Committee reports


Report of Standing Committees • “Community” Committee –(David Hertko, Chairman /(928-301-9764)
Upcoming Programs (Proposed) for the year include:
1.) Adopt a Highway Program – Being done.
2.) Mother’s Day Flower Program – Being planned.
3.) Blood Donors Program – Being done.
4.) State Charity Campaign – Being done.
5.) St. Patrick’s Day Dinner – Being planned.
6.) Columbus Day Dinner – COMPLETED

• “Faith” Committee – (Earl Boggler, Chairman / 928-830-6183)

Tonight meeting reminder

December 13, 2021 in Reiser Hall

The ‘Final’ K of C General Council Meeting of 2021!
(Rosary at 6:00pm / Meeting starting at 6:30pm)

Richard Mefford, Grand Knight

All members are cordially invited to attend and participate in this communal, fraternal event,as we conclude our council business for 2021and make plans for 2022
…. together, united in the “4 Principles” of Our Order
CharityUnityFraternity& Patriotism

Sharon Vodt funeral 12/3

Sister Sharon’s funeral is this coming Friday, Dec 3rd:
– Rosary at 10:30 AM. Will be led by Knights. To volunteer, please contact Trustee SK Dave Hertko, Cell: 928-301-9764, Home: 928-775-5257.
– Mass at 11:00 AM.
– Refreshments follow Mass in Riser Hall.

Prayers request

,It’s hard to believe how deep society has sunk. Now, we have the shameless promotion of child sacrifice! ETSY Must Start Acting Responsibly !Urge ETSY To REMOVE These Shirts
Child Sacrifice and Child Satanic Practices But we must not only avoid evil, love of God requires us to also fight evil; always peacefully, legally, and prayerfully — yet firmly.Etsy, an online store, hosts a vendor that sells satanic and murderous messages on children’s T-shirts. ONE SUCH Children’s T-Shirt MESSAGE says: “Let’s Sacrifice Toby”The accompanying image is of a conservatively dressed young boy lays prone on his back, legs being held by another similarly dressed young boy; a cute, pig-tailed little girl kneeling to the side of the prone boy holds a large and long-bladed knife raised above her head ready to stab down onto the prone boy! A hissing black cat and children’s wooden toy blocks painted with the demon numbers 6-6-6. And a sort of trademark-ish emblem annotated with “Activities for Children”.

The image leaves no doubt about what idea they are trying to normalize.

And Etsy is allowing quite a few vendors to sell versions of this shirt. Here’s one more.This is dangerous and too much! The “Let’s Sacrifice Toby” shirt unmistakably trivializes and promotes child sacrifice and Satanic murder child-to-child; many children might think it’s a fun thing to do.Urge ETSY To REMOVE These Shirts
Child Sacrifice and Child Satanic Practices ANOTHER SUCH Satanic Children’s T-Shirt Message says: “Let’s Summon Demons” See them here and allows the promotion, to children, of child sacrifice and the summoning of demons. God Always! – Satan Never! PROTEST NOW!You and I know that Satanic items pose a serious threat to society and are a hateful attack on Christians and children everywhere, as they inspire violence and hatred and stifle the grace of God in souls. Above all, these are an offense against God and a direct threat to the moral fabric of America and the world. They repel the blessings of God. ETSY should promote and encourage ONLY the common moral good.You may remember, in the past, we protested when Etsy was found to be selling “Consecrated Hosts” for Satanic practices, which it claimed were consecrated by a Catholic priest. Though this item was removed, others items for Satanic practices persist.Among others, there are:Images of burning churches on t-shirts and other products. One product, a “Burning Church Card” has the following description: “The perfect card to celebrate your most recent church burning”; A plethora of inverted crucifixes, Satanic “rosaries,” and other “religious” items for immoral use.INCREDIBLY, this is in contradiction of Etsy’s own policies: “Etsy does not allow items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred toward people or otherwise demean people based upon…religion”. ETSY Must Start Acting Responsibly !Urge ETSY To REMOVE These Shirts
Child Sacrifice and Child Satanic Practices God love you! And Mary be with you!I remain your friend,
In Jesus and Mary,

Director, America Needs Fatima
www.americaneedsfatima.orgP.S.: God Always! – Satan Never! PROTEST NOW!
Sign Up to become a Rosary Rally Captain  Learn how you can Leave a Legacy  Visit the St. Anthony Virtual Oratory
Donate   18 High St #341
Hanover, PA 17331 

Pro Life request

I’m worried…(Students for Life of America)

In just a few days, I’ll be kicking off my “The Future is Anti-Abortion” speaking tour with my first stop at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

I wish I could have told you about this tour earlier, but I’ve had to keep it under wraps because of radical pro-abortion counter protestors.

You see, we’ve been protested every year that we’ve launched these speaking tours, so I’m afraid I may be walking into the pro-abortion mob’s lion’s den again.

And with pro-abortion “cancel culture” radicals more desperate than ever, I’m afraid they’ll resort to anything (even threats of violence) to shut me up and shut me down.

The truth is, the pro-abortion mob is lashing out at me because they’re scared.

They know if we’re able to have honest one-on-one conversations with students – sharing the TRUTH about what abortion really is – young people REJECT the abortion extremism being peddled by Planned Parenthood.

And I know when they I’m coming to town with my speaking tour boldly titled “The Future is Anti-Abortion,” it will really set them off.

So, will you please do TWO favors for me?

FIRST, will you please pray for my safety and the safety of our team as we face the pro-abortion mob head-on?

As you’ll see in just a moment, the threats I’ve faced on past speaking tours are very real. And I don’t want to just cross my fingers that the protesters will be “mostly peaceful.”

SECOND, if you’re able, will you also consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Students for Life to help me stand up to the “cancel culture” mob and spread the TRUTH about abortion on college campuses?

Earl, I’m no stranger to the Abortion Lobby’s radical (and often violent) tactics.

Nearly every campus I go to, our team is “greeted” by radical pro-abortion protesters. Just consider what we’ve encountered on the past few speaking tours, including;
At Boston College, pro-abortion protestors packed my speech – which ended up going viral and being covered by Fox News after one protester claimed a baby born alive from a botched abortion is “not a baby.”At Dartmouth College, police had to escort my son and I out the back door at an event to protect us from Planned Parenthood’s protestors!At Western Washington University, where a promotional banner with my face on it was burned to the ground.In Minnesota, where a pro-abortion student was brought up on TERRORISM charges after he was caught mixing chemicals and then placing suspicious containers in the middle of the school’s auditorium where our Regional Coordinator was giving a presentation.Earl, I’ve even had to call in bomb-sniffing dogs to sweep the auditorium before one of my speeches at Cal State Fullerton because of threats from Antifa!

I’m afraid this extremism is all too commonplace on college campuses these days.

It’s not just limited to campuses in “liberal” areas like Cal-Berkeley.

The Abortion Lobby has more of a stranglehold on the minds of some students than others, and while that’s to be expected, our speaking programs have proven their effectiveness!

According to our polls, only 7% of millennials actually support the Abortion Lobby’s platform of abortion-on-demand at any moment until birth – all paid for by the taxpayers. Not only that, but nearly three out of four young people favor steep restrictions or outright banning abortion after they hear the truth about abortion.

When they see the truth about what abortion really is, their minds are changed for Life.

And with everything on the line this year for the pro-life movement, that’s why I believe my “The Future Is Anti-Abortion” speaking tour is more critical now than ever.

So, I’m announcing my four tour stops, including:
October 21st – Wellesley CollegeNovember 1st – St. Mary’s CollegeNovember 9th – University of San DiegoNovember 10th – University of California IrvineBetween the travel costs, hotel rooms, and materials I need for my speeches (like models of preborn babies and the actual instruments abortionists use), not to mention potentially hiring private security to protect us from radical pro-abortion protesters, it costs about $8,000 to reach one campus.

But, considering the minds changed with one-on-one conversations I’ll be having with students and all the viral video plays we get on social media, I think you’ll agree that’s an incredible bang for your buck.

So, would you please consider making a generous tax-deductible gift of $250, $100, or $50 today?

If that’s too much, I hope you’ll consider chipping in $25 or even $10 to help keep us from being cancelled by the Abortion Lobby.

With your help, I know we will be able to change the culture for life, one mind at a time.

Earl, thank you so much for everything you do for life.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America
1000 Winchester St., Suite 301
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Office: 540.834.4600

Prayers please

SK Kenneth S. O’ Daniel died yesterday.10/3/21
So long as Ken’s health permitted (suffered multiple strokes & year-long rehab), he attended Council & Assembly meetings. He also was an energetic Honor Guard member!
Please pray that Ken RIP and that Our Lord give his wife and family the strength to manage such grief.