“Into the Breach”

Definition; A gap in the wall, barrier or de- fense, especially one made by an attacking army or the devil himself.


While there are many habits and devotions that a Catholic man can form, I charge you keeping some basic practices on a daily, weekly and monthly and monthly basis. If these practices are not (yet) part of your life, start now.


Pray every day. Each Catholic man must start his day with prayer. It is said, “Until you realize that prayer is the most impor- tant thing in life, you will never have time for prayer.” Without prayer, a man is like a soldier who lacks food, water, and ammuni- tion. Set aside some time to speak with God first thing each morning. Pray the three prayers essential to Catholic faith: the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. Pray also at every meal. Before food or drink touches your lips, make the Sign of the Cross, say the “Bless us O Lord” prayer, and end with the Sign of the Cross. Do this no matter where you are, with whom or how much you are eating. Never be shy or ashamed about praying over meals. Never deny Christ the gratitude that is due to Him. Praying with keeping some basic practices on a daily, weekly as a Catholic man before every meal is a simple but powerful way to keep strong and fill the breach.

Examine your conscience before going to sleep. Take a few moments to review the day, including both your blessings and sins. Give God thanks for blessing and ask for- giveness for sins. Say and Act of Contrition.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted

I will continue these important thoughts of Bishop Thomas Olmsted concerning the habits and devotions for Catholic Gentle- men.



Dear Council Members,

Greetings to all; as I finalize regular business matters and at the same time gear down my presence with you, it is imperative to our mission that I make mention of this important reminder. The Safe Environment Program requirement set in place by the Diocese of Phoenix and to protect both our children whom we come into contact throughout a given year and for ourselves in general. Life has changed since we were children and so to has our interaction with the small ones. So simply add this to your list….Amen?
If you’ve not taken this course ever, you must then attend the “Foundation” Class. All others must annually maintain this clearance either done on-line or by attending the dates and times below.:
Renewal Class, July 10 (Tuesday9 AM or 6:30 PM in Classroom F&G.
Foundation Class, July 11 (Wednesday6:30 PM in Classroom F&G.
Please Note, This information, times and requirements will also be in the Church Bulletin upcoming, to include the online availability for those renewing only. Point of Contact is Brother Robert Maekawa, 928.772,6350 Ext. 108
Thank you for your cooperation in aligning yourselves in accordance to both the Diocese and our Parish.
Yours in Christ,