Up-coming activities


 I first want to thank those who have helped in making things happen in support to both, internal and parish request’s asked of me. Our Spiritual Re Energizing Program is slowly but steadily taking root, and I personally given thanks to Deacon Wayland in what he has brought to the council on this matter. We’ve now lost to date some dear brother’s and I need not mention their names, as we indeed move on just as they too would want of us.
As we enter into Advent Season, much work will be required by all who can that is. My final comment would simply this, that we stand together as men of faith and in doing so, that together we can accomplish many things ensuring any consideration to become a Knight, is done so by our leadership and support to our pastor and parish. Amen?
Vivat Jesus,
Lexy Alex Larez
Council Grand Knight


11/27/17, from Lexy, GK

I’m taking this time as we head into the month of December, to please stay vigilant to the Church Bulletin, the Council Agenda projected, and of course our monthly Newsletter compiled and published by our Worthy Advocate, Brother Bob Foster and his production editor and chief, Sister Carla Foster.
In addition, I have coordinated with our Deputy Grand Knight to spearhead our next scheduled Officers Business/Roundtable Meeting on  Thursday, 7 December @ 6:30 PM, there in the Mini-Hall. Also, DGK,
Tom Mellinger, may very well conduct our Monthly General Meeting on Monday, 11 December due to my personal absence at that time. Please note that on the 11th, until further notified of a change, our District Deputy in, Brother Gary Johnson, has requested a visit to our council on that date. I have informed him of our time frame beginning with our Spiritual Re Energizing Program and Speakers, leaving it up to him also to attend.
I thank all who have to this point of my tenure supported both the parish and council commitments, and it appears the year will end just as busy. On Christmas Day, I’ve coordinated with our newly transferred Brother Knight,
Clifton Mitchell, asking his to be onboard that day as Santa, to which he has graciously accepted. He had mentioned to me that he’d done this in the past, so let us all be in support to him and to the days event scheduled there in Riser Hall.
What event you ask? Our council, and with the leadership of Brother’s, John Ravetto & Michael Kincaid, will put forth the effort in providing a Christmas Day Meal, beginning at noon. The menu is in the making, but I’m told Turkey will be the main item on the menu. Again, please consider being present in support at all levels.