Bro Jim Cloughessy needs prayers

Bro Jim Cloughessy

Bro Jim Cloughessy is in Barrows Neuro because he has a tumor on his spinal cord pressing on the nerve in his neck–causing unbearable pain. No one is allowed to see him.

They will radiate the tumor, trying to shrink it to alleviate the pain. He is very compromised and at this point cannot care for himself.
Please pray for Jim and his family, especially that his treatment goes well. 


All meetings and events are
postponed until further notice
and more information are available.

Reverend Father, Deacons, Worthy Knights and Ladies,
The following proposal was made via email to the Council by
our Recording Secretary, Brother Paul Barko. I support and believe
this proposal will maintain the stability and continuity of the Council. In order to adopt this proposal, a majority of Council members must agree, and therefore, I am asking you to respond to Bob Foster with your vote by May 15th. If you know of anyone who does not have a computer, please pass along this in-formation and Bob’s phone number to them.

The proposal is as follows:
As our council is heading into the 11th month of our current Fraternal Year, and
elections are scheduled to be held for the upcoming 2020-2021 Fraternal year, I believe that it is important to raise the question regarding the handling of the end of this current year and the start of the following.

Realizing that we will not be meeting as a council in May due to extended “social distancing / stay at home directives” we are not likely to meet as a group to hold elec-
tions nor conduct any “new business” for the remainder of the current fraternal year.
I am, therefore, proposing that: We officially suspend council elections
for the coming fraternal year and ask the current officers of the council to re-
main in office for the 2020-2021 Fraternal Year.

 The Grand Knight inform the membership, by Email & our Council News Letter office for the sake of continuity and to allow for the continuation of their current programming into the next fraternal year.
 Update the membership regarding the K of C plans to follow the direction of Fr. Dan and our Bishop in returning to a more active role as a council within the parish.
As a reminder, please submit your vote to Bob Foster at either email or phone 928-515-2854.
Vivat Jesus, Richard Mefford, Grand Knight

Happy Saturday- Paul Barko

My Dear Brother Knights and Families, and Friends HAPPY SATURDAY!

Saturdays are traditionally a time to complete chores around the house, go shopping, or visit with families and friends. With the onset of the current Corona Virus, and the mandatory “Stay at Home” order by our Political Leadership, our choice of activities has changed, our connections with family and friends has changed,…. OUR LIVES HAVE CHANGED!
Change is harder or easier to handle for different people. Some relish in & thrive in change, while others tend to resist it &/or are emotionally disturbed by it. Regardless of which type you tend to be, there is one commonality between all of us ….. our FAITH in GOD!

Faith is the Corner-Stone of “SERENITY” 
Faith is the Foundation of “HOPE”

Faith is the Bond for our TRUST in GOD!

Pray for Mike O’Marah

UPDATE 4/30/20

SK Mike O’Marah is admitted to YRMC East (no visitors)
Last night, Bro O’Marah had a stroke.
EMT administered the “miracle drug” immediately and he’s much better this morning.
Martha, his wife, fell yesterday and broke her hand–so they’re both in pretty rough shape right now.
Please pray that Michael’s and Martha’s recoveries goes well–God bless them!
God bless you!

UPDATE 4/19/20

Bro O’Marah is discharged from the hospital w/no findings.

Bro Mike O’Marah went to ER the last night–chest pains.
ER kept him and they will have Mike do a stress test today.
Pray that all goes well for Mike and his wife, Martha

Divine Mercy Sunday = complete forgiveness of ALL your sins

Divine Mercy Sunday Clarification
I want to clarify the extraordinary Divine Mercy Sunday grace (April 19) lest anyone be confused and miss out on this wonderful blessing.  It’s very easy to receive.
The Divine Mercy Sunday grace:  “complete forgiveness of sins and punishment” (as revealed to St. Faustina by Jesus).   This means one receives complete forgiveness of sins and purgatory time—up to the present!
What to do to receive this grace:  1) ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins from your heart, 2) make spiritual communion:   even though you cannot receive the Eucharist, ask Jesus to come into your heart as if you could, 3) go to confession and communion when the coronavirus pandemic ends, 4) reflect on and venerate Jesus’s amazing Divine Mercy.  You can use the Divine Mercy Image if you have one.  Saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet is also recommended.  The main thing is to thank and honor Jesus for His wonderful Divine Mercy which He so desperately wants to give us!
That’s all you need do to receive the extraordinary Divine Mercy Sunday grace.
What about the plenary indulgence?  That was given by the Church as an additional opportunity for grace.  It is completely separate and different from the extraordinary Divine Mercy Sunday grace promised by Jesus.  You don’t need it to receive what Jesus promised.   Therefore, it’s additional and optional.   A good idea is to gain the Divine Mercy Sunday grace for yourself and the plenary indulgence for someone in purgatory.  For information on how to gain plenary indulgences or for other questions, please contact me at (928) 772-6518 or  God bless you and have a blessed Holy Week! –Robert

Please watch the below video

Dcn. Wayland MoncriefTue, Apr 7, 10:43 AM (4 days ago)

Please go to my website and watch this video.  It’s in the left column on the home page.


Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at ParishDeacon



We will have a Candidate and Council 8386 member(s) attending the Charity, Unity, & Fraternity (CUF) Ceremony in Cottonwood.

NLT 03/10/2020, please let me know if you will be attending.

And if you will enjoy their lunch ($7.00) following the ceremony.

When Candidate John Burns completes this CUF ceremony, he will have achieved his 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Degrees and become a member of Council 8386.

When 1st Degree Henry Moreta completes this CUF ceremony, he will have achieved his 2nd & 3rd Degrees.

God bless you.

Vivat Jesus,Council 8386,Financial Secretary,
Earl V. Boggler

New Exemplification Tues., March 10, 2020

New Exemplification of Charity, Unity and FraternityTues., March 10, 2020 8:30 p.m. Eastern TimeOver 3,000 Knights have already registered for this webinar!Claim your spot and register now!REGISTER NOWThe New Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity was released on Jan. 16 in video and print format. To provide you with more information and additional resources, we will be hosting a live webinar to discuss the changes and answer your questions.Webcast content is geared toward Knights of Columbus leaders including grand knights, degree team members, council officers, district deputies, state council officers, directors and appointees. Please forward to your members as desired.REGISTER NOWClick here to view the entire 2019-2020 webcast schedule.This e-mail was sent to the Fraternal Mission department, all state officers, district deputies, and council officers. Please feel free to forward to your members.CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This message and any attachments may contain confidential, proprietary or legally privileged information and is intended only for the use of the addressee or addressees named above for its intended purpose. If you are not the intended recipient of this message, this message constitutes notice that any review, retransmission, distribution, copying or other use or taking any action in reliance on the information in this message and its attachments, is prohibited. If you receive this communication in error, please immediately advise the sender by reply e-mail and delete this message and its attachments from your system without keeping a copy. Unless expressly stated in this e-mail, nothing in this message may be construed as a digital or electronic signature. Thank you.
Knights of Columbus | One Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510

Military Chaplain Needs

Military Chaplain Needs
During the Council meeting on February 10th,
Bro. Tom Warner reported that the National Mili-
tions in support of their training and the provi-
sion of services provided through them. He re-
quested that our Council consider placing a do-
nation from our Council in the upcoming 2020-

2021 budget. Brother Earl Boggler added that
there appears to be a concerted effort underway

to do away with religion in the military and sup-
port from Councils like ours is crucial in light of

recent military budget cuts. To add a human in-
terest to this need, the following articles are ex-
cerpted from Salute Magazine and the Archdio-
cese for the Military Services (AMS), USA pro-
vided by Deacon (Sir Knight) Jim Fogle.

“The AMS helps ensure that it is not an empty
right, but that Catholic service members are able
to have the sacraments and grow according to
their faith, regardless of where they serve.
I am reminded of this effort in the hard work
AMS chaplains, such as Fr. Christopher Fronk,
CAPT, CHC, USN do. In 2015, while stationed at

Norfolk, VA, he volunteered to deploy to Af-
ghanistan. Fore more than two weeks, he made

rounds to half a dozen locations. Although trans-
portation was limited, Fr. Fronk was able to

reach approximately 1,500 service members, cele-
brating seven Christmas Masses, five daily Mass-
es, and hearing confessions. At the end of his

brief deployment, Fr. Fronk said, “There is no
greater satisfaction as a priest than to go where

the need is greatest and where people are ask-
ing you to make the trip.” (The Most Reverend

Timothy P. Broglio, J.C.D., Archbishop for the
Military Services, USA.”

“Father Pedro Jimenez’s Unique Path to the Air

Force Chaplaincy

Father Pedro’s path to military is unique and be-
gan nearly a decade ago. Fr. Pedro is Spanish,

hailing from Sevilla. He was ordained in the
Archdiocese of Sevilla in 2006. In 2008, while
serving at San Francisco de Asis parish in Morón

de La Frontera, which is about an hour from Se-
villa, he took a part time position serving the

AMS at Morón Air Base.
Over time, and through his position with the
Morón Catholic community, Fr. Pedro discerned
a “call within a call” serve as a U.S. Air Force
Chaplain. With the permission of his Archbishop

in Sevilla, and the AMS, Fr. Pedro began the pro-
cess of applying for his “special immigrant reli-
gious worker” visa, which is an immigration visa

that allows ministers such as Catholic priests, to
come to the United States as lawful permanent
residents (green card holders) and eventually
naturalize to become U.S. citizens.
The immigration process took over two years,
but Fr. Pedro finally obtained his green card in

March 2018 and joined the staff at the Edwin Car-
dinal O’Brien Pastoral Center for several months

before taking his first stateside assignment as a
contract priest at Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA

(JBLM). Fr. Pedro is esteemed by the JBLM Cath-
olic community. He celebrates Mass daily, ad-
ministers the sacraments, and provides pastoral

care to the JBLM detention facility.
As with all military officers, Fr. Pedro has to be a
U.S. citizen to serve on active-duty. So he looks
forward to his naturalization soon. Fr. Pedro will
head to Maxwell AFB for chaplain school in the
coming months, but the JBLM community will be

happy to welcome him back, because his first as-
signment in the Air Force will be as Chaplain

Pedro Jimenez Barros, Capt, USAF, at JBLM.”
Elizabeth Tomlin, General Counsel

New Church cleaning

WGK Mefford requests members bring mops, mop-buckets, squeegees, windex, paper towels, and their spouses (if they want to come) to gather with our Parish Community and clean-up our new Church on February 8th at 8:00 AM. Work begins in ernest at 9:00 AM and ends at noon–followed with hot dogs, chips, drinks and fraternalism.

NLT February 4th at 4 PM please RSVP to WGK Mefford.      Email:     Cell: 928-533-4553

Thank you for your cooperation.

Order Name Badges, shirts and coats

Council Name Badge, Shirt, & Coat and 4th Degree Badge


Order Name Badges from Bro Doug Becker, our Treasurer:
– Your first name badge is free; thereafter, they’re $5.00 to $7.00.
– Choose from three typs of name badges: pocket clip (slides onto your shirt/coat pocket), magnetic, or clip-on.
– Bro Doug is not certain which badge you want or what you want on your badge, so he will not order it until you tell him.
– You may want “Jim” instead of James, or “PGK”, “PFN”, or “PDD” for Past Grand Knight, Faithful Navigator, or District Deputy . . .

Order Shirts and Coats from Bro Tom Warner, our 57-year member:
– Always have “Cash In Hand” at time of order.
– And it’s always best to give Bro Tom a legible note with the “Size” you want and the “Name” you want on your shirt/coat.
– Shirts are only $25.00; coats are only $35.00.

Assembly 13 4th Degree members, order your name badge from SK Steve Byers at