#1.)  After consultation with our District Deputy, Jon Martinez, our Grand Knight, Richard Mefford has decided to suspend our Council’s General Council Meeting on October 14th. This is due to the numerous activities already taking place that week. (Silver Rose Program on Monday, October 11th & Our Memorial Mass for deceased members on Tuesday, October 12th.)
#2.) Gk.Mefford also informed me that I had posted the wrong date for our Annual Trunk or Treat Program for our parish youth. The correct date is: Tuesday, October 26th at 6:30pm in the Church’s East Parking Lot!

Our Council will be conducting our “Annual Trunk or Treat “ Celebration for the youth of our parish on 
Tuesday, October 26th.(Correct Date)
at 6:30 pm. (till the candy’s gone)in the Church’s East Side Parking Lot(Adjacent to Reiser Hall)
All members are invited to drive their car up to church, filled with a ‘trunk load of candy’ to join us in this “Safe” Celebrationfor the youth of our parish!

Our K of C Council’s Annual“Delicious and Affordable” Spaghetti DinnerIs being held onSaturday, October 9th(4:30 – 6:30pm)In Reiser Hall***** Dine-in or Carry-Out Available **Only $10.00 / plate

Spaghetti and Meatballs | Jennifer Cooks

Spaghetti & MeatballsCaesar Salad&Bread(No Desserts)******************Tickets are available after all Masses this weekend&In the Parish Office

Mike Kincaid, Head Chef & Program Director


“Quarterly Muddy Boots Campaign to beautify our Glassford Hill Rd.
being held on Saturday, October 9th(8:00-10:00AM)

Muddy Boots Hiking Group

***** EARLY BIRD COFFEE & FAT PILLS WILL BE SERVED!!! **(FREE!!!)******************PLEASE email Jim Kuriger at or call him at (619) 851-2777 so that he can plan accordingly (gotta ensure we have enough fat pills)
Jim Kuriger, Head Chef & Program Director,  
(619) 851-2777
Also on

Saturday, October 9th. at 10:00 am

“Rosary for Life”

(10:00am at 
St. Germaine Catholic Church’s Prayer Garden)

Fr. Dan will be leading us in the Rosary!

Knights of Columbus Red Cross Blood Drive - Sacred Heart ...
Sunday, September 19th will be our annual parish festival. We are grateful for everyone who has volunteered to assist and those who have made donations to the cause. The only position we have not filled is for a person or persons to fill in as “sanitation engineers”. The duties would include wiping down tables and periodically emptying the trash. If you are available to help with keeping the campus neat during the festival, please let me know.
Blessings, Linda

The Muddy Boots Gang walks again.
There were seven brave men who walked up
Glassford hill road cleaning up litter along the road side.
Thanks Mike, Jim, Tom, Dave, Earl, Henry and Monty.

All were rewarded with fat
pills and coffee.


The July Breakfast and Burrito Sale

The July Breakfast and Burrito Sale

The breakfast Team out did themselves
making over 500 burritos. We sold 150 to
the 4:30 mass goers. Many who came back
to have the sit down breakfast on Sunday.

Would you believe that we even ran out be-
fore we could serve all the 10:00am mass

people. We still made sausage and pancakes
for those people that were not able to get
burritos. Thank again for all your support.

“Family” Committee – (Paul Barko, Chairman / 928-910-1275)

Upcoming Programs (Proposed) for the year include:
1.) Family of the Month
2.) Food for Families via support of SVDP
3.) Keep Christ in Christmas
4.) R.E Trunk or Treat Program
5.) St. Germaine Parish Festival
6.) Easter Egg Hunt
7.) PWID Program
8.) 4th of July Ice cream Social

• “Life” Committee – (David Vogt, Chairman / 623-302-25640

Upcoming Programs (Proposed) for the year include:
1.) Silver Rose Program
2.) March for Life /Pro-Life Support / Rose Banquet
3.) Mass for People with Special Needs
4.) Novena for Life
5.) Life Connection / Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat
6.) SHCS Student of the Month Program
**** If you would like to volunteer to chair or help with any of these activities,
contact the Program Chairman ASAP listed.



The Muddy Boots Gang walks again.
There were seven brave men who walked up
Glassford hill road cleaning up litter along the road side.
Thanks Mike, Jim, Tom, Dave, Earl, and two not
shown Henry and Monty. All were rewarded with fat
pills and coffee. Thanks guys.


St Vincent De Paul offers FREE FOOD TUESDAYS after The 8:am Mass


Michael Kincaid9:17 AM (5 minutes ago)
to Alfredo, Allen, Benjamin, Bill, Brian, Carl, Cher, Chris, Chrispin, Christopher, David, David, David, David, Deacon, Deacon, Don, me, Douglas, Earl, Edmund, Eugene, Eugene, Fred, Frederick, Gary, George, Gonzalo, Hector, Henry, Howard, James, James, James, James, James, James, Jeffrey, John, John, John, John, John, John, John, John, Jon, Joseph, Joseph, Keith, Kenneth, Larry, Larry, Lawrence, Matthew, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Montano, Ivan, Jimmy, Nelson, Oliver, Paul, Paul, Peter, Raymond, Raymond, Father, Richard, Robert, Robert, Robert, Robert, Robert, Roger, Ronald, Ronald, Russell, Samuel, Samuel, Scott, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Tito, Tom, Tommaso, Vincent, Walter, Wayne, William, William, William, William, William

Great job to the 7 Knights who came out in the 82 degree heat and help with the dirty road cleanup 1 and a half hours DONE AWESOME 👌👏

Road cleanup re-instated

From: Jim Kuriger <>
Subject: KofC Council 8386 Road Clean-Up Crew is Cleaning Up!
Date: June 16, 2021 at 7:43:19 PM MST
To: Richard Mefford <>
Cc: David Vogt <>, “Earl V. Boggler” <>, Henry Moreta <>, Paul Barko <>, Gerald Wesley Wes Berry <>
Worthy Grand Knight,
    As I discussed with Henry Moreta after our Council Meeting last Monday evening, request your authorization to add the following to this month’s Newsletter… I can send you another announcement  in a week or so to blast out to Knights from GK when we get a tad closer to D-Day.
“Council Road Clean-Up Crew has been re-instated!   Our next date in the dirt is Saturday, 10 July, show time is 7:00AM… so please mark your calendars, now!  We’ll be tending the same tract of road that we’ve tended in the past…. Glassford Hill Road from Sante Fe Loop Rd to Granville Pkwy North…  parking is available on the SE corner of the Glassford Hill / Santa Fe Loop intersection opposite the construction zone; there should  also be some parking available in the playground parking lot on the SW corner of the same intersection. To ensure we’re all wide awake and energized, FAT-PILLS and COFFEE will be provided to get our juices flowing! Those able to support this Community Service Event (that provides GREAT advertising for our Council), please contact Jim Kuriger (Email: LDO4CNO@COX.NET; Cell: 619-851-2777) so he can plan accordingly. C’yall on 10 July!”


Bro. Don Rowley reminded members about his plan to work with Carla Foster
(Bro. Bob Foster’s widow) on a project to create and sell 4th degree / patriotic caps
through our council and allow her to retain the pro\its. Caps can be ordered through
Bro. Rowley at any council meeting or call him at:
928-499-1043 (Residence) or 928-499-1043 (Cell)

CORPORATE COMMUNION —- Sunday, May 30th. / 8:00am Mass
Wear Council shirts and sit up front in the designated area in church.


Brother John Fomenko needs help handing out Carnations to Parish Mothers at all Masses this weekend.
He needs volunteers for Saturday Mass (tomorrow) from 4:00 PM until sometime after 4:30 PM Mass has ended.
He also needs volunteers for Sunday Masses from:
 – 7:30 AM until sometime after 8:00 AM Mass has ended,
 – 9:30 AM until sometime after 10:00 AM Mass has ended,
 – 11:30 AM until sometime after noon Mass has ended or we’re out of Carnations.
All volunteers contact Brother John at 928-756-2642.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Brother Mike Kincaid needs volunteers to help make burritos this Fridaytomorrow from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM.
He needs help selling burritos at Saturday’s 4:30 PM Mass after Mass has ended.
He also needs help at Sunday’s 8:00 AM Mass after Mass has ended.
And after 10:00 AM Mass has ended,
To volunteer, please contact Brother Mike at 928-710-2766 or Brother Larry at 602-938-1496.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Motion was made to purchase new cooking equipment for kitchen crew
by Bro. Mike Kincaid – 2nd by Mike O’Marah. The amount of this motion
was limited to $500. The motion was approved by an unanimous
vote of those present.


Anyone needing food can call St. Vincent de Paul at 928-899-8889. St. Vincent de Paul can provide food every 2 weeks as well as provide limited assistance for utility bills. They also now have used appliances for sale as well to needy families.

Bro. Garcia explained that the Ladies Guild’ Christmas Bazaar will be held
this coming Sunday and volunteers are needed to set up tables & tents for
the ladies. Please arrive between 6:30-7:00 am on the grassy area next to
Riser Hall.

Thanks to a great crew of Chris Lockwood, Jim Chemsak, David Vogt,
Tom Casella, Henry Moreta and Wes Berry who braved the cooler temperatures
and helped clean up Glassford Hill Road on October 10th. Great job guys.

Spaghetti Dinner = Success

Thanks to everyone who made our annual spaghetti, take-out, dinner
such a success! Thanks to Dave Hertko for heading up the ticket sales,

the Knights who helped sell tickets, worked in the kitchen and distribut-
ed the to go dinners: Larry Tweet, Sam Manning, Henry Moreta, Ron

Huerth, Mike McGill, Dave Vogt, Richard Mefford, and Matt Dyer. A
BIG thank you to Lady Joanne Kincaid and Mike and Joanne Kincaid’s
daughter Michelle Kincaid Stacy-Schroeder as well. We earned $1830!


Worthy Knights,
Brother Kincaid has asked me to “call out” for some assistance at the Spaghetti “To Go” Dinner this Saturday.  He is in need of 3 able and willing bodies to prepare salads and bread and 2 to pack and distribute to the customers.
Please contact Mike at 928-710-2766 if you are able to help.
Pick ups begin at 4:30pm, please direct the people out the side door by the kitchen when they have picked up their meal.


Sept 14,2020

Mike Kinkaid announced that Fr. Dan has authorized him and the council
to conduct our annual October Spaghetti Dinner on the 17 Th . Saturday
o Take out only. (4:30 – 6:30 pm)

o Dinners are $10.00/each.
o Mike needs help selling tickets after masses on:
September 26 th . & 27 th .
October 3 rd & 4 th .
October 10 th . & 11 th .

(Contact Mike to volunteer: 928-710-2766 / cell)

July 29,2020

The Muddy Boots Gang Rides Again!
(Wes Berry, Chairman)

On July 11th, seven council members did a great job of filling about a dozen bags of
trash in about 70 minutes. Participating were: Larry Thompson, Henry Moreta,
Mike Kincaid, David Vogt, Jim Chemsak, Chris Lockwood and Wes Berry.
Special thank you to Jim Chemsak for purchasing three hand grabbers for council use
during road clean up.
Special note: This was Council member Chris Lockwood’s first participation in our
quarterly clean up. Chris was teamed up with Earl Boggler, who provided Chris with a very detailed demonstration of the process of correctly inserting trash into a bag and bag knot tying (see photo). Earl reported that Chris is an excellent “trash bag filler upper”. Wes Berry really appreciated Earl’s training efforts as it took a lot of pressure off Wes, who needed to properly allocate materials for the excited council members who desired no
¢ Ĵ ě ǷǷ

Catholic Radio For Your Information
(New Council Member William ‘Bill’ Cebula)

I have been listening to KPIH 98.9FM from Payson. I have been listening since they started.

KPIH is affiliated with Relevant Radio, nationwide and is conservative Catholic.
The most popular shows on KPIH are Patrick Madrid in the AM, Drew Mariani in the
early afternoon, and then Catholic Answer later afternoon.
Since it started in Payson, it has been instrumental in bringing some back to the
church and some converts.
KPIH can be listened to on the internet and streaming the audio. (I use my iPad and
plug it into my radio and can hear it all over the house.) Please pass this along to the
other Knights. Bill Cebula

July 7

At the Council #8386, Officer’s Meeting on Monday July 6, 2020, the decision was made to proceed with our quarterly trash pick up along Glassford Hill Road.The next scheduled pick up date is this Saturday, July 11, 2020, at 7:00 A.M.  Social distancing needs will be practiced so bring a mask to wear when you are closer than 6 ft. from another person.  If any questions, contact Wes Berry at (928) 759-5722.

May 2020

Raffle winners, 2019/2020

Click for PDF resultsfile:///C:/Users/Lucys_Lappy/Downloads/State%20Raffle%20Winners%202020.pdf

March 2020

Wedding Vow Renewal

Thanks to Brother Tom Warner and his Lady Sherry for a successful wedding vow
renewal event. Tom reports that 56 couples renewed their wedding vows, received a
blessing from Fr. Dan and then enjoyed an abundant potluck of delectable dishes!
Thank you so much for your efforts, thanks to Council members and their families
Ĵ ǯ ¢
decorations and atmosphere for everyone.

New Church Cleaning Day!

Over 80 parishioners, including Council members,

swept, dusted, and mopped; set up, cooked,and served after the community cleaning of the new church.

Feb./ 2020

The Muddy Boots Gang Rides Again!

Snow may have delayed the regularly scheduled road clean up originally scheduled
for January 11th, but the Muddy Boots Gang persevered and in record time of 45
minutes, 10 brother Knights had the Glassford Hill road cleaned up on January 18th!
Participating Knights were: ¡ ¢ £ǰ

ǰ Ĵ ¢ǰ ǰ
Krucek, Henry Moreta, Freddy Rodriguez, Larry Thompson, Dave Vogt and Wes
Berry. Great job all!

Pancake Man, Bob Foster, presents his
pancake flippers Ron Jahrus and Tom
Casella certificates of appreciation for
their 2019 contributions to the monthly
breakfast. Ron and Tom are back at it
this year!

Nov., 2019

  • Congratulations and “Thank You” to all the men  & wives who:
    • Helped with The Road Clean-up:
      • Brother Wes Berry, David Vogt, Larry Thompson, Henry Moreta, Mike Kincaid, Lexy Larez, Monte Dragon, Jim Chemsak, Earl Boggler, and Jim Cloughessy.
    • Helped with the Spaghetti Dinner:
      • Mike and Joanne Kincaid and Larry Tweet for making up the spaghetti dinner fixings, and to Mike and Larry for getting up early again on Sunday morning to serve up breakfast along with their pancake flippers Bob Foster, Ron Jahrus, and Tom Cassella. A special thanks to Ben and Callie Taylor for decorations, and especially the members of the Council and their wives who helped with clean up on both occasions!
    • Helped with the November 9th Church Wall Painting:
      • Wes Berry, Lexy Lorez, Mike Kinkaid, Richard Mufford,

            Gary Wilson (Advanced Construction).

  • Mike & Joanne Kinkaid were recognized as “Family of the Month” for October.
    • Larry Tweet was recognized as “Knight of the Month” for October.
    • The K of C Assembly #13 has submitted a check for $100.00 to Fr. Dan in support of a needy family for Thanksgiving, letting Fr Dan select the most needy parishioner to help.
    • GK Mefford received correspondence from Supreme Advocate regarding Women’s Groups.
    • GK also received correspondence reminding him of the upcoming Priest Appreciation Dinner for the Diocese of Phoenix. It was explained that in the past we have offered Fr. Dan the opportunity to attend and he has declined.
    • Bro. David Vogt has agreed to assume the responsibilities of DGK in place of Tom Mellinger. DD John Martinez swore him into that position as our new council’s Deputy Grand Knight..
  • A Columbus Day Weekend Celebration! The parish was a hub of activity with the Council serving up their fabulous annual Columbus Day spaghetti dinner on October 19th, and then their breakfast returned on Sunday morning, October 20th. Thanks to Mike and Joanne Kincaid and Larry Tweet for making up the spaghetti dinner fixings, and to Mike and Larry for getting up early again on Sunday morning to serve up breakfast along with the pancake flippers Bob Foster, Ron Jahrus, and Tom Cassella. A special thanks to Ben and Callie Taylor for decorations, and especially the members of the Council and their wives who helped with clean up on both occasions!
  • Oh When the Saints Come Marching In.
  • Thanks to all the Council members who donated candy, made hot dogs, and volunteered for the trunk or treat for our Parish’s annual All Saints Festival. Fr. Dan led the prayer service and then welcomed the children to come up and tell everyone which Saint they were portraying. Thanks to our Trunk or Treaters Lady Pat Manning handing out the bags, Bill and Lady Nadine Pierce, David Vogt, Wes Berry, Ivan Maldonado, Gonzalo Garcia, Tom and Lady Sherry Warner, Paul Barko, and Rich Mefford and our kitchen crew of Larry Tweet and Sam Manning. A special thanks to all who donated candy and made it possible for the kids to have plenty! Fred McCaffrey, Mike O’Marah, Earl Boggler, Bob Foster, Mike Kincaid, Ken O’Daniel, JP Santoyo, Ron Huerth, Monte Dragon, and Doug Becker. Despite the “cool” temperatures, there was a great turnout and a good time was had by all.
Thanks to the Muddy Boots Gang who served the Council and our town on the road
clean up on July 13th. Eight hardy Knights responded and were able to complete
needed work about the time the sun’s heat started to increase. Participating
were: Richard Mefford, Henry Moreta, Lexy Larez, Jose A. Morales, Paul Barko,
David Barko, Mike Kincaid and Wes Berry. They picked up 11 bags worth of refuse
and enhanced the appearance of Glassford Hill Road once again! Great job guys!
 the blood drive scheduled for June 23rd is ON.  It will be held as scheduled, so please be sure to either make your appointment or come in and donate.

These Men Called Knights
To assist those who need a ride during
the Dana Drive parking lot construction,

Council volunteers have been transport-
ing parishioners from the Long Look

Drive overflow parking lot to the side-
walk access to the church. Serving the

4:30pm Mass is Sam Manning; the
8:00am Mass is Dave Vogt; the 10:00am
Mass is Rich Mefford, and the 12:00
noon Mass is Ivan Maldonado. Anyone
else wishing to assist in this endeavor,
contact Grand Knight Rich Mefford.
Many hands make light work!

GOLF CART PARISHIONER SHUTTLE from north parking lot to Church entrance.
Remember, Brother Sam (846-1052) may need help at St Germaine’s parking lots today from 3:45 – 4:30.
 – Safety vest is in golf cart. Be safe!
And Brothers Dave (623-302-2564), Richard (533-4553), and Ivan (710-1385)may need help tomorrow at 7:15, 9:15, and 11:15 AM respectively.
On Saturdays get the Cart key from Linda.
On Sundays get the key from Fr. Dan.
Weekend schedule for the next four(4) weekends is as follows:
 – 4:30 PM Mass: Bro Sam Manning, recommend getting the key and begin at about 3:45 PM.
 – 8:00 AM Mass: Bro Dave Vogt, recommend getting the key and begin at about 7:15 AM.
 – 10:00 AM Mass: WGK Richard Mefford, recommend getting the key and begin at about 9:15 AM.
 – 12:00 AM Mass: Bro Ivan Maldonado, recommend getting the key and begin at about 11:15 AM.
Brothers at large:
The above drivers can transport our elders only so close to Church. It would be a great help if a few of you can be available to lend and arm to our elders at the drop-off/pick-up point and escort them to their seat. And when Mass has ended, escort them to the pick-up point and wait with them until it’s their turn . . .
Thank you all very much!
God bless you!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386,
Financial Secretary,
Earl V. Boggler
 – Be safe!
The Muddy Boots Gang Strikes Again! Thanks to Wes Berry and the Muddy Shoe Gang consisting of Lexi Larez, David Vogt, Monte Dragon, Larry Thompson, John Chemsak, Henry Moreta, Paul Barko, Jose Morales, and Keith Bricker! A shining example of Many Hands Make Light Work! Thanks to all of you. The next road clean-up will be July 13th at 7:00am.

The Council welcomed new members Ivan Maldonado, Jose A. Morales, Gary Wilson, and Hector Saldano. Grand Knight Mefford presented certifi- cates of initiation during the April Council meeting.

In addition, Congratulations to the following Council brothers who achieved honors of full fledged Knights in the 3rd Degree on Saturday, April 27th, 2019 in Flagstaff. Our thanks and appreciation to Earl Boggler and Ron Hindmarsh for providing escort services to these Worthy Knights: Jimmy Cardenas, William “Skeeter” Hughes, Ronald Jahrus, Ivan Maldonado, Jose Morales, Alfredo “Fredy” Rodriguez, Hector Saldana, and Gary Wilson Outstanding Recruiter Awards were also

presented to brother Tom Warner and Gonzalo Garcia. Tom and “Gonzo” were pre- sented with a Star Recruiter lapel pin and Knights of Columbus t-shirt.

Worthy Knights Deacon Wayland Moncrief and Lady Jackie, Deacon Dale Avery celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday assisted by Brothers Don Rowley and Jack Munro on April 28th.

The Council welcomed new members Ivan Maldonado, Jose A. Morales, Gary Wilson, and Hector Saldano. Grand Knight Mefford presented certifi- cates of initiation during the April Council meeting.

In addition, Congratulations to the following Council brothers who achieved honors of full fledged Knights in the 3rd Degree on Saturday, April 27th, 2019 in Flagstaff. Our thanks and appreciation to Earl Boggler and Ron Hindmarsh for providing escort services to these Worthy Knights: Jimmy Cardenas, William “Skeeter” Hughes, Ronald Jahrus, Ivan Maldonado, Jose Morales, Alfredo “Fredy” Rodriguez, Hector Saldana, and Gary Wilson Outstanding Recruiter Awards were also

presented to brother Tom Warner and Gonzalo Garcia. Tom and “Gonzo” were pre- sented with a Star Recruiter lapel pin and Knights of Columbus t-shirt.

Worthy Knights Deacon Wayland Moncrief and Lady Jackie, Deacon Dale Avery celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday assisted by Brothers Don Rowley and Jack Munro on April 28th.


Bro Becker is Co-Chair for State Charity Raffle (SCR) Sales.

He is going to need your help and the help of other brothers to maximize our two(2) April weekend sales.

We have two(2) weekends with SCR sales at:

– 4:30 AM Mass

– 8:00 AM Mass

– 10:00 AM Mass

– 12:00 AM Mass

Bro Becker will definitely need help at 8:00 AM Masses, because he also does Ushers & Cash Count.

He will need help with 12:00 PM Mass because Bro Becker does not speak Spanish.

Our goal is $2,571.

So, please get with Bro Becker at the Officer’s and Member’s April meetings.

You all have been doing so well!

God bless you!

Vivat Jesus,

Council 8386,

SCR Chairman,

Earl V. Boggler

4520 N Agua Fria Dr.,

Prescott Valley, AZ  86314


PS: Every year SCR events interfere with me doing my FS duties properly. Membership dues can be intense during Jan, Feb, Mar (because there’s usually 32/33 members who don’t pay their annual dues) and the SCR runs parallel during Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, and May. So, please, I need someone to Chair Council’s SCR Committee Dec 2019 – May 2020. State publishes all policy, tickets, and the drawing. We sell and turn in money and ticket stubs during the first day of each State Convention. Call GK Mefford or me if you want the job.

From: “richard armanini” <>
To: “Earl V. Boggler” <>
Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2019 9:12:57 PM
Subject: Raffle Chairman Note # 2 April 2019

Raffle Chairman: Earl Boggler                       Council: 8386             2018 Sales: 2545

Brother Earl, these are the notes for April 2019.  Please do not confuse them with April Fool’s Day.

The main topic is Century Sales.  A Century Sales is one Knight selling or buying six [6] books of tickets for $100.  They can put the same or different names on all the tickets.  His option. Last year all councils had a total of 509 Century sales, for over $50,000.  The secret is to offer the option.  In print or when asked, “how much are the tickets.  The answer should be 1 ticket for $5, 5 tickets for $20 or 30 tickets for $100.  Let them decide what they want.  You might add, “For $100 we put your names on the tickets for you”.  Use address labels.  Last year 82 councils did not have a century Sales.  Every Council could have at least one Century sell if your Council bought one. Ask your council to buy six books of tickets.  If their ticket is pulled, the Council gets the prize.  Over the years several councils had their ticket pulled.  If not, charity is the winner.

The second topic is the Incentive program.  In case you did not notice, the Incentive program has changed.  See page 3 of the Raffle Guide.  The bonus is calculated from the State’s half of the total sales [the State’s 50% and can be used to help councils with their expenses, pay postage, or used to reward individual efforts to sell tickets.  No cash can be given to individual Knights.  The incentive plan requires a minimum council sale of $1,000 and is structured as follows:

Council with 2018 sales from:

  1. $1,000 to $5,000 must increase their sales by 10% to earn the 10% charity $ bonus.
  2. $5,001 to $10,000 must increase their sales by 7.5% to earn the 10% charity $ bonus.
  3. $10,001 to $15,000 must increase their sales by 5% to earn the 10% charity $ bonus.
  4. $15,001 and above must increase their sales by 2.5% to earn the 10% charity $ bonus.

Councils receive 50% of their total sales for its 501c.3 named charities

The incentive plan is designed to reward councils for ticket sales.  The more your council sells, the bigger your council bonus.  If you did not sell $1,000 last year, work to become eligible for the bonus next year.  A couple of Century Sales would have put 9 councils over $1,000.

Finally:  We still have tickets, there are limited but we still have them.  If you need more tickets or have questions send e-mail to both of us to make sure your request is not over looked.

If you are a Financial Secretary and received this e-mail that means we do not have a name or contact information for your Charity Raffle Chairman.  Please forward to him.  Thanks.

Vivat Jesus!

Dennis Sullivan                                   Richard Armanini

State Charity Raffle Director              State Charity Raffle Co-Director                  

480.201.5556                                      480.818.1774



D.G.K. Mefford addressed the membership about the need for everyone to consider accepting a lead position on the various committees of the Council. There are many
areas which might meet a member’s interest. Bob Foster gave an overview of one of the committees he covers. It is the “Into the Breach”, which Bishop Olmstead has written about and is known throughout the Nation. Earl Boggler agreed with Bob that members should educate themselves about the importance
of Bishop Olmstead’s written works which calls all members to counter the evil aspects of our society.

Bob Foster also reminded members about all the good works which Deacon Wayland did for the Council this past year regarding Knights needing to seek out fellow members with common interest and work together on projects.

JANUARY 1, 20___ THRU DECEMBER 31, 20___
All information provided on this
report is to be from Programs &
Activities conducted January 1st
through December 31st annually.
1. Regular
2. Social
3. Special/Committee
a. Printing & Postage
b. Food & Refreshments
c. Prizes
d. Projects
e. Entertainment
f. Miscellaneous Expenses
Visits to the Sick
Visits to the Bereaved
Number of Blood Donations
Masses Held for Members
Hours of Fraternal Service to
Sick/Disabled Member and their Families
FAITH ACTIVITIES (where applicable)
a. RSVP Program
b. Church Facilities
c. Catholic Schools/Seminaries
d. Religious/Vocations Education
e. Prayer & Study Programs
f. Sacramental Gifts
g. Miscellaneous Faith Activities
a. Coats For Kids
b. Global Wheelchair Mission
c. Habitat for Humanity
d. Disaster Preparedness/Relief
e. Physically Disabled/Intellectual Disabilities
f. Elderly/Widow(er) Care
g. Hospitals/Health Organizations
h. Columbian Squires
i. Scouting/Youth Groups
j. Athletics
k. Youth Welfare/Service
l. Scholarships/Education
m. Veteran Military/VAVS
n. Miscellaneous Community/Youth Activities
LIFE ACTIVITIES (where applicable)
a. Special Olympics
b. Marches for Life
c. Ultrasound Initiative
d. Pregnancy Support
e. Christian Refugee Relief
f. Memorials to Unborn Children
g. Miscellaneous Life Activities
FAMILY ACTIVITIES (where applicable)
a. Food for Families
b. Family Formation Programs
c. Keep Christ in Christmas
d. Family Week
e. Family Prayer Night
f. Miscellaneous Family Programs
Submitted By Date
Member ID
Section I. Fraternal Program Activities Section II. Fraternal Commitment Activities
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0 754
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 45
0 203
0 0 0
0 1 1
760 1793
2913 2906 1
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
500 700 1
0 1
300 4 2
0 96
800 801 3
8197 13965 8
Earl Boggler 02/01/2019
4184659 Financial Secretary
1728 9-18
a. RSVP Program – direct contributions to students studying to become priests or postulants.
b. Church Facilities – construction, repairs, remodeling, memorial gifts, etc.
c. Catholic Schools/Seminaries – donations, grants, equipment, etc.
d. Religious/Vocations Education – scholarships, CCD, lay apostolate, programs, speakers, films, program materials, etc.
e. Prayer & Study Programs – direct contributions to prayer groups, faith program materials, domestic church kiosk, rosary program, Marian Icon program, etc.
f. Sacramental Gifts – costs related to gifts presented to congregation.
g. Miscellaneous Faith Activities – all other disbursements not outline above relating to Faith Activities.
a. Food for Families – direct contributions to food banks, pantries, soup kitchens.
b. Family Formation Programs – Family Fully Alive, Family of the Month/Year, Consecration to the Holy Family, Good Friday Family Promotion, etc.
c. Keep Christ in Christmas – all contributions to KCIC, Journey to the Inn, Light Up for Christ, Christmas Poster Contest, billboard signs, etc.
d. Family Week – direct contributions to the coordination, promotion, and conduct of this program.
e. Family Prayer Night – direct contributions to coordination and execution of this program.
f. Miscellaneous Family Programs – all other disbursements not outline above relating to Family Activities.
a. Coats For Kids – direct contributions to purchasing and distribution of coats to those in need.
b. Global Wheelchair Mission – direct contributions to purchasing and coordination of wheelchair distribution to the needy.
c. Habitat for Humanity – direct contributions to Habitat for Humanity projects, materials, tools, and construction.
d. Disaster Preparedness/Relief – direct contributions to planning and executing disaster preparedness and response, food, water, equipment, etc.
e. Physically Disabled/Intellectual Disabilities – direct contributions to schools, care services, organizations, etc.
f. Elderly/Widow(er) Care – direct contributions to homes for the aged, retired/senior volunteer programs, construction, repairs, remodeling, gifts, etc.
g. Hospitals/Health Organizations – direct contributions to Red Cross, Hospice, heart/cancer funds, equipment, construction, donations, etc.
h. Columbian Squires – direct contributions to the operations and support of the Columbian Squires program.
i. Scouting/Youth Groups – direct contributions to sponsorship, volunteer efforts, projects, 4-H, Big Brothers, CYO, mentoring, etc.
j. Athletics – direct contributions to council sport events, youth sport sponsorships, equipment, transportation, etc.
k. Youth Welfare/Service – direct contributions to substance/child abuse, foster parents, etc.
l. Scholarships/Education – direct contributions to career nights, essay contests, scholarships, tuition, fund raising, etc.
m. Veteran Military/VAVS – direct contributions to veterans, VA hospital support/visitation, memorials, parades, etc.
n. Miscellaneous Community/Youth Activities – all other disbursements not outline above relating to Community Activities.
a. Special Olympics – direct contributions to local, state, and national events.
b. Marches for Life – direct contributions to local, state, and nation marches.
c. Ultrasound Initiative – direct contributions to the purchase and placement of Ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers.
d. Pregnancy Support – direct contributions to donations, diapers, supplies, baby showers, birthright, etc.
e. Christian Refugee Relief – direct contributions to aid provided to refugee relief, Solidarity Crosses.
f. Memorials to Unborn Children – direct contributions to purchases, fund raisers, donations, construction, etc.
g. Miscellaneous Life Activities – all other disbursements not outline above relating to Life Activities.
1. Business – discussing or conducting business.
2. Social – dinners, dances, parties, etc.
3. Special/Committee – lectures, films, educational, etc.
a. Printing & Postage – costs for newsletters, flyers, communications for activities, etc.
b. Food & Refreshments – food, refreshments, etc. for activities and programs.
c. Prizes – gifts, awards, incentives, raffles, etc. related to activities and programs.
d. Projects – transportation, facility rental, photography, etc. for activities and programs.
e. Entertainment – bands, magicians, comedians, etc. for events.
f. Miscellaneous Expenses – all other expenses not outlines above related to activities & programs.
Section I. Fraternal Program Activities
Section II. Fraternal Commitment Activities


On the Road Again!! The Muddy Boots gang consisting of Wes Berry, Sam Manning, Earl Boggler, Larry Thompson, Rich Mefford, and John Ravetto took to the streets to clean up. Thanks for their continued efforts in keeping our town clean! (Photos courtesy of Earl Boggler and John Ravetta)

Brother Tom Krucek hard at work
helping a parishioner remove and replace
a kitchen faucet and ceiling fan.
Great job Tom! In Service to One, In
Service to All.
Caught in The Act – 1.0
Knights of Columbus Caught Slaying Water Bottles & Debris on Glassford Hill Road
By Guy Roginson | on October 15, 2018
(News article courtesy of Guy Roginson
Ever wonder how Glassford Hill Road stays clean, despite how busy it is? Well, we don’t anymore.
We found these good fellas cleaning up all the trash and debris on the side of the road.
They are the Knights of Columbus, volunteers from the St. Germaine Catholic Church. We found
them, in the rain, volunteering their time, every 90 days, picking up the trash and debris from
Glassford Hill Road in Prescott Valley, AZ. Thanks to all of you – You’ve been “Caught in the Act”
of what makes a community!
Note: Special thanks to
all involved and thanks to the Knights of
Columbus and the St. Germaine Catholic
Church of Prescott Valley for being
“Caught in the Act” of what makes a
Missing from photos: John Ravetta,
Paul Barko and Lexy Larez Larry Thompson, Dave Hertko.
Paul Barko thanked all those members who assisted in the PWID (Tootsie Roll), fund drive at Fry’s recently. He stated that the after Mass fund drive will be the weekend of Oct. 13 & 14, followed by final fund drive at Safeway on Nov. 3rd. Help is still being recruited forthose times.
Earl Boggler shared that a suggested name of a Seminarian has been sent for Council #8386, consideration to support. Earl also presented a plaque awarded to Council #8386, for past RSVP, support
STANDING COMMITTEE REPORT: Wes Berry reminded members of Glassford Hill road cleanup starting at 7:00 AM, this Saturday, Oct. 13th.
Tom Warner requested information regarding what dates will names be registered for the annual Marriage Vow Renewal Banquet certificates.
G.K. Ravetto reminded members of the Columbus Spaghetti Dinner Oct. 20th. Tickets are $10.00, each and help is needed to serve and clean up. Also, any members who can provide a dessert, would be appreciated. He also reminded members of the monthly Knights Breakfast on Oct. 28th.
Dave Hertko reminded members of need for help for Oct. 31st “Trunk or Treat” event. Tom Warner reminded members of need for help at church bazaar Nov. 8 – 11, for setting up and clean up.
Don Rowley reminded members of existing Council #8386, website available with wealth of Council information. The website is:
I am writing to “THANK” all my brother Knights and Lady Martha, who helped with the recent 
P.W.I.D. Charity Campaign 
(AKA The Tootsie Roll Campaign) 
at Fry’s, yesterday, September 29th.
Wes Berry
Earl Boggler
Robert Foster
David Hertko
Bill Monroe
Mike & Martha O’Marah
Tom Warner
“Thanks” to your commitment and dedication to the “SERVICE” component of Our Order, we raised a total of ….$795.56
for “People With Intellectual Disabilities” (P.W.I.D.)
“Thanks” & God Bless You All!
Our next (2nd) collection will be after all of the Masses on the weekend of October 13th. & 14th. 
at St. Germaine Parish!
Our 3rd and Final Collection will be on Saturday, November, 3rd. at “Safeway Grocery Store” (9am-5pm)
The PWID Committee set a 2018 Goal of $1,750 which is attainable with “YOUR HELP”!!!
I still need “4” more volunteers to help cover all of the time slots at both doors, for November, 3rd!!!
(RSVP by Email or phone: 928-910-1275)
2018 PWID Chairman
This is a final update on our council’s Annual PWID Collection for this fraternal year.
#1.) We will be conducting our 1st collection this Saturday, September 29th between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm at Fry’s Grocery Store.
#2.) Our 2nd. collection will be after Masses win the weekend of October 13th & 14th. 
(Please note the change in dates!!!!—— To accommodate a request from the Catholic Daughters, I agreed to change our collection dates so that they could sell tickets to their upcoming dinner in Riser Hall.)
#3.) Our 3rd. and final collection will be on Saturday, November, 3rd at Safeway Grocery Store. The time is 9:00 am – 5:00pm.
**** Please note that we will NOT be collecting at Walmart this year as they are committed to other programs and do not have any slots available till after our State Program is over !!!
A Super Big “THANK YOU”
…. to all of you who responded to my call for help with our upcoming PWID (Tootsie Roll) Campaign at Fry’s Grocery Store on Saturday, September 29th.
I have been able to fill “ALL OF THE TIME SLOTS” for that date and wish to express my gratitude for your support!!!!!
I still have time slots open for collecting at Safeway on November 3rd and would appreciate volunteers for that date as well!
Walmart has still not confirmed our collection request in October, but I am optimistic that I will will hear back from them within the week and I will Email you the date as I get it confirmed!!
God Bless,
I, Paul Barko, have been asked by our Worthy Grand Knight, John Ravetto, to once again chair our Council’s PWID (People With Intellectual Disabilities) Campaign.
After some time negotiating permission and setting dates with local stores, I am putting out a CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS” to help in the collection for this program.
**** FYI **** All set-up & take down is already taken care of. All you will be called upon to do is stand in front of a store’s door and take voluntary donations from customers choosing to donate. There is no sellingno asking for donationsjust be present and accept their donations and offer them a Tootsie Roll as a “Thank You”!!!!!!
The locations and dates/times are as follows:
Saturday, September 29th — Fry’s Grocery Store — (Both Doors)
***** I need help manning doors during the following times / “6” people in all …..
9:00am – 11:00 am (One person / I’ll be manning one door myself.)
11:00am – 1:00pm (Two people / one at each door)
1:00pm – 3:00pm  (Two people / one at each door))
3:00pm – 5:00pm (One person / I’ll be manning one door myself.)
Saturday & Sunday, October 6th & 7th – St. Germaine Church(after all weekend Masses.)
**** Just come up to the table outside the church and volunteer to stay for 10-15 minutes to help with collection from our parishioners after Mass!!! *******
Saturday, October ??? TBD??? — Walmart—   (Still awaiting paperwork processing & corporate permission!!!)
Saturday, November 3rd. – Safeway Grocery Store— (Both Doors)
***** I need help manning doors during the following times / “6” people in all …..
9:00am – 11:00 am (One person / I’ll be manning one door myself.)
11:00am – 1:00pm (Two people / one at each door)
1:00pm – 3:00pm  (Two people / one at each door))
3:00pm – 5:00pm (One person / I’ll be manning one door myself.)
*** To volunteer to help with this Council Program, simply RSVP to me via this Email o
Call me at: 928-910-1275!!!
Volunteers” can be members, family members or friends interested in supporting this worthy cause!!
God Bless!!!
Paul A. Barko, PGK, FDD, PFN
This is to inform you that the Council will NOT be conducting our PWID Campaign after Masses this weekend ((91/5 & 9/16/18) in order to avoid a conflict with another parish program scheduled for this weekend.
We will be conducting our PWID collection after Masses on the weekend of October 6th & 7th instead!!
Vivat Jesus,
Paul Barko
2018 PWID Program Chairperson

Keep Christ in Christmas A Jerry Koenig Remembrance “Summer Christmas”

“Christmas has become overly commercialized with marketable trappings, minimizing the true meaning of Christ’s birth. John’s nativity can give us a 6-month vigil each year to better appreciate the real birth of Jesus, the child we honor and the spiritual value of CHRISTMAS.” Fr. James


Corporate Communion will be celebrated at the 10:00am Mass on July I am suggesting that Council 8386 begin to prepare for a true beginning of CHRISTMAS. 29th. All members and their families Bob Foster, 2018 Chairman, are encouraged to attend and sit in the reserved pews.—   Keep Christ in Christmas Campaign


Greetings gentlemen; I am compiling this message for a list of reasons starting with the scope of duties we each must act upon in support to this parish, our parish. If this council has indeed failed you in matters of your expectations and or personal needs, then you need not look further beyond myself as this council’s Grand Knight.

But on the flip side, you heard me speak out numerous times that I would avail myself to anyone who requires a simple to sit down and talk.At our last business meeting held this past Thursday evening, I will tell you it went well into the evening as we discussed a range of issues all of which falls into the category, for the good of the order. And I feel you will be pleased with decisions that will be represented in time for motion.

In turning to more short range issues, starting today after the 4:30 Mass, both members of this council and those of the Latin Men’s faith group will construct the frame work for the tent-age to be placed onto them at 7 AM tomorrow, that’s right, 7 AM on Sunday morning for the day’s activities, the Annual St. Germaine Festival. But not to bypass the support needed to our in-house chef’s, Brothers John Ravetto and Michael Kincaid, they will be performing their magic on the grill making for sale, Breakfast Burritos in abundance. Then at some point and I quote, switch gears moving outside to a designated spot and begin flipping burgers and hot dogs, all this before the eleventh hour Sunday morning. So what ever point in time during tomorrows responsibilities to our parish, your help, any help will be welcomed.

IMPORTANT:  Our General Assembly Meeting/Election Night slated for Monday,  11 June, will begin promptly at  7 PM with no program presentation made at 6:30 as normal.

Also, Please continue to pray for our members, their wives as we are all family in the eyes of God regardless of our differences, which is quite normal within any family, Amen?  Thank you

Respectfully Submitted,

Lexy Alex Larez                                                                                                                                        Grand Knight

To everyone who participated in helping Knights of Columbus, Mary, Queen of the Knights, Council 8386 to support Diocese of Phoenix Seminarian Vinhson Nguyen, thank you very, very much. Since May 3, 2014, as a direct result of your generosity, Council 8386 has given Deacon Vinhson seven checks, totaling $4,000.00, to help him with his personal expenses. Not having to worry as much about personal expenses enabled him to better focus on his studies. Deacon Vinhson will be ordained June 16, 2018, 10:00 A.M., at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, 3450 W. Ray Rd., Chandler, AZ. In imaginable “little ways”, you helped.
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler

Road Clean Up. 14 bags filled in less than 2 hours time!! Great crew!! The crew con-
sisted of Wes Berry, John Ravetto, Mike Kincaid, Larry Thompson, and Earl Boggler

and Lexy Larez (shown in photo). Many hands made light work!

Council members Wes Berry and Earl Boggler are just two of the Council members
putting their efforts into selling the annual State Council Raffle Tickets. Prizes total
$30,000. Have you purchased yours?


Heartfelt thanks to Callie and
Ben Taylor for all their efforts
to set a beautiful atmosphere

for our annual
renewal of
wedding vows!



by Victor Gaetan


Out of the Catacombs

Damaged buildings in the Jdeideh district, one of Aleppo’s Christian neighborhoods, are pictured Dec. 9, 2016, during the battle for the city between Islamic militants and government forces. Photo by George Ourfalian/AFP/Getty Images

Bashar Hawale, an Orthodox Christian and private cab driver in Aleppo, Syria, was kidnapped in 2015 by jihadi terrorists and held hostage for 25 days until his family could pay a $4,000 ransom.

“Thanks be to God, my father was released, mainly unharmed,” said Adeeb, Bashar’s 24-year-old son. “But they kept his car, and since it was his own taxi, my father lost his means of making a living.”

When a bomb had blown out the Mazda station wagon’s windows two years earlier, the family — Bashar, his wife, Silva, and their three children — had funds to repair it. After the kidnapping, they couldn’t replace the car and concentrated only on survival.

In December 2016, the Syrian Army ousted the last pocket of organized Islamist insurgents from Aleppo, once Syria’s largest city and its industrial center.

Last year, the Hawales restored their damaged apartment with crucial help from the “Build to Stay” initiative, sponsored by the Melkite Catholic Archdiocese of Aleppo in partnership with the Knights of Columbus. Established in 2015 by Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart of Aleppo, the program has provided Catholic and other Christian families with aid to repair homes and businesses, training in construction trades, and other humanitarian assistance so that they can remain in the city and rebuild their livelihoods.


Life for the Hawales was precarious from 2012 through 2016 — as it was for thousands of Christians in Aleppo.

What began as local demonstrations for more democratic rights in many countries during the “Arab Spring” in 2010 and 2011 rapidly mutated in Syria into confusing military standoffs between rival militias, often financed from abroad, and the Syrian Army, defending President Bashar al-Assad.

A siege began in 2012 when an array of Islamist militias, supported by foreign jihadi fighters, occupied eastern Aleppo with the goal of taking over the city. The Syrian government maintained control of western Aleppo, where most Christians live, but it was surrounded and largely cut off from the rest of the country. Meanwhile, the notorious Islamic State (ISIS) surged across much of eastern Syria in 2013, taking as its “capital” the city of Raqqa, just over 100 miles east of Aleppo. In October 2017, U.S.-backed coalition forces recaptured Raqqa, and the civil war effectively ended a month later.

Before the war, some 175,000 Catholic or Orthodox Christians lived in Aleppo, about 12 percent of the city’s population. Four years later, only 75,000 Christians remained.

More than half the nation’s pre-war population of 22 million people was forced to flee — including some 6 million internally displaced persons and 5 million more living as refugees in neighboring countries.

In 2015, when many advocates were lobbying Western governments to accept more Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq, a lone voice from Syria, that of Aleppo-born Archbishop Jeanbart, gently asked allies for a different form of support: to help Christians stay in the ancient lands where the first seeds of the faith were sown after Pentecost.

“We could not remain indifferent to what was happening to us and let destiny just happen,” the 74-year-old archbishop affirmed. “We had to rise at all costs to confront this mortal adversity, invest ourselves fully, and act with all our might to safeguard our missionary presence, providentially protected by the Lord for centuries on this earth sanctified by the blood of the first disciples of Christ.”


While visiting the United States in 2014 to educate audiences on the Syrian conflict and the needs of local Christians, Archbishop Jeanbart reconnected with Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. The two had met in Rome a decade earlier, and Archbishop Jeanbart was touched by Anderson’s concern regarding the practical life of the Church in Aleppo.

“He kindly asked me how we were able to ensure the functioning of the archdiocese in times of war when we had no resources left,” the archbishop recalled. “It was then that a new page in our history began, marked by the generous support of the Knights of Columbus.”

A partnership was then created with the Supreme Council to advance Build to Stay, which was designed to give people practical assistance and hope.

“Making speeches and appeals to our faithful to remain and not leave their country was not enough and will never be enough,” Archbishop Jeanbart explained. “Discourse had to be matched by concrete action to give people reasons to believe a better future is possible.”

Since the partnership between the Knights of Columbus and Archdiocese of Aleppo began, nearly 900 apartments have been restored. In addition, more than 350 people have benefited from interest-free loans and approximately the same number have been trained in urgently needed job skills, especially in construction trades.

Meanwhile, the archdiocese continues to deliver basic aid with K of C support. Some 900 families received a monthly subsidy and more than 2,100 patients were given medical care from a Church-sponsored clinic last year. The previous winter, the archdiocese provided fuel to warm the homes of 1,400 families, and thousands more receive regular food baskets.

“Without the help of the valiant Knights of Columbus, we would not have been able to do all this,” said Archbishop Jeanbart. “We see the faithful regain confidence, and they feel reassured to find us firmly on their side.”


Fadi & Dalia Mistrih,

Fadi Mistrih, the owner of a phone accessory business, is pictured with his wife, Dalia, and young son Sept. 22, 2017. Mistrih is one of the hundreds of Catholic entrepreneurs who have received loans through the K of C-supported Build to Stay program. Photo by Joe Jebran


Beneficiaries of the Build to Stay initiative include people such as Fadi Mistrih, a Catholic who received a loan of about business growth facilitated by the loan, he is now able to support not only his wife, Dalia, and 18-month-old son, but other relatives as well.

“Life and work conditions have improved a lot,” said Mistrih. “My business is going well!”

The biggest challenge for the Build to Stay movement is supporting larger businesses, because equipment is gone and personnel have disappeared. Firms that were thriving six years ago have largely been destroyed.

George Barnotty, a 43-year-old father of three, owned a company that produced organic fertilizers for a wide range of crops and employed some 60 people, including five agricultural engineers. But with the start of the civil war, all markets ceased.

“Some Islamic military groups took over the area where my company was located. They stole everything, and damaged the building extensively,” Barnotty said.

A Melkite Greek Catholic, Barnotty has known Archbishop Jeanbart since 2004, when they both helped organize a major youth festival.

“Even then, we were concerned to design programs to help keep our Christian youth in Aleppo,” Barnotty recalled.

During the war, Barnotty fled Aleppo with his family after his parents’ house was bombed. They have since returned, and with the help of an interest-free loan through Build to Stay, he is now repairing his property, purchasing new equipment and rebuilding his once-thriving business.

“Today, Build to Stay is very active and very appreciated,” he said.

Support from the initiative has certainly meant a lot to the Hawale family, allowing them to repair the severely damaged doors and windows of their apartment.

“Finally, I can sleep well at night,” said Adeeb, who is now back at the University of Aleppo studying business administration.

“During the war, we lived our life day by day,” he said. “We prayed every day, but it was so dangerous. We didn’t know whether we would live until tomorrow or not.”

Asked why his family didn’t leave, Adeeb replied that his family didn’t have the money to travel. He then added, “Home is home. Terrorists tried to kill us and wrecked our city, but we were stronger than them.”

VICTOR GAETAN is senior international correspondent for the National Catholic Register and a regular contributor to other publications, including Foreign Affairs magazine.


“What About Breakfast, What About
Second Breakfast, Lunches, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Supper…”

Chefs John and Mike have been cooking it
up for the Council’s breakfast as well as
parish events for more than 10 years.
They’ve recently been joined by Brother

Bob Foster flipping the pancakes. Remem-
ber that when you support the Council’s

breakfast, you not only pay less for that
meal than you would at a restaurant, but
you also contribute directly to the Council’s

charitable causes. Bring the family to our next breakfast on March 18th.

Hello Earl,
It’s great to hear from you. I’m doing great and am hard at work. I’m still studying here in Rome and doing work over here. Last June I finished my generalized degree in theology and this year I am beginning a new more specialized degree. It has been tough work but has been very gratifying. Apart from my school work I make monthly visits down to the US Naval Base in Naples, 2 hours south of Rome. I spend weekends there doing CCD and helping out at the masses. I have opportunities to preach homilies down there and up here in Rome as well as there are a lot of communities with nuns where we are able to help out.
Sadly, I will not be able to visit the parish any time soon. I will be in the valley for Christmas, however, I will be working while I am there. Perhaps we can make this work another time. In other news, however, my ordination is scheduled for June 16th at St. Andrew the Apostle in Chandler. I’m looking forward to that and know that you are all invited.
In Christ,
Dcn. Vinhson
PS: Attached is a picture of me after my first mass as a deacon.
The Council celebrated Columbus Day with a spaghetti dinner prepared by
Chef Mike Kincaid and his Lady, Joann. Reiser Hall was filled to near capacityand the dinner was extremely well received. Grand Knight Lexy Larez wel-
comed all who attended and presented Fr. Dan’s mother with a bouquet of flow-
ers. Thanks again for all the volunteers who made this a memorable occasion,especially our Ladies who provided the desserts as well as Callie and Ben Taylor
for the festive decorations, and those who helped clean up — Monte Dragon,
Cong Van Tong, Dave Hertko, Larry Tweet, Bob Foster, and Grand Knight Lexy

Gross Income:                $1,217.00
Dinner Expenses, Food:      -317.32 (note: $6.52 of this was for pancake batter to support World Fatima Breakfast)
Decoration Expenses:          -37.35
Net prophet:                     $862.33
Bro Hertko turned in $700.00 in pre-sales to FS on 10/08/2017 and Noodle King turned in $517.00 to FS on 10/14/2015–totaling$1,217.00 (see attached worksheet)
Very good job everyone!

Email me the names of people who worked this event. I forgot who they all were. I can’t even remember if I worked clean-up or not. Anyone remember?

Just as Michael planned, we broke even on the spaghetti dinner.
Thank you Kincaids for making the best spaghetti and “3 oz. meatballs” we’ve ever tasted at St. Germaine Catholic Church, Prescott Valley, AZ, during October on the day after Friday the 13th!
Thank you Callie and Bubba for applying your superb decorating skills!
Thank you Tweets for serving large portions to everyone but Earl Boggler!
Thank you Dave for grabbing the money at the door and thanks to you and Monte for washing and drying the dishes, pots, and pans (Monte, we all know you washed most of them)!
Thank you Wes for helping set up.
Thank you Carla for taking pictures and keeping a visual record of just how much Doug Becker really eats!
Thank you Cong and R. Hughes for helping to make the evening a success! And thanks Lexy for your kind words!
Just as JoAnne planned, we made $868.85 on the meatballs!
So, overall, WOW! Good job everyone!
God bless,
Earl Boggler

FIESTA  SETUP information:

Saturday, following Mass, we usually help our La Quadalupana Catholic Men set-up numerous metal frames. Trustee Gonzalo, since having rotator cuff surgery, should only supervise. When we set-up the larger frames we’ll place the frame legs in 5-gallon buckets and fill the buckets with rocks that we gather from the rock pile behind the RE Building (helps the larger assemblies withstand higher winds). Then, we’re done for Saturday.
Sunday, as early as 6:30 AM, we usually help to cover the frames with canvas (we used to do everything on Saturday, but high over-night winds threatened to undo everything we had accomplished).
Sunday, after the Festival closes, we help to disassemble everything. When we’ve completed disassembling, we make sure the surrounding area is clean.
Sunday, following 8:00 AM Mass, we serve Breakfast Burritos.
Sunday, from the time that the Festival begins until closing, we serve Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.
CONTACT information:
Frames and canopies assembly, disassembly, final cleaning . . . Trustee Gonzalo Garcia 928-775-3425(R) or 928-710-0781(C).
Breakfast burritos, hamburgers, hot dogs . . . Trustee John Ravetto 928-899-2705(C) (John responds best to texts).
Breakfast burritos, hamburgers, hot dogs . . . 40-Year-Member Bro Mike Kincaid 928-772-4722(leave Mike a message).
FYI John: Bro Gonzalo expects to receive the hamburger & hotdog buns Thursday/Friday and the tortillas Saturday. He will put them in the Hall.
Questions/corrections, feel free to reply.
God bless.
Vivat Jesus
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler

St. Germaine Festival
Sunday, September 17th

11am – 4pm

 Activities
 Bingo & Lotteria
 Bounce House
 Games
 Water Games
 Music
 And More…

Proceeds Benefit The Building Fund
 Breakfast Burritos
 Hamburgers
 Hot Dogs
 Pizza
 Egg Rolls
 Enchilada’s
 Nachos
 Tacos
 Tamales
 Sno-Cones
 Desserts
 Cotton Candy
All-Day Children’s Games Wrist Bands Available For Purchase

(*Some Restrictions Apply)

7997 E. Dana Dr, Prescott Valley
Fiesta de St. Germaine
Domingo, 18 de Septiembre

11am – 4pm

 Juegos

 Bingo & Lotteria
 Bounce House
 Face Painting
 Juegos de Agua

 Musica
 And More…

Los Fondos Recaudados Son Para El Fondo de La Nueva Iglesia
 Hamburgers
 Hot Dogs
 Pizza
 Egg Rolls
 Enchilada’s
 Nachos
 Tacos
 Tamales
 Sno-Cones
 Postres
 Algodon de Azucar

Las pulseras par el día son disponible para su compra.

(*Se aplican

Attachments area


Council Corporate Communion

The Council’s first Corporate Communion of the 2017-2018 fraternal year was cele-
brated at the 10:00am Mass on Sunday, August 27th.

Fr. Dan, Council Chaplain, recognized the Knights in attendance, thanked them for their charitable works, contributions from their annual State Raffle, and joined them for a photo with their spouses.

Watch for details of the next Corporate Communion and plan to attend this Council family event.

Per State Council guidance, our 2017 Charity Raffle goal is $1,826.00.
We have raised $2,944.00. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And we’re not yet finished. Remember, turn in your sales/purchases NLT our May 8th meeting. On May 9th I will assemble the package that Bro Foster will deliver to our State Conference.
An improved program this year: 50% we direct to the St Germaine Building Fund, 50% to our State Council; then,10% of State Council’s share is awarded to us, Council 8386.
Thank you all very much for enabling this program’s success! And for all that you do!
God bless!
Vivat Jesus,
Earl Boggler
Council in Action A great time was had by all the children who participated in the Easter EGG  Hunt. Our special thanks to “Floppy” who made the event truly special. Thanks to our Council 4th Degree Color Corps Members who gave tribute to the 1st Communion celebrated at Sacred Heart in Prescott
News from our Seminarian
This year is my third year of theology in Rome. This year I’m finishing up two programs. The first program was a study in the spirituality and theology of Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict XVI has been one of the most influential theologians of the last 50 years and I had the privilege of being a part of a special program that studies his theology. It was a great blessing and I just finished up the program last month. This semester I will be finishing up my degree in Sacred Theology Bachelor which is equivalent to a Masters in Divinity in the United States. Following this year I will begin studying a more specialized program of theology which will eventually be chosen by Bishop Olmsted. These often include biblical studies, canon law, morality, and many more. In the end it is up to the bishop and what he sees as an important need in the diocese. In addition to my studies, I travel to Naples in order to visit the US naval base. I have the opportunity to do pastoral work by teaching CCD to the young children preparing for their sacraments and helping out with the RCIA program. This past month I was blessed to help lead a retreat of 8th graders in their preparation for receiving confirmation. All of this takes a great deal of work and preparation but it is a great blessing to be with families and to be able to teach the faith. We have also begun to practice different aspects of our future ministry. One of these is that we are practicing homilies. We are tasked with preparing homilies and giving them to our brother seminarians and priests and then we are critiqued. It’s great practice and I can’t wait to do the real thing. Outside of this work I spend times with my brother seminarians. The picture you might have seen online is of myself and some of the other men from Phoenix enjoying a day in the city and visiting a museum. Our lives are filled with many busy things but we sometimes get the opportunities to get out and enjoy Rome and enjoy fraternity.
In more exciting news, I will be ordained a deacon
at the end of September in St. Peter’s Basilica. My
class of 40 or so men will get together in St. Peter’s on
September 28th surrounded by our families and
friends to be ordained transitional deacons. Following
this we will finish out our last year at the seminary
here and if all goes according to plan, I will be
ordained a priest sometime in June of 2018. Please
continue to keep me in your prayers as I move closer
and closer to ordination.
I’ve attached some pictures to this email. Please
feel free to forward the email and share the pictures.
The first picture is of myself and the other Phoenix
seminarians at a museum. The last picture is of myself
serving a mass at the seminary in which my
brother seminarians where instituted as lectors.
God bless, Vinhson
As of right now I have the WEDDING VOW RENEWAL, names for about 40 couples.we can handle another 10 or 12 if anyone is interested send me you first name, your wives first name and your last name for the certificates.
Brother Sir Knights as this is a Knights sponsored event I believe that we can wear our tuxedos for the mass and dinner. I intend putting mine on except I will wearing a red tie and cummerbund instead of the black tie/cummerbund.
Bob and Carla will be taking couple of pictures at the dinner so be ready for that.
Your Brother in Christ, Tom Warner
If you’ve not yet turned in your Form 1728A, do so as quickly as you can.
Please go to and click on the Form 1728A.
Fill it out (on screen) and then save it to your computer.
Address an email to me at and attach it to your email.
If you’ve volunteer time that you’re not sure where to enter, explain it in the body of your email and I’ll enter it on your Form.
Brothers, thank you for your cooperation.
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler
It’s time for each of you to report the hours that you have expended making your community and St Germaines a better place to live, work, and worship. Please enter your time on the attached  2016 Survey of Fraternal Activity Individual Member Worksheet Form 1728A 11/14. Notice that the Individual Member Worksheet actually contains two worksheets. Please complete them both, then keep one for your personal files and email the other, bring it to our 01/09/2017 meeting, or mail the other one to me at:
Earl Boggler
4520 N Agua Fria Dr
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314
Round off your hours to the nearest 1/4. And be certain to include your travel time to and from the event . For example, let’s pretend that you volunteered to help with Road Clean-Up. It took you 1/4 hour to drive to the gathering point. It took 3 1/2 hours to clean up our part of Glassford Hill Rd. It took you 1/4 hour to drive back home. Your total time contributed would be 1/4 + 3 1/2 + 1/4 = 4 hours of “Community Activities” on your Form 1728A 11/14.
Please email/hand/mail your Form to me NLT 01/15/2017.
I must consolidate all of your individual data onto the Form 1728 and turn it in to Supreme NLT 01/31/2017.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Questions/concerns email me or call me at 928-830-6183.
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler
I am writing to “THANK” my Brother Knights / Ladies for their help and support in conducting our 2016 P.W.I.D. Program!
While we did not attain our goal of $2,500 we came very close at …..
$2,409 or 96.36% of our goal …. Wow!!!!
TO …..
Lady Helen Barko
Tom Warner
Carl Paladino
David Hertko
Earl Boggler
Jim Claughessy
Robert Hughes
Wes Berry
Robert Foster
Tom Krucek
Howard Basore
Bill Monroe
Mike Kincaid
Dcn. Dale Avery
Michael Vercellino
Cher Vang
My Gratitude and appreciation to all of you ….. 
but especially to my life-long friend and loving / supportive wife, 



I (PAUL BARKO) am once again chairing the Council’s People With Intellectual Disabilities Campaign on behalf of our council.b All of the proceeds collected will be shared between: The Arizona State Council’s PWID Charity, St. Joseph Youth Camp, St. Germaine’s Religious Education Program, and Sacred Heart School’s Special Needs Program. Last year we raised over $2,000 and we hope to exceed that this year!
All of the “4” collection dates have been confirmed and I am in need of volunteers to help with the collection. I do all the set-up, all the clean-up and all the money handling …. ALL YOU NEED TO DO AS A VOLUNTEER WITH THIS PROGRAM IS TO STAND IN FRONT OF THE DESIGNATED LOCATION ON YOUR ASSIGNED DATE/TIME AND GREET PEOPLE WHILE HOLDING A DONATION CONTAINER … THEN GIVE ANYONE WHO DONATES A “THANK YOU” TOOTSIE ROLL!
The collection dates and locations are:
*** Saturday, September 24th. (8:30 am – 5:00pm) — Fry’s Grocery Store on Glassford Hill Rd.
Volunteers are still needed: Two people (2) between1:00pm – 3:00pm & Two people (2) between 3:00 pm – 5:00pm
*** Saturday, October 1st. (8:30am – 5:00pm) — Walmart Store on Glassford Hill Rd.
Volunteers are still needed: Two people (2) between1:00pm – 3:00pm & Two people (2) between 3:00 pm – 5:00pm
*** Saturday & Sunday, October 8th & 9th. (After all Masses) — St. Germaine Parish.
All times are covered …… THANK YOU!!!!!!
*** Saturday, October 22nd. (8:30am – 5:00pm) — Safeway Grocery Store off Rt #69.
Volunteers are still needed: Two people (2) between1:00pm – 3:00pm & Two people (2) between 3:00 pm – 5:00pm
Who can volunteer???? 
Any member of the council!
Any family member (18+)!
Any friend of the council (18+)!
Simply contact me
by cell phone at: 928-910-1275!!!
Thank You & Please Pray for God’s Blessings on behalf of the success of this very worthy cause / program!!!!



Dear Brother Knights,
There is dire need of some good ol’fashion physical support during the load-up and return downloading of items required that will be taken to the pending Life Support Retreat now set for, September 9th thru the 11th
The Point of Contact is our very Brother and Warden, James “Big Jim” Cloughessy. Please direct any and all questions you may have at, (H) 928.772.2590 or
(C) 928.642.5825, and of course by email to,
Thank you for any assistance you can provide to this matter, “See’ya there…!!!” 
Vivat Jesus,
Bro. Lexy Larez
Council DGK  



Tomorrow morning  (7:00am

  • We’ll have a quick clean up group on July 30, 2016 to clean the section of road by school fence line
    • Volunteers needed, please come and meet at7am at Iron King Mountain Trailhead on the corner of Santa Fe Loop and Glassford Hill Rd

Thanks for all you do,

 GK Dave


5/16…..           Current Projects                       Knight's Logo

Blood Drive

One out of every three people will need blood in their lifetime. From natural disasters to unforeseen catastrophes, emergency hospital procedures to life-long battles with chronic diseases, the demand for blood is constant. However, the supply is not. Volunteer to give blood. Volunteer to save a life.

Valentine Celebration

Each Year our council hosts a very special “Valentine Celebration” including a “Renewal of Marriage Vows” Ceremony followed by a “Potluck Dinner”. This ceremony emphasizes the importance of marriage as a “Sacrament” and provides all participants with an opportunity to reflect on and renew their marriage vows. Each couple receives a commemorative certificate from The Knights of Columbus presented and signed by Fr. Dan Vollmer and our Grand Knight. Couples participating in the event report an renewed devotion and spirituality in their relationship.

Fr. Dan Vollmer officiated at this unique event, reinforcing the sacramental bond of marriage over the romantic notion of marriage. Eighty-one” couples congregated in the church after Friday evening’s mass and renewed their commitment before God and their fellow parishioners. one-hundred and thirty one of these further celebrated by partaking in a parish-wide potluck dinner in the parish hall. After the meal and plenty of desserts, Fr. Dan drew tickets for one of the “22” door prizes provided by the Knights. All of the parishioners who attended were delighted to participate in this special event and a number of them later contacted the parish hall and requested that this become an annual event.

Free Throw Contest

The Free Throw Contest is a free program for boys and girls ages 9 – 14 yrs of age. They compete by gender and age group. The winners in each group then go on to compete in the District level and if they win there, on to the State Competition. All of the kids get certificates and the winners are awarded a special prize.

Firefighters of the local “Hotshots

A fund-raising Dinner for the families of the fallen Firefighters of the local “Hotshots” who were killed in the recent Yarnell Hill fire.

Tootsie Roll Drive

The Tootsie Roll Drive is a Knight’s fund raising event that provides support for People with Intellectual Disabilities. The event is hosted by Fry’s, Safeway, and Walmart. This year the council has set a goal of raising $2100 for the program, which represents a $300 increased from the previous year. The proceeds are given to the St Joseph’s Camp and the Special Needs Program at Sacred Heart School.

Arizona State Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, providing year-round training and competitions to more than 4.5 million athletes in 170 countries. The Queen of the Knights Council supports the Specila Olympics as a service project in which the Knights volunteer to assist in registration and conducting the games.

Rosary for the Unborn

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

A joint participation between the Yavapai Big Brothers & big Sister and the Knight’s council to support orphans and children of single parent families. The bowling event is not only a fund raiser but a community building endevor. Knights raise funds for the event by gathering pledges and participate in the events with the children served by Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Arizona State Charity Raffle Tickets

The Arizona State Charity Raffle benefits numerous state charities.

Easter Egg Hunt

This year’s parish-wide Easter Egg Hunt was bigger and even more successful than last year’s! The Knight’s of Columbus here at St. Germaine Parish hosted this event which drew over 200 children ages 2 years to 10 years of age. The Knights provided 1000 candy-filled eggs for the children. Thet were, of course, eager to collect as many as possible. There were three hunts: one each after the 9:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm Masses.

Ladies Night Out

For all spouses, widows and female “friends of the council”. The ladies will be seated and served a light dinner while the men have a brief council meeting. We will then join our lovely ladies for a meal and some social time.

Corporate Communion

Attendance and participation in Mass and Communion as an Order of the Church. This special expression of our faith and our fraternity as a council reflects the core principles of the Kinights of Columbus.

Parish Breakfast

Twice a month the Queen of the Kinights Council host a parish breakfast following the 8:00 AM and 10:00AM masses. The purpose of the breafast is to build community and to raise funds for parish projects. The Knights participate by cooking, serving, hospitality and clean-up. The breakfast is a very popular event in the parish.

Ladies’ Guild
Christmas Bazaar

The Queen of the Knights Council continued its support of the Ladies Guild Christmas Bazaar. This year the council donated a Men’s Basket consisting of items that can be sold at the Bazaar, proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets, and donations by individual knights.

Trunk or Treat Project

In support of the parish religious education programs the Queen of the Knights Councuil hosts a special Trunk or Treat Celebration in which all of the children dress like their favorite saint and attend the church’s All Saints celebration. Then the children march through the parking lot and collecting “treats” from parishioners distributed out of the trunk of their car.

Mother’s Day Roses

Road Clean-Up Day

The Road Clean-Up Day is a project to build community and to keep our community beautiful. The knights take responsibility for a section of the highyly traveled Glassford Hill Rd.

Keep Christ in Christmas

Religious Vocations

As Knights we are in solidarity with our priests. This is the same for seminarians from their first day of college seminary until the day of their ordination. We must show our support to the public, by raising them up in prayer, and by helping others see how they are doing in the journey. They are called to be servants to the entire Catholic population, not just in our state, but the world. The support of the Knights helps shape their experience in many ways, further igniting their dedication to the Lord. Please accept my thanks as our Auxiliary Bishop for your council’s activities

Prescott Valley Annual Veterans Day Parade

Council Soccer Challenge

VIP Cards

This card introduces a Very Important Person, the widow of a member in good standing of this Council. Among the privileges of this card are, but not limited to, free meals for all council events.”

Parish Clean-up Project

Our annual St. Germaine Parish clean-up in which Fr. Dan requests specific clean-up / construction projects.

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Free Christmas Dinner



Per the request of Brother Tom Warner, our Council Advocate and Ladies’ Guild Liaison,
This year we are looking for a man’s night. A good movie. Some hard candy. A gift certificate for a pizza. etc.
drop them off at church in the Knights basket in the office.  Bring them to the officers meeting on the  5th. Bring them to the meeting on the 9th.
Looking forward to see what shows up that I can bid on.
Your Brother in Christ
I am submitting the attached reminder about donations for our council’s Men’s Basket in support of the upcoming Ladies’ Guild Christmas Bazaar.
We need members / friends of the council to donate articles for the basket byNovember 9th, 2015 (DEADLINE)
What can you donate????
Candy / Treats
Popcorn / Jerky
Certificates for a pizza
Movie Tickets
Anything fun & interesting enough to prompt men to bid on the basket!
Where can you leave them???
The Church Office
Our K of C Council Box in the Sacristy
Bring them to the Officer’s Meeting on November 5th. (6:30pm – Classroom H/G)
Bring them to the Council Meeting on November 9th. (7pm – Reiser Hall / Rosary at6:30pm)
Contact Tom and make arrangements.
Thanks & God Bless,
Contact Tom at:
Tom Warner
7284 E Pioneer LN
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314



Per the request of our Grand Knights, David Hertko, I am sending out this reminder about the upcoming “TRUNK OR TREAT” event at St. Germaine Church discussed at our October Council Meeting.
For the last 4 yearsour council has responded to the request of the parish’s R.E. Program Director, Diane Bickert, to host the:
St. Germaine R.E. Program’s “All Saints”Trunk or Treat Celebration.
All of the children dress like their favorite saint and attend the church’s celebration, which concludes with them marching through the parking lot and collecting “treats”  from parishioners who are distributing them out of the trunk of their car.
All members, ladies and friends of the council are cordially invited to participate
in this K of C Hosted Event!
Just fill the trunk of your car with treats and come on up to the parish parking lot by 6:30pm and 
make the children happy!!!!
See you Wednesday!!!



P.W.I.D. Program. update
(People With Intellectual Disabilities)
Helen and I have just returned from Ohio and visiting with Helen’s mother, who is ill and in Hospice. Please remember Helen and her mother in your prayers!
Upon return I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had received “official” confirmation from the Corporate Office of Fry’s Grocery Store permitting us to conduct our “Tootsie Roll Collection” for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
I am, therefore, writing to request volunteers to help me in that collection. Please consider giving a couple hours of your day to help with this important cause.
I need “2” volunteers per shift or a total of “8” volunteers to sign up by September 24th
(4 shifts X 2 volunteers = “8” volunteers)
I will again have everything set up prior to the start of the 1st. shift.
All money will be collected between shifts.
Instructions will be given to each volunteer upon arrival.
Collection vests will be provided.
Bottled water will be available.
I will again close down the site, count the money, and submit it to our F.S.
Date: Saturday, September 26, 2015
Location:Fry’s Grocery Store (Glassford Hill Rd.)
Times: 2 hr. shifts (8:30 am – 5:00pm)
8:30am – 11am
(This is the only 2 1/2 hr time block)
11:00am – 1:00pm
1:00 pm – 3:00pm
3:00pm – 5:00 pm
Volunteer: Contact Paul Barko …. “ASAP”



P.W.I.D. Program.
(People With Intellectual Disabilities)
Our 1st collection – at Safeway Grocery (July 11, 2015) netted – $561.69 
Our 2nd. collection – at Walmart (August 8, 2015) netted – $633.00        
Our current sub-total = $1,194.69 
56.9% of this year’s council goal of $2,100
“Thanks and Gratitude” 
to the following members and lovely lady who greatly aided in the collection efforts this past weekend:
Tom Warner
Bob Foster
Helen Barko
Larry Thompson
David Barko
Personal donations to this cause / program are still being accepted and checks from members and friends can be sent to me (Made out to K of C Council #8386) at the following address until November 1st. Please note on the check that the money is for our council’s PWID Program:
Paul A. Barko
4601 N. Kirkwood Drive
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314
Watch your Email for confirmation of our council’s remaining two collection dates!
God Bless you all and watch over you and your families!
Council’s 2015 PWID Program Chairman



Plans are underway for our council’s 2015 P.W.I.D. Campaign, kicking-off on July 11, 2015at Safeway Grocery Store on Rt. #69. I am also requesting your support by asking you to volunteer to help with the collections. As noted in the attached schedule I have already enlisted a number of volunteers for our first two collections, however I would like two (2) volunteers per door for each collection time to allow for breaks and any last minute cancellations.

Volunteers can be: any member, any family member (over 16), and any friend (again over 16.)—- Email me at:

or call at: 928-237-5663to volunteer.

Please check the list and see where you can volunteer. Last year we grossed a little over $1,800.00 and split the money between: St Joseph’s Camp, the Special Needs Program at Sacred Heart School and our parish’s special needs students involved in our R.E. Program. At this time, we set our 2015 goal at $2,100.00 and are planning to provide the funds we collect to the same three (3) organizations.

If you are unable to volunteer: consider supporting this important cause by donating money via a check made out toK of C Council #8386 and give it to me at any council/church function or drop it off in our council box in the parish sacristy. (Any time until October 1, 2015.)

2015 – P.W.I.D. “Tootsie Roll” Campaign

Saturday, July 11, 2015 — SAFEWAY STORE

TIME                   ______________     ___East Door ______________                                           __ West Door                 

8:30 am. – 11:00 am.__________        __________Paul Barko                                                                     ___Earl Boggler_______

11:00 am. – 1:00 pm.

                                                           __Tom Warner                                                            ___Cher Vang          ___           

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

                                                          __David Barko                                                            _____Jim Cloughessy             

3:00 pm. – 5:00pm

                                                        __Ben Taylor, Sr.                                                        _______Robert Urzua                  


2015 – P.W.I.D. “Tootsie Roll” Campaign

Saturday, August 8, 2015 — WALMART STORE

TIME                                                      North Door                                             _____________South Door                 

8:30 am. – 11:00 am.

                                                             Paul Barko                                                                      Earl Boggler _               

11:00 am. – 1:00 pm.

                                                            Bob Foster                 __________________________John Ravetto__________

1:00 pm – 3:00

                                                           Tom Warner                                                                      Ben Taylor, Sr.                

3:00 pm. – 5:00 pm.

                                                          Ben Taylor, Sr.                                                                   Robert Urzua                   


Our collection date and times at FRY’s Grocery Store are yet to be determined. Once the State Council completes their agreement with Fry’s Corporate Office, our local store manager said he will arrange a date and I will begin enlisting volunteers for that collection site as well.

Prayers & much “THANKS” to all for your help!


Paul Barko, PGK, FDD, PFN.

Council #8386 P.W.I.D Chairman

419-388-4734 (Cell)

928-237-5663 (Home)




Here’s a list of all recently deceased Knights.

Please contact

Sheila Avery (928) 460-5132 , or

Sue Schuetze (928) 759-0754,,

if you can be a Faithful Friend to a family member of Deceased.

The Knights of Columbus has its origin in caring for those in grief.  It is part of the charism of our order.

Deceased Brothers of Council 8386 are as follows:

Robert A. Palmer           04/16/2015        Deacon

Maurice J. Randall         02/20/2015        DGK

Clarence F. Dolezal       10/22/2014

Kenneth C. Hallows       10/16/2014

Robert J. Soikkeli          10/10/2014        Deacon

Lasaro M. Villa              03/28/2014

Robert J. Remillard        09/04/2013

Leroy C. Humes            12/31/2012

Joseph O. Eisenmann   11/05/2012

Walter F. Zydel              08/10/2012

Willard J. Diedrich         04/06/2012

John W. Farl                 03/03/2012

Jerome J. Koellen         06/11/2011

Thomas McBreen          05/11/2011

Frank F. Medina            04/25/2011

Douglas A. Roberts       02/07/2010

Joseph D. Gour             10/27/2009

Gerald J. Richard          04/09/2009

Theodore A Steinberg    10/02/2008


Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at Parish Deacon



The Knights will have roses available for sale ($2.00 ea) at Sunday’s Masses.  Thank you for your support. 

(I am just converting over my address list to a new computer, and I know I have missed names.  I apologize for that.  It is a new setup for me and I’m still in training.)
Dave H



Last Chance!
Buy a Burrito, Support a Child!




Below is the Volunteer information for the upcoming Arizona State Special Olympics Summer Games, which will be from May 7th thru May 9th 2015.

The Games will be held at Raymond S. Kellis High School, 8990 West Orangewood, Glendale, AZ  85305 (623-412-5425).

Please forward this to all Councils who might be interested in Volunteering.

All completed Group Registration Forms (ATTACHED) should be emailed directly to Sarah Haines ( and please “cc” me (

Vivat Jesus!!!
Kevin Donnelly
State Special Olympics Chairman
Arizona State Council
Knights of Columbus
Cell: (520) 370-9041

—– Forwarded by Kevin Donnelly/US/Raytheon on 04/09/2015 08:56 AM —–

From: Sarah Haines <>
To: Kevin Donnelly <>
Date: 04/09/2015 08:53 AM
Subject: RE: Summer Games GMT Meeting-TOMORROW 6pm!!

Hi Kevin,

Here are the group registration forms for Summer Games, along with a role description.  Our biggest need is the later shift on Thursday night on the track and in awards.  The other big need is the later shift on Friday afternoon, again on the track and in staging.
(See attached file: Friday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx)(See attached file: Saturday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx)(See attached file: Summer Games Volunteer Role Description.pdf)(See attached file: Thursday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Kindest regards,

Sarah Haines
Director of Volunteers and Human Resource | Special Olympics Arizona
Special Olympics Arizona
Support Services Office | 2100 S. 75th Ave. | Phoenix, AZ. 85043
Office: 602.476.0836 |  Cell: 480.353.6813  |  Fax: 602.230.1110 |

From: Kevin Donnelly []
 Wednesday, April 8, 2015 6:33 AM
 Sarah Haines
 Fw: Summer Games GMT Meeting-TOMORROW 6pm!!
Good Morning Sarah,
What are going to be your Volunteer requirements for the below event?
Do you have a list broken down by day and shift that I can send out to the KofC AZ State leadership?
This way we can try to get you maximum participation for the Knights.

Example from Coronado Area is attached.

Thank You Sarah,


Kevin Donnelly
State Special Olympics Chairman
Arizona State Council
Knights of Columbus
Cell: (520) 370-9041

4 Attachments

Preview attachment Friday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx

Friday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx

Preview attachment Saturday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx

Saturday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx

29 KB

Preview attachment Summer Games Volunteer Role Description.pdf

Summer Games Volunteer Role Description.pdf

Preview attachment Thursday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx

Thursday – Summer Games Group Registration Form.xlsx



Order your Name Badges through our Treasurer, Bro Doug Becker.

Your initial badge is free. You may order subsequent badges at cost.
Common styles are:
– Pocket Clip-On, which slides down onto your shirt/coat pocket.
– Magnetic, strong enough to hold onto your shirts and some coats.
– Alligator clip, grabs onto your shirt/coat collar . . . .

Approach Bro Becker after our meetings i.e., tonight or email him at

He will need to know how you want your name to appear on your badge and whether or not you require PGK, PFN, PDD . . . annotations.
Remember, tonight is our Spouse Appreciation Night Pot Luck immediately following our shortened meeting. Don’t forget to bring a dish!
See you there!
Order your Council Shirts and Coats through Bro Tom Warner following our meetings.
Shirts are $25.00 and you should pay in advance.
Coats are $35.00 and you should pay in advance.
I have tried to meet/beat his price locally and can not come close! The closest I’ve come was when I purchased a shirt at our State Convention–it cost me $40.00. So, I suggest that you take advantage of Bro Tom’s offer.

Direct your questions to Bro Warner or email him at

And wear your Council Shirt anytime your involved in any volunteer activity at St. Germaines’ or anywhere else they’ll allow you to wear it while you’re giving of your time and talents. It lets everyone know that you’re a giving, fraternal Catholic man!
God bless,


Rosary for the Unborn

(see photos at “PRO LIFE” CATEGORY above)

Brother Knights,
It was a pleasure and an honor to be part of the color corps for an event such as the Rosary for the Unborn this evening. My wife, Carla, attends the majority of color corps that I have been a part of, as she did this evening, and she has a feeling for pictures.  She took some great pictures tonightthat I would like to share with you.
Thanks to the Council for hosting this event.  Please feel free to use the photos for newsletter or websites you may be associated with.
Vivat Jesus!

SK Robert Foster




This event will take place starting at the Iron King Mountain Trail head on the east side of
Glassford Hill Road and Santa Fe Loop intersection Please be there at 8 am, so I can get you setup with a trash bag and a high visibility jacket.  Come help us give back to our community.  Thank you.
God Bless,
Brother Cher Vang, Recorder


BB,BS, Big Brothers, Big Sisters

For Matthew, growing up wasn’t always easy. “I never got to know my mom. The last time I saw her, I was a baby,” he explains. In school. he was shy and unsure of himself. His teacher knew where to get help. She referred Matthew to Yavapai BBBS.
Dan Miller became Matthew’s Big Brother. Two years later, Matthew is in honors classes and a leader on his soccer team. “Dan has taught me how to be respectful, honorable, nice and generous.” Mathew credits Dan’s encouragement and guidance for giving him more confidence and belief in himself. They both agree their friendship is for life.
Because of current health issues and future bruises and broken bones (my wife said that if I bowled she would kick my tail), I wasn’t going to bowl for Yavapai BBBS this year. However, finally, with my wife’s permission, and because BBBS is such a worthy cause, I’ve reconsidered. I’m going to defy FM and RA and the other acronyms I’m stuck with and bowl better then Brother Mike Kincaid ever imagined he could!
As a result, I need your help–your donations. I don’t need checks now, just:
-First Name
-Last Name
-Mailing Address
-Phone Number
-Email Address
-Pledge Amount (they say minimum pledge is $20.00, but I know they’ll take $10:00 pledges)
I’ll enter your information on my pledge sheet.
Yavapai BBBS will mail you a notice telling you where to mail a check in the amount of your pledge. BBBS has made it just this simple.
If you decided to donate, please EMAIL me the above information (careful with your decimal place) not-later-than midnight tonight. I’ll get up early tomorrow and fill out my pledge sheet. I have to be at the bowling alley at 9:30 AM to begin bowling at 10:00. Wish me luck.
If you can’t donate, please pray for BBBS. And while you’re at it, pray for Child Protective Services too. We have so many disadvantaged, homeless, and abused children that need our time, talent, money…everything we can give.
Thanks for your consideration!
God bless,
Earl Boggler



This weekend, I need help selling AZ State Charity Raffle Tickets
I need three Knights to man table(s) at each Mass:
Saturday, after 4:30 Mass.
–after 8:00 Mass.
–after 10:00 Mass.
–after 12:00 Mass.
Please email me and let me know at which Mass you can help.
Thank you for your cooperation!
In your service,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler


Dear Brother Don,

A friendly reminder that the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Training Webinar Focusing on Orderwide Initiatives to Promote Council Growth begins in two days.

LIVE WEBCAST DATE:  March 7, 2015

Use the link below to enter the webcast up to 15 minutes before the start.


SYSTEM TEST:  Test your computer to make sure you meet the minimum technical requirements.
Test Your System

Fraternally Yours,

Gary R. Nolan
Vice President for Fraternal Training and Ceremonials


Thanks to Bro Paul Barko and numerous volunteers we had three(3) very successful PWID fund raising events.
Check’s in the mail and the results are attached.
Good job everyone!
God bless!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler
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Preview attachment scan0002.jpg



Preview attachment scan0003.jpg




As you all know, our current political and social climate seems intent on removing God from our lives, including the “dismissal” of God from Christmas!
In an effort to counter that movement, the Officers and Trustees of our council voted unanimously to once again engage in a promotion of: 
“Christ in Christmas” and our lives.

As a result, Bro. Jerry Koenig took the lead and purchased “Keep Christ in Christmas” Lapel/Coat Pins for sale after Masses at St. Germaine Parish. Due to the tremendous success of our November 15-16, 2014 sale, (we sold out all our pins and had requests for more) we repeated our sale this past weekend (December 6-7th.) once again due to the efforts of Brother Jerry and the volunteers who helped with the sale.
We are proud to say, that the 2nd sale was even more successful than the first, as we sold out all our pins even earlier than in November. While the final tally is still being calculated, we can say that we distributed over “500” lapel pins! What a wonderful show of support by our parishioners and their families visiting from out of town.
In the true spirit of FRATERNITY, promoted in the 3rd. Principle of the Knights of Columbus, we want to extend our “THANKS” to all the men / women who helped with the planning, coordination and/or the actual sales during one or both of the dates for this important council event: …… (listed alphabetically after Jerry.)
Jerry Koenig
Linda Ables
Helen Barko
Howard Basore
Earl Boggler
Keith Bricker
James Claughessy
Bob Foster
Gonzalo Garcia
David Hertko
Robert Hughes
Tom Krucek
John Negron
Bill Pierce
John Ravetto
Cher Vang
Stephanie Vang
Thomas Warner 
God Bless You All … and we thank God that you are involved with our K of C Council!!!!!!
Paul & Jerry
Council’s 2014 “Keep Christ in Christmas” Co-Chairmen
VINHSON NGUYEN is a Diocese of Phoenix Seminarian, a Brother Knight, and the brother of An Pfister, one of our parishioners.
Through Supremes’ Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) we provide Brother Vinhson monetary support. When Council 8386 receives donations from Knights and St Germaine parishioners we give that money to Vinhson in increments of $500.00–per the RSVP guidelines. In the past year, due to the charity of many, Council has sent Vinhson a total of $1,500.00 to help him with his personal expenses, especially during his transition from Phoenix, AZ to Rome, Italy, where he will study for the next 3-4 years.
Remember, RSVP never ends.  Remind fellow Knights and St Germaine parishioners that we/they directly support Brother Vinhson in becoming a Phoenix Diocesan Priest. We will accept donations of any amount, anytime, anywhere!
Also, remember that Brother Vinhson has asked that we pray for him. Please make sincere prayer for him a part of your daily routine.
Questions/concerns, contact me at 928-830-6183.
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Vinhson Nguyen<>
Date: Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 1:11 AM
Subject: Greetings from Rome

Hello Earl,

Forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. I feel like since I have arrived in Rome, I’ve been dropped into a tornado and have been going non-stop! I wanted to let you know that the check y’all sent to my father arrived safely and he was able to deposit it into my account. Again, there is only so little I can say to express my thanks for St. Germaine’s and the Knights. My best repayment comes in the form of prayers and I hope that you are doing the same for me!

Rome has been a wonderful experience in the few months I’ve been here. It’s quite a blessing to be studying so close to the heart of the Church and so close to the Holy Father. I’ve had the opportunity of going to several masses with the Holy Father and the Knights and the Diocese of Phoenix are constantly in my prayers. I’ve attached a picture of myself and some of my brother seminarians as we are waiting for a Papal Mass to begin. There is also another picture of the Holy Father doing a couple laps around the Square in his Popemobile after the Beatification of Blessed Paul VI. Please share this email with the Knights and any others who would be interested. God bless and I hope to send a more detailed update soon!

Vinhson Nguyen


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Preview attachment image.jpg



Preview attachment image.jpg


St. Germaine Parish’s “All Saints Day” Celebration
for the Youth of our Parish!
(Hosted by our K of C Council!)
When: Wednesday, October 29th. at 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Where: St. Germaine Parish’s Parking Lot
Why: Support the youth in our Parish R.E. Program, celebrating “All Saints’ Day”!
What:“A Trunk or Treat” Program
How to Participate:
  • Purchase candy for 50-60 youth.
  • Place the candy in the trunk of your car.
  • Drive your car to St. Germaine’s Parking lot in time for the 6:00pm start.
  • Park in one of the designated “Trunk or Treat” spaces next to Reiser Hall.
  • Open your trunk lid.
  • Pass out the candy to the parish youth in the R.E. Program … who will be dressed as their favorite Saint!
  • Have “FUN”!

God Bless you all!!!

Worthy Knights,

I am submitting an application to the City of Prescott for participation by the Knights of Columbus in the

Annual Veterans Day Parade on November 11, 2014.  Entries are going to be asked to be lined up in the

staging area by 9:30 AM.  The parade is scheduled to start at 11:00 AM.

Leo, could we have a Call Out that day?

Prescott Valley Council, who should I contact when I have more information?

Chino Valley Council,  who should I contact when I have more information?  Also, could you ask your Worthy

Brother Knight with the trailer if he could be so kind as to pull the trailer again?

Thank you all

~ Joe Maresh

Grand Knight, 1032


An Invitation …
…in our community!
Our next K of C Council road clean-up event is tomorrow
Saturday, September 27th.
Who?Any member, family member (12 yrs. & older) or friend of the council.
Start Time: 7:00 am. (till we’re done!)
Location: Iron King Trail Head (East off Glassford Hill Rd & Santa Fe Loop Rd.)
Bring:Gloves / water / comfortable shoes / hat / any litter picking-up devices you may have / etc.
Provided: Reflective vests / garbage bags / camaraderie / fun !!!!!
See you tomorrow morning at 7:00am !!!!!!
Cher Vang 
Council Road Clean-up Chairman
This a picture of the certificate and presentation to the Manager of Safeway Food Store recognizing their support of our PWID Collection on August 30, 2014.
The manager was grateful for our council’s recognition of their support, and intends to share the news of the recognition with their corporate office…… making it easier to enlist their support again in 2015.
The 1st. of 3 collection dates for our annual Tootsie Roll Campaign is coming up this Saturday, August 30th (9:00am – 5:00pm) at Safeway Grocery Store on St. Rt. #69 in PV
Please check the attached schedule of volunteers for that date and the other two dates: September 20th (Fry’s) & October 4th. (Walmart)
As you will see by the schedules, I can still use some volunteers to cover the collection times and would welcome your willingness to come forward and help. REMEMBER: the money collected goes in support of People With Intellectual Disabilities within our community and all of it stays within Arizona.
“If” you are a volunteer: simply show up about 10 minutes before your scheduled shift and everything you need will be provided and your duties will be explained in that time before you start.
Thanks & God Bless,
Paul Barko
419-388-4734 (Cell) ….. For Questions or emergency!

My Dear Brother Knights, Ladies and Friends of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386,

Over the next three months our council will be conducting “3” Tootsie Roll – P.W.I.D. Collection events. As the Chairman of this year’s campaign I am in need of volunteers (individuals or couples) to help man the tables at each site …. especially the upcoming August 30th date
The dates are:
Saturday, August 30th. (9:00am – 5:00pm) at: Safeway Grocery Store 
Saturday, September 20th. (9:00am – 5:00pm) at: FRY’s Grocery Store
Saturday, October 4th. (9:00am – 5:00pm) at: Walmart Department Store
Attached are the current hours available for each date. Please review each date and Email me the specific hours (2hr blocks) you can help me by volunteering to collect at the store entrances. Any slot without a name is currently available for you to select. My goal is to have “4” volunteers for each time slot (2 people at each door) but a minimum  of “2” is needed (1 at each door).
Thanks in advance for your willingness to help support this highly worthwhile event!!!!!!! 
Remember: all of the money collected is designated for People With Intellectual Disabilities”. (P.W.I.D.)
God Bless and get back to me with your volunteer hours ASAP!!!!!
Paul Barko, PGK


Thank you for volunteering to donate whole blood.  I’ve made the following new appointment for you at the 06/22/2014 KOC – St Germaine Catholic Church blood drive.For more information regarding donating blood, please visit our website.  To change or cancel this appointment, please contact me at the email address below.Thank you so much for volunteering to donate blood.Sincerely,
Doug Becker,
   Appointment Details:
Date: 06/22/2014
Time:  11:30 AM
Location:    KOC – St Germaine Catholic Church
Reiser Hall
7997 E Dana Dr
Prescott Valley
click here to add your appointment to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
Coordinator:  Doug Becker,
Recruiter:  Tom Bryson,
   Directions and Notes:
Driving Directions
Directions :Fellowship Hall
Drink plenty of water and non-caffeinated beverages for three days prior to the drive. Bring your ID, and bring a list/know the medications you take and the places you’ve traveled.

If you have been told previously by United Blood Services or another blood center that you should never donate blood, please disregard this message. If you recently made a blood donation, or if you have already scheduled an appointment to donate blood, please accept our thanks on behalf of the patients whose lives you may have touched.



Our Council’s “Adopt-A-Road Clean-up Project” has finally started …… Here are the details!

When: Saturday, May 17th. at 7:30am…. till we are done or you need to leave!
Where: Meet at the church parking lot to carpool to the starting place or drive to the starting place at the Iron King Mtg.Trail Head (Corner of Glassford Hill Rd & Santa Fe Loop Rd.) and park in the “Eastern” parking zone, where the old “ore car” is located.
Who: Any/all council members and their family members 12+ years of age. (We are cleaning Glassford Hill Rd. and there is too much traffic for younger children.)
Bring:Protective gloves (preferably leather), any “pick-up devices” you own, and wear light colored clothing. (Safety vests and garbage bags will be provided by the Town of P.V.)
*** NOTE: All participants will be required to sign a waiver statement prior to participating in the clean-up, per the Town of P.V.
See you Saturday!
Cher Vang
Program Chairman


4/22/14  ADOPT A HIGHWAY Project

Thanks to the efforts of Brother Cher Vang, our council has been approved to adopt the stretch of Glassford Hill Road between St. Rt. #89A and Santa Fe Loop Rd.  The signs marking our responsibility for cleaning-up the road have been erected (see below) and the time has come to sign-up volunteers to get the initial crew to work …. hopefully on Saturday, May 17th (8:00am – ?)
Brother Cher will be recruiting volunteers at both the upcoming Anniversary / Awards Dinner this Saturday(the 26th. — after the 4:30pm Mass) and again at our next council meeting on May 12th, at 6:30pm in Reiser Hall!
I am asking for your support of this “new project” and for you to say yes to Cher when he asks you to volunteer! We will be providing clean-up crews 2-4X year.
My “THANKS” to Brother Cher for his work in getting this project off the ground! It is a project that helps both our community as well as promoting our presence within the community!
A real “win-win” program!!!

God Bless,
Paul Barko, GK



The St. Germaine Easter Egg Hunt: A Tremendous Success
This year’s parish-wide Easter Egg Hunt was bigger and even more successful than last year’s! The Knight’s of Columbus here at St. Germaine Parish hosted this event which drew over 200 children ages 2 years to 10 years of age. The grassy area between the church and Reiser Hall was a great place for the Knights to hide the “1,000” candy-filled eggs available for the children, eager to collect as many as possible. There were three hunts: one each after the 9:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm Masses.
My “Thanks” to Brother Knights: Cher Vang (Youth Chairman), Earl Boggler, Ben Taylor, Sr, Robert Hughes, and Thomas Gugliotta for volunteering a large portion of their Easter Day to setting-up, running and cleaning-up after this special parish event.
My “Thanks” also to the parishioners who supported this event by bringing their children and coming to Reiser Hall to socialize afterwards.
God Bless,
Paul Barko, Grand Knight
Mary, Queen of the Knights council #8386 

4 Attachments






K of C Charity Raffle Update #4



1:21 AM (8 hours ago)

Thought each of you may be interested in the following information that we received from our State Raffle Director, Bro Richard Armanini, which concerns 4 relevant Q & As.
Please direct any questions to me. Thank you for your cooperation!
In your service.
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Richard Armanini <> Date: Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 4:55 PM Subject: K of C Charity Raffle Update #4

A message from the State Raffle Director, Richard Armanini!  Any questions or comments should be sent to Richard at or telephone 480.818.1774.  Reply to this message, Delete Rick Garrison before sending. PLEASEINCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, COUNCIL NUMBER, POSITION, AND TELEPHONE NUMBER AT THE END OF THE MESSGE. This message was sent to the Charity Raffle Team of State Officers, District Deputies, Grand Knights, Riffle Chairman, Financial Secretaries, Faithful Navigators, and Field Agents. Four questions and answers about the Charity RaffleQ1: Can the winner of a trip take cash instead of the trip?            Short Answer NO! More information: 1. The total list of prizes is worth $25,430 up from $25,019 last year. 2. The first, second, and third prizes are vacation packages and can only be redeemed as such within one year of the raffle. Winners may use the value of their prize trip as a credit toward another vacation package of their choice. If their chosen package is greater in value than the prize they won, the winner is responsible for the difference in cost. 3. Winners may transfer their trip to a third party or organization, if they so desire. Notify us of the transfer within 60 days of the raffle. All time constraints would still apply. Work with the travel agent if there is a problem with travel dates. 4. Since we have already paid for the trips, cash is not an option for the first three prizes. 5. Winners must confirm their acceptance of the prize within 30 days of being notified by returning a copy of the letter we send them asking for a signature and their social security number. 6. The original winners are responsible for all taxes. Q2:  Is this raffle tax deductible to buyer of tickets since all the money is going to 501C3 charities?Short Answer NO! More information: The Internal Revenue Service, in its Publication 526 Charitable Contributions, states that taxpayers cannot take a charitable deduction for money paid to purchase raffle tickets from nonprofit organizations. The IRS includes raffle tickets in its list of “contributions you cannot deduct.” If you receive or expect to receive a financial or economic benefit because of contributing to a qualified organization, you cannot deduct the part of the contribution that represents the value of the benefit you receive.   You cannot deduct as a charitable contribution amounts you pay to buy raffle or lottery tickets or to play bingo or other games of chance. Q3:  Who is the ‘seller of the ticket’?  When a Brother Knight buys tickets, he is the seller of the ticket.  The seller of a winning ticket will receive $100. Put your name or member number on the front of the ticket to be eligible.  All ten [10] prizes on the ticket are eligible for the sellers award.  If you give outside groups tickets to sell for your council, [example: St Vince de Paul] the person from that group who sells the ticket/s is the seller and entitled to the $100 bonus.  Outside groups need to be 501c3 eligible and are pro-life.  Catholic Churches, Catholic Schools, and Church Ministries are eligible.  The bonus is to encourage sales. Q4:  Are the trips for two?  Short Answer YES! More information:  All trips include airfare, ground transfers, lodging, and transportation for two. God Bless you, your council, and the Charity Raffle! Richard Armanini State Charity Raffle Director 3315 E Dry Creek Road Phoenix, AZ  85044-7022 Telephone:  480.706.9314 Cell phone:  480.818.1774“Leadership is action, not a position”
“Valentine Marriage Vow Renewal and Potluck Dinner”
On Saturday, February 15th the members of Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386 organized and hosted a parish-wide “Valentine Marriage Vow Renewal and Potluck Dinner” at St. Germaine Parish in Prescott Valley, Az.
Fr. Dan Vollmer officiated at this unique event, reinforcing the sacramental bond of marriage over the romantic notion of marriage. “81” couples congregated in the church after Friday evening’s mass and renewed their commitment to each other before God and their fellow parishioners. “131” people then walked across the grounds and further celebrated this event by partaking in a parish-wide potluck dinner in the parish hall. After the meal and plenty of desserts, Fr. Dan drew tickets for one of the “22” door prizes provided by the Knights.
All of the parishioners who attended were delighted to participate in this special event and a number of them later contacted the parish hall and requested that this become an annual event.
Submitted by:
Paul Barko, GK
Council #8386
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Parish Valentine Wedding Vow Renewal



Back on November 15, 2013 I sent a letter to Fr. Dan, and copied to you, regarding a proposal by the K of C to sponsor a Parish-wide Valentine Celebration.
As I mentioned in a previous Email, I am aware of the business and oftentimes hecticness of your work weeks, so I am forwarding the following to you, and copying Fr. Dan and the officers of the K of C, so that you and Fr. Dan have sufficient time time to comment / edit / etc. as needed and nothing is put off till the last minute.
To review: ……. the planning considerations that I proposed were,
  • The writing of a flyer/insert to be placed in the parish bulletin explaining the event and encouraging participation. (Proposed: in the bulletins  he weekend of January 18th – 19th &/or the weekend of the 25th – 26th)     personal invitation to all married parishioners to participate in this “Special Valentine Event”, made from the announcement podium and reinforcing the “sacramental nature of marriage” over the socially proclaimed romantic notion, popular at this time of year. (Proposed: The weekend of January 18th – 19th
(Proposed person = Paul Barko, (or someone else of Fr. Dan’s choosing) with Fr. Dan’s added endorsement and encouragement after each Mass that same weekend, per his discretion.)
  • formal registration by all couples wishing to participate. (Proposed: The weekend of January 25th – 26th. (This will allow the certificates acknowledging this event to be readied for distribution at the Potluck Dinner.)
(As this event has been proposed by and is being sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, members of the K of C will be standing outside the church that weekend with registration forms.)
  • Pictures and a story-line about the event to be placed in the parish bulletin the weekend following the event, along with reinforcing comments from Fr. Dan (optional) from the pulpit that same weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
    (Again, since this is a K of C sponsored event, pictures will be compiled and an article written by the Knights within one week of the event.)
I realize that Fr. Dan asked me to be flexible with the dates of each of these activities due to a Diocesan event that needs to be promoted as well during that same time period. Rest assured that as we formalize these plans all needed rescheduling will be introduced as Fr. Dan requests! 
God Bless you and all you do for the parish, the K of C …..  and for me!!!!!
   (Have a smile on your face and know that you are appreciated!)

Dear Bro. Tom,

While up at church this morning (11/19/13), Fr. Dan informed me that the Hispanic Community has notified him that they have plans for a raffle of their own during the next few weeks, culminating in a drawing on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec.12th), just as we had planned on doing with your proposed raffle of the statue of Our Lady.
Therefore, he requested that we not have our raffle so that we do not compete with them. I informed him that as our pastor we will respect his request and postpone the raffle at this time.
God Bless,

My Fellow Officers and Trustees,

As I stated in our Officer/Trustees’ Meeting on November 7th, I have completed the “Year of Faith” Activity Report  on behalf of the council, indicating our council’s participation in the Supreme Program.

In my meeting with Fr. Dan yesterday, he reviewed and signed the report as our Chaplain, as required by Supreme. I have made copies and sent the original to Supreme and copies to our State Deputy and our Worthy District Deputy, Steve Byers today (11/15/13), since it is due to Supreme by November 30th.

God Bless,
Paul Barko, GK
Hello Blood Donors at St. Germaine’s Church.Our next scheduled Blood drive is December 1 from 9 to 2 pm. Click on the appointment link and schedule your appointment. What better gift to give this holiday season than the gift of life.Thanks, please click here: make an appointment
Parish “Open-House”
(Saturday, October 5th / 9:00am – Noon)
Our Council has been approached by the Parish Council to help with the upcoming Parish “OPEN-House” on Saturday, October 5th (9:00am – Noon) as the parish goes public with the news of our new church. We need volunteers to:
  • Serve as “Docents” ….. and guide tours around the church
  • Serve as “Greeters” …. and welcome people attending the open-house.
  • Serve as “Parking Guides” …. and direct traffic.
What a great way to support our parish and Fr. Dan’s efforts to get our building project off the ground!
Please contact Paul Barko, Gk. to sign-up to volunteer!  (9828-379-5862) /
Training will be provided for all volunteers so that you know what to do!
I am still in need of volunteers (You don’t have to be a KNIGHT) to help with the collection of donations for our annual “Tootsie Roll Drive” coming up next Saturday (9/28/13).
Please consider donating an hour of your time to help with this awesome program.
Where: Fry’s Grocery Store (Glassford Hill Rd.)
When: Saturday, September 28th, 2013
Volunteers Needed: Between 9:00am – 6:00pm   *** Chairs will be available for those needing to sit. ***
To volunteer: Call or Email Paul Barko at (928-379-5862) or paulbako@gmail.comto reserve your time.
Please” consider helping with this program: its easy, its fun and it supports a “very worthy” cause!

Upcoming Council Events for September:

  • Sunday, September 8th. – Council / Parish “BLOOD DRIVE” between 9am – 2pm in Reiser Hall – Donors & volunteers are needed! Contact Doug Becker for more information or to volunteer at: 928-775-5257 or by Email at:
  • Monday, September 9th. – “LADIES NIGHT OUT” (for all spouses, widows and female “friends of the council”) at 6:30pm in Reiser Hall. The ladies will be seated and served a light dinner while the men have a brief council meeting. We will then join our lovely ladies for a meal and some social time.
  • Saturday, September 14th. – “CORPORATE COMMUNION” at the 4:30pm mass. We will be sitting together in the first 4 pews on the Blessed Mother’s side of the church, wearing our council shirts and badges. Please join us for this special expression of our faith and our fraternity as a council even if this is not the usual time you attend Mass!
  • Sunday, September 15th. – “COUNCIL / PARISH BREAKFAST” Brother John Ravetto and his team will resume our monthly after-mass breakfasts this Sunday. All are encouraged to attend and support this event. Volunteers to help serve the meals is also welcomed! 
  • Sunday, September 29th. – “COUNCIL SOCCER CHALLENGE”This event is for all boys and girls ages 10 -14 in the parish and will be held at 1:30pm at the main soccer field in Mountain Valley Park (off Roberts Rd.) This “Free” event will be announced in the parish bulletin over the next few weeks. Contact Cher Vang, our Council Youth Chairman at: 414-208-9826 or by Email at: for additional information.
  • Weekend of September 27th.-29th.– “P.W.I.D. PROGRAM” (People with Intellectual Disabilities Program)also known as our Annual Tootsie Roll Campaign. Our council will be announcing the location and times in an upcoming E-newsletter. Please consider volunteering for this worthy cause. Contact Earl Boggler or Paul Barko, our two co-chairmen for this event for additional information. (Paul – 928-379-5862 / Earl – 928-830-6183).

#3.) Council Shirts:

All council shirts recently ordered through Brother Tom Warner are now available to be picked up at either the September 9th Meeting or by contacting Tom       directly at: 928-227-1282 or by Email at: If you or your wife are interested in purchasing a council shirt, Tom is getting ready to place       another order soon, so please contact him ASAP to order your shirt and “Wear it with Pride


Council “Holy Family Statue” Raffle:

     Brother Tom Warner has donated a statue of the Holy Family to the council to raffle off as a fund raiser for the council. Tickets are available through Tom and most      council officers or can be purchased at any council meeting or event. (The tickets are $1.00 = 1 / $5.00=6) The drawing will be held at Our Columbus Day Dinner      (October 12th) Please show your support for this event and purchase your tickets ASAP.
August 9, 2013
SGCC Bulletin:St Germaine parishioners contributed $3,560 toward the Arizona State Charity Raffle, of which $1,780went to St Germaine’s building fund. Thank you all very much! In addition, our Arizona State Councilraised a record $270,620, half of which was distributed to charities designated by participating Councils.The other half will be used for numerous charitable causes throughout Arizona during the Knights ofColumbus Fraternal Year (07/01/2013 – 06/30/2014). Once again, with your help, Mary, Queen of theKnights Council 8386 engaged the Knights of Columbus’ first and most important tenant: CHARITY.Knights of Columbus Arizona State Charity Raffle winners are confirmed as follows:PRIZE WINNER COUNCIL HOME TOWNPORTUGAL George Falkenback  10062 Hilliard, OHBARCELONA Anna McSherry    6933 Tucson, AZITALY Jan McElheny  13272 Tucson, AZ$2,500 Mike Summers    3121 Gilbert, AZ$1,500 Julia Lobo    1784 Concord, CA$1,500 Jan Krieski  13272 Tucson, AZ $1,000 Dick Allen  12851 Surprise, AZ $1,000 Leonard Serpa    4339 Phoenix, AZ $500 Jim Levth  14089 Tucson, AZ $500 Francis (Berry) Wills    7114 Glendale, AZ Congratulations to the winners. Thank you all for your participation! God bless, Co-Chairmen Earl Boggler and Douglas “Doug” Becker.
July 20, 2013
I have recently attended the semi-annual District Meeting held by our DD Steve Byers. He shared information with me about this years PWID Program, also known as the Annual Tootsie Roll Drive!
In recent years this important program has not been able to raise the amount of money that it should be able to collect for this important cause! This year the Officers / Trustees of our council have decided to make this program a focus of our efforts, hoping to improve its success just like we did with the State Charity Raffle last year, under the direction of Earl Boggler (a 295% increase in sales!)
Tothis end I am putting out a call for Two (2)Co-Directors to help organize and run this program this fall! 
  • I have already obtained the information packet outlining the entire program (step by step).
  • I have already ordered the Tootsie Rolls to be used in the program.
  • I have already obtained posters to be used while collecting donations.
  • I am willing to work closely with these two volunteers to help them make this program as successful as it can be.
  • The program runs September – October, so it is a “time-limited” commitment.
  • The cause is “extremely important” – People with Intellectual Disabilities.
The primary duties of the two co-directors are:
  • Obtain permission to collect at the chosen local sites. (EG. Fry’s / Safeway / Albertson’s / K-Mart / St. Germaine Parish, Etc.)
  • Arrange / coordinate collection dates at those sites. (One weekend in September or October)
  • Arrange volunteers to help with the collection on those dates. (9am – 6pm)
  • Work with the council’s FS &/or Treasurer to collect / deposit monies in keeping with the program’s regulations.
  • Report your results back to the officers at the next Officers / Business Meeting following the collection.
PLEASE, PLEASE consider volunteering to help organize and run this state-wide program for our council!
To volunteer, contact me at: 928-379-5862 (Hm.) or 419-388-4734 (Cell) or E-mail me at:
Paul Barko, GK
Mary, Queen of the Knights Council #8386
3.) Our council has been approached about taking primary responsibility for running the Saturday, July 20th. Fund-raising Dinner for the families of the fallen Firefighters of the local “Hotshots” being held at our parish. The dinner will be a simple spaghetti & meatballs affair with salad and drinks, the focus being on raising financial support rather than on impressing anyone with the menu.
I will be needing 4-5 members to help in the kitchen with the food preparation and serving. Other volunteers from the parish will be responsible for the hall set-up/clean-up and busing of tables. PLEASE: RSVP to me by Tuesday, July 16th. whether you are available to help with this important event.
Here is a flyer regarding the dinner and the parish breakfast being run by the Ladies Guild & Catholic Daughters on the following Sunday, July 21st.

images-6.jpg images-6.jpg 9K   View   Share   Download
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autum-tree-blessing-powerpoint.jpeg autum-tree-blessing-powerpoint.jpeg 43K   View   Share   Download
In Memory of the 19 Prescott Fire Fighters flyer.docx In Memory of the 19 Prescott Fire Fighters flyer.docx 40K   ViewDownload
4.) DD Steve Byers’ District Meeting on Tuesday, July 9th. was attended by your Grand Knight, your Deputy Grand Knight, Wayne Theobald and your Financial Secretary, Earl Boggler. The meeting was very informative and helpful in directing your officers and our council for this coming fraternal year. One very important message from DD Byers was a reminder that: All knights involved in any fraternal activity through the council “MUST HAVE” the Diocesan Called to Protect Training!
Please contact Brother Bill O’Brien about your status in this training program and schedule your re-certification (can be done on-line) or basic training (In-person) ASAP!  (928-772-6350 Ext. #108 or )
  • In light of the tragic deaths of the “19 Hotshots” who died while fighting the fire in Yarnell, several organizations        within St. Germaine Parish (including our council) are collaborating in the planning of several fund-raising events to aid the families of these firefighters!                                                                                                                  Please note these events, mark the dates and plan to attend &/or volunteer to help run them:
    • Saturday, July 20th. – Dinner after the 4:30pm Mass.
    • Sunday, July 21st. – Breakfast after all three Sunday Masses
**** To volunteer to help, contact me at: 928-379-5862) 
  • Finally, on Tuesday, July 9th. Brother Keith Bricker will be initiating the remodeling of the kitchen in Reiser Hall by removing the existing cabinets. He could use the help of any member on that morning, starting at: 7:00am
So, Come join the fun and help with a good cause ….
Co-sponsored by: The Ladies’ Guild & The K of C!
Bring yourself and some tools helpful in taking down cabinets.
*** I’ll have the coffee on, waiting for “you“! ***



Parish Rectory Sidewalk Project Update:

  • On June 20, 2013 – Fr. Dan approved our moving forward with the sidewalk repair project along side the rectory.
  • On June 22, 2013 – we received a check for $1,000 from the Ladies Guild to help with the cost of the repair work. (A “SPECIAL THANKS” to Barb Kodimer and the Parish’s Ladies Guild for co-sponsoring this project with our council!)
  • On June 23, 2013 – we finalized a contract with Mark Ravetto for the repair work to the sidewalk; giving him a check for the cost of materials. (A big “THANKS” to Bro. John Ravetto for getting us a very reasonable bid for this project.)
  • On June 25, 2013 – two council members volunteered their time / energy to break-up the existing sidewalk and haul it away. (A special “THANKS” to Bro. William Monroe for his time, energy and the use of his truck!)
  • On June 26 – 28 – we paid Hanson Concrete Co. for the concrete and delivery charges, and the sidewalk was laid and cured.
  • On June 30, 2013 – per Fr. Dan’s approval of the work, we paid Mark Ravetto the final installment for the project. (A big “THANKS” to Bro. Doug Becker for coordinating the flow of checks needed in order to get parties paid in a timely fashion!)
3.) State Raffle Outcome:
  • Today, June 30, 2013 – I presented Fr. Dan with a check for $1,780.00 ….. our council’s portion of the money collected through the State Charity Raffle Sales.   Fr. Dan was very grateful to our council for our support through this program and agreed to earmark the money for aiding the Ladies’ Guild in the renovation of the kitchen in Reiser Hall. (A “SUPER COLOSSAL THANK YOU”  to Bro. Earl Boggler for his Super Job as this year’s Raffle Chairman and agreeing to chair the program again this coming fraternal year!!!!!)



Special Project for Fr. Dan

I have two (2) requests for volunteers to help with several projects being done aT ST. GERMAINE PARISH in the next few weeks!
#1.) All of the arrangements have been made/confirmed to replace the broken sidewalk between the rectory and the church for Fr. Dan & the parish.
The project will begin Tuesday, June 25th at 8:00am.
In order to help keep costs down for this project we are in need of:
  • Someone to volunteer the use of their truck & a trailer to haul away the broken concrete removed from the sidewalk.
  • 2-3 volunteers to help remove the broken concrete and put it on the trailer to haul away.
PLEASE, call Paul Barko to volunteer at: 928-379-5862or419-388-4734
#2.) We are working with the Ladies’ Guild on a project to upgrade the kitchen in Reiser Hall. Brother Keith Bricker will be working at the hall on Tuesday July 9th. to remove the existing cabinets as part of that renovation and needs 1-2 men to help in their removal.
Cabinet Removal ProjectTuesday, July 9th. / 7:00am / Reiser Hall 
Again, Please call PAUL BARKO to volunteer at: 928-379-5862 or 419-388-4734
I will be helping with both projects and would welcome and “appreciate” your help!
God Bless,
Paul Barko, GK


The council is in the process of obtaining an estimate for the repair of the sidewalk to the parish rectory. Once the estimate is received, we will be coordinating the payment for the job with our co-sponsors: the parish’s Ladies’ Guild. We are looking for a volunteer with a truck / trailer to haul away the broken sidewalk pieces & carry it to a nearby dumping site. Please contact Paul Barko (928-379-5862) or John Ravetto (928-899-2705) if you can help!


Hello all blood donors, the next blood drive at St Germaine Church sponsored by the Knights of Columbus is scheduled for Sunday June 23rd in Reiser Hall.Please contact Douglas Becker at 928-775-0660 or go online to schedule an appointment.

For our next blood drive this sunday, please follow the link to make an appointment, still many available
Subject: Next blood drive at St. Germaine

make an appointment

State Charity Raffle FINAL REPORT,  5/17/13
Co-Chairmen: Earl Boggler and Doug Becker.
2012 Amount Sold: $1,025.00.
2013 Sales Goal (25% increase): $1,282.00.
2013 Amount Sold: $3,560.00 (247% above sales for 2012 and 178% above sales goal for 2013).
Sales of $1,000 or More: Bro Earl Boggler  $1,785.00.
Century Sales: Bro Paul Barko = 1, Bro Earl Boggler = 7, which total $800.00.
Thank you Council members for your participation!
Thank you parishioners and other Prescott Valley residents for believing in and supporting K of C worthy charities.
In you service,
the following men for their help with our Mother’s Day Flower Sale over the weekend:
Earl Boggler,
Thomas Warner
Tomas Munoz
Robert Hughes
Jim Randall
Tom Gugliotta
Jerry Koenig
Did everyone have fun on Sunday, or what?
(Photos courtesy of Tom & Sherry Warner) 
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IMG_0580.jpeg IMG_0580.jpeg 38K
VIP Cards were created by Bro Warner and state “Mary, Queen of the Knights #8386 VERY IMPORTANT PERSON (enter widow’s name). This card introduces a, Very Important Person, the widow of a member in good standing of this Council. Among the privileges of this Council are, but not limited to, free meals when the Council is serving meals.”
Today, VIP cards were mailed to (1) Kathleen Bissen, (2) Helen Diedrich, (3) Bernice Farl, (4) Donna Krivdo, (5) Beatrice Medina, (6) Joyce Michaud, (7) Gloria Silva, and (8) Lu Untz.
Please be aware that any of our above widows may present their VIP card at a Council 8386 “Breakfast”, “Dinner”, etc. and should be admitted free of charge. Soon, we will have a VIP Log book to register their attendance.
If any of you know of widows of Knights living in St.Germaine’s or St Joseph’s regions, please let me know their name, address, and phone number(s).
VIP Program POC, FS,
We’ve raised $2,250.00, which is 120% above last years total ($1,025.00), and 176% of this year’s goal ($1,282.00).
Furthermore, thanks to the participation of parishioners following every Mass, we have a member who has qualified for State Council’s “KNIGHTS SALES OF $1,000 OR MORE FOR 2013” program. Today, with considerable help from Bro Gonzalo, I achieved a total of $1,040 in sales (total sales since Jan 7th).
In addition, I only have 22 books of tickets that have not been pledged, so If you need more tickets let me know soon.
Lastly, thank you ALL for your efforts.
Keep selling!
Vivat Jesus,


Parish Clean-up Project
As you all know, Saturday, March 23rd is the scheduled date for our annual St. Germaine Parish clean-up. Fr. dan has requested that the Knights of Columbus Council $8386 help by addressing the wash/ ravine behind Reiser Hall. In response to Fr. Dan’s request we will:
  • Meet on Saturday, March 23rd at 9:00am in the parking lot next to the dumpsters.
  • Everyone can register on the clipboard that I or another officer will have for our project.
  • We will attack the area behind Reiser Hall, removing rocks, debris, and anything else that doesn’t belong.
Please bring the following items to help with this project, “if” you own them:
  • personal gloves
  • rakes
  • shovels
  • wheelbarrows
  • weed-wackers
  • plastic bags
  • etc.


K of C Corporate Communion” Planned

Sunday, March 3rd at the 10:00am Mass
*** Regardless of the mass you usually attend, the officers and trustees of the council are inviting you and your family to attend this special celebration of the Holy Eucharist together as a council. Please come early and sit with us in pews that will be reserved for us in the front-left section of the church.
(Please wear your name badge and council shirt, if you have them.)
In order to promote “FELLOWSHIP” within Our Council and Our Parish, Council #8386 is again sponsoring a ….
St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
Saturday, March 16th in Reiser Hall, after the 4:30pm Mass
*** Because of the tremendous response to this event last year, and the fact that we unfortunately sold out before everyone interested could be served, we will be selling advance tickets after masses on the weekend of March 9th & 10th. at $1.00 off per ticket! 
This event is open to you, your family, friends, fellow parishioners, and anyone who enjoys a 
(Prepared and cooked by the renowned Chef, John Ravetto!)
(*** We will be ordering extra food so that there is no chance we will run short again this year!)
The Official Easter Bunny
Will be attending our 
Annual”Easter Egg Hunt”
Sunday, March 31st.
Please plan to bring your children or grandchildren, and encourage all the parishioners you know to bring their children to this
“Fun” and “Faith-Based” Easter Celebration
(*** The time & location of this event will be announced in a future Email!)
“I’ll be there! Will you?

My Brother Knights and Lovely Ladies of Council #8386,


We have established a planning committee to initiate plans to celebrate our council’s “30th” Anniversary. (Chartered: 4/26/1983)

Committee Members are: Earl Boggler (Chairman), John Ravetto, Jerry Koenig, Ben Taylor, and Tom Warner. (Contact Earl or any of the committee members if you are interested in helping.)
A little over a week ago I put out a call for help from members and ladies asking for assistance for a member in need of our help in cleaning-up his home. Last Friday “13” members/spouses volunteered a total of “50+” hours of their time for that cause! It was a remarkable show of Christian love and charity led by our beloved pastor and chaplain, Fr. Dan. I want to acknowledge each of the volunteers for their loving gesture of Christian caring toward a Brother in need ……. my sincerest “THANKS” to:
Fr. Daniel Vollmer
Scott & Angela Killian
Jim Jeffries
Paul & Josie Elks
Earl & Sue Boggler
Thomas Warner
Cher and Stephanie Vang
Helen Barko
     ….. for your Catholic caring, on your …..                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“St. Germaine Parish Ministry Fair”
Saturday & Sunday, February 16th & 17th. after all Masses (Reiser Hall)
Please join us at his parish-wide event which is intended to give all parishioners  an opportunity to attend an “open-house” for all parish organizations choosing to have a booth in Reiser Hall to  explain what their organization does for the parish and community, and to encourage consideration of membership in their organization.
(Our council will be providing the refreshments for this event.)
I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation to the following Brother Knights and Ladies who helped make our recent Parish Ministry Fair so successful, and presented our council to the members of the parish as a vibrant and active organization within the parish!
My Sincerest KUDOS go out to:
Fr. Dan
Linda Ables
Earl Boggler
John Ravetto
Tom Warner & Lady Sherry
Doug Becker
Bill Pierce & Lady Nadine
Larry Tweet & Lady Gerri
Tomas Munoz
Jim Randall
Jerry Koenig & Lady Carolyn
Lady Helen Barko
Cher Vang & Lady Stephanie
Without all of their help, and the active participation of all of the other “12” organizations that attended and presented their programs to our parishioners, the Ministry Fair would not have been nearly as successful as it was!!! Many organizations were able to recruit additional participation in their programs including us. We have the possibility of 4 new members from the recruitment efforts of the brother knights manning our booth at the fair. In addition, we will have 2, possibly 3 candidates taking their 1st. Degree this Thursday at Sacred Heart Parish. Please pray for them and for God’s guidance to lead them to active membership in service to our parish!
As you may know, we have been blessed with 3 new members year-to-date. With the 2 – 3 taking their degree on Thursday, we will have a total of 5-6 new members by the end of February! We always need to keep asking men to join and to become active members. My hope and prayer is that the 4 potential members will decide to join and we will have a total of 9-10 new members by the end of this fraternal year (June 30th) What an “AWESOME” blessing for our council and our parish!
In Order to Promote a “Council Identity” and “Presence” in the parish, we have begun offering members the opportunity to purchase Mary, Queen of the Knights Council K of C Polo Shirts at cost.
Shirts are being purchased through the efforts of Brother Thomas Warner, and can be ordered by contacting him at:
We are encouraging members to purchase and wear their council shirts when involved in parish and council activities and events, witnessing to the members of the parish and community that The Knights of Columbus are “active” members of St. Germaine Parish, living their faith by being involved in charitable works and meaningful programs in our community.
Attendance & Participation at Mass
Tootsie Roll Drive Collection
State Charity Raffle Sales
Pancake Breakfasts
St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
Annual Spaghetti Dinner
Free Christmas Dinner
“Keep Christ in Christmas” Program
Volunteer Work Project Participation
Youth Program Participation
Council Social Events
I firmly believe that by presenting ourselves and our council as actively involved in meaningful and spiritually-based events, 
Catholic men will want to join!


Members and State Raffle status as of 02/08/2013


Feb 8

to Arthur, Benjamen, Billy, Brian, Bruce, Carl, Charles, Cher, Damion, Daniel, Danny, Donald, me, Douglas, Fred, Frederick, George, Howard, James, James, James, Jerome, John, John, John

Members: 33 paid dues ( collected $1,114, paid Supreme – 279.73, paid State – 237.96, paid Postage – 60.70 = $535.59 remaining) 03 inactive 01 honorary 18 honory life 02 disability 01 died, Bro Leroy Humes, 12/31/2012 01 transferred, Bro Mike Long moved to Paulden and xferred to St Catherine Council 01 very ill and w/n renew, Bro Lasaro Villa, who resides in Chandler (I will try to work disability paperwork for him) 37 prior members who have not paid dues (next week, will mail each a “KNIGHT ALERT’. . . dues are 30 days or more in arrears notice) 97 potential overall State Raffle: 15 members have sold/purchased tickets and have turned in $720.00 (pass through money) 04 members have returned all tickets 75 have not responded In your service, Financial Secretary ********************

VA News Update
Finally, Brother Jerry Koenig, a dedicated and committed volunteer at the VA Hospital, has requested that I remind you of the need for volunteers to help at the Prescott VA Hospital:
 “We need more K of C volunteers at the VA hospital in Prescott. At present there are only seven active volunteers from the three councils in the area, which totals some 300 members. Please note that volunteers decide when, where, and the number of hours they work. Also, a short period of training is provided to new volunteers, and meals are provided at no cost when you volunteer. “
For further information call (928) 445-4860, extension 6282, or SK Jerry Koenig at 759-9910.  
God Bless,        

Membership in the Knights of Columbus

An Experience of a Lifetime”

Started in 1882 by a humble parish priest, Fr. Michael J. McGivney and a handful of men in his parish to:

serve their Church, their families and their communitythrough works of Charity,

The Knights of Columbus has grown to 1.8 million Catholic Men

in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico and South America.

Under the leadership of Fr. DanVollmer, our pastor and chaplain, and with the support of our 4 dedicated and committed deacons the “91” members of the Knights of Colmbus at St. Germaine Parish continue the mission of Fr. McGivney to “serve” our parish, our families and our community through planned activities of charity.

We invite you to join our “Daring Band of 91 men”

dedicated to living our”Faith in ACTION”!

We will have a display booth at the coming Parish Ministry Fair (Feb 22nd & 23rd.) in Reiser Hall and encourage you to come learn more about our organization, meet some of our current members and consider “joining our council”!

On Sunday, March 9th.

(2:00pm. in Reiser Hall)

we will be conducting an

Initiation Ceremony

to bring interested men into the

Knights of Columbus and Our Council

Come join us!

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