Congratulations to Fr. Frankie Cicero, Fr. John Nahrgang, and our Council Seminarian, Fr. Vinson Nguyen who were ordained as priests at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church on Saturday, June 16, 2018 in Chandler, Arizona.

Members on Holiday! Worthy Knights Mike Kincaid, Bill Pierce and their ladies Joanne and Nadine both traveled to the Emerald Isle on separate tours in June and shared a few of their memories with us! Bill and Nadine also traveled to Scotland. They shared so many wonderful photos of the places they toured—they both need to give a slide show!! Erin Go Bragh!



Greetings gentlemen; I am compiling this message for a list of reasons starting with the scope of duties we each must act upon in support to this parish, our parish. If this council has indeed failed you in matters of your expectations and or personal needs, then you need not look further beyond myself as this council’s Grand Knight.

But on the flip side, you heard me speak out numerous times that I would avail myself to anyone who requires a simple to sit down and talk.At our last business meeting held this past Thursday evening, I will tell you it went well into the evening as we discussed a range of issues all of which falls into the category, for the good of the order. And I feel you will be pleased with decisions that will be represented in time for motion.

In turning to more short range issues, starting today after the 4:30 Mass, both members of this council and those of the Latin Men’s faith group will construct the frame work for the tent-age to be placed onto them at 7 AM tomorrow, that’s right, 7 AM on Sunday morning for the day’s activities, the Annual St. Germaine Festival. But not to bypass the support needed to our in-house chef’s, Brothers John Ravetto and Michael Kincaid, they will be performing their magic on the grill making for sale, Breakfast Burritos in abundance. Then at some point and I quote, switch gears moving outside to a designated spot and begin flipping burgers and hot dogs, all this before the eleventh hour Sunday morning. So what ever point in time during tomorrows responsibilities to our parish, your help, any help will be welcomed.

IMPORTANT:  Our General Assembly Meeting/Election Night slated for Monday,  11 June, will begin promptly at  7 PM with no program presentation made at 6:30 as normal.

Also, Please continue to pray for our members, their wives as we are all family in the eyes of God regardless of our differences, which is quite normal within any family, Amen?  Thank you

Respectfully Submitted,

Lexy Alex Larez                                                                                                                                        Grand Knight



To everyone who participated in helping Knights of Columbus, Mary, Queen of the Knights, Council 8386 to support Diocese of Phoenix Seminarian Vinhson Nguyen, thank you very, very much. Since May 3, 2014, as a direct result of your generosity, Council 8386 has given Deacon Vinhson seven checks, totaling $4,000.00, to help him with his personal expenses. Not having to worry as much about personal expenses enabled him to better focus on his studies. Deacon Vinhson will be ordained June 16, 2018, 10:00 A.M., at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, 3450 W. Ray Rd., Chandler, AZ. In imaginable “little ways”, you helped.
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler

How “Vivat Jesus” became the Knights of Columbus Motto

How “Vivat Jesus” became the Knights of Columbus Motto

When the late Supreme Chaplain Bishop Charles Greco was a seminarian he was
deeply moved while reading the story of St. Bernadine of Siena. He adopted the
saint’s favorite prayer — “May Jesus Live,” in its Latin form “Vivat Jesus,” to use
as the motto for his life and priesthood. When he became Bishop of Alexandria,
LA in 1946, Bishop Greco chose the same phrase as his Episcopal motto. Our past
Supreme Knight, Virgil Dechant, thought our Order ought to be devoted to the

name of Jesus and chose Bishop Greco’s motto “Vivat Jesu” as a greeting. The re-
sponse is “SEMPER,” meaning ‘always.’ By its use, the Knights help bring back

the love and devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus.

Memorial Day

This Monday May 28th, 2018, the nation will pay tribute to a breed of men and women set aside to honor their contribution and sacrifices to this great country both themselves and we lovingly, call home. This said, we each have within our families these very people the nation will recognize and we are grateful to that of course, but for many of us we live it every day.

Please accept my respects this Memorial Day to you and your’s as we all salute those now gone. Amen?

In Gratitude and Love,

Grand Knight and Council Officers


are attempting to wake ALL of us up.  Our Freedom to Worship is under attack, and has been under attack for decades. There exists coordinated efforts to abolish Christianity in our Country. They’ve picked low hanging fruit: removing Christian symbols on public property, removing prayer from our schools, converting our educational institution to an ultra-liberal, liberal whack-a-conservative environment, implementing the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Political Correctness, attaching “phobia” or “racist” to any disagreeable Christian,  etc.
Catholic Christians have been through this many times before. During the last century, in numerous countries, Catholic Christians were publicly executed unless they denied Our Lord: Our Bishops, then our Priests, then us. We have members in our Council that can remember their Grand-Parents dodging armed Fascist, anti-Catholics who were looking to execute them. Look on the walls at Sacred Heart, Prescott if you need examples. Look on FACEBOOK. Look on YOUTUBE. Watch the daily NEWS. Read your COLUMBIA.
We Christians are being oppressed GLOBALLY. And there is a tipping point in our USA, where being Christian will be life-threatening.
Register with our USCCB, so you can be made aware of the subjects they believe are important!
God bless!
Vivat Jesus,
Council 8386, FS,
Earl V. Boggler

 Ron Jahraus, new member welcome

Please welcome this brother many of you know as a parishioner, 1st Degree Brother Knight     Ron Jahraus. He’s allowed me to pass along his email address, and please ensure to add this one to yours as well.


My thanks to our Worthy Warden Robert Hughes, for sponsoring him and for being present this morning, March 19, 2018 during this ceremony as well.

Afterwards, I spent time with Ron, and we went over basic council procedure, i.e., dates and times of council meetings, etc.  He expressed his intentions to me and has studied this council from afar and why he’s decided to become a Knights of Columbus member.

With the approval of this new brother, I will present him to the Council on April 9th General Assembly Meeting, where upon I will further present him with the traditional Rosary and KofC pin as well. Thank you Ron in allowing others to welcome you on board and we stand in unity with you as expressed.  Thank you

Vivat Jesus

Lexy Larez

Brother Jim Cloughessy is going to hospice

Brother Jim Cloughessy
Lexy, We saw Dr H. at Az.  Oncology this a.m. He is going to refer Jim to Hospice. His cancer is out of control and is all over his body and in his bones. He is tired, but accepting his fate. Thank GOD we have HIM in our life!!!!!!!!. We are going to make the “best” of the time we have left. Love you and the St Germaine family. Marlene