Our area insurance agent will be coming to Prescott to give a presentation
at their next Monthly Meeting regarding developments in the K of C
Insurance program and all members are welcome to attend.

(May 15th at
2:00pm in the Sacred Heart Council meeting room.)

Our Insurance agent Thomas Pickard, FIC

will be in our area OCT> 14. Pleas contact him if you are interested.

Courtesy Of Thomas Pickard, FIC
Knights of Columbus Insurance
4743 East Elena Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85206-2707
480-390-1355 Office

June 15, 2020

Attending this Statewide Insurance Benefit Event will qualify us for the Founder’s Award and may be all that we need for the Star Council Award (considering COVID changes to the awards programs).
If you’re interested in Universal/Term Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, or Retirement Annuities, then this is the event for you and your spouse.
Personally, I’ve Universal Life Insurance and Retirement Annuities and I’m very pleased with both.
And if you know anyone who wants to join the K of C and may wish to take advantage of these benefits, let them know about this event so they can attend!
God bless you!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386,
Financial Secretary,
Earl V. Boggler


Thomas Pickard, CURRENT Field Agent
4743 E Elena Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85206-2707

 Our previously assigned Field Agent his information follows:
Adam Zerger
Knights of Columbus Insurance
Field Agent
Courtesy Of Thomas Pickard, FIC
Knights of Columbus
4743 East Elena Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85206-2707
480-390-1355 Office
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A determined effort can open the door to your future.

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Dear Council Members,
Our newly returned KofC Insurance Representative, Brother Richard Zamudio,  has returned full time as our regional agent, which has in turn released Brother Tom Pickard of all duties in our area effective 1 July. I’ve since fired off a thank you email to Bro. Tom thanking him for his many hours spent away from his home base of Phoenix. He sends his regards to all. 
Bro. Lexy Alex Larez
Grand Knight, Elect     



The Insurance Corner

Insurance by Brother Knights, for Brother Knights


Do you have seat belts in your car? Of course you do! How many do you

have? Aren’t you certain that you have one for every member of your family?

Would you buy an automobile that only provided one “belt”— that being for


But would you believe that family after family with whom I visit are running along with the

one “belt” of insurance on the father. Somehow, the common opinion seems to be that death

will strike only the father—not the mother.

Today, insuring your wife’s life is an economic must. With “wife insurance,” should death oc-
cur, you have a fighting chance to retain at least a semblance of a home for your children.

Call me today to discuss these needs.

God Bless, Thomas Pickard, Field Agent,, 480-390-1355



The Insurance Corner Insurance by Brother Knights, for Brother Knights

Annuities: Your Portfolio’s “Sure Thing!” Does the idea of having an income you can’t outlive appeal to you? Then, why not consider a Knights of Columbus Annuity? In your retirement years, we’ll send you a check every month, guaranteed. You may be a veteran investor who’s been battered by more volatile investment alternatives. You may be a first time investor who’s concerned about safety. In either situation, why not put some certainty in your portfolio? Call me today for a free analysis of your retirement alternatives. God bless, Thomas Pickard, Field Agent,, 480-390-1355


The Insurance Corner
Insurance by Brother Knights, for Brother Knights
“I already have insurance at work.”
Many jobs offer some form of group term life insurance. Often, this insurance
is an employee benefit provided at no charge, or for a small co-pay.
Knowing that this coverage exists may convince someone that he doesn’t
need to discuss personally owned life insurance with a professional agent.
That would be a mistake.
Most forms of group-life insurance are limited in amount. That amount
may be tied to salary or some other benchmark, but often there is a cap. That cap may be dangerously low for your family’s needs should you die. In fact, in the absence of a detailed needs analysis (which I’ll be happy to provide, free of charge), any employer-provided coverage may be completely unrelated to needs at death. In addition, the amount of group insurance offered is almost always reduced – and sometimes dramatically – when you retire.
Especially today, there is the very real possibility that you could change employers or lose your job. Or that your benefits could be reduced. In either case you could – one day – find yourself without coverage. If your health has changed in the meantime, you might also find yourself unable to secure individual protection.
While group life helps, it does not replace the need for individually owned life insurance. I’ll be happy to meet with you and provide a free, custom-tailored needs analysis, so that you’ll know exactly where you stand.
Do you need more information? Contact me. God bless,

Thomas Pickard, Field Agent,, 480-390-1355


Wishing you Advent Blessings, a very Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year. With the New Year just around the corner, why

not schedule a review of your life insurance policies. The Knights

of Columbus has policies to fit every family and situation. Do

you need more information? Contact me. God bless, Thomas Pickard, Field Agent,, 480-390-1355



I am looking for agents!

Sometimes it surprises me that I have availability for any agents. I make a great living! I don’t have to look for people interested in my product, I don’t work outside of my faith, and I don’t have to worry about the ethics of my company. Then I realize that not everyone is working hard to serve their fellow man. I realize that everyone says that they work hard, but yet few actually do – you all know that, just like I do.

However, every so often there comes along a man who wants to work into the man that God intended him to be. Every so often someone has a change of heart and knows that there is a door to be opened and they think to themselves “Maybe I should answer?”.

I need men, men like me, and men like you. Men that will go out everyday and help other Catholic families when they need us most. Men that take pride in knowing that they might miss dinner with their families because they will be working to support them. Men who know that they are fathers, and that fathers will provide for their families so that they want for nothing, and can expect everything. A good quality education, a nice house, medical insurance, and on and on.

I asked my wife today if she thought I was rare – why is it, that I would drive 5 hours to help a widow in need but others balk at the idea of driving to Phoenix to interview? She, of course, said that I am “one-in-a-million” – but I don’t think so, I think God asks us all to carry that cross. I think there are hundreds of men out there just waiting to hear their call. Men that would be a great fit in the Order.

If you’d like to work for the Knights of Columbus please reach out to me. You can earn a great living, in a great career, being of service to families that are just like yours.

Please let me know and I will setup a time to meet. It’s changed my life, and it can change yours!

I will teach you, I will mentor you, and I will give you everything you need to succeed.

Vivat Jesus,


Nate Raso, FICF
General Agent
10201 S 51st Street
Suite 260
Phoenix, AZ 85044 US
1-480-422-8452 Office
1-888-338-5579 Fax
My Agency Site
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Our Field Agent is as follows:  (4/2015)
K of C Insurance Field Agent is Richard Zamudio, CCLA, P.O. Box 83, Chino Valley, AZ, 86323.
I met with Brother Zamudio and he’s an experienced, knowledgeable agent. He will attend our next meeting on the second Monday of this month, 04/13/2015
Remember, the New Member Annuity Plan is available to new members and their spouses only upon joining–plus, at the very most, 80 days.
Anytime after becoming a member the K of C Member Benefits include, but are not limited to, its:
– Insurance Program: Offers member, spouse, and children the opportunity to provide for their security and well-being. There is no more highly rated insurer in North America.
– Annuity Program: Enables member and spouse to provide for retirement and build an estate through tax-deferred savings.
– Long Term Care Insurance: Enables members and their spouses to safeguard their assets and afford the care and assistance needed later in life.
– Disability Income Insurance: Enables members and their spouses to protect their most important asset, their ability to earn a living.
– Many more benefits are exhibited on attachment “K of C Benefits Flyer.
Speaking from personal experience, take advantage of the benefits available to you at your earliest opportunity. You’ll be glad you did!
Vivet Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl Boggler
7836 E Prickly Pear Path
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314-7800
At this evenings 4th degree meeting I had the opportunity to meet the new insurance agent for our area, his name is Richard Zamudio, his phone number 928-925-3027.  I took the liberty to invite him to our next Council meeting on December 8.
John, he should be getting in touch with you to introduce himself.

There is also a link on this site to the Knights AZ  Website;  www.AzKnightsOfColumbus.Org

Fraternally,Dan del Villar
K of C Insurance Benefits
As you all know, one of the reasons Fr. McGivney started the Order was to provide for the care of widows and orphans. He accomplished this through the development of Our Fraternal Insurance Program, one of the best in the world!  When talking with prospective candidates, don’t forget that with membership comes the opportunity to become part of the Order’s Insurance Program and participate in all of the life insurance, retirement annuities and long-term care programs available to members and their families!


Why Choose Us?

We are strong

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal benefit society that is strong, secure and stable. Members can be confident that we’ll be here when you need us. We’ve been successfully protecting families since 1882, and our outlook remains bright.

Don’t just take our word for it. There is no more highly rated insurer in North America than the Knights of Columbus. A.M. Best has bestowed on us their highest rating (A++, Superior) for 35 consecutive years.

Remember, in 2010, the Knights of Columbus gave more than $154 million to Catholic and other charitable causes. In these uncertain times, find comfort in an organization that leads the way in doing good for others while doing good for our own.

We are secure

Since 1882, we have been committed to protecting the financial futures of our Knights and their families. We do this by paying claims and dividends to our insured members. In 2010, we paid well over $442 million in death claims and other benefits, and more than $322 million in dividends to our policyholders. Even more impressive is the fact that in the past decade, the Knights of Columbus paid more than $3.2 billion in dividends to insured members.

We are stable

Prudent leadership and management has led to the rapid growth of our assets, providing an adequate foundation for our member’s protection, and securing our obligations to our insured and their beneficiaries. Also, because we are a fraternal benefit society, we have no stockholders. Our owners are our members and we return our good fortune in the form of dividends to our policyholders.

Knights of Columbus Insurance

Since our founding in 1882, the primary mission of the Knights of Columbus has been to protect families from the financial ruin caused by the death of the breadwinner.

In the beginning, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney and his fellow Knights “passed the hat” to benefit widows and orphans.

From that humble start, the Order has grown to include top-rated life insurance, long-term care insurance and retirement products.

With more than $86 billion of insurance in force and a full-time field force of more than 1,400 serving our members and their families, we are proudly fulfilling Fr. McGivney’s vision.

The best way to learn about our products is by arranging a visit with a local field agent. Your agent can custom design an insurance program to meet your current needs, help you plan for the future or simply explain the many fraternal benefits that come with membership.

To learn more about insurance or our products, please use the links on this page. To get a rough estimate of the amount of life insurance protection you and your family need, use our Life Insurance Calculator. The Knights of Columbus is Your Shield of Protection for Life.

Insurance Products

Permanent Plans

Do you need life insurance that lasts as long as you live? Our permanent plans are your best option.

Term Plans

Are your life insurance needs temporary? Many people’s needs are, indeed, temporary – even though they may be of long duration.

Long Term Care

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Record numbers of people are living into their 80s, 90s… and even past the age of 100.


Is your income secured for your retirement? The beauty of our annuity products lies squarely in their simplicity and security.

Disability Income

Protects your most important asset – your income – in the event of a disability.

Learn More

Insurance Q & A

Always refer to your policy. A copy of the application along with the field agent’s business card should be included …

Why aren’t my dividends paying my premium?

Dividends are payable on all forms of paid up insurance except policies being kept in force as extended term insurance

See All       Learn More

All insurance questions and issues should be directed to: or by calling him at: 480-285-1728.
Name: Daniel E. Del Villar
Address: 4809 E Thistle Landing #100, Phoenix, AZ  85044


Dan is interested in interviewing any member in good standing, between 25 – 50 years of age, who may be interested in a career with the K of C Insurance Program. Contact Dan at one of the above addresses to express your interest and learn more about career opportunities!

This communication is from our General Agent with the K of C Insurance Program, Dan del Villar, and wanted to pass it on in hopes that it may appeal to a Brother Knight in our council.Are you aware of our Order’s recent accomplishments? This year we exceeded $88 billion of life insurance in force.This life insurance translates into income for our families, funds for education, mortgages and retirement. Just as important is the peace of mind our members have knowing that their families are properly protected.To provide our ever-growing membership with the service they deserve, we are increasing our full-time staff in your area. I plan to contract an additional field agent for our agency, and could use some assistance finding the right person.The ideal candidate should have an entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic, unquestionable honesty and a desire to assist his Brother Knights and their families. Most likely, this person is presently employed and successful at his job, but perhaps he is dissatisfied with his current position and seeks a positive change.Our agents enjoy higher than average income along with the flexibility of schedule that comes with being self-employed.

We also provide extensive training, continuing education and support. In addition, a complete compensation package is available, which includes health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, pension and 401K, training and expense allowance, bonus programs, incentive trips and more.

This great career is not for everyone. That’s why I am writing you in the hope that you may know of someone, among your many acquaintances, who fits this profile and is looking for more out of life. Or, maybe you are considering a career change and this position sounds interesting.

If you would like to discuss the field agent opportunity, please visit our agency website @, then contact me at 480-285-1728 or E. Thistle Landing, Ste.100**********************************

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