Greetings gentlemen; I am compiling this message for a list of reasons starting with the scope of duties we each must act upon in support to this parish, our parish. If this council has indeed failed you in matters of your expectations and or personal needs, then you need not look further beyond myself as this council’s Grand Knight.

But on the flip side, you heard me speak out numerous times that I would avail myself to anyone who requires a simple to sit down and talk.At our last business meeting held this past Thursday evening, I will tell you it went well into the evening as we discussed a range of issues all of which falls into the category, for the good of the order. And I feel you will be pleased with decisions that will be represented in time for motion.

In turning to more short range issues, starting today after the 4:30 Mass, both members of this council and those of the Latin Men’s faith group will construct the frame work for the tent-age to be placed onto them at 7 AM tomorrow, that’s right, 7 AM on Sunday morning for the day’s activities, the Annual St. Germaine Festival. But not to bypass the support needed to our in-house chef’s, Brothers John Ravetto and Michael Kincaid, they will be performing their magic on the grill making for sale, Breakfast Burritos in abundance. Then at some point and I quote, switch gears moving outside to a designated spot and begin flipping burgers and hot dogs, all this before the eleventh hour Sunday morning. So what ever point in time during tomorrows responsibilities to our parish, your help, any help will be welcomed.

IMPORTANT:  Our General Assembly Meeting/Election Night slated for Monday,  11 June, will begin promptly at  7 PM with no program presentation made at 6:30 as normal.

Also, Please continue to pray for our members, their wives as we are all family in the eyes of God regardless of our differences, which is quite normal within any family, Amen?  Thank you

Respectfully Submitted,

Lexy Alex Larez                                                                                                                                        Grand Knight

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