Roe vs Wade,movie preview

ROE v. WADE the Movie
A true story of the most corrupt court case in history that led to the murder of 60 Million Babies.
ROE V WADE the movie will be the real untold story of how people lied; how the media lied; and how the courts were manipulated to pass a law that has since killed over 60 million Americans. Many documentaries have been made, but no one has had the courage to make an actual feature film, a theatrical movie about the true story.

We are launching this campaign for the most important pro-life movie in history. This will be the first movie ever about the true story of ROE v. WADE, the most famous court case in America that legalized Abortion. We need your help to fight for the lives of the unborn, because Hollywood refuses to.

Hollywood only wants you to hear their version of the story – in fact, there are 3 movies currently in development that take a pro-abortion stance. But you shouldn’t be surprised. Hollywood has always had an agenda to influence Americans to accept abortion, even if they have to re-write history to do it.



We need your support now more than ever. Facebook has banned us from inviting friends to “Like” our page and from “Sharing” our PAID ads. Breitbart even published an article on our campaign.

Check the article out here:…

Thank you for your continued support!


10% of Net Proceeds will be Donated to Prolife Organizations

We have gotten such an overwhelming amount of support from the Prolife Community that we have decided to donate 10% of the Net Proceeds from the Movie to Prolife Organizations!


The Team:

Executive Producers: Dr. Alveda King, Nick Loeb & Nick Byassee

**** Dr. Alveda King will also be making a cameo in the film as Dr. Mildred Jefferson’s Mother!!!

Co Executive Producers: Greg Swan, Brian Brown, Jalesia McQueen, Larry Cirignano, Mary Anne Urlakis, Rebecca Kiessling, Walter B. Hoye II

Co-Producer: Mindy Robinson

Producers: Cathy Allyn, Ken Kushner, Rob Simmons

We are currently out to cast and have secured our first attachment!

Academy Award Winner JON VOIGHT is attached to play a Supreme Court Justice!!!

This is the true untold story of ROE v. WADE:

We open the movie with the story of how it all began. It all started with a woman named Margaret Sanger. She was the founder of Planned Parenthood. Her initiative was called the Negro project, and as she gives a speech in the movie at a KKK rally, she describes her intentions to reduce the growth of African American population in our country.

In the movie, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the most famous abortionist of those times, then joins the cause.

They all then recruit feminist Betty Friedan to join their team.

Bernard and Betty, along with the team at Planned Parenthood, search the country to find a pregnant girl they can use to sue the government for her right to have an abortion.

Our characters find the perfect pawn: a broke girl with a 10th grade education named Norma McCorvey. She is now famously known as “Jane Roe.” They all convince Norma that she can have an abortion if she sues, knowing full well that her case will never get to the courts in time.

Our characters succeed, and we watch on as Norma sues Henry Wade, the district attorney of Dallas County. Roe v. Wade is born.

Now that they finally had it in the courts, they had to get the Justices to vote their way, so they fed fake polls and fake statics to the media.

This is when Bernard and Betty with Planned Parenthood even brought Hollywood on board getting them to do TV shows and movies about abortion.

This was all done to influence public opinion and manipulate the courts.

But there were a few people willing to step up to fight them. This fight is led by the film’s protagonist Mildred Jefferson, the first African American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. She believed that she became a doctor to protect life, not destroy it. Not only was she trying to save lives, she was trying to save her race.

She joined the Catholics, other men, and other women, to try to educate Americans on the truth, but they were up against the most well-funded revolution in 20th century America.

Mildred and her team marched, held up signs, got the police to raid illegal abortion clinics, adopted the unborn and most importantly, prayed to God for help.

Although they did everything they could possible do, the ban on abortion was overturned.

What most people don’t know is that the very people who spent their lives fighting to legalize abortion, were faced with the harsh consequences soon after. At the end of the movie Bernard through the help of new sonogram technology, realizes he is killing babies, confesses to all the lies and becomes a leading activist in the pro life movement. Even Norma, our Jane Roe, realizes she was manipulated and becomes a leading activist to protect life.

Our movie will not only shed a light on that truth but will also change hearts and minds. We have distribution on 1000 screens so even if just one person changes as a result of this movie, we will have saved a life.

Please pledge now, and share this campaign with your friends so we can bring ROE v. WADE to life.

Food for thought

Food is not only an essential part of life, but it is also integral to
the Christian faith. Jesus fed the masses with multiplied fish and
bread during his ministry; foods and plants figured into the parables
that Christ handed down to his disciples; and the Eucharist — the
source and summit of the Christian life — was instituted during the most famous
meal in human history: The Last Supper.
It is little wonder, then, that food continues to play a central role in Catholic culture
today, both in worship and in the ways that sharing a meal can bring people together.
Sometimes these gatherings result in material or monetary donations for charitable
causes. At other times, the simple act of coming to table produces an invaluable
sense of togetherness. This could also be a great way to meet up with your team
partners and bring along your wives.
For our Council, food is a visible part of the Order’s presence in communities—
feeding the needy and vulnerable through communal food programs such as our
Christmas Day lunch. Most of all, the Council may be almost as famous for it’s
(pancake) breakfasts as it is for its charitable outreach. But the breakfasts and other
meals are only the first courses of a feast that includes many unique KofC recipes,
each with its own story of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.
Remember that when you support the Council’s breakfast and other activities, you

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Grand Knight Lexy, recovery

Subject: Lexy surgery, recovery

I just got back from taking Lexy & Irene for his surgery in Phx. & wanted to let you know that surgery went well.  He will be back home tomorrow & need some time to heal.  I would appreciate it if you could let K.C. members know that our Grand Knight will be on the mend for awhile.–

-Wes Berry

The Good of the Order

Worthy Brothers, I draw your attention as the
Council Advocate. I know that you all
received the November issue of the Columbia.
On page 4, our Supreme Chaplain
has an important article that you
will read. The title is The Good of the Order.

Bob Foster

January 8th, Special meeting, Dcn Wayland

I’ve scheduled the Church for January 8th.  On that evening I’d like to forego the usual council meeting (or have a very short business meeting).  I’d like to meet in the hall and process into the Church where we will have an hour of adoration.  Once there I will give a talk on forgiveness.  Let me know if this will work

Dcn Wayland

Grand Knight, Lexy surgery


Please pray for our Grand Knight and his upcoming surgery.

O Jesus Christ, Messiah and Lord, grant our Grand Knight joyful acceptance of the surgery which awaits him, and let this be the relief and cure which he seeks. Make skilled the work of the surgeon and that of his team for it is unto their knowledge and skill that we depend.  I pray You, O Lord, that this procedure will be without complication, and that our Grand Knight’s recovery will be speedy and complete.  Jesus, we trust in You!

Thank You,

Dcn. Wayland Moncrief at ParishDeacon

Up-coming activities


 I first want to thank those who have helped in making things happen in support to both, internal and parish request’s asked of me. Our Spiritual Re Energizing Program is slowly but steadily taking root, and I personally given thanks to Deacon Wayland in what he has brought to the council on this matter. We’ve now lost to date some dear brother’s and I need not mention their names, as we indeed move on just as they too would want of us.
As we enter into Advent Season, much work will be required by all who can that is. My final comment would simply this, that we stand together as men of faith and in doing so, that together we can accomplish many things ensuring any consideration to become a Knight, is done so by our leadership and support to our pastor and parish. Amen?
Vivat Jesus,
Lexy Alex Larez
Council Grand Knight


11/27/17, from Lexy, GK

I’m taking this time as we head into the month of December, to please stay vigilant to the Church Bulletin, the Council Agenda projected, and of course our monthly Newsletter compiled and published by our Worthy Advocate, Brother Bob Foster and his production editor and chief, Sister Carla Foster.
In addition, I have coordinated with our Deputy Grand Knight to spearhead our next scheduled Officers Business/Roundtable Meeting on  Thursday, 7 December @ 6:30 PM, there in the Mini-Hall. Also, DGK,
Tom Mellinger, may very well conduct our Monthly General Meeting on Monday, 11 December due to my personal absence at that time. Please note that on the 11th, until further notified of a change, our District Deputy in, Brother Gary Johnson, has requested a visit to our council on that date. I have informed him of our time frame beginning with our Spiritual Re Energizing Program and Speakers, leaving it up to him also to attend.
I thank all who have to this point of my tenure supported both the parish and council commitments, and it appears the year will end just as busy. On Christmas Day, I’ve coordinated with our newly transferred Brother Knight,
Clifton Mitchell, asking his to be onboard that day as Santa, to which he has graciously accepted. He had mentioned to me that he’d done this in the past, so let us all be in support to him and to the days event scheduled there in Riser Hall.
What event you ask? Our council, and with the leadership of Brother’s, John Ravetto & Michael Kincaid, will put forth the effort in providing a Christmas Day Meal, beginning at noon. The menu is in the making, but I’m told Turkey will be the main item on the menu. Again, please consider being present in support at all levels.


Dcn. Vinhson, Seminarian

Dcn. Vinhson, Seminarian, Rome

Hello Earl,
It’s great to hear from you. I’m doing great and am hard at work. I’m still studying here in Rome and doing work over here. Last June I finished my generalized degree in theology and this year I am beginning a new more specialized degree. It has been tough work but has been very gratifying. Apart from my school work I make monthly visits down to the US Naval Base in Naples, 2 hours south of Rome. I spend weekends there doing CCD and helping out at the masses. I have opportunities to preach homilies down there and up here in Rome as well as there are a lot of communities with nuns where we are able to help out.
Sadly, I will not be able to visit the parish any time soon. I will be in the valley for Christmas, however, I will be working while I am there. Perhaps we can make this work another time. In other news, however, my ordination is scheduled for June 16th at St. Andrew the Apostle in Chandler. I’m looking forward to that and know that you are all invited.
In Christ,
Dcn. Vinhson
PS: Attached is a picture/link of me after my first mass as a deacon.