DGK Wayne Theobald update

I visited DGK Wayne Theobald yesterday evening.
Bro Wayne has come a long, long way since flying over his motorcycle handlebars a few weeks ago! The surgeon had to repair his left eye, left eye socket, left jaw bone area, and he also stitched together his forehead above his right eye. And Bro Wayne tumbled and slid down the road and left a lot of skin on the pavement (motorcycle is totaled).
Now, Bro Wayne has been readmitted to YRMC West, ICU, Room 414, because he has numerous blood clots throughout his body and some are lodged in his lungs. His doctor has him on strong blood thinners and will probably release him to go home tomorrow or Wednesday. The medicines that he is taking should resolve this abnormality in 4-6 months.
Please pray that DGK Theobald recovers and that he gets well soon!
And pray that God gives strength to Ann, his wife.
Have a wonderful Knight’s day!
God bless you!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler