Brother Ken O’Daniel and his wife Pat! need our prayers


Brother Ken O’Daniel and his wife Pat! need our prayers

Pat is out of breath after walking 50 feet and has to rest. She was anemic and required 2 units of blood last Saturday. Her legs and feet are swollen and our heart Dr. found water on her lungs and around her heart. She had trouble swallowing and she’s currently in the process of getting x-rays of her neck. She has had a barium swallowing test at YRMC hospital. She has an appointment with the heart Dr. on Thursday and our Internist on Friday.

My blood flow to my brain on the left side had obstructions in the carotid artery. The flow is blocked 95 to 99%. Yesterday, I went to Banner University Hospital in Phoenix to have the problem corrected. They were going to place a stent in and enable the blood to flow freely to my brain. However, should any of the blockage break loose it will cause a massive stroke. They had reached the blockage and the Dr. cancelled the procedure, because in his opinion to continue would’ve caused a massive stroke, because the blockage was the material-type that will splinter. I have a new appointment with my heart Dr. and he will have to find a new solution to my problem that will cause me no harm.

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