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Bro Mike O’Marah,  our first Past GK ran well in the 1991 Boston 26 mile Marathon, with 26,000 other runners, as described in the April, 1992 “Columbia Magazine” article, which said he not only competed with other runners, placed 4th in his division, but was pelted with rain and endured a 45* chilly wind. He was assisted with the aid of fellow knight, Rich Reich, who ran beside him with a short wrist cord to help guide Mike. He did this in spite of “Macular Degenerative Blindness.”

He ran in that race representing “The Achilles Track Club” who sponsor handicapped people. The club, his neighbors and our Knights 8386 Council paid his expenses for the trip. He was 3,000 out of 9,000 runners, no small feat.

He has run many times for the club with excellent results. For example he took first place for his division in the 1991 Marathon at Los Angeles in 1991.

To train for the Marathon he runs 75 miles a week and also works out. He started running 5 years ago at the recommendation of his doctor. I ran in High School, but shortly after I developed severe asthma. I can relax when I run and can think more clearly. I don’t do anything extreme. Being blind does get in the way, but it is not a handicap. That sums up his approach to LIFE.

God Bless Mike O’Marah and his lovely wife, the earthly power behind his good life.



Just Celebrated!

Fred and Doris Caffrey celebrated 60 years of marriage on June 27th. May their marriage continue to be blessed and their lives continue to enrich each other. Congratulations!

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5/1/18,   Ron Jahraus

The Council welcomed its newest member,
Ron Jahraus. Sponsored by Brother Robert
Hughes, Ron was inducted into the Knights of
Columbus on March 19, 2018.
Grand Knight Lexy Larez presented him with
his membership certificate and rosary at the
April Council meeting. Be sure to welcome
Ron and introduce yourself when you see him.
Ron shared with Robert Hughes that he had been
watching the Knights of Columbus for some time                                                          and felt it would be a good ministry to be a part of. In Ron’s Words:
“We moved to Prescott Valley five years ago
from Chandler. We were parishioners at Holy
Spirit Catholic Church in Tempe. After I
retired we began seriously to look at this area
as a place to move to, and Prescott Valley and
Prescott seemed to have everything we wanted.                                                             We feel that God guided us to Prescott Valley and                                                              St. Germaine Parish and we are very pleased with
where we are. We have found Prescott Valley and St.Germaine Parish
is very welcoming and full of friendly people.”



. My name is Robert P. Foster and

this is my personal edition of the Council Pro-
filer. I have not received any profiles from any

of you to date, so I hope this gives you a sam-
ple of all you need to do.

What influenced me to become a Knight. I
joined the Knights of Columbus Martin H.

Carmody Council 389 in Grand Rapids, Michi-
gan on April 13, 1985. My Dad joined this

same Council in 1923 when he was 18 years of
age. My Dad always told me that if I ever did
something right it would be to join the K of C,
and he was right.
What part of my life as a Knight or an event
was a great moment? There are many things
that I’ve lived through in the K of C. I have
held every office on the Council Board. And

there are many positions that I have really en-
joyed. To pick one is very difficult. But here

goes. The Catholic Chaplin at the Veterans
Home, at that time, was Father Mike Danner.
The Veterans Home housed approximately
650 Vets. The request from Father Mike was to
have the Knights lead a Scriptural Rosary once
a month in their beautiful Chapel. The Chapel

at the Vets Home had a closed circuit tv con-
nection and the TVs in all the rooms had a

channel to pick up the services in the Chapel.
My wife, Carla and I, missed only two times in

ten years. There were three Knights that com-
mitted themselves to this service. We three

were Forth Degree Knights and two of us al-
ways led the rosary in full regalia. Two of us

passed on in 2017, and Carla and I have moved
out to Arizona.