Saint Jean Vianney Relic Tour

Knights of Columbus holding nationwide tour of Curé of Ars Heart

The Shrine of Ars, France, has entrusted to the Knights of Columbus the major relic of St. Jean Vianney’s incorrupt heart for a national tour in the U.S., from November 2018 through early June 2019.

The Knights of Columbus welcomes this special opportunity to offer for veneration a major relic of the patron of parish priests, whose holiness and integrity is a model for clergy and laity alike.

Please find below the pilgrimage’s schedule and resources for the pilgrimage. The schedule will be updated as new locations are added. Please return to this website for schedule details, which will be added as they become available.

For questions, please email

To donate to the shrine of Ars, which is renovating its welcome center to provide pilgrims a first-class religious experience, please click here.

The Knights of Columbus are supporting the cost for the St. Jean Vianney Relic Pilgrimage. All donations made through this site will be sent to the St. Jean Vianney Shrine in Ars, France for capital improvement.


City, State Location Date(s)
Baltimore, MD St. Mary’s Spiritual Center & Historic Site 11/10/2018 to 11/11/2018
New Haven, CT St. Mary’s Church 11/18/2018 to 11/19/2018
New Haven, CT Knights of Columbus Museum 11/19/2018 to 11/25/2018
Hartford, CT St. Joseph Cathedral 11/28/2018
New Orleans, LA St. Rita Catholic Church 12/01/2018 to 12/02/2018
Ocean Springs, MS St. Alphonsus Church 12/02/2018
Pensacola, FL Basilica of St. Michael 12/03/2018 to 12/04/2018
Birmingham, AL Cathedral of St. Paul 12/06/2018
Atlanta, GA Holy Spirit Catholic Church 12/07/2018 to 12/08/2018
Washington, DC Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception 12/09/2018 to 12/12/2018
Gales Ferry, CT Our Lady of Lourdes Church 12/13/2018
Waterbury, CT Basilica of the Immaculate Conception 12/22/2018 to 12/23/2018
Indianapolis, IN Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral 01/04/2019
Columbus, OH Saint Patrick Catholic Church 01/08/2019
Baltimore, MD Archdiocese of Baltimore 01/11/2019 to 01/13/2019
Alexandria, VA The Basilica of Saint Mary 01/15/2019 to 01/16/2019
Washington, DC Saint John Paul II National Shrine 01/17/2019 to 01/20/2019
Marquette, MI Saint Peter Cathedral 01/22/2019 to 01/23/2019
Hubertus, WI Basilica of Mary Help of Christians 01/23/2019 to 01/24/2019
Notre Dame, IN Basilica of the Sacred Heart 01/27/2019
Cincinnati, OH Old St. Mary’s Church 01/29/2019
Altoona, PA Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament 01/31/2019
Wilmington, DE Corpus Christi Parish 02/04/2019
Washington, DC Saint John Paul II National Shrine 02/14/2019 to 02/18/2019
Inglewood, CA St. John Chrysostom Church 02/21/2019
Van Nuys, CA San Elisabeth Church 02/22/2019
Los Angeles, CA Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels 02/24/2019 to 02/25/2019
Hacienda Heights, CA St. John Vianney Church 02/25/2019
New York, NY St. Patrick’s Cathedral 04/06/2019 to 04/07/2019

In between public events, the relic will be traveling to seminaries, religious houses, and other locations for private veneration.


For Leaders of The Knights

APRIL 2018

Protect the Future of the Church:
Cultivate Vocations This April 22
See Scholarships, page 2

The Knights of Columbus Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) has brought countless men and women the joy of
pursuing their vocations without financial worry for nearly four decades.
The financial concern that accompanies discernment is no wonder. In 2017, tuition at private 4-year colleges averaged $32,000
annually. Those discerning religious life face the additional cost of six to seven years of formational studies.
This is where RSVP comes in: Through this program, councils “adopt” one or more seminarians or postulants, providing them
with financial assistance and moral support.
This April 22 — the 55th World Day of Prayer for Vocations — please lead your council in a RSVP fundraising event. After
37 years, it’s still a great way for your council to invest in the future of our Church. Check out page 4 for personal stories.
Knight line
Priests, Knights and Vocations — Three Unique Scholarships
The Father MichaelJ. McGivney and Bishop Thomas V. Daily vocations scholarships
assist men in their first four years of theology studying for the Catholic priesthood
a ta major seminary in the United States and its territories, or Canada. Preference is given
to applicants who are members of the Knights of Columbus, or whose fathers are
members. Each scholarship of $2,500 can be used toward tuition or room and board.
Once awarded, the scholarship is renewable each succeeding


Nebraska Council ‘Goes Big’ in Effort to Rebuild Cradle of Christianity
In March, Council 10305 hosted a weekend fundraiser to generate awareness of, and raise funds for, Christians who have been affected
by conflicts in the Middle East. Priorto the weekends events, Communications staff chatted with K of C Supreme Director Mike Conrad,
who helped launch the event.
St. John the Baptist Parish Council 10305 is located in the town of Fort
Calhoun, Neb.,and boasts just over 900 residents.The town itself may
not be big, but that doesn’t limit our brother Knights from wanting to
guarantee the future of Christianity.
The council’s dream to preserve the future of Christianity originated
last year, shortly after the Board of Directors announced the K of C
initiative to rebuild the Iraqi town of Karamles following its liberation
from ISIS rule. Conrad and his brother Knights had the chance to meet
Syriac Bishop Yousif Habash, whose experiences brought the men to tears
as they realized the pain and loneliness felt by the Iraqi people.
“It wasa very moving moment for us,”said Conrad,explaining that this
meeting convinced the council to build five homes in the region. But
Conrad dreamed even bigger. “I talked to my grand knight, and I asked
him, ‘Would you be willing, if we get Bishop Habash to come to Nebraska,
to let us go big?’ And he says, ‘Go as big as you want.’”
And big they went. The“Rebuilding the Cradle of Christianity”event,
held March 10-12, consisted of a meet-and-greet with Bishop Habash, a
Syrian Rite Massand a dinner and auction,all held at prominent locations
within the Omaha area.
Conrad pointed to the ease with which the venues and vendors agreed
to collaborate as evidence of divine guidance. The same can be seen in the selection of the keynotespeaker, Gabriel Jabbour,a Syrian
refugee who fled execution at the hands of ISIS in 2012.
Having heard about Gabriel’s experiences through local news, Conrad wished to invite him to personally share his story. After
many fruitless efforts in tracking him down, he finally found a phone number for Gabriel’s daughter, Rula, who serves as her father’s
translator. Conrad held his breath when he called, asking, “Can I have less than five minutes of your time?”
Within minutes, Rula and her father both agreed to speak. It was only after the conversation that Conrad discovered he had
actually met Rula 14 years before, when she was part of an international program for students from the Middle East and North
Africa. As part of the program, the students toured Fort Calhoun and enjoyed a lunch served by Conrad’s council.
“Now, God planned this [meeting]; it was supposed to be. It was the Holy Spirit working through us,” said Conrad, explaining
that he was stunned to learn that Rulaisa parishioner at St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church in Omaha — the very same parish
that hosted part of the weekend’s events. Gabriel, too, is part of the Omaha community,although helongs to return hometo Syria,
where he was the spiritual leader of nearly 700 Catholic Syrians.
“I try to describe him like Moses. That’s how Gabriel was. They couldn’t break Gabriel. They scheduled an execution. Hours
before his public beheading, he fled,” said Conrad. “He is closer to being a modern-day martyr than anyone I have ever met.”
Conrad explained that early planning for the event consisted of forming a committee that met bi-weekly. Joined by website and
graphic artists, local businesses, religious education students and others, they transformed the Knights’ dream of helping a few
Christian families into the largest event the council has ever sponsored.
The event exceeded the Knights’expectations. Net earnings totaled an estimated $120,000,which is enough to build approximately
60 homes for Christians living in Iraq. Congratulations to our brother Knights in Nebraska for their dedication and success.
The Jesuits offer a unique scholarship for Knights of Columbus members attending college in Wyoming, North Dakota, South
Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and most of northern and eastern Illinois.
How did this scholarship come to be? Jesuit vocation directors realized that over 25 percent of their incoming novices were college
Knights, and they wanted a way to encourage such vocations. This scholarship was the perfect solution. Details can be found by
contacting the K of C College Councils & Young Adults Outreach team. Email them at

How to Plan Events That Succeed
Whether you’re planning an awareness campaign about Christian persecution awareness or hosting a simple fish fry, these tips from
Supreme Director Mike Conrad will lead you straight to success!
1. Get your council’s full support. Identify what kind of event you
want to do, and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. If a
council searches long and hard and deep in their hearts, they’re going
to say, “This is the right thing to do.”
2. Put in the effort. Your activities don’t have to be elaborate and big,
but they can mirror the main components of large-scale events.
It’s going to take a little effort, but that’s what we do.
3. Know how your project supports Father McGivney’s vision.
When Father McGivney started the Knights of Columbus, it was to
help protect families. What we do is just another branch of that
thought process. We’re helping protect families.
4. Don’t depend on yourself. Reach out to experts. As your projects
get underway, reach out to website designers and send informational
packets to people in nearby councils, businesses and media outlets
to help advertise and organize the event.
5. Stay enthusiastic. You have an opportunity, and you need to make
the most of it.
Status Updates
• Double check that your council’s Per Capita Tax and Catholic
Advertising Fund assessments were sent to the Supreme
Council. Councils that fail to submit the assessments will be
• Verify that you’ve completed and submitted the Survey of
Fraternal Activity (#1728).
• Confirm that your council remains compliant with the Office
of Youth Protection’s requirements for all activities.
Things to Consider
• Set up a recurring meeting with your pastor to ensure your
council is supporting the mission of the parish.
• Determine what your council needs to do to earn the Star
Council Award, and develop a plan to achieve your goals:
3 Schedule one or more Admission Degrees before the end of
the fraternal year.
3 Invite your council’s field agent to upcoming meetings, giving
members the opportunity to learn about insurance benefits.
3 Identify who you will nominate as council officers and
chairmen for next year.
3 Visit to register for and view upcoming
webinars that are available on demand.
Upcoming deadlines
• June 30 – Columbian Award Application (#SP-7), Round Table
Report (#2630)and Civic Award Application (#2321)
• July 1 — Report of Officers Chosen (#185)
Grand Knight’s Checklist New Supply Ordering Process:
What You Need to Know
Beginning this month, Officers Online will include
“Supplies Online,”a new online supply ordering portal.
Supplies Online will offer the opportunity for councils to
order printed materials and traditional supplies previously
listed in the Supply Catalog and ordered via the Supply
At launch, the new portal will only be visible to those
who already have access to Officers Online. Within several
weeks, however, other officers will be able to access
Supplies Online. Only credit cards can be used as payment
for online orders.
During the transition period to this new online ordering
system, councils and assemblies will be able to order
materials per the normal avenues — i.e.,either via phone or
fax, or through the Order Form (#1).
For more details, visit the FAQs posted on, call
1-833-591-7770 or email
Please note: Web pages and product descriptions are in
English. For assistance in ordering French and/or Spanish
materials, please contact Customer Service at the toll free
number above.
men 18 years of age or older who are practical (that is, practicing) Catholics in
union with the Holy See. This means that an applicant or member accepts the
teaching authority of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals, aspires
to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, and is in good standing

Vocations Stories: In Their Own Words
April 22 — the 55th World Day of Prayer for Vocations — is the perfect time for your council to share vocation stories and
launch an initiative in support of men and women discerning the priesthood or religious life.
Talk to your pastor and chaplain about organizing a vocations awareness event or RSVP fundraiser. Your council could also
volunteer to lead the Prayer for the Canonization of Michael McGivney before each council meeting and Mass; as a priest and an
apostle of Christian family life, Father McGivney is a great intercessor for your parish and family. Prayer cards (#10502-A) can be
ordered from, while videos and materials on promoting vocations are available at
“No vocation is born of itself or lives for itself. A vocation flows from the heart of God
and blossoms in the good soil of faithful people, in the experience of fraternal love.”
World Day of Prayer for Vocations, May 11, 2014
What am I going to do with my life?This question that every young person must answer started early
for me. Thanks to my wonderful Catholic family, the real question was: “What does God want me
to do with my life?” In elementary school, I first felt the desire to give it all to Christ.
I grew up surrounded by stories of the saints and wanted to lay down my life for him like they
did. God has opened just such an opportunity in my own life: to serve the people in my difficult
homeland of northern Alaska. Through his grace, I am now studying at Mount Angel
Seminary in St. Benedict, Ore. God has blessed me abundantly in this journey, opening
doors that I never knew existed. The little gift of love I can offer to him is certainly
returned a hundredfold. Following the lord’s will has by no means been easy —
but what obstacle can be too daunting when God loves us so unreservedly that
his only desire is that we love him in return?
Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska
Archbishop Seghers Council 5011
Asan adolescent,I was fortunate enough to meet our order’s founder, Mother Martha María
Ramírez Mora. She helped me seethe Word of God as a living Word,addressed personally
to me. I began to regularly read the Good News, pray the rosary, visit the Blessed
Sacrament, receive daily Communion and practice acts of service. One day in the
presence of the Holy Eucharist,I felt the desire to belong to Christ forever and to work
only for him. Proper spiritual direction helped me to understand that the Holy Spirit
had put this desire in the deepest part of my soul and that it was a treasure. I soon
discovered that my heart’s desire was to become a Carmelite of the Holy Trinity.
I give thanks to the Holy Trinity for creating me to be part of this religious family.
I return God’s love by following the example of Holy Mary and our beloved
founder.I pray for all those who have a religious vocation — may the Holy Spirit
grant them the grace to discover it and to return love to God.
Allied Discalced Carmelites of the Holy Trinity.

What am I going to do with my life?This question that every young person must answer started early
for me. Thanks to my wonderful Catholic family, the real question was: “What does God want me
to do with my life?” In elementary school, I first felt the desire to give it all to Christ.
I grew up surrounded by stories of the saints and wanted to lay down my life for him like they
did. God has opened just such an opportunity in my own life: to serve the people in my difficult
homeland of northern Alaska. Through his grace, I am now studying at Mount Angel
Seminary in St. Benedict, Ore. God has blessed me abundantly in this journey, opening
doors that I never knew existed. The little gift of love I can offer to him is certainly
returned a hundredfold. Following the lord’s will has by no means been easy —
but what obstacle can be too daunting when God loves us so unreservedly that
his only desire is that we love him in return?
Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska
Archbishop Seghers Council 5011

Asa young adult,I have been blessed with family members, teachers and friends who have served
as witnesses to me that every person — regardless of age, infirmity, race or beliefs — is worthy
of my respect, love and attention.They have given me the courage to hear God’s call in my own
life and to be attentive to the needs of others. Attending the March for life for the first time
as a seminarian, I was amazed by the sheer number of vibrant young faces at the vigil Mass.
AsI processed down the aisle with my brother seminarians,I felt overwhelming joy and peace.
It was as if my entire generation had assembled to praise God, with hearts on fire to defend
the most vulnerable members of our society. This experience of solidarity and joy was a great
affirmation for my own vocation to the priesthood. I hope by God’s grace to become a
holy shepherd of souls, making my life a true sign of God’s goodness and of his tender
care for each and every person.
Diocese of Birmingham, Ala.
Good Shepherd Council 11672 in Huntsville

When God called Abram to be the father o fa multitude of nations, he said:“look up at the sky
and count the stars, if you can” (Gen 15:5). A few verses later we learn that this conversation
occurred in the middle of day! How does one count the stars then? After discerning my vocation
to enter the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, at age 18, I wrestled with
the unknowns about my future. I found myself gazing up at the sky, walking an unknown
path. Where would I be sent after making vows? How often would I see my family? Though
I didn’t have the answers, I trusted that God was calling me to love and serve him as his
bride. Since professing vows as a consecrated religious, there are still plenty of unknowns
in my life. But I learned to trust that as long as I am faithful to his call, God will
always be there to guide me — regardless of how many stars I can see.
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Shortly before high school, a cousin told me out of the blue that I had the “right attitude
to bea priest.”Ilaughed it off. ButIsoon felta deep desireto live my lifein service, integrity
and a witness to a truth greater than myself. My romantic idealism and fascination with
Arthurian legend led me to take my own oaths of chivalry and to live them,as best I could,in the modern world.In college,I came to embrace my Catholic faith and encountered theKnights of Columbus. The thought of becoming a Knight was a dream come true, yetI realized this wasn’t enough to satisfy my heart: I could do still more to serve my King.
I began to pray the rosary and encountered a God who wanted me to serve him in the
footsteps of St. Ignatius of loyola — to take up the Cross and follow the King who
died for me, to trade armor for vulnerability,as word for a chalice and great deeds
for humble service. That was over 12 years ago, and now, as of June [2017],
I am his priest forever.
Father Eugene Benda Council 11468
Tipton, Iowa

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win a Trip to Dublin!
Imagine you missed the opportunity to take a trip to
Dublin because you failed to talk to a prospect? Don’t let the
chance slip through your fingers! Recruit a new member
before July 1 for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip
for you and your wife to the World Meeting of Families
in Dublin this August. Find out more by visiting
Help Your Parish’s Voice Be Heard Online
We’re asking all councils to identify a tech-savvy Knight
who can help their parishes use social media to build
community and evangelize. Start by creating a parish
Facebook page, offering to update and maintain it until the
parish staff can take over. If your parish is already on social
media, offer to provide content such as photos and council
Missing Time-Sensitive Info?
The Supreme Council regularly sends time-sensitive
notifications and updates — including information on
initiatives, videos,activities, press releases, public policy alerts
and charity appeals — via email. Notifications about
Knightline and other publications are also sent via email.
To take advantage of this system, provide your current
email address to your financial secretary. Once he updates
your membership information, the Supreme Council’s
records will reflect the change.
Have further questions on maintaining or updating your
council’s records? Email
Star Council Facts — Father McGivney Award
The Father McGivney Award recognizesexcellencein your
council’s membership growth. Your council must meet or
exceed its yearly membership quota to be eligible. The quota
for councils is a 7 percent increase of the council’s membership
as of July 1, which must equate to at least 4 people. Councils
that attain Star Council status and achieve 200 percent of their
net gain goal will receive the Double Star Council Award. If
they achieve 300 percent of their net gain goal,they will receive
the Triple Star Council Award.

Holding a Fraternal Benefits Night
As a best practice, every council should have at least one Fraternal Benefits Night per year.
A Fraternal Benefits Night allows council members, new and old alike, to learn about the Order’s 135-year-old history and how
we have protected families during that entire time.
When scheduling this event, grand knights should reach out to their council’s field agent. If you are not sure who your field agent
is, or if you do not have one assigned, ask your district deputy to get you in touch with your general agent.
A Fraternal Benefits Night should be open to members and their wives, provide a meal and consist of a presentation by the field
agent. Your field agent should be able to take care of most of the logistics of the meeting, including the presentation and any handouts
he wishes to distribute.