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Survey File:

In my review of our survey I stated that the text was incorrect.  However, it is correct, I simply misread it. Take a look.  It’s on Dropbox under Knights / Planning

Prayer Book:

Those who want to purchase a notebook for our monthly prayers can find them at this link:


They are $6.49.

Building Brotherhood:

Thanks to all who added another partner to their team and signed up for our special interest groups.

Adoration / Forgiveness:

            January 8th at St. Germaine, 6 PM for Knights and wives.

Knight’s Social:

            Possible Knight’s Pasta Night, Manzanita Grill, January 18th, 6PM.  I will let you know the details and if / when this is confirmed.  Stay tuned.



            Deacon Wayland’s Website: http://www.parishdeacon.com

            Council Website:  http://www.8386.kofc-usa.org/

Thank You,

Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at ParishDeacon

St. Germaine Catholic Church

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An update on our program to re-energize our council:

  1. Thank you to all who attended Pizza Night.  It was a great evening and the start of a stronger brotherhood and council.   Thank you Fr. Dan for attending.
  2. I will send out invitations to our next social event soon.  Plan on an event where wives are invited in January.
  3. Thank you to all those who contacted their partners.   Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you to all who submitted their questionnaires.  We have tallied the results and the results will be posted.  We are currently analyzing the results and will use the data to set specific directions.  We would still like to hear from more of our members. Please try to motivate your partners and all members to respond.  The questionnaire was emailed to all members with an email address, are on Dropbox, and printed copies are also available.
  5. Last week we hit a milestone: 50% of our available members (43 of 86) are now are in partnerships.  Make a friend, Be a friend, Bring a friend to Christ.  Let’s keep moving forward.
  6. I have contacted the Grand Knights at Sacred Heart and St. Catherine about collaborating on our presentations. interest groups, and a possible retreat.  I’ll keep you informed on our progress.
  7. I’ll start meeting with the interest groups this month and the next.  For some of these we need more members involved to make the group viable.  If we don’t get enough members for a particular group we could see if other councils want to join us or open that interest group to the parish.  Please get the word out to all our members.
  8. I’ve receive suggestions from the interest groups, such as having a ’turkey shoot’. Please give some thought to how you would like groups you are interested in to function – i.e. what kind of things would you like to do: for example the woodworking group, the photography group.  I’ve also talked to Paul Elks, a former Fire Chief and First Responder, about giving a safety talk on hiking.  This applies not only to hiking but to photography and bicycling as well.
  9. I’ve added two more groups, Car Enthusiasts and Bicycling by request.
  10. Dow Rowley has accepted the position as our Spiritual Development Team Leader.  Please welcome him.
  11. Tom Mellinger has accepted the position as our Formation Development Team Leader.  Please welcome him.
  12. I am still in need of a person to assist me in our Brotherhood Team
  13. I have asked Grand Knight, Lexy Larez, to find someone to replace me as the Church Committee Liaison.  I do not have the time to do justice to the post.
  14. There is a Pro-Life March in Phoenix on January 20th.  I would like the Knights to do something here as many cannot travel to Phoenix.  Send me your ideas.
  15. Upcoming
  16. October Meeting – Talk on Brotherhood by Dcn. Dennis
  17. November Meeting – Talk on Brotherhood by Dcn. Dale
  18. December Meeting – Talk on Private Prayer by Don Rowley
  19. January Meeting – Adoration and talk on Forgiveness by Dcn. Wayland
  20. February – talk on a formation topic – to be determined
  21. Later – DVD on Fr. McGivney

Thank you for the birthday cake and your kind regards!

Our next Council Meeting, October 9th, features a presentation by Deacon Dennis Egan.. You will want to hear this story!

Thank You,

Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at ParishDeacon

St. Germaine Catholic Church

7997 E. Dana Dr.

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314




I’m very pleased to announce our Knight’s Development Team Leaders:

Spiritual Development Team Leader: Don Rowley

Formation Development Team Leader: Tom Mellinger

Brotherhood Development Team Leader: Dcn. Wayland will fill in until one is found.


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