are attempting to wake ALL of us up.  Our Freedom to Worship is under attack, and has been under attack for decades. There exists coordinated efforts to abolish Christianity in our Country. They’ve picked low hanging fruit: removing Christian symbols on public property, removing prayer from our schools, converting our educational institution to an ultra-liberal, liberal whack-a-conservative environment, implementing the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Political Correctness, attaching “phobia” or “racist” to any disagreeable Christian,  etc.
Catholic Christians have been through this many times before. During the last century, in numerous countries, Catholic Christians were publicly executed unless they denied Our Lord: Our Bishops, then our Priests, then us. We have members in our Council that can remember their Grand-Parents dodging armed Fascist, anti-Catholics who were looking to execute them. Look on the walls at Sacred Heart, Prescott if you need examples. Look on FACEBOOK. Look on YOUTUBE. Watch the daily NEWS. Read your COLUMBIA.
We Christians are being oppressed GLOBALLY. And there is a tipping point in our USA, where being Christian will be life-threatening.
Register with our USCCB, so you can be made aware of the subjects they believe are important!
God bless!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler