Spiritual Plan To Re-energize Our Council


My fellow Knights:

In a recent bulletin article I stated that I would continue working with the Knights as long as my efforts were productive. After one year, in evaluating the current progress of our ‘Re-investing in Fr. McGivney’s Mission’ program, I cannot say that we have made significant progress.  Most members simply refused take positions of responsibility or to contact the target of this program: their brother Knights.  And while some progress could possibly be made based through considerable efforts on my own, that progress would be short lived without a substantial change in attitude and a significant increase in the active involvement of council members who voted for this program unanimously.  Thus, given the expected continuation of these conditions, I will not plan any further involvement with Council 8386.

My sincere thanks to the very few Knights that took the “Re-investing in Fr. McGivney’s Mission’ program to heart and worked to form the unity, brotherhood, and fraternity that Fr. McGivney intended.  You, indeed are the true Knights, and a blessing to us all.

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.” – G.K. Chesterton

Deacon Wayland Moncrief



Member Survey results

Knights of Columbus, Council 8386 Survey Results – 2017
1. Responses
A. Only 22 of 101 members responded. Most of those who responded are
active Knights. Generally, we did not get the input of inactive Knights.
Their input is critical for re-engaging our inactive members. Several
person submitted questionnaires even though they have not, or cannot,
attend Council meetings. Even though we are making significant
progress, we need to substantially increase our involvement and efforts.

2. Current Status
A. Members who stated that they needed transportation 0
B. Members who stated a need for home-bound communion 0
C. Members who have not attended Council meetings due to health issues 3
D. How can the Council help with health issues?
1. Prayer
3. Council Status
A. Average length of membership in the Knights 21 yrs.
B. Average length of membership in Council 8386 9 yrs.
C. Average number of Council meetings attended in the last year 8
D. Members who participated in projects in the last year 13 of 22
E. Why did you to join the Knights of Columbus?
1. Recommended by friend 16 of 22
2. For insurance benefits 6 of 22
3. For ministry 7 of 22
4. For brotherhood 12 of 22
F. Average rating of respondents: Council 8386 is:
1. instrumental in developing and forming my spirituality. 5 of 10
2. instrumental in developing and forming my Catholic Faith. 4.8 of 10
3. instrumental in developing the desire to serve Christ in ministry. 6 of 10

4. instrumental in providing opportunities to serve in ministry 6 of 10
5. instrumental in the formation of being a member of a religious
order 5 of 10
6. instrumental in developing strong Christian brotherhood 6 of 10

4. Spirituality
A. Regularly attends Sunday Mass 22 of 22
B. Regularly attends daily Mass 8 of 22
C. Regularly attends adoration 7 of 22
D. The state of your prayer life
1. Good = 9, Fair = 11, Poor =0, of 21 responses
E. Importance of spiritual aspects
1. Spiritual nourishment and knowledge 9.1 of 10
2. Deeper relationship with God and a deeper prayer life 8.8 of 10
3. Spiritual fortification in living my Catholic faith 8.4 of 10
4. A more diverse and richer prayer life 8.9 of 10
F. How often do you attend spiritual enrichment events or prayer groups?
1. Often = 10, Seldom = 10, No Response = 3
G. What would help improve / increase your spirituality?
1. Greater diversity of scripture, prayer, and educational events
2. Mass, scripture, Chaplet, Spiritual Reading, Confession, Adoration
3. Formed.org, KFC Organization/CIS, Bible, Catholic Sun,
Spiritual Reading

5. Formation
A. Rate your knowledge of the Catholic Faith
1. Good = 9, Fair = 12, Poor = 0, No Response = 1
B. Rate your knowledge of the Knights of Columbus
1. Good = 11, Fair = 8, Poor = 2, No Response = 1
C. Average importance of:
1. Formation in the Catholic faith 9 of 10
2. Formation in being a Knight of Columbus 8 of 10

D. How often do you attend faith formation events?
1. Often = 10, Seldom = 11, No Response = 1
E. What would help increase your faith formation?
1. Parish ministries, retreats, mass
2. Greater diversity of applied knowledge, doctrine, apologetic,
religious life, men’s conference
3. Refresher lessons

6. Brotherhood
A. Rate the brotherhood of our Council
1. Good =8, Fair = 9, Poor = 4, No Response = 1
B. Average Importance of:
1. Increasing the brotherhood of our Council 8.3 of 10
2. Activities and events to increase our brotherhood 7.4 of 10
3. Special interest groups to increase brotherhood 7.3 of 10
C. What would help increase brotherhood in our Council?
1. Continue member partner program
2. For deeper relationships, greater interaction with others
3. Return to Ladies Night Out, programs for ladies with short
meetings with supper afterwards
4. Picnics in parks
5. Return of programs such as “that Man is You”
6. Host exemplifications at church
7. Less business at general meetings
8. More open discussion on spirituality and growth

7. Why did you join the Knights of Columbus?
A. Recommendation of family membership
B. To help the parish, provide support, make a difference. to help others
C. Get to know members, parishioners, fellowship with other Catholic men
D. For brotherhood and service
E. For family life, insurance, make friends
F. To increase my faith, give back to the church
G. For fraternal service that involves patriotism, unity, and charity
H. Recommended by pastor
I. Increase fellowship with Christ, become a better Christian and Catholic

8. What do you find most valuable in being a member?
A. Projects
B. Aiding priests and religious
C. Brotherhood (many times)
D. Service to Church community
E. Being member of Color Guard
F. Being a servant
G. Pro-life activities and mission, helping others in need
H. To develop leadership, become part of a religious order
I. Camaraderie with Council members and leaders
J. Personal growth. Membership duties fostered and developed my faith
9. What things would you like to eliminate or change?
A. Revision of the numbers game to recruit new members to meet Knights
quotas, change new Color Core Regalia
B. Eliminate business report and votes except those that need attention
C. Better use of electronic communication
D. More informal and inspiring meetings
E. Eliminate boring parliamentary bickering
F. Develop relationships, promote more dialog, create a jovial atmosphere
filled with the Holy Spirit
G. More humility towards others
H. Meetings more informative on spiritual growth and spiritual
I. Meetings streamlined with less lengthy discussion
J. Increase guest speakers
K. Time and reduce business
L. Change or eliminate the meetings


An update on our program to re-energize our council:

  1. Thank you to all who attended Pizza Night.  It was a great evening and the start of a stronger brotherhood and council.   Thank you Fr. Dan for attending.
  2. I will send out invitations to our next social event soon.  Plan on an event where wives are invited in January.
  3. Thank you to all those who contacted their partners.   Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you to all who submitted their questionnaires.  We have tallied the results and the results will be posted.  We are currently analyzing the results and will use the data to set specific directions.  We would still like to hear from more of our members. Please try to motivate your partners and all members to respond.  The questionnaire was emailed to all members with an email address, are on Dropbox, and printed copies are also available.
  5. Last week we hit a milestone: 50% of our available members (43 of 86) are now are in partnerships.  Make a friend, Be a friend, Bring a friend to Christ.  Let’s keep moving forward.
  6. I have contacted the Grand Knights at Sacred Heart and St. Catherine about collaborating on our presentations. interest groups, and a possible retreat.  I’ll keep you informed on our progress.
  7. I’ll start meeting with the interest groups this month and the next.  For some of these we need more members involved to make the group viable.  If we don’t get enough members for a particular group we could see if other councils want to join us or open that interest group to the parish.  Please get the word out to all our members.
  8. I’ve receive suggestions from the interest groups, such as having a ’turkey shoot’. Please give some thought to how you would like groups you are interested in to function – i.e. what kind of things would you like to do: for example the woodworking group, the photography group.  I’ve also talked to Paul Elks, a former Fire Chief and First Responder, about giving a safety talk on hiking.  This applies not only to hiking but to photography and bicycling as well.
  9. I’ve added two more groups, Car Enthusiasts and Bicycling by request.
  10. Dow Rowley has accepted the position as our Spiritual Development Team Leader.  Please welcome him.
  11. Tom Mellinger has accepted the position as our Formation Development Team Leader.  Please welcome him.
  12. I am still in need of a person to assist me in our Brotherhood Team
  13. I have asked Grand Knight, Lexy Larez, to find someone to replace me as the Church Committee Liaison.  I do not have the time to do justice to the post.
  14. There is a Pro-Life March in Phoenix on January 20th.  I would like the Knights to do something here as many cannot travel to Phoenix.  Send me your ideas.
  15. Upcoming
  16. October Meeting – Talk on Brotherhood by Dcn. Dennis
  17. November Meeting – Talk on Brotherhood by Dcn. Dale
  18. December Meeting – Talk on Private Prayer by Don Rowley
  19. January Meeting – Adoration and talk on Forgiveness by Dcn. Wayland
  20. February – talk on a formation topic – to be determined
  21. Later – DVD on Fr. McGivney

Thank you for the birthday cake and your kind regards!

Our next Council Meeting, October 9th, features a presentation by Deacon Dennis Egan.. You will want to hear this story!

Thank You,

Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at ParishDeacon

St. Germaine Catholic Church

7997 E. Dana Dr.

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314




I’m very pleased to announce our Knight’s Development Team Leaders:

Spiritual Development Team Leader: Don Rowley

Formation Development Team Leader: Tom Mellinger

Brotherhood Development Team Leader: Dcn. Wayland will fill in until one is selected.


My Fellow Knights:

On October 2nd we will be tallying our questionnaires.  We will use these to determine the direction we need to go in various areas.  If you haven’t filled out a questionnaire then please do – copies are attached (Excel and PDF).  Please check with your partners and encourage them to fill out one as well.  This is good opportunity to establish contact with your partners. You can email me a completed questionnaire or leave it in my mailbox in the Church Sacristy.  We would like to get everyone’s input.

By the way, Larry Battin’s wife, Carol, was taken to the hospital for a serious condition.  Please pray for Larry and Carol.

Also, a computer has been donated for one of our handicapped brothers, however, we need a LCD monitor.  We can buy one for about $100.  If 20 people would chip in $5 each, then he can keep up with our council newsletter and activities.  Or, if someone wants to donate one that would be great.

Thank You,

Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at ParishDeacon


2017-Partnership Roster.pdf
Added to Roster by Wayland Tuesday 9/19/2017
2017-Q4-Event Schedule.xlsx
Edited in Schedule by Wayland Wednesday 9/13/2017
2017-Interest Groups.xlsx
Edited in Roster by Wayland Wednesday 9/13/2017


Re-investing in
Fr. McGivney’s Mission
A Spiritual Plan To Re-energize Our Council

Introduction And Purpose
From time to time, every organization has to take
stock of itself. This applies whether it’s a business,
social, civic, or religious organization. It has to look
at its
1. objectives – are they being met?
2. processes – are they are effective?
3. activities – can they can be improved?
The Knights of Columbus, Council 8386, is no
exception. At present, fewer than twenty percent of
our membership attends council meetings and
attendance appears to be diminishing. Though some,
who do not attend council meetings, are involved in
the Knight’s ministry, with each event finding
available hands-on-deck becomes more difficult.
And council activities have largely become ministry
only. Sufficient emphasis and attention has not been
paid to the individual development of our members
and communal aspects of our Order.

In the gospel story, Martha complained that others
were not doing their share of the work, but Mary sat at
the feet of Jesus. We cannot be a council solely
focused on parish tasks and fundraising. Our
Spirituality, Formation, and Brotherhood must be
given greater priority. Fraternal brotherhood, as
created by Fr. McGivney, is an indispensable
character of our Order. If our council is to flourish,
we need to make time, as brothers, to sit at the feet of

While certain procedures are mandated for each
council, in particular the format of council meetings,
other activities are at our discretion. It is not our role
to change these established procedures. However, it is
our responsibility to tailor these, and other activities,
to meet the needs of our membership.
It is our responsibility to look at council participation
rates, and determine how we can improve. It is our
duty to ensure Spiritual and Formational development
is provided and encouraged. It is our role to build
relationships with each and every member of our
council – to build the brotherhood that is needed to
sustain our order.

We are a service organization, but we are much, much,
more. We are also a Fraternal and Religious Order,
an Order founded in charity and brotherhood.
Building and strengthening this brotherhood must be
our primary objective. Our success, in all activities, is
only made possible by the bonds and relationships we
share. Building a strong fraternal brotherhood is an
essential prerequisite for everything we do. No task,
or project, we undertake will succeed without these
The famous golfer, Bobby Jones, was once playing at
St. Andrews, and found his ball in a bunker. After
taking four or five shots and failing to get out of the
bunker, his caddie came over to him and asked, “Do
you know the definition of insanity?” Puzzled, Jones
looked at him. Then the caddie said, “Insanity is doing
the same thing over and over again and expecting to
get different results.”

We are operating, at best, at twenty percent of our
potential. That means that eighty percent of our
membership, for one reason or another, chooses not to
be involved. Focusing on re-engaging existing
members, through Spiritual development, Formation,
and Socialization, is absolutely critical. And, any
improvement in the participation of our existing
members will automatically attract new members.

Each year the Knights of Columbus places a priority,
and even sets goals, on recruiting new members.
Certainly, getting new members is necessary to sustain
the Order. However, new members often join, attend
council meetings for a while, then disappear. While
we always want to be open to new members, the more
pressing priority is to re-engage our existing members.
To recruit new members without a viable development
plan for existing members only invites more of the
same – decreased interest and decreased participation.

                                   Proposal –

A Spiritual Plan
So, what direction does Council 8386 need to take and
what plans can we make to greater realize our
founding principles?
Every religious entity needs to have a plan. This is as
true for an individual as it is for a family. It is as true
for a parish as it is for a diocese. So, how can we
accomplish our goals? How can we re-engage
existing members. As a fraternal and spiritual
organization, what plans can we put in place to foster
greater brotherhood, stronger relationships, and a
more active council?

The Four Elements Of A Spiritual Plan
Every spiritual plan has four essential elements:
Prayer, Formation, Ministry, and Socialization.
If any of these is lacking, the entire structure is
weakened and likely to fail. For those who have
attended Cursillo Leaders School this plan will
sound familiar. While Cursillo is a movement
focused on evangelization, it has developed
highly effective and well-founded strategies
which can be applied to any religious endeavor.
Three of these fours areas will be researched and
planned by a team of Knights, four members for
each team. As Council 8386 is exemplary in its
current ministry, no additional ministries are
needed at this time. Rather, what is most
important to our council is greater brotherhood
and greater participation, and all Knights need to
be involved. (Additional ministries can be
explored at a later time when existing inactive
members are re-engaged.)

Spirituality (or Prayer)
The Spirituality component of our plan will
be developed by a Spirituality Team
consisting of four brother Knights. The
Spiritual Team will survey members,
research programs and available resources,
and plan a variety of presentations and
events that focus on prayer, worship and our
spiritual growth, as individuals, as families,
and as a council.
How the Spirituality component of our plan
is implemented is intentionally undefined.
This will allow the team to develop
programs tailored to our members and
needs, and it will always be a work in
progress – adapting to needs and

Some possible approaches are:
1. Explore the many avenues of prayer through a wide
variety of prayers, methods, and devotions;
2. Examine our call to sainthood through the writings and
lives of the saints;
3. Place ourselves in our Lord’s Presence in Corporate
Adoration, Lexio Divina, and meditations on Sacred
4. Establishing prayer partners, and mass partners, to pray
together and celebrate the liturgy as brothers;
5. Organize special events and celebrations to maintain and
grow in our sacramental lives.
6. Attending, as a council, special liturgies such as ‘First
Saturday’, Pro-Life events, the Rosary, Eucharistic
Processions, Divine Mercy, the Men’s Conferences, and
other religious opportunities.
7. These endeavors can be implemented through a wide
variety of methods, liturgies, movies, prayer partners,
pilgrimages, spiritual reading, retreats, and joint
ventures with other councils and parish groups.

8.  Presentations and other activities can be held in the first
half-hour of our council meetings or during special

‘Brotherhood meetings’.
Like the Spirituality plan, our Formation
Plan is also intentionally undefined. In
general, our Formation Plan will focus on
education and formation in our Catholic
Faith and as Knights of Columbus. The
writings of Fr. McGivney are certainly
recommended, as are catechetical topics,
religious books, movies, etc.
Also, like the Spirituality component of our
plan, our ongoing Formation can be
implemented in a variety of ways, held in
the first half-hour of our council meetings.
or during additional ‘Brotherhood
Meetings”. It’s likely that the Spirituality
and Formation aspects of our plan will
alternate their presentations at the regular
council meetings.

Brotherhood (or Socialization).
Socialization is an absolutely critical key to
our growth as a council. It should take
primary importance as it is the vehicle that
can most re-engage current members.
Inactive members can only be re-engaged
through person-to-person contact.
Our Social or Brotherhood Plan needs to be
extensive and diverse, incorporating
partnerships, group interest activities, and
social celebrations. Any activity that builds
personal relationships deserves

As a start in building brotherhood, each
active council member will be paired with
two inactive members (preferably someone
familiar). It is expected that the active
member will initiate a close relationship. In
this way, there is a greater possibility that
inactive members will respond to social
invitations, and through social activities
become re-engaged in council activities.
The intent of our Brotherhood Plan is to
build strong relationships, and interest in
council programs through social interactions
and personal contact.
The vehicles for increased brotherhood are
many and varied. Social actives such as
council breakfasts and dinners are a start.
This can be augmented by joining or
forming special interest groups, such as a
baseball, golf, woodworking, hiking,
photography groups, and etc.

Other activities could combine brotherhood
and service activities: such as assisting our
disabled members with transportation to
attend council functions. Like other parts of
our plan, the possibilities are wide and
varied. The goal is to bring members
together and form deeper relationships.
Catholics often say they need to be
spiritually fed, but this is only half of the
equation. Our spirituality, knowledge,
ministry, and brotherhood needs to be food
for others, and it needs to begin with our
fellow Knights.

Getting Started
Building Brotherhood:
The first step in implementing this plan is to
build brotherhood by establishing personal
relationships with other members.
In order to build and enhance these relationships,
individual personal contact is mandatory. All
other means of communication (announcements,
emails, letters, etc.) are not nearly as effective as
personal contact.

Each active Knight will choose two inactive
members (preferable someone familiar) and build
a relationship with them.
1.  Some options are: sit together during Mass, get to know what
they like, get to know their family, invite them for coffee or
lunch, and join in a mutual activity or interest, etc.
2.  If you have sponsored another member that would be an ideal
choice for you. If someone lives in your neighborhood, that
would also be a good choice.
3.  Every active Knight needs to form a personal relationship with
two inactive members. In this way, it is more likely that they
will accept our social invitations, and in attending these social
activities, they are more likely to re-engage in our council.

The Socialization Plan
Once relationships are established with our
inactive Knights, the Brotherhood Team will plan
and implement a variety of social activities. At
first, these will be for Knights only. Later, for
some events, wives will be invited. Invitations
can be sent via letters and email, but personal
contact is paramount.

Implement The Spirituality And Formation
During the initial phases of our Brotherhood
Plan, the Spirituality and Formation Teams will
survey members, research available programs,
and plan speakers and activities for the Council’s
Council meetings must to be interesting and
informative. It’s not sufficient to restrict
discussions to business affairs. The goal is to
inspire. Those who attend should encounter God
in their brothers. They need to leave spiritually
energized, better formed, and glad that they
Monitoring And Adaptation
Each component of the plan is implemented on a
‘try and see what works’ basis. We must monitor
our successes and failures and adapt as needed to
accomplish a unified and truly active council.


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