/2018.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler
420 N Agua Fria Dr.,
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

2 Attachments



News and resources from the USCCB Committee for Religious Liberty

Follow us on Twitter
Free to Serve
USCCB Religious Liberty News
“We are Catholics,
We are Americans”
November 2017
Vol. III: No. 10
New and Notable
Archbishop Joseph Kurtz Elected Chairman of Committee for Religious Liberty
Congratulations to Archbishop Kurtz, and thank you to Archbishop Lori for his six years of service leading the Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty! Read more.
Solemnity of Christ the King: Solidarity in Suffering
Join USCCB, the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Relief Services, Aid to the Church in Need, and CNEWA on November 26th, the Solemnity of Christ the King, for a Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians.  Learn more.
New Video: Religious Freedom and Christians in the Middle East
Christianity was born in the Middle East, and churches have long made important contributions to Middle East culture.  But today, Christianity is under threat in the land of its birth. Learn more about Middle East Christians and efforts to support them.
Persecution: Solidarity in Suffering
by Stephen M. Colecchi

Two years ago in Erbil, Iraq, I looked out the window of my hotel to see tents packed together on the grounds of a chapel.  Christian families, displaced from Mosul, now lived in tents. I remember strolling through the narrow, mud-caked paths among the tents.  Families, many with young children, shyly peered out from their tents. In one tent there were 2 families and 11 persons. Read more.

Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East
by Aaron Matthew Weldon
My biological brothers are not my only brothers.  I am also bound in solidarity with all the men and women who have been baptized into Christ, who week-after-week pray: Our Father, Pater noster, Abā-nā.  All Christians, from all parts of the world, are my brothers and sisters in Christ. Read more.
First Freedom Podcast
Urge Congress to Enact the Conscience Protection Act of 2017!
The Conscience Protection Act of 2017 (H.R. 644) has been included in appropriations legislation, H.R. 3354. The Senate is also encouraged to include it in must-pass, end-of-year appropriations legislation. This much-needed, common-sense legislation will clarify federal law and ensure that those who provide health care and health coverage can do so without being forced by government to help destroy innocent unborn children. Let your representatives in Congress know that we expect them to protect our most cherished liberties. Take action today!
Follow us on Twitter
Follow us on Twitter!
For our most up-to-date religious freedom news, follow @USCCBFreedom today!   |   Follow us on Twitter@USCCBFreedom 


Continuing is our Spirituality / Formation program.

Deacon Dale Avery – The Armor of God

November 13th, 2017.  Invite your partners!

Thank You,

Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at ParishDeacon



SK Jerome “Jerry” Koenig died about 7 am, this morning, 10/24/17
May God grant him eternal peace.
Pray for his wife Carolyn.
Vivat Jesus,
Earl Boggler




Dear Knights and Friends:
We are currently approaching 89% capacity for seating at our annual Christmas PartyDecember 14thThursday, at the Club at Prescott Lakes. The attached brochure is self explanatory: make your selections and your guests’, make a check payable to the Knights of Columbus, mail it to Marie Maresh and you are in.
This is a very appropriate way to celebrate the community of friendship, camaraderie, and theChristmas Holiday at a very reasonable price and for a very wonderful benefit for the children that St. Vincent De Paul hosts for its childrens’Christmas party.
There will be a 60/20/20 raffle: 60% to St. Vincent De Paul, and 20% to two lucky individuals. What a deal!!!! Benefit St. Vincents’ kids and benefit yourself with cash green for the holiday.
If you cannot attend but would like to make a cash donation, make your check payable to St. Vincent De Paul but send it in care of them to Marie Maresh at the address on the registration form.
Send this to your friends, family, or relatives-you need not be Catholic or a Knight of Columbus to attend. This is for Christmas and the meaning of the Incarnation.
It’s early but December will be here before you know it. Plan now, See you there.
Michael Peters
Chair of the Christmas Committee



We have been invited by the Grand Knight of the Council in Cottonwood to attend mass in Cottonwood and view the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.  Lexy Larez is arranging carpooling for these who are able to attend.  Lexy is sending out details and you can get more information at

Thank You,

Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at ParishDeacon

St. Germaine Catholic Church

7997 E. Dana Dr.

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314



Grand Knight Lexy Larez, with Fr.
Darrin Merlino, attended the Sacred Heart
School Awards Ceremony on September 27th in
the main church. Our Council donated a $50.00
check to the Student of the Month.


During his visit to his family in Colorado,
Brother Cong Tong assisted the Knights of
Columbus at St. Francis Cabrini parish in                                                               Littleton during their annual church festi-
val on September 10th. Well done, Brother Cong!

Thanks also to Brothers John Ravetto, Mike
Kincaid, Cong Tong, Bill Pierce, and Monte
Dragon for serving up a monster burrito
breakfast and firing up the grill for hot dogs and burgers                                                  at the Parish Festival.
A grand time was had by everyone.

Thank you all!!



Grow with the Order, Grow the Order
October 3

Pizza Night—Encante Grill—6:30pm

October 5
Council Officer’s Meeting
6:30pm ~ Mini Hall

October 7

PWID Collection after all Masses
Columbus Day Ticket Sales (after 4:30pm,
8:00am, and 10:30am Masses)

October 9

Monthly General Meeting, 6:30pm

October 14

Road cleanup 8 am
Columbus Day Dinner
October 25
Trunk or Treat, 6:30pm
October 29
Breakfast—Reiser Hall
After 8:00am and 10:00am Masses



I must turn in to Supreme, our State Deputy, and our District Deputy, our initial Service Program Personnel list NLT June 30th of every year. I submitted our last list June 20,2017. The Service Program Personnel Assignments are exhibited on the attachments, pages 2 thru 8. These seven(7) attachments will become the focal compilation of our Programs and Committees Continuity Book. This product, when finished, will provide anyone an overview of our Service Program–especially officers and New Members. Tells who is Service Program Director. Tells the many Activity Directors. The numerous Committees: Chairmen, Co-Chairman, Members, and Guidance. It will be a fairly detailed overview of what we do to support St. Germaine’s and our Parish Community.
As I said earlier, our last report was June 20th.
So I can ensure everyone has an accurate depiction of who’s doing what, please thoroughly review the seven(7) attachments.
If I have you listed as responsible for something that now you’re not, let me know.
If I didn’t list you as responsible for something that you are, tell me.
If you wish to volunteer to Chair, Co-Chair, or become a Member of something, let me know.
Please email me changes/concerns/comments ASAP but NLT October 6th, 2017.
Then, if necessary, I must update Supreme and State. Then, they will know who to send applicable support material to.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler


                            CHRISTMAS  PARTY-2017


(Seating is limited so send in your reservation ASAP)

    When: Thursday, December 14th, 2017                      

    Where: The Club at Prescott Lakes (928-443-3500)

                   315 Smoke tree Lane, Prescott, Arizona

     Time: Cocktails (cash bar) starting  at 5:00 p.m.

                                 Dinner  starting  at 6:15 p.m..    

     Cost:                        Entree price includes tax, gratuity, linen fee and service charge.

                                              No set up cost or room fees.  Musical entertainment. Dancing?


  1.   Grilled New York strip with red wine sauce demi glaze with appropriate side dishes…………$36.00
  2.   Chicken Breast with Marsala sauce, appropriate side dishes………$33.00
  3.   Grilled Salmon with garlic mushroom blend, appropriate side dishes….$35.00
  4.   Vegetarian Ravioli-roasted vegetable raviolis served with marinara sauce etc…..$31.00

Dinner entrees are served with the following:

Garden Green Salad

Fresh baked Rolls & Butter

Chocolate Oreo Cake for dessert

Coffee and/or Tea

Fill in reservation form (Page 2) by choosing your selection accordingly (1, 2, 3 or 4)

Make your check payable to Knights of Columbus and mail to Joe and Marie Maresh  5733 Cilantro Court Prescott Az 86305  928 227 1459-

No reservations accepted after 3 p.m.  Wednesday, December 6th , 2017.

Contact: Michael Peters at 928 717 0111 or Joe/Marie Maresh 928 227 1459


Page – 2 -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Reservation/Dinner Selection Form

Please fill out and indicate your food preference (1, 2, 3 or 4)and include your check and mail US postage to Joe/Marie Maresh

Due by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, December  6th, 2017

NAME                 ENTRÉE – CIRCLE PREFERENCE  L, 2, 3, 4

     ________________________________________________________ 1           2           3           4   

     ________________________________________________________ 1 2 3 4

     ________________________________________________________ 1 2 3 4

     ________________________________________________________ 1 2 3           4

Total # of guest(s):   __________

Total amount of check in accordance with selected entrées:  ____________

Your email address is:__________________________________________________________

There will be only 8 persons per table seating.

Please include those who have paid and designate with whom you wish to be seated with.

Your request will be duly noted and complied with where possible



Come see a Special presentation at our meeting Oct. 9, 6:30 pm

K of C Meeting Oct. 9

Thank You,

Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at Parish Deacon

St. Germaine Catholic Church

7997 E. Dana Dr.

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314



From the Deputy
Grand Knight
Greetings Worthy Brothers,
My name is Tom Mellinger. I was your Grand Knight about eight years ago.
Now I volunteered to fill the Deputy GK post in an effort to assist our Grand Knight, Lexy and the new board of officers. I can see that there are some very important programs that must be addressed in order to bring our Council to the top in the State. Number one, we must concentrate on RECRUITMENT and that means reaching out to mem-
bers of St. Germaine Parish who are not Knights and bringing them into the fold. There are a lot of young men out there who have some great ideas that can make this Council a top notch Catholic men’s organization. Number two is FAMILY. That’s what God in-
tended for us when He put us here and we must follow His direction. I feel that this is a great way to build on this great K of C council that we have here at St. Germaine Catholic Parish.
Vivat Jesus! Tom


Corporate Communion is a Knights expression coined by Supreme for Knights and
their families sitting and praying together in Church at Mass. The Council attends
Mass as a corporate body to worship together. Plan to attend that we as a Council
show our solidarity to our Priest and to the Order.



I need two volunteers to help sell STATE CHARITY TICKETS this weekend following each Mass:
Saturday following Mass.
Sunday following first two Masses.
Thank you for your cooperation.
God bless,
Earl Boggler
Brothers, if you regularly attend Mass at St Josephs, Mayer, please email me and let me know.
Thanks for your cooperation.
God bless,
Earl Boggler


Jan 25 

The Annual WEDDING VOW Renewal will be after the 4:30 PM mass on Saturday the 11 February.
Seeing as how I only have one appendix to give to my country I am hoping that I won;t miss this year.
Besides giving up my appendix I spent four weeks of Lent in hospital.
I will be outside church after 4:30, 8:00 and 10:00 masses this weekend and next weekend.
Offer your help to both Earl and I as we are supporting Council activities.
If you can help with a mass let me know.
Your Brother in Christ, Tom Warner



This coming weekend, we begin selling SCR Tickets. You probably saw the supporting article in the last St. Germaine bulletin.
I need at least one additional person to help sell tickets after each weekend Mass as follows:
Sat after 4:30
Sun after 8:00
Sun after 10:00
Sun after 12:00 (Spanish speaking please)
God bless,
Earl Boggler
PS: If you have not paid your annual membership dues, please do.



Brothers, if you haven’t paid your applicable annual dues, as of tomorrow, you’re overdue three(3) weeks.
Please pay your dues!
Thanks for your cooperation.
God bless,
PS: Remember to keep an eye out for Brother John J. Brannick. He’s been getting caught camping on municipal & private property & may be homeless. He’s been a Knight for 32 years!



I am writing to “REMIND YOU” that our council has two (2) important Council Activities coming up in the next 8 days!!!!!


#1.)  Our council is holding our second 
“Corporate Communion” of this Fraternal Year next Saturday, November 26th at the 4:30pm Mass!

  • This celebration of our faith is open to “ALL” members, your family members and friends!
  • We will be sitting as a “group” in the first three (3) pews on the left side of the church …. PLEASE join us!
  • Wear your council shirt or a blue shirt to identify this as a “council presence” in support of our faith and our church!
#2.) On the weekend of November 26 & 27th. our council is conducting our …

“5th Annual 
Keep Christ in Christmas” Campaign!
  • We will be offering parishioners / family / friends / visitors the opportunity to purchase a variety of articles showing their support for keeping Christmas focused on its Spiritual Base ….
  • We will be selling coffee mugs, lapel pins, auto magnets, etc. at near cost.
  • This is not a fund-raiser … but a “Spiritual Promotion”!
  • We are conducting this program in order to promote a renewed focus on Christ in Christmas!

Members of the council will be selling these articles after “ALL MASSES” that weekend
and you / your family / friends / guests are invited to come show your support for …

Keeping Christ in Christmas!!!

Thanks and always remember …. no matter how challenging life becomes ….

and is 
just ask for 


Paul Barko, PGK and Jerry Koenig, PGK
K of C Council #8386
Keep Christ in Christmas Co-Chairmen



David A Hertko <>

Prescott Valley, AZ   –  October 10, 2016


WARDEN’S REPORT:  Bro. Cloughessy reported that all present are in possession of a current, valid membership card.

OPENING PRAYER:  Dcn. Moncrief opened with a prayer and all recited The Lord’s Prayer.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  Respectfully recited by all present


Previous Minutes:  Paul Barko was in attendance. Then approved as read.  

GK REPORT:    Appreciated the turnout for the Parish Festival, and the PWID collection.

A check for $50.00 was presented to Sacred Heart School as first installment of $150.00 budgeted.

WELCOME:  to John Pomenko (20 years, retired) and Coy Boggler (from Glendale).

NEWSLETTER:  Thanks to Bro. Foster for the excellent Newsletter.

RECORDER:  Bro. Cher Vang will be moving.  That leaves openings on our Council for a Recorder, and also someone to head up the Road Clean Up, and Family Activities

HAITI:  Talked to Deacon Avery re how to help in Haiti.

Fr. Dan’s Birthday:  Will present a card and check to him, and, with Ladies Guild, have a Birthday Cake at Spaghetti Dinner.

TRUSTEES REPORT:  Gonzalo’s report on Festival  

TREASURER REPORT, Bro. Doug Becker:  For the month of  October.

FINANCIAL SECRETARY REPORT:  Bro. Earl Boggler reports 102 Members; 57 Associate Members; 42 Insured; 3 Inactive at this time.  Heart Student of the Month given $50.00

PWID:  Bro. P Barko reported Grand Total collected of $1889.00against goal of $2500.

$609.60 collected at 4 Masses at St Germaine. Expenses:  $78.00.  Profit = $1816.60 which was presented to Secretary Earl Boggler.

Deputy GK Lexy Larez:  What does the future hold?  Any problems should be brought up to the Grand Knight. The common thread is we are all Knights.


Holy Family Icon:  Fr. Dan is not in favor of having it here at this time.  We will revisit it in the Spring.

Deacon’s Dues:

Bro. Tom Warner proposed a motion regarding payment of dues by Deacon Members of this Council.  Article 1 Section 3 to add a category for our Deacons.  The wording shall be that,  “they never pay more than an Honorary Member”.

For information purposes:

Honorary Life membership is defined as a Member that is over 65 y.o. and has at least 25 years continuous service in the Knights.  Dues paid are equal to the Supreme and State per capita.  Life membership, on the other hand, is over 70 y.o. with at least 25 years continuous service to the Order.  Dues paid will be $11.09 perArticle 9.  Motion voted on and passed.  Our By-Laws will be amended accordingly.


Trunk or Treat:  Oct 26, 6:30pm in parking lot.  Open trunk; children dress as their favorite saint. 

Bro. Tom Warner: Offered motion to give $100.00 to Haiti Relief.  Voted & passed unanimously.

Bro. John Ravetto: Saturday, Spaghetti Dinner.  Get together @ 3:30pm to set up.  Bring desserts.  43 presold tickets,  & SundayBreakfast 

Cat Martinez:  Religious Ed Youth Group will be offering cinnamon rolls to parish to support upcoming trip.

Bro. Doug Becker:  4th Degree Mtg:  Monday 5:30 @Bonfire, 7:00pm meeting. Topics included funeral attendance.

Bro. Tom Warner: read By-laws: Art. 2 Sect 2; Dues, Art 1.

New e-mails for Tom Warner &  Robert Hughes

FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER – PRAYER REQUESTS:  Chip & Colleen Kurtz; Tom Smett; Rick Cromwell; Teresa Hopkins; Family Santillan; John, Debora & Mark; David Barko family new baby; Robert Becker; Colin & Fernandez; Hait & Caroline; Fred Caprey; Fr. Dan’s father; Robert Urzua; & Miriam Soikkelli.

CLOSING PRAYER:  Dcn Moncrief offered prayers and gave a blessing.


Original Recorded by Jim Cloughessy

Reminder to all :   Keep track of your volunteer hours



KofC Council 8386 September Newsletter

Bob and Carla Foster

AttachmentsSep 1 (6 days ago)

Reverend Father, Brother Knights, and Ladies

The second edition is out!  Get a comfortable chair, sit back, relax and read!  Please be sure to share with your wives.

Vivat Jesus!

Bob Foster, Editor

Attachments / LINK area

KofC Council 8386 September Newsletter: click Link below


Don’t MISS the next
Fraternal Training Webinar!
Building Council Momentum
with Parish Recruitment Drives

All Knights of Columbus members are invited and welcome to attend this webinar.  Feel free to share with all of your council or assembly members. The webinar takes place from the convenience of your computer and is recorded.

Saturday September 10, 20162:00 pm Eastern Time.
Tell a brother Knight!
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| Knights of Columbus Supreme Council | 203-752-4270 |
|Fraternal Mission| |



  • Sunday, August 28th ———10:00am Mass
  • Saturday, November 26th. —4:30pm Mass
These are very important to attend as a fraternal group! Why??? Because it is very important for the members of our council and their families to witness to the parish and especially the younger generations, the value of celebrating Mass as a family, a community. REMEMBER: We are a Catholic, fraternal men’s organization that was started by Fr. Michael J. McGivney to be a visible and active support to our church!
So ….. come as a family, wear your council shirt, (or a blue shirt) and sit together with us in the first three pews up front in the church on as many of these dates as you can …. even if it means changing the time you normally attend Mass!
Our council is again conducting our ANNUAL PWID Program beginning in September, 2016.
No dates have yet been confirmed, but I will be following up with requests to help collect donations at: Fry’s Grocery Store / Walmart / Safeway Grocery Store.
Thanks & God Bless You All!!!!



Tomorrow morning  (7:00am

  • We’ll have a quick clean up group on July 30, 2016 to clean the section of road by school fence line
    • Volunteers needed, please come and meet at7am at Iron King Mountain Trailhead on the corner of Santa Fe Loop and Glassford Hill Rd

Thanks for all you do,

 GK Dave



From: “Wayland Moncrief” <>
Subject: golf group
Date: July 18, 2016 at 4:35:43 PM MST
To: “Dave Hertko” <>
Hi Dave, 
Please forward this to all Knights.
For those who are interested we have a parish golf group consisting of members from St. Germaine, Sacred Heart, and a few other Christian friends that plays on Thursday afternoons.   Players need to be reasonably proficient and able to maintain the pace of play.  Contact me if you’re interested.
Dcn. Wayland Moncrief
St. Germaine Catholic Parish
7997 E. Dana Dr.
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314



       Slate of Council Officers 
for the 2016 -2017 Fraternal Year
Grand Knight = David Hertko
Deputy Grand Knight = Lexy Larez
Treasurer = Douglas Becker
Financial Secretary = Earl Boggler —- Appointed by Supreme / NOT Elected
Recorder = Cher Vang
Advocate = Tom Warner
Chancellor = Robert Foster
Warden = Jim Claughessy
Inside Guard = Larry Battin
Outside Guard = David Barko
Trustee (3yr.) = John Ravetto
Trustee (2yr.) = Paul Barko
Trustee (1yr.) = Gonzalo Garcia

Please join us at our next Council Meeting on Monday, June 13th

*** Patriotic Rosary at 6:30pm.
*** Council Meeting at 7:00pm
*** 50 / 50 Raffle Before the Meeting.
*** Good of the Order …. Snacks & Socializing after the Meeting.



The funeral Mass for my dad will be:
Friday May 20, 2016
Rosary 10:30 am
Mass 11:00 am
Luncheon after Mass
Final internment 1:30 pm
If you would, please pass on.
Doug Becker



Please pray  for brother Thom Gugliotta. he fell and broke his femur



This is a public acknowledgment and  “THANK YOU” to all my brother Knights for their help with the
“Youth Choir” Appreciation Breakfast 
hosted by our Council on Sunday, April 24th after the 10:00am Mass.
Robert Hughes
David Barko
Cher Vang
Jerry Koenig
Tom Warner
Twenty-four of the twenty-six youth in the choir were able to attend and sing at the 10:00amMass and participate in the breakfast/recognition!
We had a total of “73” Youth Choir Members, their parents and siblings who attended the breakfast ….. all of whom were very grateful for our Council’s recognition and declaration of appreciation toward them. 
(******* We served 192 pancakes and 13lbs. of sausage along with accompanying juice and coffee…. the youth especially liked our chocolate-chip pancakes …. LOL)
We also printed out Certificates of Recognition for the youth with an acknowledgement of their years of service, ranging from 1 to 4 years in the choir. Fr. Dan presented the awards along with our parish’s “Youth” Music Director, Helen Barko, and many of the parents came up afterward to express their gratitude …… to Fr. Dan, Mrs. Barko and the Knights of Columbus!
Please Note: Over these past “8 “months these youth: 
Attended “31” weekly rehearsals!
Sang at “7” Monthly Family Masses … including Christmas Eve!
Proudly witnessed their Faith to our parish community by their dedication and service to our parish through their music!
Besides the youth we also recognized: Jerry and Carolyn Koenig …….. for their support in providing robes for the choir. 
       Sherry Warner………………….….. for sewing the collars for the robes.
      Mike Liversidge…………………… for his musical accompaniment of the choir at rehearsals and performances.
      Helen Barko………………………… for her “4” years as Director of the Parish Youth Choir.
A job well done …. and one that was meaningful to our parish youth and their parents!
On behalf of our Grand Knight, Officers and Trustees I wish to extend a heart-felt
to …..
Brother Jim Claughessy and Brother Bill Pierce
on taking their 2nd & 3rd Degrees
Saturday, April 30th. in Cottonwood.
“Vivat Jesus”!



AWARDS DINNER Proposed Menu:  

Dinner Buffet:

Caesar Salad 

Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, Purple Onions & Croutons tossed a zesty Caesar dressing

Steak Diane 

Medallions of Beef covered with Black Peppercorns and a rich Mushroom Wine Sauce,   


Lemon Chicken

Baked Chicken Breast cooked until golden brown with a Panko & Parmesan Crust served with a Lemon Caper Crème Sauce

Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes Infused with White Truffle Oil 

 Steamed Seasonal Vegetables 

Assorted Rolls w Orange Butter 


Salted Caramel Cheesecake    or

 Chocolate Pudding Cake 


Razzleberry Iced Tea and Lemonade 



This is to inform you that due to the cold and windy weather, 
The “PRO-LIFE” Rosary and Prayer Service
scheduled for 6:30pm this evening is being 
and will be held inside of St. Germaine Church
for your comfort!



PLEASE NOTE:  We have a busy 2 months, and very few helpers. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH EVENTS YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HELP WITH.

Thank you,

MARCH, 2016

23 – Sanctity of Life Rosary & Prayer Service- Deacon Whalen /SET UP

– Fourth Degree?/

26- SET UP for Easter Egg Hunt

27 – Easter Egg Hunt  after  8, 10 & Noon Masses

28- Delegate Election Form for Annual Meeting due no later than April 1

APRIL, 2016

1- Priest Appreciation Dinner, Phoenix (Plan to attend?)

7 – Officers Meeting, @6:30pm, Rooms F & G

9- Road CLEANUP –  Arrive at 7:00 am 

9-10- State Raffle & Membership Drive / VOLUNTEERS for Table after all Masses

11 – Regular Monthly Meeting

17 – KOC Breakfast Sunday PREPARE/ SERVE / CLEAN UP

– Organ Donor Sunday

19- All Motions to be put before the State Council must be in

23- SET UP and PREPARATION for Choir Breakfast

24- April Corporate Communion & Choir Appreciation Breakfast  CLEAN UP

29- SET UP for Awards Dinner on the 30th   

30- BIG Brothers/Big Sisters Bowling  10:30 – Noon

– 2nd & 3rd Degree in Cottonwood  9:00-10:00am

KOC Awards Dinner [6:00pm?]  /CLEAN  UP  plan to attend?

MAY, 2016

3- DEADLINE for State Convention registration and payment to be received

20-22- State Convention in Tucson –



  • This coming Wednesday, March 23rd (6:30pm) our council will be hosting the ……
“4th. Annual Pro-Life Rosary / Prayer Vigil” 
in the healing Garden at St. Germaine Parish. (Officiated by Dcn. Wayland Moncrief.)
This event is open to all and we will have members of the Bishop Green Assembly in full regalia again attending this year and bringing solemnity to this important and meaningful event.
***** If you are a Sir Knight and have regalia, please come early (6:00pm – Reiser Hall), dress in Reiser Hall, and participate in the Honor Guard at this event!
Please help spread the word and personally inviteparishioners, family, friends and neighbors 
to attend and join us in prayer!
  • Our Council is again hosting the …..
St. Germaine Parish Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday, March 27th

after the 9:00am / 11:00am /1:00pm Masses
(In the area adjacent to Reiser Hall)
Bro. Cher Vang is chairing this activity and can still use some volunteers to help with:
  • placing the eggs on the lawn for the children to find
  • coordinating the children by age group & handing out bags for collecting eggs
  • monitoring the coffee / donuts in Reiser Hall for parents 
***** If you can help, contact Cher at:1-414-208-9826 or show up beforeMass and he will let you know how you can best help with this event. 
  • Our Council is also conducting
Our Quarterly Road Clean-Up
Saturday, April 9th.
(7:30am – Until Completed)
The clean-up crew will meet at the trail head of the Iron King Trail off Glassford Hill Road (7:30am
& will clean our designated stretch of Glassford Hill Rd. between Santa Fe Loop and Rt. #89A
To volunteer and participate in thisfun / family activity just show up ready to work and bring your own:
any pick-up tools / devices you’d like
…. the town of PV provides
safety vests
Our council’s “THANKS” to Bro. Cher Vang for chairing this ongoing activity on behalf of the council!
  • Finally, our council is getting ready to conduct:
Our Annual “Election of Council Officers”
The 3 Trustees of our council are serving as a Nomination Committeeand are actively seeking any member in good standing interested in holding an office in our council. If you are interested in being a Council Officer or would like to nominate a Brother Knight (3rd. Degree Member) for an office for this coming fraternal year (July 01, 2016June 30, 2017) please submit your name / your nominee’s name to one of our Council Trustees by our May, 2016 Council Meeting (May 9th.). 
Gonzalo Garcia ……. (928-777-3425)
Paul Barko …………..(928-910-1275)
John Raveto ………..(928-899-2705)
Elections will be held at ourJune 13th Council Meeting 
(7:00pm Mtg. / Rosary at 6:30pm. preceding the meeting)
***** A slate of nominations for council officers will be Emailed to all members prior to the election, however nominations will be accepted until the actual election is held on June 13th.
Thanks and God Bless,
Council Trustee
Council’s 2016 Pro-Life Chairman
Council’s 2016 Communication Chairman



  As most of you know Saturday is our St Pats Dinner. John is prepping food at 9:15 Am and is scheduling set up at 3:00 Pm. We can use some help

due to the absence  of some of our members. If you can assist e mail or call me at 775-5257.

Fraternally Yours,

Dave H.



Just a friendly reminder that on Wednesday, March 23rd (6:30pm) our council will be hosting the
“4th. Annual Pro-Life Rosary / Prayer Vigil” 
in the healing Garden at St. Germaine Parish. (Officiated by Dcn. Wayland Moncrief.)
This event is open to all and we will have members of the Bishop Green Assembly in full regalia, again attending this year and bringing solemnity to this important and meaningful event.
Please help spread the word and personally invite parishioners, family, friends and neighbors to attend and join us in prayer!
Thanks and God Bless,
Council’s 2016 Pro-Life Chairman
Great News !!!!        
Brother Tom Warner is now“HOME”!!!!!!! 
He is accepting visitors … 
“BUT” … 
please read the attached note from Sherry, his wife“BEFORE” you visit!!!!!
K of C Council ‘s “Town Crier”

Begin forwarded message:
From: “Sherry” <>
Subject: update
Date: March 10, 2016 4:20:41 PM MST
Just a short note to let you know Tom is now home. He’s house bound for now except going to the doctors and church.  Visitors are welcome but please call first because we do have doctor appointments.  Sherry
P.S   thanks for all the prayers and good wishs.
I am pleased to announce that Brother Tom Warner is doing much better and has been transferred from YRMC to The Mountain Valley Rehabilitation Hospital on Lake Shore Dr & Windsong this past Monday.
As you can see from the accompanying picture, he is sporting a new look (reminds you of someone else in our council …. doesn’t it!  … LOL) and he is back smiling!
Please drop by the center and visit when you can, he still needs our prayers and support!!!!
Visiting hours are: 8:00am – 8:00pm. Mondaythru Sunday ….. However, note that he is attending P.T. & O.T. at various times during the morning and early afternoon!
(Best time to visit is  before 9:00am & after 5:00pm)
God Bless & remember to pray for Tom’s recovery!!!!



Ken O’Daniel has some baseball tickets he won’t be using;
If you are interested, please call him @ 928 – 772-2882.
They are:
Thursday, March 3:  White Sox vs. Dodgers  $10.00 each  Starts at 1:05pm in Phoenix
Saturday, March 5:  White Sox vs. Royals     $26.00 each (will negotiate on price)  in Phoenix.



Our 4th Annual St. Germaine Parish Ministry Fair
This coming weekend:February 27th & 28th.
(Held In Resier Hall —- After Each Mass.)
Tell your family, friends and fellow parishioners!
Bring them along with you to learn about all of our parish organizations!
The K of C at St. Germaine Parish is again hosting this event:
(Additional help manning our council’s booth & /or serving Coffee & Donuts is still needed.)
Contact Paul at: 928-910-1275 to volunteer, or just show up after the Mass you attend and ask if help is needed.
God Bless,
2016 Ministry Fair Chairman



K of C Corporate Communion Sunday
This Sunday, February 28th. / 10:00am Mass
(The Youth Choir will be singing at that Mass too!)
** All members and their families are invite to attend!
(members / spouses / children / widows / in-laws / etc.)
** Wear your council shirt 
(… or a blue shirt – men / pink blouse – women)
** Join us in the ‘reserved’ seats in the front 3 pews.
(We’re celebrating our ‘Faith and Fraternal Unity’ as a council family!)
** Come over to Reiser Hall for coffee & donuts and attend the Ministry Fair after Mass. 
( … and visit the booths at the Parish Ministry Fair!)
** Need transportation or assistance getting to Mass?
(Call Paul at: 928-910-1275)



I want you to know that Brother Tom Warner continues to recover in YRMC (In PV)  following his emergency Appendectomy on Tuesday (2-16-16).
He is feeling stronger and nows welcomes visitors,
He is in Rm #2028 on the second floor and there are no restrictions on visitation.
“If” you are feeling ill yourself …. don’t visit him …. just pray for his recovery!!!!
God Bless You All!!!!



Please mark the following three (3) events on your calendar and plan to join us for some enjoyable fraternal time together as we continue serving as an active council within St. Germaine Parish … showing our support and celebrating our Catholic Faith!
4th Annual 
“Valentine’s Day Marriage Vow Renewal”
Pot Luck Dinner
** Saturday, February 13th.
(After the 4:30pm Mass / Pastor, Fr. Dan Vollmer presiding!)
Register after masses this weekend! 
(Look for the Knights standing at the registration tables outside of church.)
*** Hosted by the Knights of Columbus – Bro. Tom Warner, Chairman.
Quarterly “Corporate Communion”
Sunday, February 28th. / 10:00am Mass
(The Youth Choir will be singing at that Mass too!)
** All members and their families are invite to attend!
(members / spouses / children / widows / in-laws / etc.)
** Wear your council shirt 
(… or a blue shirt – men / pink blouse – women)
** Join us in the ‘reserved’ seats in the front 3 pews.
(We’re celebrating our ‘Faith and Fraternal Unity’ as a council family!)
** Come over to Reiser Hall for coffee & donuts after Mass. 
( … and visit the booths at the Parish Ministry Fair!)
** Need transportation or assistance getting to Mass?
(Call Paul at: 928-910-1275)
St. Germaine Parish’s
4th. Annual 
(Hosted by the Knights of Columbus at St. Germaine Parish)
** Saturday, February 27th.
** Sunday, February 28th.
(After each weekend Mass, in Reiser Hall!)
Most of the current parish organizations will have booths set up in Resier Hall explaining their programs and inviting parishioners to consider joining their efforts at making a difference in our St. Germaine and P.V. Communities!
Coffee & donuts will be provided by our council!
God Bless You All … and we look forward to seeing you all at these events!

1/18/16 Council POTLUCK dinner

01/18/2016 Council Potluck


AttachmentsJan 19, 2016

Potluck Council dinner
Food was great ! Company was greater!! Getting together just for the fun of it was greatest!!!
Love you guys!
God bless.
VVivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler
 pictures –thanks to Brother Cong Tong.
From: cong tong <>
Sent: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 17:53:55 -0500 (EST)









– Sabbath Sunday

– Make a Difference Monday

– Transforming Tuesday

– Wisdom Wednesday

– Thirsting Thursday

– Fasting Friday

– Selfless Saturday

January 17, 2016

Pilgrimage as Transformation

“A pilgrimage is a journey to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion.  A pilgrim is more than a tourist and pilgrimage is more than a journey.  A pilgrim travels with a spiritual purpose, a goal to be closer to God.  The practice of pilgrimage has a special place in the Holy Year, because it represents the journey each of us makes in this life.  Life itself is a pilgrimage, and the human being is a “viator,” a pilgrim traveling along the road, making one’s way to the desired destination.”

To read the full explanation of pilgrimage, visit the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. 

Tuesday, January 19, Pope Francis will celebrate the Jubilee of Pilgrimage Workers.  This Jubilee event will serve to remind us all that this Year of Mercy is a true pilgrimage and should be lived as such by all.  Visit Jubilee of Mercy.

Forward this message to a friend!  Visit to sign up for daily inspiration.



The “After Christmas Family Night Potluck” is changed from this coming Friday, 6:30 PM

to next Monday, 01/18/2016 at 6:30 PM.



Donna Krivdo’s memorial service will be at St Germaine and is scheduled for Saturday, 01/09/2015, at 10:30 AM. Reception will follow.
After Brother Knight Jack Krivdo died, Donna, wheel chair bound, continued to attend Council events. And, she usually contributed a little extra to help with costs. She told me that she especially enjoyed our Annual Anniversary/Awards Banquet.
Let’s have a good showing at her memorial service.
God bless.
Vivat Jesus,
Earl Boggler
Attachments area

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FYI–this is the conference that Bro Paul addressed at last nights meeting.
2016 Into The Breach Men’s Conference
Contact Robert Maekawa, St Germaine Religious Formation Coordinator, 772-6518 for tickets and additional information.
It’s fun and educational. And it may be your sole opportunity to go to Confession to our Most Reverend Bishop Olmstead.
God bless,



Upcoming “2015-2016” K of C Council Activities:

December, 2015 Schedule of Events:
3rd —- Officer’s Meeting (6:30pm. in classroom G / H)
13th — K of C Hosted Blood Drive (Reiser Hall between 9:00am – 1:30pm) — Doug Becker can use help with set-up / clean-up
14th — Regular Monthly Council Meeting (Reiser Hall, Mtg. at 7:00pm / Rosary at6:30pm.)
17th. — Annual K of C Potluck Christmas Dinner — (RESCHEDULED FOR SOME TIME IN JANUARY, 2016  — The date TBA)
20th. — Monthly Council Sponsored Breakfast (Reiser Hall after the 8 & 10 am Masses)
25th. — ‘Open’ Parish Christmas Dinner (Reiser Hall starting at noon / John Ravetto = Chef …. & John could use help with set-up / clean-up and any food donations you’d like to make.)
January, 2016 Schedule of Events:
7th. — Officer’s Monthly Business Mtg (6:30pm in ClassroomG / H)
11th. — Monthly Council Mtg (Reiser Hall, Mtg. at 7:00pm / Rosary at 6:30pm)
17th. — Monthly Council Sponsored Breakfast (Reiser Hall after the 8 & 10am Masses)
TBA — Annual K of C Potluck Christmas Dinner (Rescheduled from December)
Old Business: (To be discussed at the 12/14/15 Council Mtg.)
  1. V. A needs donations of Hygiene Kits for residents.
  2. Toys for Tots
  3. Council 2015-2016 Budget Approval (Final vote at the 12/14/15 Council Mtg.)
  4. Parish’s need for Acolytes.
  5. Transfer of a new member, Gary Zimmerman
  6. The outcome of our recent K.C.I.C. Campaign



We are writing to extend our  “Heart-felt Thanks” to all of the men and women who helped with the 
conducted after the Masses this weekend (11/28 & 29th) … withouteach of you, we would not have achieved the success we did!
For the 4th Straight Year, we successfully helped promoted Christ in Christmas through this program …. selling out of all the magnets, nearly all the pins, and nearly all the bracelets! 
The grand total collected was$540.50
(…which will all go into our charity fund, “Thanks” to the underwriting of this program by a generous, anonymous member.)
“Thank You”
God Bless You!
The 2015 “Keep Christ in Christmas” Program Volunteers:
Fr. Dan
Jerry Koenig
Linda Ables
Rose Martinez
Robert Hughes
Tom Warner
Earl Boggler
Jim Claughessy
David Hertko
Gonzalo Garcia
Jerry & Paul
2015 Keep Christ in Christmas Program



Just a final update confirming that our council will be conducting our 4th Annual Keep Christ in Christmas Program after all the Masses this coming weekend: 
November 28th. & 29th.
Thanks to the generous support and effort of Brother Jerry Koenig, and the help of Linda & Rose in the parish office getting the announcements in the parish bulletin, our council will be selling the following Keep Christ in Christmas articles at / near cost:
Car Magnets (2 varieties.) = $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00
Lapel/Coat Pins (3 varieties) = $1.00 each
Silicone Wrist Bracelets (1 style) = $1.00 each
Children’s Cut-out “Advent Wreath” Kits (1 style) = $1.00
Thanks & God Bless,
Jerry & Paul
Co-Chairmen /  2015 K.C.I.C Program



This is my final reminder about our Council’s upcoming
Corporate Communion Sunday
Memorial for Deceased Members.
This coming Sunday
November 15th!
at the 10:00am Mass!
  • Sit up front (In the reserved pews) as a “family” to show our fraternal unity as a Council and declare the spiritual side of Our Order!
  • Wear your Council Shirt (or a blue shirt – men / pink – women) and attest to your membership in our council!
  • Pray together for our deceased members and their family members
  • God Bless you all & I hope to see you on Sunday!
PS: THe Parish Youth Choir will be singing at this Mass!     



Fr. Dan


On the Feast of the Archangels, at 3 PM, the Hour of Mercy, Bishop Olmsted released his Apostolic Exhortation to the Men of the Diocese entitled Into the Breach: An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men, My Spiritual Sons in the Diocese of Phoenix.   

This Exhortation from the heart of our Bishop to the hearts of the men of the Diocese of Phoenix calls them to take up their role in the Spiritual Battle.  It calls them to know their identity as men in Christ called to excellence, prayer and service.  It calls them to love others, precisely as men, in the self-sacrificial way to which they are called.  It calls them to follow the Lord Jesus Christ as men who are missionary disciples, as Pope Francis has been asking.  It calls us to protect and guide those we love, particularly in families.The document, along with a trailer video and resources, can be read in English and Spanish online at the following 

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Dan

For the past 39 years, we’ve been witness to a phenomenon for which there IS NO EQUAL in this entire nation!!  If you have been living in the phoenix area, and if you are catholic,.. then you have watched the Arizona Rosary Celebration grow until in recent years, it has become so big that the phoenix convention center had to limit the procession!!  The celebration has gone into Tucson now and this year, we are thrilled to announce   ……
               the 40th Anniversary Dinner for Arizona Rosary Sunday!
                           Saturday, October 24th .. dinner at 7pm    
You are invited to the gala dinner. Meet and have pictures taken with this year’s honored keynote Speaker… Reverend Dennis Billy,  There will be music, dancing and the food is catered this year by none other than “Sharkos,” (five star-cuisine)  We request the honor of your presence with us & welcome you and your guest to this unforgettable evening you won’t want to miss. Come to the feast in honor of our lady!  She always sees to it that The joy never runs out!~(click attachment for more info & registration form)
Let’s fill the hall to overflowing and do the 40th anniversary celebration as it should be…..
~  totus tuus  ~
Totus Tuus was Pope John Paul II’s apostolic motto. It is a Latin phrase meaning “totally thine” and expressed his personal Consecration to Mary
                                           ~please distribute widely~
Questions?? call Marge at 480-201-6691

Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus with the assistance of the Legion of

Mary, Catholic Daughters of America and Other Catholic Organizations

Arizona Rosary Celebration Holy Hour and Dinner

Saturday October 24, 2015

and the Opportunity to Meet the Speaker

Join us for a Holy Hour, Dinner, Fellowship, Fun

Guest Speaker: Rev. Dennis Billy C.Ss.R.

Mass 5:00 PM

Holy Hour 6:00 PM

Dinner 7:00 PM

Dinner Tickets $22.00 Catered by Sharko’s

Don’t miss out on this FUN UNITY DINNER. Call and order your tickets now; if you call

early enough you can reserve a table for your group. JOIN THE FUN and support Ari-
zona Rosary Celebration.

For tickets call Marge @ 480-201-6691 or go to website “Arizona Ro-
sary Celebration 2015”; go to “Main Page” and click on “Holy Hour and Dinner”, scroll

down and click on “Reservation Form”.

St. Paul’s O’Carroll Hall

330 W Coral Gables Dr.

Hosted by the Diocesan Catholic Renewal Ministries!

Per our Grand Knight, David Hertko, we will NOT be having a Ladies Night Out Potluck Dinner at tonight’s Council Meeting 
(7pm / 6:30pm Rosary).
It will be  rescheduled for a later date!
Thanks & God Bless,

Gentlemen ;

    Let me thank everyone who helped with the set up, tear down, and cooking and serving for the St Germaine’s Festival.
 Also,  thanks go to those who helped set up and tear down for the Life Connections Rose Banquet on Oct. 2 & 3, and to the Color Guard for their participation.
      REMEMBER this coming SATURDAY  is the spaghetti  dinner at 5:30pm .    John will be prepping early,  but we could use help
setting up  REISER HALL between Noon and 1:00 PM on SATURDAY, and
 PLEASE be sure to keep track of your volunteer hours, as we turn these in at year end.
Thank you for all you do !!
Fraternally Yours,
Dave H.
Begin forwarded message:
From: “Jon Martinez” <>
Subject: The October Council meeting on 10/14
Date: October 6, 2015 6:24:31 AM MST
To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>
Reply-To: “Jon Martinez” <>
The October Council meeting on 10/14 will have a training session at 6:00 pm. The Lady’s Auxiliary has invited us to learn how to use the “AED” device that’s in our churches in case someone is having a heart attach. The meeting will start after the training, probably at 7:00 pm.

Thank you, Jon Martinez, 
Grand Knight, Verde Council 2493Celebrating our 92nd year

I am writing to update all of you on our council’s Annual Tootsie Roll (PWID) Collection Campaign 
following our 3rd. collection date this past Saturday (September 26th.) at Fry’s Grocery Store.
… to all the members / ladies who have helped with one or more of the 3 collection dates for this year’s program. Without your effort and dedication we would not have had the success we experienced with this year’s program!
Tom Warner (3)
Helen Barko (3)
Cher Vang (2)
Stephanie Vang (2)
David Barko (2)
Earl Boggler (2)
John Ravetto (2)
Bob Foster (2)
Jim Cloughessy (1)
Ben Taylor (1)
Robert Hughes (1)
Jerry Koenig (1)
The Total raised Y-T-D = $1,773.91
(84.5% of our goal of $2,100)
If we can raise an additional $326.09 through our upcoming efforts at St. Germaine Parish:
** After Masses the weekend of October 3 – 4th
** During our Spaghetti Dinner on October 10th.
** Through member donations 
(Make checks out to “K of C Council #8386” and send to: 
Paul Barko, PWID Chairman
4601 N. Kirkwood Ave.
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
With your help, I am confident that we can reach our goal and be able to provide the 
“3” recipients of our PWID Fund-Raising Efforts 
with additional monies for their programs this upcoming year:
*** St. Germaine’s Youth R.E. Program
*** Sacred Heart School’s “Special Needs” Program
*** St. Joseph’s Youth Camp
God Bless & Always Remember …. no matter how bleak life can appear at times in your life ….
Council  #8386
PWID Chairman
Please, mark the following
Dates / Events
on your 
2015 – 2016 Calendars!
Tootsie Roll Collections:
  • Saturday, September 26th. (8:30am – 5:00pm) at Fry’s Grocery Store (Glassford Hill Rd. Store)Volunteers still needed.
  • Saturday & Sunday, October 3rd & 4th. at St. Germaine Church (After all weekend Masses)– Volunteers still needed.
Council’s Corporate Communions:
  • Sunday, November 15, 2015 (10:00am Mass) —- Wear Council Shirts / 1st. 3 pews reserved for members & their families.
  • Sunday, February 28, 2016 (10:00am Mass) —- Wear Council Shirts / 1st. 3 pews reserved for members & their families.
  • Sunday, April 24, 2016 (10:00am Mass) —- Wear Council Shirts / 1st. 3 pews reserved for members & their families.
Annual “Life Connections” Fund Raiser Banquet:
  • Saturday, October 3, 2015 (6:00pm – 8:00pm) — Sacred Heart School Gymnasium —- Donationsaccepted via the council or directly to St. Germaine parish (Attention: Life Connections) / 4th Degree Call Out for the Honor Guard for Bishop Olmsted (the Keynote Speaker.)
“Keep Christ in Christmas” Promotion:
  • Saturday & Sunday, November 28 & 29th. at St. Germaine Church (After all weekend Masses)— Volunteers still needed.
Parish Ministry Fair:
  • Saturday & Sunday, February 27 & 28, 2016 (After all weekend Masses) —- Volunteers still needed.
To volunteer to help with any of the activities listed above: 
Call Paul at: 419-388-4734 (Cell) / 928-237-5663 (Home)
*** When asking a fellow parishioner or family member to consider joining the Knights of Columbus, remember all the above as “worthwhile” activities conducted by our council in support of our parish and community…. and there are even more that we conduct over the course of our fraternal year … just ask any officer … or ….. 
Come to our council meetings, held on the 2nd. Monday of each month at 
7:00pm / the Rosary is prayed before the meeting at 6:30pm.
Thanks & God Bless,

MONDAY, Sept 14, 2015

6:30 Patriotic Rosary
7:00  Meeting


19 SEPT  – 2nd & 3rd Degree at Flagstaff.  Anyone wanting to go, please contact me.

19 SEPT  – After 4:30 Mass, set up tables and tent frames for Church Festival

20 SEPT   0700  Set up tent covers and pop up tents
20 SEPT  11:00 am  Start cooking burgers and hot dogs  FESTIVAL HOURS are 1:00 – 5:00 pm on Sunday
NEED Volunteers needed for Set Up and Take Down – Please sign up if you can help

26 Sept – PWID at Fry’s  Time:  9:00 am to 5:00 pm – NEED 8 volunteers for 2 hr shifts each

OCT 3 Saturday:  Life Connections Rose Banquet.  We have a table – please contact me ASAP if you want to attend,
It will be held on Sat night at 6:00 pm at the Sacred Heart Gym.

On Friday OCT 2, after 4:00pm, we will need helpers to set up tables for the Banquet  Please sign up if you can help.

David A Hertkp
Helen and I have just returned from Ohio and visiting with Helen’s mother, who is ill and in Hospice. Please remember Helen and her mother in your prayers!
Upon return I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had received “official” confirmation from the Corporate Office of Fry’s Grocery Store permitting us to conduct our “Tootsie Roll Collection” for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
I am, therefore, writing to request volunteers to help me in that collection. Please consider giving a couple hours of your day to help with this important cause.
I need “2” volunteers per shift or a total of “8” volunteers to sign up by September 24th
(4 shifts X 2 volunteers = “8” volunteers)
I will again have everything set up prior to the start of the 1st. shift.
All money will be collected between shifts.
Instructions will be given to each volunteer upon arrival.
Collection vests will be provided.
Bottled water will be available.
I will again close down the site, count the money, and submit it to our F.S.
Date: Saturday, September 26, 2015
Location: Fry’s Grocery Store (Glassford Hill Rd.)
Times: 2 hr. shifts (8:30 am – 5:00pm)
8:30am – 11am  
(This is the only 2 1/2 hr time block)
11:00am – 1:00pm
1:00 pm – 3:00pm
3:00pm – 5:00 pm
Volunteer: Contact Paul Barko …. “ASAP”
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Does anyone have this DVD:

It may be a good thing for our council to see.


Dcn. Wayland Moncrief

St. Germaine Catholic Parish

7997 E. Dana Dr.

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

I am writing on behalf of Chris Palmer, to express her gratitude toward all of you who attended the 10am. Mass held on Sunday for the intention of her husband, Dcn. Bob Palmer.
She was sincerely moved by the attendance and the show of respect it represented. There were 18 brother knights and 13 family members in attendance, and we filled the entire three front pews, reserved for us by the Parish Office. (Thanks Linda and Rose!!!!)
What a great show of spiritual  support led by our Grand Knight, David Hertko and his lovely wife, Barbara!
God Bless you all!!!!
Re Council member Blue shirts and Light weight jacket purchase
Council’s POC for purchasing subject is Bro “Tom Warner (4) (10/97)” <>
Shirts are $25.00, cash up front.
Jackets are $35.00, cash up front.
I’ve personally researched the area in which we live, trying to match or better Bro Warner’s source, and can’t even come close.
Locally, a comparative product has cost 50% or greater–emphasis on greater!
So, take advantage of Bro Warner’s source as soon as you’re able!
In your service,

In compliance with our Council’s By-Laws and our Supreme Directives, we the Trustees of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386, serving in the capacity of the “NOMINATING COMMITTEE” for our Grand Knight, John Ravetto, do hereby submit the following slate of nominees for our membership’s consideration as Council Officers / Trustees in 2015 – 2016 ….. for a third and final time.


“3rd. & Final Notice” of

Slate of Council Officers

For the Fraternal Year 2015 – 2016


Grand Knight – David Hertko

Deputy Grand Knight – Ben Taylor, Sr.

Chancellor – Lexy Larez

Advocate – Tom Warner

Treasurer – Douglas Becker

Financial Secretary – (Appointed / not elected) – Earl Boggler

Recorder – James Cloughessy

Warden – Mike Kincaid

Inside Guard – Larry Battin

Outside Guard – Thomas Allen


Trustee (3yr.) – John Ravetto

Trustee (2yr.) – Paul Barko

Trustee (1yr.) – Gonzalo Garcia

Please note that this is only a “recommended slate of Council Officers / Trustees” and that any member in good standing with the council can still nominate a member (or himself) for an office up till the time of the election at our June 8th. Council Meeting. (7:00pm in Reiser Hall) 

Or you can submit your nomination directly to any of the 3 Council Trustees:

Paul Barko at:

Keith Bricker at:

Gonzalo Garcia at:

**** “If” you intend to nominate a member for an office, please confirm with that member that they are willing to serve in that office!

Respectfully Submitted,

Keith Bricker / Trustee (1yr.)

Gonzalo Garcia / Trustee (2yr.)

Paul Barko / Trustee (3yr.)


In compliance with our Council’s By-Laws and our Supreme Directives, we the Trustees of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386, serving in the capacity of the “NOMINATING COMMITTEE” for our Grand Knight, John Ravetto, do hereby submit the following slate of nominees for our membership’s consideration as Council Officers / Trustees in 2015 – 2016 ….. for a second time.

“2nd. Notice” of

Slate of Council Officers

For the Fraternal Year 2015 – 2016


Grand Knight – David Hertko 

Deputy Grand Knight – Ben Taylor, Sr. 

Chancellor – Lexy Larez

Advocate – Tom Warner

Treasurer – Douglas Becker

Financial Secretary – (Appointed / not elected) – Earl Boggler 

Recorder – James Cloughessy

Warden – Mike Kincaid

Inside Guard – Larry Battin

Outside Guard – Thomas Allen


Trustee (3yr.) – John Ravetto

Trustee (2yr.) – Paul Barko

Trustee (1yr.) – Gonzalo Garcia

Please note that this is only a “recommended slate of Council Officers / Trustees” and that any member in good standing with the council can still nominate a member (or himself) for an office up till the time of the election at our June 8th. Council Meeting. (7:00pmin Reiser Hall) 

Or you can submit your nomination directly to any of the 3 Council Trustees:

Paul Barko at:

Keith Bricker at:

Gonzalo Garcia at:

**** “If” you intend to nominate a member for an office, please confirm with that member their willingness to serve in that office!

Respectfully Submitted,

Keith Bricker / Trustee (1yr.)

Gonzalo Garcia / Trustee (2yr.)

Paul Barko / Trustee (3yr.)

Funeral Arrangements for Brother Maurice “Jim” Randall (2745724) died 02/20/2015.

Jim was an active member, including DGK for a couple of years and he was a 4th Degree.

FYI, from Linda at St Germaines:

Funeral Arrangements for Jim (Maurice) are pending for Friday, May 15th at 10:30am.  There will be a luncheon after the Mass.

Blessings, Linda Knize Ables

                         Funeral Arrangements for Dcn. Bob
MondayApril 20th. 6:00 – 8:30pm.
Viewing of the body at St. Germaine Catholic Church
Rosary at 6:30pm
TuesdayApril 21st. 10:30am.  Funeral Mass

The Visitation and Rosary for Deacon Bob Palmer will take place on Monday, April 20th from 6 to 8:30 pm. The funeral Mass will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 21st at 10:30 am.

Blessings, Linda Knize Ables

It is with much sadness in my heart that I inform you that our Brother Knight and good friend,Dcn. Bob Palmer died at about 1:15pm this afternoon.
He was surrounded by his loving wife, Chris, and good friends when God called him home to be with Him in heaven and he appeared to be in no pain or distress at the time.
Fr. Dan arrived soon after being notified and anointed Bob for his transition from this life to his eternal reward. Fr. Dan is planning a showing for Dcn. Bob up at St. Germaine Church prior to him being cremated. There will be a memorial Mass scheduled in the future once family arrangements can be made.
I am asking Bro. Doug and Bro. Leo to arrange a call out for Dcn. Bob’s Viewing and Rosary at the church. As soon as I learn of the date/time I will pass that information on as well!

Dcn. Robert Palmer
May 20, 1948 – April 16, 2015
Good Bye Our Loved and Valued Friend!
God Bless,
Our Brother Knight, Dcn. Bob Palmer is currently in ICU at YRMC (West) and in Critical Condition!
Bob has undergone two attempts at dialysis in the past 48hrs. to help his failing kidneys which have proven ineffective. He is struggling to keep going and the fear is that he will begin experiencing a cascade of system failures throughout his body which would ultimately lead to his death. I am requesting your prayers for Bob and his wife Chris as they face this traumatic life event and the uncertainty of its outcome!
Thanks & God Bless,

Recommended Slate of Council Officers: 2015 – 2016

                                    (1st. Notification)

Grand Knight – David Hertko

Deputy Grand Knight – Ben Taylor, Sr.

Chancellor – Lexy Larez

Advocate – Tom Warner

Treasurer – Douglas Becker

Financial Secretary – (Appointed / not elected) – Earl Boggler

Recorder – James Cloughessy

Warden – Mike Kincaid

Inside Guard – Larry Battin

Outside Guard – Thomas Allen


Trustee (3yr.) – John Ravetto

Trustee (2yr.) – Paul Barko

Trustee (1yr.) – Gonzalo Garcia

Please note that this is only a “recommended slate of Council Officers / Trustees” and that any member in good standing with the council can still nominate a member (or himself) for an office up till the time of the election at our June 8th. Council Meeting. (7:00pm in Reiser Hall)or they can submit their nomination directly to any of the 3 Council Trustees:

Paul Barko at:

Keith Bricker at:

Gonzalo Garcia at:



Here is the menu for the dinner on April 25 after the 4:30 mass

. Please RSVP to Ben Taylor at by April 18

Attachments area

Preview attachment St . Germain Church – Knights of Columbus April 25th, 2015 – Option 1.doc

April 2 marked the 10 year anniversary of the death of St. John Paul II. Prior to his death, the Knights of Columbus was blessed to have collaborated with St. John Paul II on many important initiatives and projects ranging from evangelization and communications to the defense of the family and religious freedom. One of the most important goals of St. John Paul II was to foster unity across the American continent. That hopeful vision has become our own as Brother Knights.  The Supreme Council is therefore pleased to announce the release of a new documentary film celebrating St. John Paul II and his impact on the American continent.John Paul II in America: Uniting a Continent explores how the papacy of St. John Paul II left an indelible mark on the American continent. Driven by his singular conviction of a “United American Continent” under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe, John Paul II’s papal travels from Argentina to Alaska that generated massive crowds, shaped an entire generation and ultimately changed the course of history.Narrated by actor Andy Garcia, the film features rare archival footage and insightful analysis from leading figures including Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley of Boston, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, John Paul II biographer George Weigel and former Vatican spokesman Joaquín Navarro-Valls. Viewers will be both intrigued and moved by the documentary’s unprecedented framework for understanding one of the giant figures of our times.This film airs this month on national television networks as well as EWTN, CatholicTV and Salt + Light TV in Canada. For more information about the film, including broadcast times and how you can purchase a DVD, please visitt of Columbus
It is with a sad heart that I share with all of you the news of Fr. Daryl’s death on Good Friday Morning. He had been in Hospice and was with friends as he passed away at 2:00am.
Please remember our Brother Knight (3rd Degree Member) and the Former Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Prescott in your prayers.
  • Visitation is scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th (5:00pm – 8:00pm) at Sacred Heart Church – Rosary at 7:00pm
  • Funeral Mass is scheduled for Thursday, April 9th. (10:00am) at Sacred Heart Church.
In respect for Fr. Daryl, and his support of his Brother Knights and Our Order, please wear your K of C Shirt when attending any of these events. 
Also, if you are a 4th. Degree Member, there has been a “Call-Out” for Fr. Daryl’s rosary (be there in regalia at 6:15pm.) and funeral mass (be there in regalia at9:15am.). 
Your in Christ,

This Easter Sunday, April 5th at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central on NBC, you are invited to join millions of viewers for the series premiere of A.D. The Bible Continues, from producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett.The series will continue as a 12-week journey through the Acts of the Apostles.A.D. has been endorsed by several bishops including Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM, Cap., of Philadelphia, and Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles.Tuning in to this series can be a positive way to show support for wholesome television programming, while also growing in your faith.

Have a Blessed & Happy Easter!


Knights of Columbus

There are only “3” Days till our council’s
St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
Plan to intend our
9th. Annual St. Patrick’s Day 
“Jigs” Dinner
Saturday, March 14th. / Reiser Hall
Don’t Miss It!!!!
St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
Saturday, March 14th
(In Reiser Hall after the 4:30pm Mass)
Come one, come all!!!
Be a part of the celebration of our Catholic Community as a parish 
and invite your friends and neighbors as well!!!!
Advance Ticket Sales ($8.00/person) = This coming weekend (March 7th. & 8th.after all the masses)
At the door sales ($9.00/person) = March 14th. prior to the dinner.
Food / Fun / Fellowship!
See you there,
“Lucky Sean” the Leprechaun
The March 2015 issue of KnightLine is now available online.In this issue, you’ll find information on earning the Star Council Award in the last quarter of the fraternal year, a new incentive for the fraternal year end, the new Knight of Columbus “why join” app, news on various initiatives of the Order (including Cardinal George receiving the Gaudium et Spes Award, KofC-sponsored Special Olympics flag football game, the March for Life, and the “One Life” event in Los Angeles), as well as reminders and other information on council activities. The online version also includes active links (underlined in red) that will allow you to quickly access much more information related to the subject matter of the articles.This email is going to all members who have an email addressed associated with their membership information. Please pass the word among your fellow members to make sure they provide an email address to Membership Records, and encourage them to begin taking advantage of the online version.Click here to read the March 2015 issue of KnightLine.

Knights of Columbus <>

6:41 AM (9 hours ago)

Dear Fraternal Leaders:This is a reminder to register for the webinar focusing on council membership growth on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. EST.If you’ve already registered, thank you.We encourage you to register even if you cannot participate in the live webinar.  By registering, you will receive a link to the recorded version of the webinar that you may listen to at your convenience.This session will be geared toward all fraternal leaders and especially district deputies, grand knights, council membership and program directors and the council membership team. This webinar will discuss the importance of your council being visible during three Orderwide initiatives:  the Orderwide Church Drive, Orderwide Charitable Service Outreach Week and Orderwide First Degree Week.  This town hall-type meeting will focus on:•    Conducting Effective Church Drives and Recruitment Strategies
•    Welcoming and Advancing New Members Through the First DegreeThis training session will take place on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.  Please click on the link below to register for this event: encourage you to register for this webinar even if you cannot view the entire presentation.If you have questions regarding this event, please call Gary Nolan, Vice President for Fraternal Training and Ceremonials at 203-752-4347.Fraternally Yours,Gary R. Nolan
Vice President for Fraternal Training and Ceremonials


Candidates, our First Degree Team has scheduled our next Exemplification as follows:
Where: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Prescott, rear of Church, downstairs.
When:  March 12th, Thursday, at 6:00 PM. Candidates must arrive NLT 5:45 PM.
Dress: Casual Neat
Note: Make out your checks to “K of C, Council 8386”. Thanks.
Gabriel, your prorated Dues are $30.00 and your Initiation Fee is $25.00 for a total of $55.00.
Robert Hallows, same as Gabriel.
Robert Urzua, your prorated Dues are $30.00.Your Initiation Fee has been paid.
Let me know if you will or will not attend and why.
Thank you for your cooperation.
God bless.
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler
Welcome to the new year. May god bless you and your families into this new year. Just a reminder the next planning meeting will be this Thursday 1/8 and the next regular meeting will be Monday 1/12. see you there.

Vivat Jesus,

Grand Knight John Ravetto

On Jan 8, 2015, at 12:50 PM, Palmer Investigative Services wrote:
At 9:30 this morning the respirator on Dan Kreyling was removed.  Per his request it will not go back on.  They have been weaning him off it for several days, turning it off first for a few hours, then longer, working up to around half a day.  When I left him this morning he was breathing fully on his own.  His heart rate was good and he was pushing enough oxygen.  He was more alert today than I have seen him since this began.  In talking to him he opened his eyes and nodded in response to things I said.  He knows all the prayers being said for him.  His doctor did warn that he could breathe on his own for hours or even days then slip back, in which case they will just make him as comfortable as possible and allow things to happen.  I personally feel our prayers are being answered and I remain optimistic that he will recover.  I see him every day, am praying constantly and know that you are praying with me.  Dan knows this too.
Thank you,
Deacon Bob
Bro Jim Randall is at YRMC West at Prescott, Room 204.
Bro Jim is a 32-year member of K of C and as long as his health permitted, he actively supported Council 8386.
Please visit Bro Jim if you have the opportunity.
Keep him in your prayers!
God bless!
Vivat Jesus,
FS, Earl Boggler
Brothers John and Earl,
We noticed that there aren’t any party reservations from our Brother Knights from Prescott Valley.  Our Worthy District Deputy/State Treasurer Sean Halpain will be in attendance and asked if the Grand Knight or any Knights will be in attendance from Prescott Valley.  Had to tell him, not as yet.
In case anyone decides to attend, the reservation form follows.
Thank you and God Bless
~ Joe Maresh
Grand Knight


(seating is limited to 100 so send in your money asap-first come first served)
When: Friday, December 19th, 2014
Cocktails (cash bar) starting at 5:00 p.m.
Dinner starting at 6:15 p.m..
Silent auction-proceeds benefitting Israel’s Heart Transplant associating costs
Where: Centennial Center
Antelope Hills Golf Course
Prescott, AZ
Dress: casual/festive
New York Strip Loin– A 10 oz. USDA Hand Cut Steak in a garlic mushroom sauce $28.00.
Charbroiled salmon teriyaki-$26.00.
Chicken prosciutto w/gouda cheese and caper sauce-$25.00.
All dinner entrees are served with a Garden Green Salad; Chef’s
Choice of Starch, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Rolls & Butter and
Dessert Bar(2 choices) with coffee & tea.
Cost: includes tax, gratuity, and linen fee.
Sign Up: Submit the reservations form below, along with payment by check to Michael Peters, 640 West Lee Blvd., Prescott, Arizona 86303.
Final payment is due by 3p.m. on Thursday, December 8th , 2014.
Contact: Michael Peters at 928 717 0111,
Dinner Selection Form– Christmas Dinner, Centennial Center, December 20thth, 2013
Fill out the spaces below and submit the form with a check for the total amount.
(Circle one)
Member:  New York Strip Steak,   Salmon,  Teriyaki chicken
Guest:   New York Strip Steak,   Salmon,  Tteriyaki chicken
Total # Guests=___ Total amount of entree money:___________(which includes tip, tax, linen service).
Drop this form and check made out to Michael Peters and mail on or before December 8th, 2014 to 640 West Lee blvd, Prescott, AZ 86303. There will be only 8 per table seating.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

My Dear Brother Knights, Ladies and Friends,

At this time each year I am motivated to reflect on the past year; to assess my behavior, to evaluate my success in reaching my  goals and to “Count My Blessings”, which tend to be many every year!
A large part of my blessing are all of you, people who have become friends and have made a difference in my life; by your example, your actions, your words of support and encouragement, and your prayers.
I have received much from my relationship with each of you and want to take the time to acknowledge your meaning in my life with my prayers of gratitude each day between now and the end of this year, for you and your families!!!

God Bless You All!!!!!! 
A plea to my friends and family ~ I am participating in the Out of the Darkness Walk on December 6th in honor of my sister, Melissa Boggler-Warren, who we lost to suicide on December 11, 2010. Please consider supporting me by making a donation. There is no gift too small. All the proceeds benefit Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention and Awareness. I would be forever grateful and it would mean so much to honor my sweet sister in this way. Thank you so much and God bless you!
~ Callie ~
To donate, please visit my donation page:
Attachments area


Just a quick “THANK YOU” to all my Brother Knights and Ladies for their participation in varying capacities this past Wednesday andThursday in the showing and funeral for Dcn. & Brother Knight Robert Soikkeli. I know that his widow, Miriam, and their family appreciated the respect shown to him by the members of his council.
Fr. McGivney would be proud of all of you, especially Bro. & SK. Douglas Becker, our Asst. Commander of our 4th Degree Assembly who, besides coordinating the “Call-outs”, spent a considerable amount of time helping Miriam and her family move her trailer from storage to their home so that some family coming in for the funeral had a place to stay. (Kudos Bro. Doug!!!)

SK. Douglas Becker
SK. Earl Boggler
SK. Steve Byers
SK. John Negron
SK. Ken O’Daniel
SK. Thomas Warner
Council Members & Ladies:
Bro. SK. David Hertko
Bro. Robert Hughes
Bro. Lexy Larez
Bro. William Monroe
Bro. William Pierce
Bro. & Dcn. Dale Avery
Bro. & Dcn. John Mickel
Bro. & Dcn. Wayland Moncrief
Bro. SK & Dcn. Robert Palmer
Bro. & Fr. Daniel Vollmer
His Eminence, Bishop and Bro. SK. Thomas Olmsted
Lady Helen Barko
Lady Barbara Hertko
Lady Margaret Mickel
Lady Chris Palmer
Lady Nadine Pierce
Lady Sherry Warner
God Bless You All!!!!
.The Funeral Arrangements for Deacon Bob Soikkeliare as follows:Rosary  Wednesday, October 22nd                            6:30pm                 at St Germaine’sFuneral Mass Thursday, October 23rd                      10:30am               at St Germaine’sFuneral Luncheon to Follow MassBurial Thursday, October 23rd                                     1:30pm                 at Heritage Memorial in DeweyBlessings, Linda Knize Ables
I just received an Email from Dcn. John Mickel informing me that
Dcn. Bob Soikkeli died last night. (10/10/14)
Dcn. John was not aware of the exact date of the funeral, but stated that it would be around October 23rd.
Please keep Dcn. Bob, his wife Miriam, and his family in your prayers and be ready for an announcement once the date of the funeral is set so that as many of his Brother Knights can attend as possible!!!!
Gos Bless,

7/ 2014

I have been in recent communication with our Worthy State Advocate & State Treasurer Elect, Sean Halpain, who informed me that the State Council is still looking for a Brother Knight to serve as District Deputy for District #19, here in the Quad City Area (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and Cottonwood).
It is a wonderful opportunity to serve the Order on a level outside of the council. I have had the honor of being a District Deputy back in Ohio (4yrs.) and found it to be one of the most enjoyable positions I have held in the Order. I was able to meet members outside of my council and learn more about the operations of the Order at the State and Supreme levels.
If any one of you may be interested in learning more about the position of District Deputy, please contact our State Treasurer Elect, Sean Halpain at:

Sean E. Halpain
State Advocate
State Treasurer elect
Arizona Knights of Columbus
2875 W Ray Road
Suite 6-280
Chandler, AZ 85224
602-617-0730  ©

God Bless,
Paul Barko, PGK


I want to “THANK & RECOGNIZE” all of the volunteers who helped with the “Tootsie Roll Collection” yesterday, (9/20/14) at FRY’s Grocery Store.
Dcn. Dale Avery
Helen Barko
James Cloughessy
David Hertko
Angela Killian
Scott Killian
Jerry Koenig
Cher Vang
Stephanie Vang
Thomas Warner
II especially want to “THANK” Brother Jerry Koenig, who at a young “87 years” of age, stayed an extra hour to help collect when a volunteer wasn’t able to make his shift late in the day.GOD BLESS YOU JERRY!!!!!!
Thanks to the generous support of all our volunteers and the Prescott Valley Community, we raised a total of: $587.50 yesterday. This gives us arunning total of $1,020.50 Y-T-D.
We have our final collection of 2014 scheduled on Saturday, October 4, 2014 (9am-5pm) at Walmart Super Center in PV
Due to schedule changes I have lost several volunteers (4) for that date and I have 
*** “NO VOLUNTEERS” *** 
for the hours of:
11:00am – 1:00pm 
3:00pm – 5:00pm
If anyone can come forward to help out and volunteer to collect on this date …. 
October 4th
(&/or if anyone currently scheduled for 9am -11am (N = 4) or 1pm-3pm (N=4) can switch to an open time.)
“Please” Contact me ASAP at:
I trust you will!
Thanks & God Bless,
2014 Tootsie Roll Collection Chairman
Our newest deacon … Deacon Dale Avery was at Mass on Sunday, August 30th. Besides giving an A++ homily, he appears to be a friendly and outgoing person with much to offer our parish and council. Yes, our council since he is a 3rd. Degree Brother Knight!
I took the liberty of welcoming him to the parish and inviting him to our next council meeting, (September 8th. / 6:30pm) which he expressed his intent to attend. I also presented him with a Form #100 so that he can transfer his membership to our council.
Please take the time to introduce yourself to him and his lovely wife, Sheila, and welcome them into our parish and our council!
Finally, the next 1st. Degree in our area is scheduled for Thursday, September 11th. (6:00pm / Candidates at 5:30pm.) in the basement of Sacred Heart Parish in Prescott. Our council has two candidates who are planning to attend and become members of our council. “If” you know of any men interested in joining our council have them fill out a Form #100 and bring it to our council meeting on the 8th to be read and approved so that they too can take their degree on the 11th.
Questions / comments / observations / concerns /  etc?????  Call me at: 928-237-5663.
Your Brother in Christ,
Past Grand Knight & 2014 PWID Chairman 




Hello Citizen’s Academy Graduates!

Remember all those meals we fed you?  It’s time for some payback in the form of volunteerism!  J

For the third year in a row, we will be installing a patriotic field of 3,000 flags for the Prescott Valley Healing Field of Northern Arizona.  This is an ALL HANDS ON DECK project and we need as many volunteers as we can get to help setup and take down the field.  Here are some important dates over the next two weeks:

  • Field Installation  – Friday, Sept 5 @ 8am
  • Opening Ceremony – Saturday, Sept 6 @ 9am
  • 9/11 Remembrance – Thursday, Sept 11 @ 6pm
  • Field Take Down – Saturday, Sept 13 @ 8am

It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 95, please come and participate, everyone can play a part!  If you’re able to help, you may want to bring sun screen, an umbrella, shorts, sweaters, bug spray, rain slickers, or moisturizer…because you never know what the weather will be like! J  But the post office won’t have anything on us…rain, snow, sleet, hail, or gale force winds, this field WILL GO UP!  This year we will be adding firefighter boots at the base of each pole for a firefighter that died on 9/11.

If you’ve paid attention to the news in recent weeks, you know that terrorists haven’t given up trying to intimidate us…neither can we forget what happened that day.  My oldest daughter took her first steps on 9/11 and she will be turning 14 this year.  The rising generation has no memories of that horrible day and this field allows us to share with them in a very personal way the individual lives taken from us.

Please feel free to forward this around and bring a friend with you on the above mentioned dates.



P.S.  We’ll be starting our 17th Citizen’s Academy class next week…it’s a big class with a healthy waiting list!

Ryan JudyDeputy Town ManagerTown of Prescott Valley(928) 759-3104 (work)(928) 759-3125 (fax)


Dear Brother Knights,

Sorry to have waited so long to get this information out to you all.

Our Council is having a potluck picnic on the 6th of September 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Fain park. We have rented the large Ramada for this event.

All members of our council are invited to attend with their families.

This is intended as a family gathering for all of us to get to know each other better as a family.

I would ask that any members that know other members who may not get email to contact and invite them to our get together. Also if anyone needs a ride please contact me and we can make arrangements for rides. I will also have a BBQ grill there if anyone wishes to cook something there.

your brother GK John Ravetto



Subject: Parade update
, Time 8:30 A.M.
Place: Heritage Middle School
Chine Valley
1076 north Road 1 westWe will be first off at 9:15 SHARPTheir will be a ride for those who can not do the .7 tenths of a mile
For those who plan on attending.
Fourth Degree: Tux would be nice
All others: A shirt with your Council Name
Color Corp In regalia ( need at least 4)



Brothers of Council 8386, we have been invited to show our support for Chino Valley at the Parade on the 30th.  There will be a trailer to ride on for those who cannot walk the mile parade route.

Please come out and support Chino Valley and show the community there is a Knights presence here.


Subject: RE: Chino Valley Annual Territorial Parade
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:56:53 -0600

Every thing is right, except the school name. It is DEL RIO Middle School

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 10:51:42 -0700
Subject: Chino Valley Annual Territorial Parade

Worthy Brother Knights,
The Annual Chino Valley Territorial Parade will be held on Saturday, August 30th.  It begins at 9:00 AM.  All Color Corp/Guard members are asked to be present in their Regalia.  All other Assembly and Council members are asked to be in either their Tux or Council Shirts.  I’ll decide what to wear depending on the weather.
We will gather at the Heritage Middle School on 1076   North Rd 1 West Street at 8:15 AM

Leo, Mike, do I have the correct address?



We have scheduled our last 1st degree for the year on 6/12/14 at 6pm.  Please have all candidates at Sacred Heart Church Prescott lower level by 5:45pm.  I would appreciate if you let me know how many candidates we will have at the present time I am aware of 2 from 1032 and 1 from 11827.  The next degree will be held in September.


June 9, 2014.(Nominations will be accepted for any / all offices up to the time that the election is held on June 9th.)
2014 – 2015 Slate of Candidates for Offices in Council #8386
Grand Knight = John Ravetto
Deputy Grand Knight = David Hertko
Advocate = John Negron
Chancellor = Don Rowley & Ben Taylor
Financial Secretary = Earl Boggler (Appointed by Supreme / Not an elected position)
Treasurer = Douglas Becker
Recorder = Cher Vang
Warden = Mike Kincaid
Inside Guard = Larry Battin & Tom Allen
Outside Guard = Larry Battin & Tom Allen
Gonzalo Garcia
Keith Bricker
Paul Barko
God Bless,
Paul Barko, GK


MAY, 07, 2014  E-Newsletter


Webmaster, Donald Rowley at: 


2013-2014 Council Officers:

GK, Paul Barko / DGK, Wayne Theobald / Advocate, Tom Warner

Chancellor, David Hertko / FS, Earl Boggler / Treasurer, Doug Becker

Recorder, Ben Taylor / Warden, Cher Vang / Inside Guard, Don Rowley / Outside Guard, Robert Hughes 

2013-2014 Council Trustees:

Gonzalo Garcia / John Ravetto / Keith Bricker


My Brother Knights, Lovely Ladies and Friends of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386,

I am pleased to say that as the 2013 -2014 Fraternal Year draws to a close, we have much to be “Thankful” for and much to be “Proud” of. The Officers and Trustees of your council have worked hard and dedicatedly to accomplish the council activities we set out to accomplish at the start of the year (35 original activities) and have added an additional “14” activities not originally planned. Those new activities included the following projects:

The Hot Shots Benefit Dinner (July, 2013)  1st Youth “Free Throw Competition” in the last 5-6 years (Jan, 2014)

Helping Start “That Man is You” Men’s Group (Sept, 2013 – May, 2014)  1st. ever Computer Classes for parishioners (Jan, 2014)

Held our Council’s 1st ever Soccer Challenge for the Youth in our parish. (Oct, 2013)  Parish Valentine Marriage Vow Renewal & Potluck Dinner (Feb, 2014) 

Served as Hosts & Greeters at our Parish Open-House (Oct, 2013) 1st. Major Membership Drive & 1st. Degree in our parish in last 5 yrs. (March, 2014)

Conducted a “Holy Family” Statue Raffle (Charity Acct.) (Oct, 2013) 2 teams in the “Bowling for Kids” Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Program (March, 2014)

Financial Support of the parish’s Youth R.E. for children with special needs.1st. ever “Bakeless Bake Sale” in support of seminarians (R.S.V.P.) (Feb -May, 2014) 

Christmas Potluck Dinner with Santa Claus (Dec, 2013) “Adopt- A- Road” Clean-up Program in PV – (Glassford Hill Rd.) – (May, 2014)

Be proud to be a Knight of Columbus! 

Be proud to be a member of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council!

Be proud that we are an “ACTIVE” council supporting our pastor, our parish, our youth, our families, Pro-Life, and our community!

invite any/all men in the parish to join us!

(We have met our Supreme Membership Goal and have “2” Candidates for the June, “1st. Degree” in Prescott)



We had an excellent turn-out at our recent “31st. Anniversary and Recognition Dinner this past Saturday (April 26th.) after Mass in Reiser Hall. Thanks to Bro. Ben Taylor, Sr. & John Ravetto the planning was perfect and the food delicious! Thanks to Callie Taylor and Stephanie Vang, the hall was decorated wonderfully and received many compliments from the 51 people in attendance.

Fr. Dan and last year’s “Knight of the Year”, Earl Boggler handed out “17” awards to various members, ladies and friends of our council while Grand Knight Paul Barko delighted the crowd with meaningful words and humorous antidotes about the recipients. 

Our 2013 – 2014 Award Recipoients are:

 Fr. Dan – Chaplain Appreciation Award                   Dcn. Bob Palmer – Deacon Chaplain Service Award

John Ravetto – Knight of the Year                              Helen Barko – Lady of the Year

Tom Warner – Senior Knight of the Year                   Jerry Koenig – Co-Senior Knight of the Year

Cher Vang – Youth Knight of the Year                       Ben Taylor Sr. – Co- Youth Knight of the Year

Bill & Nadine Pierce – Family of the Year                 Larry & Jeri Tweet – Co- Family of the Year

Gonzalo Garcia – Volunteer of the Year                    Linda Ables – Council Supporter of the Year

Earl Boggler & Doug Becker – Co- “Financial Stewarts” of the Year

Michael Kincaid  & John Negron – Co-“New Transfer” Knights of the Year

Fr. Dan / John Ravetto (2014 Knight of the Year) / Earl Boggler GK Barko & Wrangler JacketFr. Dan / Dcn. Bob Palmer / Earl Boggler


Please observe the “NEW COUNCIL BANNER” in the picture below. Due to the “generous” donation of SK and long time member, Brother Jerry Koenig and his lovely wife Carolyn, our council has been able to replaced our old banner, which had become worn with age. My sincerest “THANK YOU” and deepest appreciation to Bro. Jerry & Carolyn!

(New Council Banner – Displayed at “Annual Anniversary / Award Dinner” – April 26th.)


At this time I would like to express my heart-felt “THANK YOU” to all the members who expressed their appreciation to me for my service to the council over the last two years and to all who contributed to the surprise presents of: a wrangler jacket embroidered with my name and the council logo (See above) and a work vest embroidered with my name and years of service in the pocket! 

I am touched and humbled by your show of affection and appreciation and wish to say that I have appreciated all of the support I have received from you over the last two years, especially from our current Officers and Trustees, and take great pride in being a member of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council! 



I also want to express my gratitude to Fr. Dan for his support, encouragement and participation in our council activities that he has shown over the past several years. His spiritual guidance and direction have meant a lot to me and to our council! God Bless him and always remember him in your prayers!

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to our Worthy Deacon and Council’s Spiritual Advisor, Dcn. Bob Palmer! Since becoming a member in June of last year (2013) Dcn Bob has attended every council meeting offering positive words of support, encouragement and spiritual guidance, and has officiated at several prayer services, including our recent “Day of the Unborn” Rosary & Prayer Service in the Healing Garden. He has been a “friend” and huge supporter of the council and me and I credit much of our success this past year to his prayers and involved support. God Bless him and always remember him in your prayers too!



Upcoming Events:

** The “Annual State Charity Raffle” —- Final ticket return to our Chairman, Earl Boggler is May 10th.  Contact Earl at: 1-928-830-6183 or

** The Annual “Mother’s Day Rose Sale” — Sunday, May 11th after all Masses. Chairman is Tom Warner, who could use volunteers with the sale, at: 928-227-1282.

** 1st. “Adopt-A-Road” Clean-up Project — Saturday, May 17th (8:00am) Glassford Hill Rd. at Iron King Mountain Trailhead. Cher Vang, Chairman at: 414-208-9826.

** Annual “Parish Picnic” — Saturday & Sunday June 7th & 8th. John Ravetto will be coordinating/chairing the cooking and could use volunteers at: 928-899-2705.


Upcoming Meetings:

  • Thursday, May 1st. – Officer’s Trustees’ Meeting / 6:30pm in Classroom F/G.
  • Monday, May 12th. – Next Council Meeting. / Rosary at 6:30pm in Reiser Hall with meeting to follow! 


Thank you all again for your support and involvement with our council’s activities / programs. Know that your efforts are appreciated …. and still needed as we close out our programming over the final two months of the fraternal year!

God Bless,


Paul Barko, GK


7 Attachments








#1.) Saturday, March 15th. = Our Parish-wide St. Patrick’s Day Dinner (In Reiser Hall, after the 4:30pm Mass)
#2.) Sunday, March 16th. = Our Corporate Communion (10:00am Mass / sit in front / wear your council shirt / bring your family!)
#3.) Sunday, March 16th.= Our Monthly Council Breakfast (After all Masses / in Reiser Hall / John’s “Famous Cornbeef Hash”.)
#4.) Monday, March 24th. = Our 2nd Annual “Day of the Unborn” Pro-Life Memorial Rosary and Service (6:30pm in Healing Garden adjacent to the church / Dcn. Bob Palmer officiating.)
Please join us in as many of these events as you are able!!!!
PS: Helen & I no longer have a home phone so please discard that phone number from your directory! The only valid phone number is now: 419-388-4734!
Paul Barko. GK
It appears that our prayers for Don Smith are working…
Brother Donald Smith is no longer intubated, he’s siting up in bed talking and sounding pretty good!
When his Oxygen Sat Level rises to low to mid 90s Don believes they’ll send him home.
Keep praying!
God bless,
 Welcome to New Members
On Sunday, March 9th, the members of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386 here at St. Germaine Parish hosted a District First Degree in which 6 men became members of the Knights of Columbus. Four of those men were from St. Germaine Parish and two were from Immaculate Conception Parish in Cottonwood. The officers, trustees and members of the council wish to extend a warm welcome to the following new Brother Knights to our council: James Cloughessy, Don Colozze, Jerry Porciello, and Thomas Allen.
To learn more about the Knights of Columbus and our Parish Council please contact our Membership Chairman, Donald Rowley at: 928-449-1043 or at:
3/5/14  >>>  Upcoming events
  • March 9th. – District-wide 1st. Degree ( 2:00pm in Reiser Hall) — We currently have “6” signed Form #100’s & are holding two more as “possibles”.
  • March 10th – “Ladies’ Night Out Dinner” (6:30pm in Reiser Hall) to recognize the contributions of the Ladies within our council ….. & a brief Council mtg. in classroom #D.
  • March 15th. – Annual St. Patrick’s Day “JIGS DINNER” (after 4:30pm Mass in Reiser Hall) — hosted by our council & cooked by Bro. John Ravetto.
  • March 16th. – Corporate Communion (10:00am Mass / reserved seating up front / wear your council shirts.) … followed by our Monthly Parish-wide Breakfast in Reiser Hall
  • March 24th. – “Day of the Unborn”  Rosary and Prayer Service (6:30pm in the Healing Garden adjacent to the church. Dcn. Bob Palmer will be officiating with the 4th Degree in regalia.)
Please Take “Special Note” of:
  • Our 1st. Degree will be held on Sunday, March 9th. (2:00pm in Reiser Hall). Please come and welcome our candidates & soon to be new members:
Thomas Allen Don Colozze Gabriel Maldonado James Cloughessy James Marzano Jerry Porciello
  • The “Ladies Night Out Appreciation Dinner” for all spouses, daughters and lady friends of the council  (March 10th.)
  • Our Annual “St. Patrick’s Day Jig’s Dinner” on Saturday, March 15th. (Advance ticket sales will be after Masses the weekend of March 8th-9th.)
  • Our “Corporate Communion” on Sunday, March 16th. at the 10:00am Mass.
  • Our 2nd. Annual “Day of the Unborn” Rosary & Memorial Service on March 24th in the Healing Garden (6:30pm.) – Come and support our council’s Pro-Lifeefforts!
Did you know these gestation facts that at:
    • 18-21 days – the foundation of the baby’s brain, spinal cord & nervous system are laid.
    • 21 days – there is the beginnings of a heart beat.
    • 28-32 days – there is the initial appearance of: arms, legs, a mouth and facial features.
    • 44 days – facial muscles develop, internal organs begin to appear and 99% of the muscles are developing.
    • 49 days – spontaneous movement begins.
    • 56 days – every organ is present; the heart is beating regularly, the liver is making blood and the kidneys are functioning. Of the 4,500 structures  in the human body, 4,000 are now present.
    • 84 days (12 weeks) – the baby is able to swallow and responds to skin stimulation.
How can anyone in their right mind deny that this is achild? A child that needs to be nurtured and protected, NOT ABORTED! Join us on March 24th!
As has been said many times before … Be Proud to be a Knight and a member of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386!!!
Ask men in the parish to join us as Knights and help our council continue to  GROW so we can stay vibrant and work to actively support Fr. Dan and our Parish! As already mentioned, there is a District-wide 1st. Degree Scheduled for Sunday, March 9th. at 2:00pm in Reiser Hall. There’s still time to invite men to join …. and come yourself to support our 6 candidates joining the Order!
Bro. Don Rowley … Membership Committee Chairman: 928-449-1043  …. or at:
Finally, look in the mail in the coming weeks for your personal invitation to attend our “31st. Annual Anniversary / Recognition Dinner” scheduled for Saturday, April 26th. after Mass in Reiser Hall. 
Bro. Benjamin Taylor, Sr. … Anniversary Committee Chairman at: 928-499-4491 ….. or at:
One of the things that I decided many years ago was “not to listen” to others who told me not to “THANK PEOPLE” in public because I might fail to mention someone deserving of thanks!
I have believed strongly that it is better to thank those deserving of recognition and risk the chance that I might unintentionally fail to recognize someone else in the process rather than to say nothing at all. Well, it has been brought to my attention that I have recently failed to recognize several people who are very special and important to me and our council and I want to publicly correct my mistake in this Email. Brother Larry Tweet and his wife Geri have been perennial helpers with our Parish Funeral Ministry, with our council and in countless other parish projects and behind the scene tasks and I am glad that I was made aware of my error in mentioning them in my recent list of “thank you’s” so that I can do so now!
My special and heart-felt “THANK YOU” goes out to Larry & Geri for all that they do for our council and St. Germaine Parish! God Bless you both!
“IF” you are aware that I have failed to recognize anyone else in the course of this fraternal year, please feel free to bring it to my attention so that I can correct my error and not offend anyone. (Step 10.)
That said, I now want to recognize and express my appreciation to all the members / ladies who helped out with the recent Parish Ministry Fair:
Larry & Geri Tweet Tom Warner Dave Hertko
Mike Kinkaid John Negron Bill Monroe
Robert Hughes Jerry Koenig Dan Farkas
Earl Boggler Tom Gugliotta Helen Barko
On Saturday, February 15th we are hosting the 1st. ever St. Germaine Valentine Marriage Vow Renewal & Potluck Dinner after the 4:30pm Mass. 
Anyone interested in helping with this event is encouraged to contact me at: 419-388-4734or
On the weekend of February 22nd & 23rd. we are hosting the parish’s 2nd Annual“Parish Ministry Fair”
Volunteers to help set-up, man our booth, and clean-up are needed. Again, contact me at:419-388-4734 or to volunteer.
A “SPECIAL THANKS” to Sir Knights Tom Warner, John Negron, Earl Boggler  and our Worthy Commander, Doug Becker for providing an Honor Guard for Bishop Olmsted during his recent visit (February 2nd.) to St. Germaine Parish. The Honor Guard was present for the Bishop’s blessing of the SVDP Pantry and for the 10:00am Mass. Afterward Bishop Olmsted expressed his appreciation for the Honor Guard and the warm welcome he received at the parish. He reported to us: “I love it when the 4th degree is present at my visits to parishes! Thank you so much for being here today!”
Our Worthy Trustees, John Ravetto, Gonzalo Garcia and Keith Bricker have taken on the task of serving as our “Nomination Committee”. They are in the process of asking members to consider serving as a council officer for the coming fraternal year. The goal of your current officers and trustees is to present a full slate of nominations for our June election by the April Meeting so that it can be sent out to the membership for consideration.
If one of the trustees approaches you about serving as an officer, please give it due consideration! Our council needs strong leadership to continue its work in the parish and to maintain a strong council! Being asked to serve as a council officer is an“HONOR”! Please consider committing your time and talent to continue the works of our council within St. Germaine Parish!
MEMBERSHIP —– Under the able direction and strong leadership of Don Rowley, our council Membership Chairman, we are headed for a strong and successful membership recruitment year!
Year – to Date we have: 2 new members / “5” signed Form #100’s /  and 2 potential candidates not yet signed.
We are advertising membership in the parish bulletin, we are participating in the Parish Ministry Fair with an information/recruitment booth, and we have a 1st Degree scheduled for Sunday, March 9th. at 2:00pm in Reiser Hall (Thanks to our Worthy DD, Steve Byers.) Please take pride in the activities of our council and invite any / all Catholic men in the parish whom you think would be a valued member of our council to join our Order! 
Supreme’s Goal for our council is “6” new members / “3” new insurance members . Your council officers and trustees have set our goal at: “10” new members and “3” insurance members. With YOUR HELP that goal is well within reach!
Form #100’s are available through our Membership Chairman, any council officer / trustee or from our Council Mailbox in the parish sacristy.
COUNCIL IDENTITY —– In keeping with the idea established when I became Grand Knight, the Officers and Trustees voted unanimously to expand our recognition in the parish beyond shirts alone. We will be offering all members the opportunity to purchase Council Jackets as of February 10th, 2014. Jackets may be ordered (as well as council shirts)
through Brother Tom Warner, our Worthy Advocate. (My “THANKS” to Bro. Tom and all his work in this matter!) Men will be getting Navy Blue Jackets with the council logo and our name embroidered on them while the ladies will be getting the same design in pink.(NOTE: Payment is due upon ordering your jacket.)
Be proud to be a member of the council and “Show We Are Actively Present” at St. Germaine Parish. When men see what we do, they will want to join us!
District News:
  • Our Worthy DD, Steve Byers held his District #19 Meeting in January and announced the following important information for distribution to our council:
  • He will be leaving office as our DD in June, 2014 and is actively looking for candidates to replace him. Anyone interested in being considered for the position as District Deputy should contact DD Byers ASAP at: 928-273-0878 or talk with him at our council meeting this Monday. (Feb.10th.) We will miss DD Byers and his helpful, supportive involvement with our council during his term as District Deputy! We wish him well and look forward to a similar working relationship with his replacement!
  • We have a New Insurance Agent assigned to our council. His name isCharlie Liko and he can be reached at: 480-216-9951.(Consider a meeting with this new agent to review opportunities with the Order’s Life, Disability, Long Term Care and Retirement Annuity options!
  • This year’s State Convention is being held in Tucson the weekend of May 16 -17th. We will be selecting our delegates at the March Council Meeting so if you are interested in being a delegate, or nominating someone else to be a delegate, attend the February council meeting for details.
State Raffle for Charity:
Our Worthy Financial Secretary and State Raffle Chairman, Earl Boggler, has sent out tickets to all members so that you can support this beneficial program. Please either buy your tickets or sell them as early as possible and return the stubs and money to Bro. Earl as directed in his letter. Returning your tickets/money ASAP allows him to make updated reports to the state and track the success of our efforts. Additional tickets are available from Bro. Earl or through any council officer. Our designated charity is once again, St. Germaine Parish.
My “Deepest Thanks” to Bro. Earl for accepting Chairmanship of this program again this year! 
A Personal Note from your Grand Knight:
I will not be running for Grand Knight this coming Fraternal Year! After two years in that position I believe that the council needs and deserves an infusion of new ideas, new energy and new leadership. I trust and pray that current and prospective officers will be inspired by what we have done as a council these past months and will consider becoming the “LEADERS OF THE FUTURE” for our council.
I vow not to become a “Lame Duck” leader, but to follow through with my commitment to you and the council; being a strong and dynamic leader until the end of my term! 
We have an active final few months of the fraternal year planned, and I encourage your participation and invite your involvement in as many as possible!
Upcoming Council Events Include:
February 22nd – 23rd = Parish Ministry Fair & Recruitment Efforts (After all weekend Masses.)
March 1st. = Council will cook hotdogs for the Youth R.E. Program’s “Sacrament of Reconciliation” Program (Noon in Reiser Hall.)
March 6th. = Council Officer’s Meeting. (6:30pm in classroom F/G)
March 9th. = District-wide 1st. Degree in Reiser Hall (2:00pm.)
March 10th. = Ladies’ Night Out Appreciation Dinneri (6:30pm in Reiser Hall – men will have a short council meeting then join ladies for social time as a council. Also, the selection of Delegates to the “State Convention”.)
March 15th. = St. Patrick’s Day Dinneri (Parish-wide event after the 4:30pm Mass.)
March 16th. = Council Monthly Breakfast (After all weekend Masses.)
March 24th. = Pro-Life Rosary / Prayer Service in support of Supreme’s  “The Day of the Unborn” (In the Healing Garden at St. Germaine Parish at 6:30pm.) – Our own Dcn. Bob Palmer will be officiating.
April 3rd. = Council Officer’s Meeting (6:30pm in Classroom F/G)
April 14th. = Regular Council Meeting (Rosary at 6:30pm with meeting to follow.)
April 20th. = Council Sponsored “Easter Egg Hunt” (After all weekend Masses.)
April 26th. =  Council Anniversary & Recognition Dinner (After 4:30pm Mass in Reiser Hall – catered & by reservation. Look for your invitation in the mail!)
God Bless and once again, “MY DEEPEST THANKS” for your support and prayers!
As you all know, our council has been very active this fraternal year within St. Germaine Parish and Prescott Valley, due in large part to the spiritual guidance and support of Fr. Dan and our 4 Deacons, who are all Brother Knights: Deacons Wayland Moncrief, Robert Palmer, John Mickel, and Robert Soikkeli!
Also, your Officers and Trustees have been working closely with our council’s Program Chairmen and have designed and implemented a number of “awesome” programs for the council, especially geared to support “The Year of Faith” effort within the Order. Your Officers want you to be aware of them so that you can refer to them when you ask men in the parish to consider joining our K of C Council. 
Let me mention just a few of the activities (over and above our regular council meetings and monthly breakfasts) we’ve conducted in recent months:
  • October, 2013 = Council’s 1st. ever “Soccer Challenge
  • October, 2013 = “Our Annual Columbus Day Dinner”
  • October, 2013 = “The Parish Open-House Program” (Served as greeters, docents, and car parkers for our parish open-house per Fr. Dan and the Parish Council’s request.)
  • October, 2013 = “Ladies’ Night Out Dinner” (A quarterly recognition of the valuable support we receive from our wives and ladies.)
  • November, 2013 = Financial support of the Youth R.E. Program and the purchasing of materials for kids with special needs.
  • November, 2013 = Participation in, and support of, the Youth R. E. “Trunk or Treat” Program on All Saints Day.
  • November, 2013 = Our council’s “Annual Memorial Mass” for deceased members and their families.
  • December, 2013 = Our council’s annual“Free Christmas Dinner” for widows and those alone or in need during Christmas.
  • December, 2013 = Our Council’s “Corporate Communion” Mass.
  • December, 2013 = “Our council’s annual “Keep Christ in Christmas” car magnet sales to promote the massage of Christ as: “The reason for the Season”.
  • December, 2013 = Our council’s 1st. “Christmas Potluck Dinner” for members and families.
  • January, 2014 = “Student of the Month” Program endorsement / financial support for Sacred Heart School
  • January, 2014 = “Council Free Throw” Competition (1st one in over 8 years)
  • January, 2014 = Our council’s 1st ever sponsored “Computer Training  Classes” to help parishioners (especially older ones) develop computer skills and access the Internet.
  • January, 2014 = “Year of Faith” Award Presentation (An award our council received from Supreme and presented to our Chaplain, Fr. Dan at the 8:00am Mass  along with a 4th. Degree Honor Guard, in gratitude for his spiritual guidance and support to our council over his years as our chaplain.)
  • January, 2014 = “Kick-off” of 1st. ever Valentine “Marriage vow Renewal / Potluck Dinner” at St. Germaine Parish. (Announcement before Masses and post-Mass registration.)
Also, please note the following “Coming Events”in February / March / April, so you can participate in them:
February, 2014:
February 2nd. = 4th. Degree Honor Guard for Bishop Olmsted (We will serve guard at the 9:20am blessing of SVDP’s new building and at the 10:00am Mass, celebrated by the Bishop.)
February 6th. = Council Business Meeting  (6:30pm in Classroom F/G)
February 8th. & 9th. = Council  “Membership Drive” (Announcement in the bulletin, members outside of the church after weekend Masses recruiting.)
February 10th. = Council Monthly Meetingi (Rosary at 6:30pm followed by the meeting, followed by “Good of The Order” social time.
February 15th. =  Parish Valentine “Marriage Vow Renewal & Potluck Dinner” (Sponsored by the council at the 4:30pm mass, followed by the potluck in Reiser Hall) …. (Volunteers will be needed to help set-up the hall at 1:00pm / members not participating in the event are needed to help serve the dinner.) … (CONTACT Gk Paul Barko at: 419-388-4734 to volunteer!)
February 16th. = Council Monthly Breakfast (Volunteers at 7:00am – noon / serving 8:00am – noon)
February 22nd. & 23rd. = 2nd Annual Parish Ministry Fair (Again, sponsored by our K of C Council….. We will also have volunteers manning our recruitment / information booth!)
March, 2014:
March 6th. = Council Business Meeting (6:30pm in Classroom F/G)
March 9th. =  District 1st Degree ( Sunday, at 2:30pm in Reiser Hall, sponsored / hosted by our council …. candidates at 2:00pm.)
March 10th. = “Ladies’ Night Out Dinner” (6:30pm. – Members will have a brief meeting in Classroom #D then join their wives / ladies for dinner & social time.) 
March 15th. = St. Patrick’s Day “Jigs Dinner” (After the 4:30pm Mass.)
March 16th. = Council Corporate Communion (10:00am Mass) Council Monthly Breakfast (Volunteers at 7:00am – noon / serving 8:00am – noon)
March 24th. = 2nd Annual “Day of the Unborn”Rosary & Prayer Service (6:30pm in the Healing Garden. Dcn Bob Palmer will conduct this prayer service.) 
April, 2014:
April 3rd. = Council Business Meeting (6:30pm in Classroom F/G)
April 14th. = Council Monthly Meetingi (Rosary at 6:30pm followed by the meeting, followed by “Good of The Order” social time.
April 20th. = Annual K of C Easter Egg Hunt (For all of the parish children after all Sunday Masses)
April 20th. = Council Monthly Breakfast (Volunteers at 7:00am – noon / serving 8:00am – noon) …… Provisional / the date may change due to this being Easter Sunday!)
April 26th. = Council’s Annual Anniversary Dinner (“31st Anniversary” celebration after the 4:30pm Mass. Announcements will be mailed out in March, 2014.)
As I mentioned above, your officers and trustees wanted to impress upon you that we are an active council worthy of joining.So,when you ask a man in the parish to join the Knights of Columbus, look them in the eye and proudly tell them all that we do and how they can participate in our activities in support of St. Germaine Parish!!!
Membership Status for the 2013-2014 Fraternal Year:
Goal = 6 new members
Year-to-Date = 2 new members / 2 transfers into the council / 3 elevated to 3rd. Degree
Pending = 4 signed Form #100’s & 1 verbal intent.
Membership Drive: February 8th & 9th. …… 1st. Degree: March 9th. (2:30pm) at St. Germaine Parish / Reiser Hall
So look around you the next time you’re in church and “invite” a man you know to join the Knights and our council! 
Don’t be shy to ask …. be “PROUD” to invite them to join!


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