Thanks to the team of Mike and Joanne Kincaid, John Ravetto, and Larry Tweet for another
great Columbus Day Spaghetti Dinner150 dinners served and a celebration of Fr. Dan’s
birthday. Thanks to Brother Ben and Lady Callie Taylor for setting a wonderful atmosphere
with decorations.


Our next breakfast is scheduled for the 28th of October and will be a breakfast Casserole (without possum).
Solidarity Crosses Now on Knights Gear!
Due to popular demand, councils can now order the 5-inch olive wood Solidarity Crosses crafted by Christians in the Holy Land. These crosses can be sold as a fundraiser or given out to participating parish families to encourage prayer and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.
Crosses are available in packs of five (5) for $29.95.
This price does not include shipping and handling.
Please note: All paper order forms are now outdated and cannot be used to place orders. These forms have been removed from the website.
For information on the Christian Refugee Relief program in the life program category of Faith in Action, please visit or clickhere.
To order prayer cards, posters, and brochures for the Christian Refugee Relief Program, please visit Supplies Online > Faith in Action > Life > Christian Refugee Relief Resources.
Knights of Columbus | One Columbus PlazaNew Haven, CT 06510
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Catholic Daughters will set up a table for new parish members during the monthly Knights breakfast, after Mass. Information about Parish Ministries will be available at the table and social interaction will allow people to meet each other. Council involvement would be to provide a free one time breakfast plate for the new parish members and allow for Knights to meet these new arrivals. Motion made by Wes Berry and Seconded by Robert Hughes “To provide a free one time breakfast plate at Knights monthly breakfast, to new parish members”.

After discussion, motion passed.


9th annual Knights of Columbus Christmas Party-December 13th Thursday

Please mark your calendar for December 3rd 2018 as that is the last day to send your
registration form in so as to be included in this festive and merry event.
Attached is the registration form: it is two pages. Send your check and page two of the registration form to: Joe & Marie Maresh, 5733 Cilantro Court, Prescott Az 86305.
You do not have to be a Knight of Columbus to attend or even be Catholic. All are invited to participate in the festivity of the Christmas Season.
If you have a worthwhile donation please email me as soon as possible to discuss it as we are again having a raffle drawing  and a 60/20/20 cash drawing also. The worthwhile goal of this project is to raise money for the St. Vincent de Paul Children’s’ Christmas Party. Orphans, under privileged, and the less fortunate are the only beneficiaries of your generosity.
Wear Christmas Holiday attire-if you have it. Otherwise, whatever you wear and are comfortable in is fine. We want you there even if you wear a red and green loincloth!

So, do not wait because you might be excluded as we could fill up before the 7th of December.

Eight persons to a table so reserve one today with your group.
If you are one of the “early birds” who have already registered and have received this pass this on to a friend.
He or she will be glad that you did as well as you.
Thank you.
Michael Peters-chair of the Christmas Committee
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Into the Breach

The Practices of a Committed Catholic Man
(Continued from the August newsletter)

While there are many habits and devotions
That a Catholic man can form, I charge you
with keeping some basic practices on a daily,
weekly and monthly basis. If these practices
Are not (yet) part of your life, start now.
Build fraternity with other Catholic men.

Catholic friendship among men has a dra-
matic impact on their faith lives. Men who

have bonds of brotherhood with other Catho-
lic men pray more, go to Mass and Confes-
sion more frequently, read the Scriptures

more often, and are more active in the Faith.
Proverbs tells us: “As iron sharpens iron, so
one man sharpens another” (27:17) , I call on
each of our priests and deacons to draw men

together in their parishes and to begin to re-
build a vibrant and transforming Catholic

fraternity. I call on laymen to form small fel-
lowship groups for mutual support and

growth in the faith. There is no friendship
like having a friend in Christ.
Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted
I will continue using these important

thoughts of Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted con-
cerning Habits and devotions for Catholic

Excerpts from Bishop Olmsted’s book, Into

the Breach, concerning the habits and devo-
tions for Catholic gentlemen will be featured

in this monthly newsletter on a regular re-
curring basis.



Vocations conference transportation request

Important Message from AZ State Retention Chairman, Leonard Rheaume. Questions or comments contact him at   Please share this with Council Brothers.  (Letter Attached)
August 25, 2018
Worthy District Deputies,
The Diocese of Phoenix is sponsoring the National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors on September 14-21, 2018.
The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Scottsdale.
Fr. Paul Sullivan, Vocations Director of the Diocese, with the blessing of Bishop Olmsted, is requesting the assistance of the Knights of Columbus to transport nearly 300 Priests, Bishops and Cardinals from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to the resort.
The plan is to have at least 10 two-man teams to transport the attendees.  One driver and one escort, who will stand by near the baggage claims of each terminal while the driver waits in the cell phone lot.
We will also need several knights to greet the attendees near the gate areas direct or escort them to the baggage area.
Staging for the teams will be at Sacred Heart Parish 1421 S. 12th Street Phoenix, AZ. Just North of Buckeye.  We will have a coordinator stationed there and refreshments will be available.
Our request to you is that you carry this message to your councils and solicit their involvement.  This may be the only time that our members will ever have an opportunity to meet and spend time with a Cardinal.
Peak arrivals are expected to be on Sunday and Monday the 16-17th.  We will have a better idea of this once we have the list of attendees and their arrival schedules which should be early September.
Please feel free to contact me or have your Grand Knights contact me with any questions.
Vivat Jesus!
Leonard Rheaume
State Retention Chairman



Please read “Into the Breach”, written by Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix.
If you can not find the actual book, you can enter “Into the Breach” in your search engine and when the many choices appear, select the one that has the Diocese of Phoenix as part of its address and read it/download it.
Furthermore, you can go to YouTube and search for “Into the Breach, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted” and watch the original “Into the Breach” introductory video.
Bishop Olmsted has many great videos on YouTube: EWTN Bookmark interview, Bishop Olmsted to Young Men, Marriage, etc.
Have a wonderful Knight’s day.
God bless!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler


“FAITH IN ACTION”,   7/28/18

Knights around the world know that the chance to roll up our sleeves and demonstrate our faith through service is as powerful as it is rewarding. That said, the demands of life today make it difficult to find time to live out the calling of our faith and our desire to serve. Our always-on smartphone means that work follows us home where we also juggle household chores and frenetic kids’ activities. Free time is precious and dedicated to family. The Faith in Action program model recognizes this new reality and invites men to lead their family in faith and service – not leave their family for service.

In the coming 2018-2019 fraternal year, Faith in Action will be the new program model for the Knights of Columbus, replacing Surge…with Service. The new model seeks to balance all of our priorities as an Order — Faith, Family, Community and Life — and offer Knights meaningful opportunities to serve people in need in our parishes and communities. Faith in Action fully integrates Building the Domestic Church programs, limits the number of requirements for Columbian Award, and most importantly, allows councils to concentrate on implementing faith-filled family programs. Our goal? Quality – not quantity.

Make an impact bigger than yourself – and build bonds of friendship and fraternity that last a lifetime.
Put your faith into action today!

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Tune In Now! Faith in Action 101

General Resources:

Faith in Action Program Guidebook  

Faith in Action FAQ

Jurisdiction and Council Disaster Response

Youth & Faith in Action


           Guide sheets:


Spiritual Reflection New (Required)

Refund Vocation Support Program (Featured)

Building the Domestic Church Kiosk & Series

Marian Icon Prayer

Rosary Program

Holy Hour New

Sacramental Gifts New

Into the Breach


Consecration to the Holy Family (Required)

Food for Families (Featured)

Keep Christ in Christmas

Family Fully Alive

Family of the Month/Year

Family Week

Family Prayer Night New

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Helping Hands New (Required)

Coats for Kids (Featured)

Global Wheelchair Mission (Featured)

Habitat for Humanity (Featured)

Catholic Citizen Essay Contest

Disaster Preparedness

Free Throw Championship

Soccer Challenge


Novena for Life New (Required)

Marches for Life (Featured)

Special Olympics (Featured)

Ultrasound Initiative (Featured)

Christian Refugee Relief

Silver Rose

Mass for People with Special Needs New

Pregnancy Center Support New



“Into the Breach”

Definition; A gap in the wall, barrier or de- fense, especially one made by an attacking army or the devil himself.


While there are many habits and devotions that a Catholic man can form, I charge you keeping some basic practices on a daily, weekly and monthly and monthly basis. If these practices are not (yet) part of your life, start now.


Pray every day. Each Catholic man must start his day with prayer. It is said, “Until you realize that prayer is the most impor- tant thing in life, you will never have time for prayer.” Without prayer, a man is like a soldier who lacks food, water, and ammuni- tion. Set aside some time to speak with God first thing each morning. Pray the three prayers essential to Catholic faith: the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. Pray also at every meal. Before food or drink touches your lips, make the Sign of the Cross, say the “Bless us O Lord” prayer, and end with the Sign of the Cross. Do this no matter where you are, with whom or how much you are eating. Never be shy or ashamed about praying over meals. Never deny Christ the gratitude that is due to Him. Praying with keeping some basic practices on a daily, weekly as a Catholic man before every meal is a simple but powerful way to keep strong and fill the breach.

Examine your conscience before going to sleep. Take a few moments to review the day, including both your blessings and sins. Give God thanks for blessing and ask for- giveness for sins. Say and Act of Contrition.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted

I will continue these important thoughts of Bishop Thomas Olmsted concerning the habits and devotions for Catholic Gentle- men.



Dear Council Members,

Greetings to all; as I finalize regular business matters and at the same time gear down my presence with you, it is imperative to our mission that I make mention of this important reminder. The Safe Environment Program requirement set in place by the Diocese of Phoenix and to protect both our children whom we come into contact throughout a given year and for ourselves in general. Life has changed since we were children and so to has our interaction with the small ones. So simply add this to your list….Amen?
If you’ve not taken this course ever, you must then attend the “Foundation” Class. All others must annually maintain this clearance either done on-line or by attending the dates and times below.:
Renewal Class, July 10 (Tuesday9 AM or 6:30 PM in Classroom F&G.
Foundation Class, July 11 (Wednesday6:30 PM in Classroom F&G.
Please Note, This information, times and requirements will also be in the Church Bulletin upcoming, to include the online availability for those renewing only. Point of Contact is Brother Robert Maekawa, 928.772,6350 Ext. 108
Thank you for your cooperation in aligning yourselves in accordance to both the Diocese and our Parish.
Yours in Christ,