Officers nominations


GK Mefford clarified the rules and procedures for conducting the
upcoming (June) election election of officers process and encouraged
members to consider volunteering for an office of leadership for the
coming Fraternal Year.

Trustees’ Report: Our Worthy Trustees are in the process of identifying a
list of candidates for OfTice for the coming Fraternal Year.
The list of candidates, as of the meeting time is:

Grand Knight – Open Inside Guard – Gonzalo Garcia
Deputy Grand Knight – Open Outside Guard – Roger Cornwall
Financial Secretary – Earl Boggler Trustee (1yr.) – Dave Hertko
Treasurer – Doug Becker Trustee (2yr.) – Larry Thompson
Advocate – Tom Warner Trustee (3yr.) – Richard Mefford
Chancellor – Wes Berry
Warden – Mike Kincaid
Recorder – Paul Barko


#1.) The council Trustees are in the process of composing a slate of officers for the coming Fraternal Year (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.)
which will be submitted to the council at the May Meeting for election. If you are interested in serving as a council officer or want to nominate a fellow member for a positions,  please contact Bro. David Hertko, PGK at 928-775-5257 to submit your nomination.


Trustee Dave Hertko informed the members about upcoming elections for
next fiscal year Council Officers. The proposed individual’s names have agreed to have their name included for the June election ballot as follows: Richard Mefford ( Grand Knight); Tom Mellinger (Deputy Grand Knight); Wes Berry (Chancellor); Mike Kincaid (Warden); Ron Hindmarsh (Advocate); Doug Becker (Treasurer); Gonzalo Garcia (Inside Guard); Roger Cornwall (Outside Guard); Larry Thompson (Trustee 1 Yr.); Lexy Larez ( Trustee 2 Yr.); Dave Hertko (Trustee 3 Yr). The Recorder position is without a nominee name and the following are appointive officer positions: Chaplain; Financial Secretary and Lecturer. G.K. Mefford reminded members that all ballot nominee position are still open for anyone to submit their name. Contact a Trustee to add your name to the ballot.


Directory Information 2018-2019

Officers new year LINK to PDF.



It’s that time when we choose our
leaders for the next fraternal year

which begins on July 1st. Some cur-
rent officers will wish to remain in

their current position while other offi-
cers will look to another office or just

be a “regular” member.
Council offices are 1 year terms, but
members can hold an office for more

than one year. In order to be an effec-
tive council, we need to have candi-
dates for ALL the officer positions.

Prior experience as an officer is help-
ful, but is not a requirement. Please

give consideration to any of the offices
of the Council.
The Council’s Board of Officers will be
elected at the meeting on June 11th.
Members are encouraged to attend
and support your Council leadership.


Please prayerfully consider how you can help the
Council grow and prosper in a leadership position.


Grand Knight – Responsible for the welfare of the Council. Presides over monthly meetings. Acts as ex-officio member of all committees. Appoints member-
ship and programming director. Ensures all necessary reports are submitted to State and Supreme Council.
Deputy Grand Knight – Assists the Grand Knight with Council affairs and fulfills all duties assigned to him by the Grand Knight. Presides at directors meetings. Presides at Council meetings in the absence of the Grand Knight.
Chancellor – Assists the Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight and presides over meetings in the absence of both the Grand Knight and Deputy GrandKnight. Strengthens members’ interest in Council activities.

Recorder – Responsible for maintaining a true record of all actions of the council and its correspondence. Keeps minutes of Council meetings.
Treasurer – Responsible for maintaining records of all council funds and accounts. Deposits money into Council accounts and payments of all expenses.
Advocate – He is familiar with Council by-laws, the Order’s charter, methods of conducting Council meetings, and Roberts Rules of Order.

Warden – He is the “watch dog” of Council property and degree paraphernalia. Sets up Council chamber for meetings and ceremonials.
Inside & Outside Guards – The guards have similar responsibilities. The Outside Guard tends to admitting visitors and members. The Inside Guard checks to ensure that membership cards are current.

Trustees – The Board of Trustees consists of three
members. The Grand Knight serves as chairman of the

Board of Trustees. They oversee the work of the Financial Secretary and Treasurer. During Council elections, only the three-year trustee is elected. The others move
to second and first year positions respectively.


During the course of our Officer’s meeting last night, the topic of elections was raised and is what prompted me to sit and further elevate this matter to you, the members of this council.
Please take the time when you can of course, to open and to digest the above in the hope on my part, that I’ve explained myself to the fullest. There is without question the urgent need for others to step out of their comfort zones, or a person who feels the need to criticize the decision’s made either by me or those of my current staff of officers. I take full responsibility if collectively, we’ve failed both you and this Council over the course of this fraternal year.
Respectfully Yours, Lexy, GK